The West Parley Parish Council can quite justifiably ask, "Is there another village with such a caring community?"

19 December 2016
We have in access of 65 volunteers who selflessly give some of their free time in many unseen or unheralded roles. Many of which can be seen below.

Volunteers at the ready!
Volunteers at the ready!

The M.S centre is managed by Cllr Kay Bunday 07887 351510, and her wonderful team of volunteers. It is one of only a handful of such centres throughout the country for sufferers of Multiple Sclerosis.

The West Parley Volunteers, who can be seen in their uniforms of yellow Hi Vis jackets and white hair, who keep the grass verges and hedges cropped and clipped on our local roads, as well as the amazing job they have done in taking the runner up award for the best kept Large Village in Dorset, and making the Parley Wood a place of joy, which received the first place Environmental Award. The volunteers are run by Cllr John Dinsdale 01202 872974. And include in their 20 members are two ladies who are quite prepared to roll up their sleeves and get stuck in.

The Neighbour Car volunteers who assist people over the age of 55 who have no means of transport of their own. They have 12 voluntary drivers who since the scheme's inception 3 years ago have now completed more than 2000 journeys. Drivers are paid 45 pence per mile. To organise a journey please contact the co-ordinator Clive Butcher on 01202 890173.

The Good Neighbour Scheme. This scheme was launched by The Partnership For Older People and covers Ferndown and West Parley. The aim is for resident volunteers to carry out minor tasks such as changing a light bulb,moving small items of furniture etc. Anyone wishing to use the scheme should telephone 01202 834034 A small donation is normally made to cover the volunteer's expenses.

The Parley Litter Pickers, co-ordinated by Cllr Dianna Penwill 07443 453461. They keep our footpaths and roads clear of paper and rubbish, discarded by others. Many of her team work in pairs for just a few hours a week.

The Rotary Club, always ready to carry out good deeds and bear the cost. Their chairman is Cllr David Allen 01202 871122.

The West Parley Woman's Institute, Secretary Jane Roberts 01202 870618.

The Foodbank collection, and Winter clothing collection for the homeless organised by Cllr Malcolm Plascott 01202 950521.

We also have The Neighbourhood Watch, Parley Walking Club, The Gardening Club and the Memorial Hall.

And of course the West Parley Parish Council. All of whom are also volunteers, who each take on a lead area, to try to cover all aspects of life in our community. Communication details and lead areas of all of them can be found on any of the community notice boards.

All of the above are run and organised by The West Parley amazing team of volunteers. No wonder the council are so proud of our village! If you feel you have something to offer as a volunteer, please contact any of the above. New helpers are always most welcome.