27 January 2017
Parish Council latest newsletter out now

The Parish Council winter newsletter is out now, to catch up on what has been going on please click here.

23 January 2017
National enforcement campaign against motorists using mobile phones begins

Dorset Police is working with police forces nationally in the first of a series of enforcement campaigns to crackdown on those who use their phones when driving.. . .more.

23 January 2017
Its a winter wonderland, see the photos!

images of spiders webs in winter

Our smallest residents have been at work, please click any photo to enlarge.

23 January 2017
The Repair Shop - new BBC2 show looking for sentimental items

A new BBC2 show is looking for items of sentimental value to be repaired. . .more.

12 January 2017
A338 - Final scheme assessment highlights additional barrier work

Work will return to the A338 between Ashley Heath Roundabout and Blackwater Junction following the final assessment of the reconstruction scheme. Five days of work are planned for the southbound carriageway - with one lane closed - while a section of barrier between Hurn Road bridge and the pumping station is extended and part of the verge is landscaped to reduce the gradient.

Starting after the morning rush hour on Monday 16 January the southbound nearside lane will be closed until the evening of Friday 20 January to ensure the work can be carried out safely.

One day of work, off-peak from 9.30am to 4pm, during this week will also take place on the northbound carriageway - with a rolling works crew - so that three sites in the verge at the northern end of the road can be landscaped to improve their gradients.

These areas of barrier and verge works were identified in the end of scheme assessment and the work will reduce the risk of injury should a vehicle leave the road.

10 January 2017
Outbreak of Avian Flu at Abbotsbury swannery, keep your birds safe

Following the very sad outbreak of Avian Flu at Abbotsbury swannery, DEFRA has released a pamphlet on how to keep your birds safe from Avain Flu.

6 January 2017
Tesco Bags of Help - we need your help

images of tesco bags of help posters

The Parish Council's bid with Tesco Bags of Help, is currently in stores from 2nd to 28th January. West Parley Parish Council is calling on people to support our application by popping your coloured disc in the relevant box in local stores. (West Parley, Ferndown, Glenmoor Road)

We are seeking funding assistance with a project to install outdoor gym equipment in the Recreation Ground which will be available for all residents and visitors to the Council's recreation ground to use. It is hoped that it will encourage fitness amongst residents, parents who can work out while their children play on the lovely wooden playground and build on the success of the village’s Wednesday Health Walks.

You should receive a disc every time you shop, if not please ask for the disc and pop them in the box to support West Parley in receiving funding from the Tesco Bags of Help scheme. Thank you and fingers crossed.