30 November 2017
Your Urgent Feedback is Requested – Bournemouth 7s Rugby Tournament seeking to increase attendance!

The Parish Council has received a Licence Application from Bournemouth 7s Rugby Tournament, who are looking to increase the attendance from 15000 to 19,999. Bournemouth 7s started in 2008 and West Parley has seen the event grow both in popularity but also in size. Information on the Bournemouth 7s website provides a summary for each event on a year by year basis.

Over the 10 years, the weekend’s attendance has increased from 800 to 30,000. The Licence was increased in 2013 to allow and increase by a massive 50% from 10,000 people to 15,000 people PER DAY, and are now asking to increase it to 19,999 per day. With such an influx of people on a small village, there is bound to be a degree of disturbance, but regrettably, this year saw the most complaints to the Parish Council. The Chairman and Clerk met with the organisers last month and talked through many of the concerns, which organisers will look into to see what can be done.

We encourage residents to make constructive comments direct to EDDC. Please copy the Parish Council in on any replies so they can be included in the Council response, or should you not wish to comment direct to EDDC, you can email the Parish Council. The Parish Council will be discussing it at the meeting on Wednesday 6th December to meet the EDDC deadline of 26th December, so the deadline for making comments to the Parish Council is Weds 6th December.

From looking at EDDC Statement of Licencing Policy on DFY. The licensing objectives are the only matters to be taken into account when determining applications, and any conditions to be attached must be necessary to achieve those objectives. The 4 Licencing objectives are:

  • The prevention of crime and disorder
  • Public safety
  • The prevention of public nuisance
  • The protection of children from harm

West Parley takes the brunt of this event with noise, disturbance and antisocial behaviour, but music was heard as far as Muscliff and West Moors this year. NB: As this is a new licence, the current arrangement would remain unchanged, but if approved this new licence would supersede the current one.

30 November 2017
Chapel Gate roundabout update

Residents will be pleased that work at Chapel Gate Roundabout will be finishing on 15 December – a week earlier than previously stated. Surfacing work will be brought forward by one week – so this night work will start next week, on Monday 4 December, with two-way traffic signals in place between 8pm and 6am for five nights.

Other work next week will include finishing the last splitter island, and putting down the lane markings and other white lines. The week starting 11 December will be for be carrying out any finishing works, including completing the final ditch profiling and making sure all the new road signs are up.

28 November 2017
Recreation Ground, please be considerate

play area in the recreation ground

West Parley is extremely lucky to have the wonderful recreation ground and Parley Woods for all residents to enjoy. We encourage residents to make use of the facility by providing a lovely wooden play area for the 12 and unders, a gazebo to seek shelter from the sun or rain, benches for picnicking, along with the installation of a boardwalk in Parley Wood.

Whilst many users enjoy the facility trouble free, unfortunately there is always an exception to the rule. So can we remind you that dogs must be controlled at all times, that they are not allowed on the raised Children’s play area; and that you pick up and safely dispose of mess in the dog bins provided. Please take your litter home or use one of the litter bins provided, and absolutely no glass is permitted on the recreation ground, childrens’ play area or in Parley Wood for safety reasons.

Can we please ask that you take a moment to read the signage around the recreation ground when next visiting, to ensure everyone’s continued enjoyment of this community facility.

21 November 2017
Concert raising funds for the Bus Stop Club, a local charity supporting families and individuals in crisis in East Dorset

Thursday 14th December, St. Mark's Church, New Road, West Parley, 7.30pm
The Colehill & Ferndown Community choir is performing at a Christmas Concert in St. Mark's Church, New Road, West Parley on Thursday 14th December, 7.30pm.The main beneficiary of the concert will be the Bus Stop Club, a local charity that supports families and individuals in crisis. A donation will also be made to St. Mark's Church and to St. Michael's Church in Colehill (where the choir rehearses every week).

The Bus Stop Club started 12 years ago befriending local families from Trickett's Cross waiting for the school bus. 5 years later it became a charity ( reg. no. 1132923) and raised funds for its own building, the Turbary Resource Centre. In the last 7 years the Bus Stop Club has helped and supported people from all across the East Dorset area and has now expanded into Ringwood.

All the proceeds from concerts performed by the Colehill & Ferndown Community Choir are donated to local charities and good causes. Tickets are £8.50 for adults with under 16's FREE. The tickets price includes a programme and an invitation to the choir's traditional after-concert party in the church centre where drinks and festive nibbles will be served.

Susan Sutherland, administrator of the Bust Stop Club said, " Colehill & Ferndown Community Choir has kindly offered to make the Bust Stop Club the main beneficiary of their Christmas Concert - a big thank you to them, and we hope everyone enjoys the evening." Tickets, which should be bought in advance, can be purchased from Susan Davies on 01202 842311 or email Colehill Community Choir

The Bus Stop Club is a really worthy charity and the Colehill & Ferndown Community Choir is delighted to be supporting the charity this Christmas. In these challenging times the charity is experiencing a significant increase in calls for help and this Christmas Concert has the potential to raise a lot of money to help with the important work that the Bus Stop Club does in supporting local people, many who could be our near neighbours. I do hope you will be able to support us by coming along to our concert. The more tickets we sell the more we can donate to our chosen charity, The Bus Stop Club.

10 November 2017
Control of Fly Posting – Department of the Environment’s Good Practice Guide

We often see advertising on the verges, telegraph poles and railings around the village from organisations trying to gain your attention. Unfortunately these advertisements create a distraction for drivers and are frequently not removed after the event. Therefore the Parish Council, in its consideration about road safety, littering and general appearance of the village, thought the Good Practice from the Department of the Environment would be useful information to share.

Please note that unlawful and unauthorised flyposting will be removed from street furniture without notice, under the 1980 Highways Act.

8 November 2017
West Parley Volunteer Awards 2017 and Garden Competition Winners

Volunteer of the Year 2017
Kate Ward and Cllr John Dinsdale

At a recent reception jointly hosted by West Parley Parish Council and the Residents Association, Kate Ward was presented with the 2017 "Volunteer of the Year" award. Other volunteers were recognised for their wonderful efforts and the winners of the Garden Competition were announced.

In September 2013 Kate was instrumental in setting up the Neighbourhood Car Scheme which provides essential transport to appointments for residents aged 55 and over who can no longer drive.

Parish Council Vice Chairman Cllr John Dinsdale in making the award congratulated Kate and her team who have now completed in excess of 2800 journeys.

The scheme’s co-ordinator Clive Butcher received a gift voucher for his most valued contribution within the community. A further voucher was presented to Marilyn Bennett in recognition of her efforts in helping to maintain the appearance of the village.

Best Back Garden - Mrs V Briggs
Best Back Garden - Mrs V Briggs
Best Front Garden - Mr and Mrs R Owen
Best Front Garden - Mr and Mrs R Owen
Best Hanging Baskets - Mr D Gillett
Best Hanging Baskets - Mr D Gillett

Garden Competition Winners

Prizes were also presented to winners of this year's garden competition by the RHS judges Sue Collins and Gwynne Davies who kindly judged this year's entries.

Best Front Garden 1st Mr and Mrs R Owen, 2nd Mrs P Vincent, 3rd Mr and Mrs M Plascott.

Best Back Garden 1st Mrs V Briggs, 2nd Mr P Neath, 3rd Mr and Mrs M Plascott

Best Display of Hanging Baskets 1st Mr D Gillett, 2nd Mrs P Vincent, 3rd Mrs H Herrington

8 November 2017
West Parley NeighbourCar celebrates 3000th trip

Neighbour Car
Mrs Marjorie Kinsey and Derek the driver

West Parley NeighbourCar celebrated its 3000th trip on Wednesday 8 November when volunteer driver Derek called for one of our very first clients, Marjorie Kinsey. She was on her way to attend her weekly sewing class at Pelham’s Community Centre in Kinson. Marjorie recently took a tumble and now needs a stick to help her get about. Derek, presented her with a bunch of flowers, congratulated her on taking the 3000th trip and wished her well for the future on behalf of all the drivers at NeighbourCar.

Derek, who is also the NeighbourCar treasurer, said, "I well remember taking Marjorie and another lady to Pelham’s some four years ago on the very first NeighbourCar trip that we made - Trip No 0001".

West Parley NeighbourCar is very much appreciated by all the elderly and less mobile residents and helps towards them maintaining a degree of independence in their lives that, without NeighbourCar, they would find difficult.

If you would like to become a local volunteer driver, please contact Clive Butcher on 01202 890173. No regular commitment is needed.

3 November 2017
Parish Council to decide its budget for the next financial year, suggestions please

images of flowers and the recreation ground

Over the coming weeks, the Parish Council will be deciding its budget for the next financial year, which in turn determines the precept collected from residents' Council Tax.

So if you are a West Parley resident please email us on with any suggestions which you would like the Council to consider for inclusion in next year's budget.

2 November 2017
welcome to new Parish Councillor Matt Curley

Following the Parish Council meeting on 18th October, we are pleased to announce that we welcomed Matt Curley as a new councillor. A big welcome to Matt from all the Parish Council team!