Walk 8, Parley Cross - Parley Common - Barrack Rd - Tricketts Cross - Ferndown Golf Course - Lone Pine Drive - Parley Cross (approx 5 miles)

map of local walk 8

Park your car near Parley Sports Club in Stocks Lane just past the Memorial Hall off Christchurch Road East.

Walk back to Christchurch Road and walk towards the airport for 500 yards to Barrack Road. Turn right and follow Barrack Road for approximately 1 mile until you reach a sign to Virginia Cottage on your right. Continue along Barrack Road to its end at which there is a gate into Parley Common.

Through the gate follow the sandy track northwards until you are within about 200 yards of the houses at Tricketts Cross. Take the track leading off to the left until the track meets another . Turn left and keep right to join the track which follows the boundary to Ferndown Golf Club. Keep as close as possible to the boundary fence and follow the path southwards for approx 400 yards until the fence turns westward.

Continue along the track bearing right for 200 yards to enter a long narrow field. Walk along the field keeping to the left side fence for 200 yards to the exit gate. Turn right along the path which leads within 100 yards to Lone Pine Drive. Walk straight on into Lone Pine Drive and take the second turn on the left into Danes Drive.

Turn into Danes Drive and follow it to its end (approx 400 yards). Turn right into Lone Pine Drive and walk for 200 yards until you reach a mini-roundabout at the junction with Golf Links Rd. Turn left and walk to New Road (200 yards).

Walk down New Road on the left side of the road passing St Mark's Church and in a further 200 yards Oaklands Walk. Turn into Oaklands Walk and walk the length of the road. At the end of the road join a footpath which leads to Christchurch Rd, passing the Sports Club Car Park.