14 January 2016
Changes to More Bus service 13

Would residents please note that More Bus are making some amendments to the Number 13 to help improve puntuality given the A338 roadworks. . .full details

13 January 2016
Rural Bus Service Consulatation, have your say

Whilst West Parley is unaffected, Dorset County Council is proposing to save £500,000 from the subsidised bus network due to reductions in government funding, along with growing pressures on other areas of the DCC budget.

Most of the savings would be made by removing funding for services in rural areas that run around once a week. To prevent rural isolation, DCC will be encouraging the development of more community-based transport schemes for social or leisure purposes, which can be more responsive to local people’s needs, and which will also enable us to work with Health partners to support our Health and Wellbeing priority.

A four-week public consultation will start on Monday 11 January 2016 asking local people for their say on how the changes would affect them. . .list of affected Bus routes. . . have your say on the Dorset for you website.

9 January 2016
Ham Lane, Longham will reopen by 6pm, 8 January with temporary traffic lights

Ham Lane, Longham will reopen by 6pm, 8 January with temporary traffic lights around the Bournemouth Water working area, whilst they continue to fix to their burst water main. The flooding has been caused by a combination of the burst main and the heavy rainfall experienced over recent days which has forced the closure of the road. We have cleared the drainage to ensure the water runs away more freely.

Bournemouth Water are having to order in a specialist part to fix the leak, and it is anticipated that work will be complete by Wednesday next week. The temporary lights will be manually controlled at peak times to keep disruption to a minimum.

6 January 2016
Did you pick up our wind chime?

Regular visitors to Parley Cross would have noticed the jingle of two sets of chimes, placed by the Council in the trees on the opposite side to the shops. Unfortunately one of them got blown down during the high winds a couple of weeks before Xmas. Someone could well have picked them up not knowing who the belonged to, taken them home and hung them in one of their own trees. If so, and the noise is now beginning to get on the new owner or neighbours nerves, we would love to have them back. They were quite pricey and they did add to the festive spirit. Please if you can take them to the Parley Barbers. Or put them through their letterbox. We can then share them with everyone again next Christmas.

5 January 2016
Emergency closure of Ham Lane, Longham

We have been advised by Bournemouth Water of a burst water main causing flooding of the road on Ham Lane between A31 Canford Bottom Roundabout and A348 at Longham. As a result the road has been closed on its entire stretch for through traffic to allow them to attend to the situation. There is no further information available at this time with regards timescales.

4 January 2016
Temporary road closure of Dudsbury Crescent

Residents please note that a portion of Dudsbury Crescent will be closed from 1st Feb 2016 to 27th Mar 2016 to allow Wessex Water to construct a new sewer.