Councillors' Pecuniary Interest Forms and Attendance Records

Councillors are required to complete the form upon Acceptance of Office and are responsible for the information before kept up to date during their time in office - explanatory notes about the forms

April 2019 to January 2020
Councillor Full Council Planning Committee pecuniary interest form (May 2019)
David Allen 67% 0% form.
Philip Bamborough 89% 100% form.
John Barber 78% 43% form.
Mary Court 78% 100% form.
Barbara Manuel 100% 86% form.
Diana Penwill 100% 86% form.
Andrew Parry 100% 83% form.
Mark Wadeson 89% 50% form.

Please note that from July 2018 the Planning Committee comprises all members of the Parish Council.