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13 February 2020
Missed Bin Collection

Due to a vehicle breakdown on Monday, parts of Christchurch Road and Elm Tree Walk did not have their kerbside refuse collected. We have contacted Dorset Waste Partnership (Christchurch) who have confirmed that they intend to collect tomorrow (Thursday 14th).

13 January 2020
Footpath closed due to a fallen tree

Please be advised that due to an obstruction, the footpath leading between Oaklands Walk and the Council's playing fields / recreation ground, has been closed.

A tree has fallen across the path, so anyone deciding to use the path does so at their own risk.

We are in the process of arranging a contractor to remove the tree as soon as possible and we apologise for any inconvenience.

8 January 2020
Notification of Temporary Closure of Fiztpain Road

Residents please note that Fiztpain Road will be temporarily closed for much need roadworks between 8am and 4pm for the week 25th – 30th March. Residents will be allowed access to their properties, however may have to wait a short time whilst the workmen facilitate this. Obviously this will have a big impact for those attending Parley First School, so please allow additional time to reach your destination .... or perhaps make this an opportunity to cycle or scoot to school instead!

18 December 2019
An Open Letter To Dorset Residents from Pcc Martyn Underhill

Dear Dorset Constituent,

I am today announcing that I have taken the difficult decision not to stand for re-election in May 2020 for a third term as Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) for Dorset.

Why am I standing down? Well, after 40 years of public service, I now feel that a change of direction is called for in my life. After two terms as the PCC for Dorset I am moving on to pastures new. I am keen to identify new challenges and new opportunities at a local and national level, and to build on my local charity work, and my role as a Lay Canon for the Salisbury Diocese.

There is no doubt about it. My seven years working with Dorset Police has been eventful. I feel I can leave with my head held high. I was the first ever PCC for Dorset, and I took up the role at a critical time for policing. I am proud I kept my independence and was able to work across political parties for the good of the people of Dorset.

Sadly, I also took over the reins at the start of austerity and I oversaw the Force into sustained cuts. I am pleased to now be leading them back out again with the Chief Constable, James Vaughan.

In 2012, the Force’s youngest police officer was 25 years old, as the Force had not recruited since 2008. Austerity was bedding in. PCSO numbers were under threat, as were police officer numbers. The Marine Section was being disbanded. The Victims Bureau, Cadet Scheme, Rural Crime and Drone Teams were all still in the ether, as was the Strategic Alliance (with Devon & Cornwall Police), Cyber Dogs and Community Speed Watch. Mental Health dominated the policing landscape.

Seven years later, with reduced numbers, increased workload, and the Force well on its way to achieving ‘outstanding’ in policing vulnerability, the Force has achieved 10 out of 10 ‘good’ ratings from the HMICFRS Inspectorate. As austerity comes to an end, mental health demand is still there but has changed in nature.

None of us know what the new Government has in store for policing, but I do know I leave Dorset Police as a good organisation that punches above its weight. Having said that, I have six months of office remaining, and there is much more to do. I will continue to focus on the job at hand and will be publishing a review of my second term around April next year. Please look out for it, and in the meanwhile I thank my team for all that they do and you not only for your support over the past seven years, but also for your continued support of Dorset Police.

Kind regards

Martyn Underhill
Police and Crime Commissioner

16 December 2019
Food Bank Donations - Thank You

Thank you to those of you who have contributed to the food collection boxes at the 2 local Tesco stores (Parley Cross and Glenmoor Road). They have received a record amount of food and toiletries which is given to the Kinson Foodbank, St Andrews Church, on behalf of the Trussell Trust. The products will be distributed to those who are in genuine need. It’s great to see that the season of goodwill to others is alive and well in our wonderful village.

25 November 2019
Dorset Waste Partnership – Collections over the festive period

Please note the amended collection dates to ensure your waste doesn’t accumulate over Christmas and New Year. As always, try to recycle as much as possible. Waste collections over the festive period

8 November 2019
Last Chance To Have Your Say on Action Fraud

This week is the last chance for Dorset residents to respond to a survey on the Action Fraud system.

The survey - - closes this week. It is an opportunity for any Dorset residents who have used the national fraud reporting service to give their views to Police and Crime Commissioner Martyn Underhill, who will be lobbying the next government for improvements to the service.

Read Martyn Underhill's comments below on why he is carrying out this survey.

"I was extremely concerned to read reports in the media about Action Fraud. Action Fraud is the UK's national fraud reporting service, overseen by the City of London Police, and victims of fraud across the country are told to log their cases with this service. An undercover investigation by The Times recently found evidence that call handlers working for the organisation were trained to mislead victims of fraud into thinking their cases would be investigated when they knew most would never be looked at again.

Worse, some managers were reported to have privately mocked people who lost money to fraudsters, calling them ‘morons’ and ‘screwballs’. This was incredibly distressing, both to me, and to the many dedicated officers and staff in Dorset Police who work hard to combat this ever-growing problem.

However, it is far from the first complaint I’ve heard about them. As the Association of Police and Crime Commissioners (APCC) former lead for fraud, I listened to many heartbreaking stories from people who had lost tens of thousands of pounds – their life savings – only to feel ignored by Action Fraud, while officers working in this area expressed their own frustrations. Clearly, there’s something going badly wrong in the running of this organisation, and to my mind there has been for a long time.

Now, I plan to do something about it by lobbying the next government for urgent improvements – and I want your help in doing this by responding to my survey, here - I want to find out about Dorset residents’ experiences of Action Fraud, whether they were satisfied with the outcome and the service they received, and if not I want them to tell me what went wrong and what could have been done better. This will give me a dossier of evidence I can take to ministers calling for improvements, rather than relying on anecdotal accounts.

It’s vitally important we get this right. Nationally, fraud is a problem of epidemic proportions, accounting for more than a third of all crime across England and Wales last year. The service itself is overseen by the City Of London Police, but most of the call handling is outsourced to a private company called Concentrix. They conducted their own investigation following The Times’ report, and some staff members were suspended, but serious questions need to be asked about them – including whether an American company should even have been involved in this work at all.

Ultimately, like many aspects of policing, it comes down to funding. With fraud being such a huge and rapidly growing area, should the Home Office be putting more resources into the national response and keeping a closer eye on how it’s managed? These are all questions that need looking at, but first I need your help in responding to my survey. Remember, this isn’t about complaining to Dorset Police or getting your case investigated – I can’t do either of those things in this space. What I can do is listen and take this to the government so I can tell ministers: “This is how many members of the public in Dorset feel let down by Action Fraud, what are you going to do about it?”

I need to know what experiences you’ve had, both good and bad, so I can lobby the government and try to make this better for everyone. Again, please access the survey here -
Martyn Underhill
Police and Crime Commissioner for Dorset

24 October 2019
Resident Consultation - Results

Thank you to everyone who took the time to complete the consultation and return it to us. Attached is a summary of the results. There is a lot of information but this gives the Parish Council a good indication of how you want us to progress things on your behalf. For all the information please click here.

3 October 2019
Temporary Traffic Regulation Order for Church Lane, West Parley

For full information please click here.

3 October 2019
SSEN Priority Services - Get free extra support during power cuts


Get free extra support during power cuts. Register for Priority Services.

SSEN are the people who look after the wires and cables that bring electricity to communities throughout the north of Scotland and central southern England. A power cut can be worrying or difficult, that’s why there is free extra help and support. SSEN can help you far better, and quicker, if they know in advance what extra support you might need.

You may want to be on our register if you:
Are deaf or hard of hearing
Have a disability
Live with children under five
Are blind or partially sighted
Have a chronic illness
Use medical equipment/aids reliant on electricity
Are over 60

Please call 0800 294 3259 or get all the info

2 October 2019
Temporary closure of Ringwood Road, Longham

For full information please click here.

23 September 2019
This Week ... Can you make a difference?

Recycle Week 2019 starts today!
For its 17th annual Recycle Week (23rd – 29th September), Recycle Now - working locally with the Dorset Waste Partnership - is tasking people all over the UK to act and focus on getting recycling right during Recycle Week.

Latest research from Recycle Now reveals that over 60% of UK households are now recycling more than they were a year ago, with nearly a third citing environmental concerns as the main reason for doing more. Others attribute it to an increased awareness of what can be recycled.

Dorset is a county of recyclers – but there are some simple things that we can all do to make our recycling even better:
Check out the 'We Need That' directory to see if your waste items could be used by a non-profit organisation
No need to check plastic recycling codes. If it's a bottle, tub, tray or pot of any colour, it can go in the recycling bin
You can keep metal lids on glass bottles and jars
Cartons (eg. Tetra-pak), paper cups, textiles and foil cannot be recycled at the kerbside, BUT there are household recycling centres and recycling banks in car parks for these items all over Dorset. Find out where
Food waste should never go in the rubbish or recycling bin. Please use your food waste bin.

And if you’re at all unsure about how to recycle a specific item, remember to check out our Which Bin webpage, or visit Recycle Now's Recycling Locator.

Keep an eye on our Facebook and Twitter pages for lots of great advice during the week. Thank you, and keep up the good work!

10 September 2019
Ferndown Neighbourhood Watch newsletter out now

For the very latest from Ferndown Neighbourhood Watch please click here.

6 September 2019
Theft from Vehicles In the Ferndown Area

There has been an increase in thefts from motor vehicles in the Ferndown area over the past few days.

Please ensure that your vehicle is secure when you leave it and that no valuables are left in the vehicle, including loose change, sunglasses, bags, clothing etc. Dorset Police advises that out of sight is no longer enough and items should be taken with you

If you have seen any one acting suspiciously around a motor vehicle over the past few days/evenings please contact Dorset Police on 101 or report online at

If you see anyone interfering with a parked motor vehicle please call Dorset Police on 999

30 August 2019
Temporary traffic closure of Birch Avenue and Oakland Walk, West Parley

For full information please click here.

17 August 2019
Update on Planning Applications made on 31 st July 2019 by Wyatt Homes and Frontier EstTe

At the Eastern Area Planning Committee of Dorset Council, the Outline Planning Application by Wyatt Homes for the Eastern Link Road ,Supermarket and Offices was determined. The Planning Officers recommended Approval and this was approved. This occasioned slow hand clapping as a form of displeasure from the audience.

Many local residents attended to show their concerns. Local resident Tom Bligh, Councillor Andrew Parry and the Chairman of West Parley Parish Council Philip Bamborough, amongst others spoke of their concerns. All regrettably to no avail.

The Senior Highways Officer of Dorset Council claimed the modifications to the B3037 already undertaken at Chapel Gate and Blackwater; the proposed link road to the East and works at Longham/Hampreston were sufficient for existing and projected traffic! Questions were raised how it was possible to proceed with Parley Cross junction improvements without the proposed Western Link Road. We were told 'It will all work without the Western Link (taking Traffic from New Road South to the Christchurch Road just before the Horns Inn) though that would help in the future.

It would be fair to say this claim was met with considerable skepticism by West Parley and Ferndown South Residents.

It transpires Dorset Council are proposing to loan- for a year £2m to Wyatt Homes to enable the Eastern Link Road to proceed.

It needs to be stressed that this is Outline Approval and there are numerous Conditions attached - some the result of representations made by the Parish Council.We were promised by the Officers at the Meeting there would be local consultation. Watch this space.

The Committee then went on to approve the Application for the SANG land in Church Lane. The Parish Council asked to be considered as potential Managers of the lands rather than,for example a Management Company controlled by Wyatt. We as a Council believe local control is preferable to 'distant management' who after the Estate is built, will have no local connections.

This also fits in with the Parish Council's long term aspirations for further SANG lands to be dedicated in perpetuity around the Village-particularly fronting the River Stour, If and when opportunities present themselves.

This request was accepted for consideration on the recommendation of the Planning Chair Councillor Toni Coombs, who described the Parish Council as "Well respected and Well Run and thus worthy to be considered".

Finally, Consent was given for an 80 bedded Care Home opposite the Village Memorial Hall on the Christchurch Road - Despite Dorset NHS Commissioning Group stating there was no current shortage of nursing beds in the area! This is land taken out of the Green Belt , ostensibly on the claim it was needed for 'Community Use'!

The only good thing to come out of these approved applications is that the Parish Council will get 15% of the S106 monies generated. Now that will be spent (as and when received, on local services).

17 August 2019
Planning matter - Land at Aviation Business Park, Hurn Airport Industrial Estate.

Please see this exchange of letters between Parish Council Chairman Philip Bamborough and Leader of BCP Council, Councillor Vikki Slade.

16 August 2019
West Parley Recreation Ground and Access to toilets

We very much regret that due to instructions from the Council's Insurers, we have had to cease public access to all parts of the building forthwith.

Since taking possession of the building on the 30th July, the Council has become increasingly dismayed at the poor - indeed dangerous - state of much of the service infrastructure - plumbing, roof, electrics, drains etc.

In these circumstances we have had to advise Zurich Insurers of our findings. Hence their instructions that there be no public access until the building is bought up to current Building Regulation Standard. No public Liability is in place.

We are sourcing a Portacabin to provide alternative toilet arrangements. We are trying to resolve the issue as quickly as possible.

Thank you for your patience. Follow the Website for updates!

25 July 2019
Very Important Planning Update

Dorset Council have issued their agenda for their next Planning Committee meeting (Eastern Area) which will see members vote on 3 of the most contentious planning applications to be considered in West Parley in decades.

3/17/3609/OUT : Lands East of New Road West Parley Dorset Proposal: Outline application (All matters reserved except for access and associated link road); with up to 386 dwellings (Class C3); upto 1000sqm of retail units (Classes A1-A5); upto 900sqm of offices (Class B1) and upto 2200sqm of foodstore (Class A1); together with accesses, a link road and associated highway works, public open space including SANG, allotments, landscaping and associated works.

3/17/3610/COU : Land East of Church Lane, West Parley (SANG for Core Strategy Policy Site FWP6) Proposal: Change of use of land to a suitable alternative natural greenspace (SANG) and associated works.

3/19/0821/FUL : Land South of Christchurch Road, Christchurch Road, West Parley, Dorset, BH22 8SL Proposal: Erect an 80 bedroom Care Home with associated parking, landscaping and amenity space.

The first 2 applications are interdependent as the development at Parley Cross is dependent upon the provision of the SANG.  The third application is the land allocated for ‘community use’ within the core strategy and would see a large care home adjacent to the development at the crossroads.

We encourage residents to view the Officer Reports by following this link and clicking on the PDF for each application ….click here

Please Note : The Officer Recommendations are to APPROVE all 3!

In response to residents’ views, we requested that Dorset Council seek a larger and more local venue to hold the meeting as residents would wish to attend.  We are pleased that they have responded to our request by holding the meeting near Council Offices in Wimborne and we hope that many of you will attend the meeting to evidence the village’s concerns.

Please be advised that members of the public can request to speak at the Planning Committee Meeting, however it is essential you contact Kate Critchel on 01305 252234 or by email:  no later than 2pm on 29 July 2019.

The Chairman to West Parley Parish Council will be speaking on behalf of residents and the Council, but we encourage residents to share the word with neighbours and attend the meeting to have their say.

Dorset Council Planning Committee Meeting Meeting Meeting Meeting  on 31st July 2019 at 2pm at Allendale House, Hanham Road, Wimborne, BH21 1AS

This is your final chance to have your say.   Please share with neighbours as there is not enough time to notify residents individually!

22 July 2019
Recent car thefts, protect your valuables

We have been informed of recent car thefts in the village and would like to remind residents to ensure their cars are made secure and not to leave valuables in the vehicles. Likewise, with the warmer weather, please ensure house doors are kept locked and all outbuildings are secure.

18 July 2019
Full Council Meeting 17th July cancelled

Regrettably this meeting was cancelled due to Council being inquorate and therefore no business could be transacted. The meeting is being rescheduled for Wednesday 7th August 2019.

15 July 2019
A347 New Road night closures

Residents please be aware that the A347 New Road, West Parley will be closed for roadworks from 9pm – 6am, 24 July to 26 July. . Dorset Road Fix info.

13 July 2019
Essential maintenance on local roads

Essential road works will be carried out on several local roads next week, as part of BCP Council's Highway Maintenance Programme.

Sections of Wessex Way, from County Gates to the Cooper Dean flyover, will be closed overnight on 15 and 16 July to enable additional highways maintenance works, including grass cutting and litter picking, to be carried out.

From approximately 8.30pm on Monday 15 July until around 4am the following morning, there will be a full road closure (northbound and southbound) from County Gates to St Paul's roundabout. Lanes 1 and 2 northbound will also be closed from St Paul's roundabout to Springbourne roundabout. On Tuesday 16 July, lanes 1 and 2 northbound from Springbourne roundabout to Cooper Dean flyover will be closed as well as lanes 1 and 2 southbound from Cooper Dean flyover to St Paul's roundabout. The closures will take place from approximately 8.30pm until 4am the following morning. Signed diversion routes will be in place.

Julian McLaughlin, Director of Growth and Infrastructure, BCP Council, said: "Our road condition surveys show that these roads need to be repaired to prevent further deterioration and pot holes from forming. "Unfortunately there will be some disruption to road users but we have scheduled the work in such a way as to minimise the impact to the community. We would like to thank drivers in advance for their patience and understanding while these repairs are carried out." Cllr Andy Hadley, Cabinet Member for Transport and Infrastructure, BCP Council, added: "We appreciate this is immediately after disruption for the recent A338 widening work, but this maintenance work is essential. Every effort has been made to avoid the main summer holidays and peak rush hour working and to complete the works within one week." The surface dressing works are costing around £337,000.

20 June 2019
Stolen Bench from the Recreation Ground

Stolen Bench from the Recreation Ground

A bench, matching the one the photograph, has been removed from the Parish Council's Recreation Ground without permission. This was done at some time from midday Monday 17th June following the weekly mow by our contractor and 9.30am on Wednesday 19th June 2019. This bench is part concrete and extremely heavy so would have needed a number of people to lift it. We would like to ask residents to inform us if they saw any suspicious behaviour as the theft has now been reported to the Police. We would like to remind residents to remain vigilant.

We have also been made aware of a campervan parking overnight on the evenings of Monday and Tuesday, which may be completely unrelated, but we would like to take the opportunity to reiterate that signage is in place to state that overnight parking is not permitted.

20 June 2019
Accident involving cyclist at Parley Cross - did you see?

look out for bikes

We have been informed that there was an accident involving a cyclist on the evening of Saturday 15th June 2019 at approximately 8pm - 8:40pm. The incident was at Parley Crossroads by the car hand wash going towards the airport / Hurn. If you have any information, please email

6 June 2019
D-Day 75

D day memorial poster

A day to remember and show respect for those that gave their tomorrows for our todays.

6 June 2019
Lost Property

pink scooter lost property

Pink scooter found on the Recreation Ground at end of last week! We would like to reunite it with its rightful owner.

6 June 2019
Resident Consultation

resident consultation replies

Thank you to everyone who completed the questionnaire and returned it to us because it helps us to understand the needs of residents. The boxes have now been removed from the 3 locations, but any forms can be sent to the Clerk or dropped off with any Councillor. We'll collate the results and share on the website.

21 May 2019
Multiple Sclerosis Society - Drivers and Escorts needed

Can you spare 4 hours a week, on a Monday, Tuesday or Thursday morning or afternoon?

West Parley is lucky enough to have one of only 4 MS Centres in the UK and they need your help! Please call in to see the difference you could make to local people affected by MS. . .more

16 May 2019
Parish Councillors Update

The Parish Council held its first meeting since the uncontested election on 2nd May which saw 9 members stand for 11 Council seats. Regrettably, Matt Curley has chosen not to accept his place on the Council due to increasing work demands in his job and members wished to thank Matt for his valued contribution during his time on the Council. All formalities were undertaken and responsibilities were allocated at last night's meeting and Cllr Bamborough was re-elected to the post of Chairman. But it's not to late to get involved as we still have 3 vacancies so if you would like to find out more and get involved, please contact the Parish Clerk on

15 May 2019
Dog Waste Bins

dog waste bins

The Parish Council have spoken with Dorset Waste Partnership, who are contracted to empty the bins on a Tuesday, and the matter has been swiftly resolved.

The Parish Council has 5 dog bins around the recreation ground and playing fields and all are emptied on a weekly basis and is more than sufficient provision for the area. If you need to make use of one of the bins and it is full, PLEASE do not just dump your bag next to the bin ... use one of the other 4 around the area. We work extremely hard to keep West Parley looking at its best for residents, and would ask for your help in achieving this by using the bins we provide. The red bins for dog waste and the other bins for litter.

13 May 2019
Fly Tipping

fly tipping image 1
fly tipping image 2

Unfortunately there have already been 2 incidents of fly tipping in the last few weeks. If you witness or find fly tipped rubbish, please report it to Dorset Council via this link and give as much information as possible and photographs are always encouraged, but only if safe for the individual involved.

If hiring someone to remove rubbish, please always check they have the appropriate licence because you are legally responsible for the correct disposal of the waste, even if you pay someone to take it away.

29 April 2019
West Parley’s Fallen Soldier

silent soldier image 1
silent soldier image 2

West Parley Parish Council received the shocking news on the morning of Wednesday 24th April, that one of the silhouettes of a ‘silent soldier’ had been decapitated during the previous 24 hour period. A spokesperson for the Parish Council said ‘this is a despicable act of vandalism and shows complete disregard for the memories of the fallen, who fought to give the subsequent generations the freedom they enjoy today’.

For the centenary of WW1, the Parish Council bought 4 silent soldiers to honour the fallen and placed one on each of the 4 main roads in the village. Careful consideration was given and a different silhouette was chosen appropriate to its location. The Parish Council worked with Parley First School to help in the education of the pupils, through a quiz to honour the fallen from West Parley in WW1. Every child was involved in producing a beautiful poppy dedication to West Parley’s fallen which stood beside each of the silhouettes, leading up to the centenary. The Parish Council devised a quiz for the children to complete and not only provided prizes to the quiz winners but also awarded a packet of poppy seeds to every single pupil at the school. The Silhouette remains outside Parley First School as a reminder to the children.

This criminal damage has upset numerous residents who are connected to the armed forces and the silhouette was removed as soon as the Council became aware of this abhorrent act. Neighbouring Ferndown Town Council also experienced damage to 2 of their soldiers last year.

Grant Parrott, Chairman of Ferndown Royal British Legion said : throughout the towns and villages of Dorset, the 'Silent Soldier' figures stand as a statement of our remembrance of the sacrifice of the First world War and our resolve to never let it happen again in this day and age. They have had a tremendous impact across all age groups, including young people and children who will we hope, carry that resolve into the future throughout their own lives and pass it on to their own children. Those simple silhouette figures are an important reminder to us all, so don't vandalise them, rather think of the message they carry and the future generations they will help to protect.'

The matter has been reported to Dorset Police and if anyone has any information, they are encouraged to contact Dorset Police on 101 regarding incident number 55190061522.

Please see the Bournemouth Echo article about the damage to our Silent Soldier.

The Echo have been contacted as unfortunately the article originally stated the silhouette damaged was outside the school, and the silhouette was being left up as a reminder to children! Please note that the damaged silhouette was on Christchurch Road, and was removed as soon as the Parish Council were made aware, out of respect. Regrettably, the paper cannot be corrected.

24 April 2019
Staffie and Stray Rescue - Rehoming Parade

staffie rehoming parade

This Sunday, April 28th, residents have a chance to meet and greet dogs who are looking for forever homes. The event takes place at the West Parley Memorial Hall, 10am, for more details please click on the image.

18 April 2019
Calling all real-life Superheroes! Wessex Cancer Trust needs you for 3Km Adventure Mission

Wessex Cancer Trust would love you to conjure up a costume and be a real-life superhero at its 3km Superhero Adventure Run on Sunday 21st July at King George V Fields in Ferndown.

In this fun-filled family caper, you'll bounce, squeeze, slip and slide your way along the inflatable course in your most spectacular superhero suit, whilst raising money for local people living with cancer.

Maria Tidy, Wessex Cancer Trust’s community manager for Dorset, said: “We’re calling on super men, wonder women and your mighty sidekicks to embrace your spirit of adventure, whilst using your powers to raise as much money as you can for local people living with cancer. It’s an adventure run, not a race, and the mission is to have as much fun as possible – all for an excellent cause.”

There'll be prizes for the best fancy dress and a medal for every superhero taking part, as well as food, music and fun superhero-themed activities. Anyone currently registering can take advantage of early bird prices of £12 for a child under 15, £19 for adults, £45 for two adults and two children, and £60 for a team of four. There is a suggested fundraising target of £50, all of which will go directly to supporting local people living with cancer.

Visit for more information and to sign up. All of the money raised will be used to provide practical and emotional support to people living with cancer in Dorset, Hampshire, Wiltshire and the Isle of Wight.

12 April 2019
HAVE YOUR SAY .... 80 Bed Care Home – Planning Application now Received and Open for comment

Following the public exhibition last month, we have now had notification of the planning application received by Dorset Council for the proposed 80 bedroom care home on what was allocated as a site for ‘community use’ within the Core Strategy. Please take the time to let the planning department know your thoughts on the proposed development by registering your comments on Dorsetforyou via the following link

The Parish Council will be considering this proposal at its meeting on Wednesday 24th April at the MS Centre on Church Lane in order to submit a response before the 3rd May deadline. Prior to the meeting we will review the comments online in order to take residents’ views into consideration, so your early response would be appreciated.

4 April 2019
Notice of Uncontested Election – West Parley Parish Council

notice of uncontested election

Please click on the image above to see the 9 individuals who are elected for the post of Parish Councillor for West Parley. As there are less candidates than seats (11), West Parley will not have an election and all candidates are elected uncontested.

To see all the results across Dorset Council

4 April 2019
Statement of Persons Nominated – County Council

statement of persons nominated - county council

Please click on the image above which states the 3 individuals who are standing for election for the post of County Councillor for West Parley.

3 April 2019
Thank you from Kinson and West Howe Foodbank

foodbank thankyou letter

Several years ago, a Councillor suggested the introduction of foodbank collection points in the 2 Tesco stores in West Parley, to help provide emergency food rations for 2-3 weeks to individuals and families in the local area. This initiative was progressed, under the Residents’ Association, and still continues to date.

The foodbank helps to collect food and provides assistance for just a few weeks, to those who are struggling financially. Despite the affluence of the area, it is sad to think there are those who have difficulty affording such basic requirements in life and shows every donation really does make a difference.

Please click on the letter of thanks from the foodbank for the most recent donation. To those who have contributed by popping a tin or two in the basket, Thank you.

30 March 2019
Funding news - Pocket Parks Plus

The Government launched Pocket Parks Plus to provide funding across the country to either help introduce new parks or assist with cost of replacing existing parks. We are conscious that the play area in our recreation ground is 8 years old and is starting to show increasing signs of wear and tear. This is the main drawback with it being made from natural materials but it is far more in keeping with the rural location than any brightly coloured metal equipment. Obviously, we have to consider the ongoing provision of facilities and the increase in use as a result of the potential housing developments, which have now removed any play facilities from their plan.

We did not want to rely on the annual precept, from residents’ Council Tax and we have demonstrated fundraising success already through the installation of the outside gym with only a fraction of the cost coming from the precept. So with this in mind, we decided to submit an application which received the support of East Dorset District Council. The paperwork was submitted within the deadline, which was quite a challenge for the Clerk given the workload at the time.

A few weeks later the decision notification was sent and we are thrilled to inform you that we were SUCCESSFUL in our application. We have been awarded just under £21,000 towards the refurbishment of West Parley’s play area equipment. Obviously this won’t fund the whole refurbishment but we do have a second application submitted and the combined amount would facilitate a total refurbishment of our play area. Fingers crossed .....

You can read more here:

26 March 2019
Two Way Information!

resident consultation images

The Parish Council’s latest all house newsletter is currently in the process of being delivered to each and every door in the village. We hope you enjoy reading it and find the information useful.

With the newsletter, we have included a ‘resident consultation’ which is asking a series of questions. We encourage residents to return the completed consultations so that the Parish Council can prioritise the needs of the village, where possible. There are 3 drop off boxes available at the 2 West Parley Tesco express stores along with one at Parley First School. You can also return them to the Clerk at 28 Glenmoor Road.

If you do not receive a copy within the next week, please do let us know on as there may be a problem of distribution or a missed house number on the list.

21 March 2019
Keeping the English Language Alive

keeping the english language alive

A copy of this beautifully illustrated & beautifully written book is winging its way to our wonderful First School so the children can enjoy the lost words in the English language.

20 Mar 2019
Footpaths of West Parley

footpaths of west parley

Footpaths are the responsibility of Dorset County Council to maintain and we are aware that they have been replacing some stiles recently, to aid accessibility of the routes which we hope has proved beneficial for users. However, the County Council don’t have the officers to be out walking all the footpaths so West Parley Parish Council usually undertakes an annual inspection of the footpaths in April to ensure they are clear and accessible for users.

However, the best source of information usually comes from those who use the footpaths on a regular basis or those who have identified any issues. Therefore, may we ask residents for any feedback on the footpaths of the village, as highlighted on the map in pink. If you live close to one of the footpaths, it would be greatly appreciated if you could take the time to walk the footpath and let us know its condition.

Any issues can be reported direct to Dorset County Council on however it is useful for the Parish Council to be kept informed of issues because we can then diarise them to be looked at on a regular basis by Dorset County Council, before they become bigger issues.

Thank you in advance for your assistance in helping to keep West Parley at its best.

18 March 2019
Damaged trees in Parley Wood

damaged trees in parley wood image 1
damaged trees in parley wood image 2

Following the recent high winds we have 2 trees which have fallen across the paths in Parley Wood. We are in the process of arranging a contractor to deal with the situation, but in the meantime users of this facility are asked to take additional care.

Likewise, we have been informed that the boardwalk at the rear of the Woodland, leading on to Parley Common, is damaged in parts. Signage and warning tape are now in place, and the Council will be speaking with Natural England about the situation. Again, users are asked to take additional care or avoid the area whilst we resolve the matter.

13 March 2019
Don't delay, Have Your Say - deadline 20th March 2019

public exhibition by developer 1
public exhibition by developer 2
public exhibition by developer 3
public exhibition by developer 4
public exhibition by developer 5
public exhibition by developer 6
public exhibition by developer 7
public exhibition by developer 8

At the recent Public Exhibition by the Agents and Developer of the proposed 80 care home on Christchurch Road, Information and Feedback Forms were given out to attendees. Please see the links above.

This land was allocated for ‘Community Use’ in the Local Plan adopted by East Dorset District Council (EDDC), which incorporates proposals for 320+ houses, supermarket, shops and offices on the land East of New Road. (There is no update on the New Road application, and the application for the associated Highways is yet to be determined by EDDC).

The forms state that they ‘welcome feedback from local residents and stakeholders on our proposals for land South of Christchurch Road, West Parley and believe that the views of the local community are important’.

Therefore, we encourage residents to share your feedback with them about the proposed 80 bed care home prior to the formal submission of a Planning Application to EDDC, although the determining body will be Dorset Council due to the imminent Unitary Council becoming effective.

You can contact them by:
Post: Exhibition Response, BECG, The Pump House, Garnier Road, Winchester, SO23 9QG

4 March 2019
Latest Dorset Council newsletter out now

The latest Town and Parish newsletter from Dorset Council is out now... click here.

1 March 2019
We need you!

West Parley Parish Councillors are passionate about West Parley because the vast majority live here.

  • Would that continue if they were no longer able to represent the area?
  • Would residents be kept as informed about developers’ planning applications as they have been so far by WPPC?

If you live in the Parish and think we have done, and are doing, a good job and would like this to continue, please step up and join us.

We would like to encourage residents who are passionate about our community to join our Parish Council.

  • Can you spare 2 evenings a month plus a few hours each week?
  • Do you, or someone you know, have what it takes to be a local councillor?

Please contact West Parley Parish Council on

  • Facts:
  • WPPC has 11 posts – currently 4 vacancies!
  • posts are on a voluntary basis, so regrettably there is no pay!
  • More Councillors can share the workload better ... ‘many hands make light work’
  • Less Councillors, means decisions on what the Council can achieve may have to be reduced.
  • WPPC Council Tax claim from residents is one of the lowest in the area

With any Council if an insufficient number of individuals stand for election, then the District Council or County Council would put some of their members into the Council as we are not allowed to function once we slip below 3 members. The ‘placed’ members would probably only have limited knowledge of our village and what we want or need, but it would ensure the Council can continue to function in the short term, while encouraging new Councillors. If new members are not found, then the Council will vote to merge with another local council. For West Parley this would mean a potential merger with Ferndown Town Council. Whilst the village of West Parley would still remain, would it still be represented in the same way? At the moment, the Parish Council is given an annual budget called a precept which is based on the number of households in our village. The Parish Council spends this money maintaining and improving the area for residents ie maintaining the children play area and Recreation Ground for example. If we were to merge with Ferndown, there is no guarantee there would be the same financial input to West Parley as there is currently. It is also likely that residents would see an increase in Council Tax as Ferndown’s precept per household is far higher than West Parley.

If you would like to know more about becoming a Councilllor more information is available on the National Association of Local Council’s website.

What is a local council?
Local council is a universal term for community, village, neighbourhood, parish and town councils. They are the first tier of local government and are statutory bodies. They serve communities and are elected by residents. They can raise their own precept (a form of council tax). There are 10,000 local councils in England and 120,000 councillors who serve on these local councils.

What do local councils do?
Your local council has overall responsibility for the well-being of your local community. Their work falls into three main categories:

  • Delivery of services
  • Improve the quality of life for residents
  • Give communities a democratic voice

Becoming a local councillor
As a local councillor, you can become a voice for your community and make a real change. Local councillors are community leaders and represent the interests of the communities they serve.
Local councillors have three main responsibilities:

  • Decision-making
  • Monitoring
  • Getting involved locally

Getting elected
To stand for election to a local council you must:

  • Be a UK or Commonwealth citizen; or be a citizen of the Republic of Ireland; or be a citizen of another Member State of the European Union
  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Be an elector of the local council; or in the past 12 months occupied land or other premises in the area the local council serves (as owner or tenant); or work in the area local council serves (as your principal or only place of work); or live within three miles of the local council boundary.
  • Local councils welcome and are committed to the inclusion and recognition of all regardless of race, culture, ability, ethnicity or gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, marital status, religious affiliation, and socioeconomic status.

26 February 2019
Statement regarding Parley Wood

statement regarding parley wood

The Woodland is owned by the Parish Council and is not only subject to an area Tree Preservation Order (TPO) from East Dorset District Council but is also a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) which is controlled by Natural England. The Parish Council has a legal responsibility to ensure all activities are undertaken with the approval of these legislative bodies.

We are in the process of updating the Tree Management Plan which is a document agreed between the 3 parties to ensure the correct management of the woodland for the next decade. Works, in accordance with the revised plan, will be recommenced in the Autumn once the plan has been approved by EDDC and Natural England.

12 February 2019
West Parley Annual Parish Meeting

west parley annual parish meeting

Please note the annual Parish Meeting for the residents of West Parley will take place on Tuesday 5th March 2019 at West Parley Memorial Hall. This is earlier in the year due to the legal requirement to avoid the period of purdah prior to elections, which will take place on 2nd May. As always, residents are invited to attend from 7pm to view information boards and for refreshments ahead of the meeting commencing at 7.30pm, lead by the Chairman of the Parish Council.

Please note, this is not a meeting of the Parish Council but a Parish Meeting for residents of the village ...therefore anyone may attend, but only registered electors of the Parish of West Parley may speak and vote.

6 February 2019
Tree works in the Recreation Ground

tree works in the recreation ground

A reminder to residents... tree works have commenced in our Recreation Ground and may impact users of our play area, gym, car park and woodland.

Please take care if using our facilities and respect the contractors undertaking the works of removing all dead wood.

6 February 2019
Theft, reports of cars being broken into

theft from cars image 1
theft from cars image 2

Please be advised that there are numerous reports of cars being broken into in the surrounding area, over recent days. Police advise to ensure all valuables are removed from your cars and they are secure at all times.

The grit box on Chine Walk has disappeared! Neither Dorset County Council nor West Parley Parish Council have been involved in its removal. Can you help? Did you see it being moved / taken? The Police have been informed.

As always, please look out for more vulnerable neighbours.

24 January 2019
Dorset Care Records

All households in Dorset should have received a leaflet about the Dorset Care Record, which explains what the Dorset Care Record is, its benefits and how to opt out should you want to, see the leaflet.

23 January 2019
Average speed cameras on the A338

Six average speed cameras are being erected on the A338 Bournemouth Spur Road to support the new permanent 50mph speed limit, which came into effect in August 2018.

During the day on Monday 28 and Tuesday 29 January two permanent average speed cameras will be set up on the southbound carriageway.

There will then be overnight lane one closures on the northbound carriageway between Cooper Dean Roundabout and the Blackwater Junction on Wednesday 30 and Thursday 31 January, from 8pm to 6am each evening, to install three permanent average speed cameras on the northbound carriageway and the final southbound camera.

It will take two to three weeks for the cameras to be tested before they become operational. The cameras will initially be set to enforce the temporary 40mph speed limit, which is in place for the current roadworks, they will then be set to the permanent 50mph limit.

17 January 2019
Witness Appeal Following Robbery At West Moors Bookmakers

Detectives investigating a robbery at a bookmakers in West Moors are appealing for any witnesses or anyone with information to come forward.

Shortly before 8pm yesterday, Wednesday 16 January 2019, a man entered Ladbrokes in Station Road and jumped over the counter before threatening staff with what appeared to be a meat cleaver or large kitchen knife. He stole cash from the safe before making off from the scene.

The man is described as being around 5 feet 10 inches tall, of stocky build and had blue fabric stretched over his face. He was also wearing a black hooded top, dark trousers and red gloves.

Detective Constable Nic Taylor, of Bournemouth CID, said: “This must have been a distressing incident for staff at the bookmakers and I would like to reassure members of the public that a full investigation is underway to identify the offender.

“We have been carrying out a number of enquiries, including house-to-house, a forensic examination of the crime scene and reviewing CCTV footage.
“I am appealing to any witnesses or anyone who saw any suspicious activity around the bookmakers yesterday evening to please contact us.
“There will be an increased police presence in the area as we investigate this incident and local officers can be approached with any community concerns.”

Anyone with information is asked to contact Dorset Police at, via email or by calling 101, quoting occurrence number 55190008387. Alternatively, contact Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111 or via

15 January 2019
Dorset Catchment Partnerships newsletter for Winter 2018/19

Please click here to read an interesting newsletter about developments in Dorset's river catchment areas.

9 January 2019
Males acting suspiciously

In the last hour, 2 males have been acting suspiciously in Ellesfield Drive / Brune Way area of West Parley, purporting to represent a window company. They were knocking on doors and becoming abusive but have now been asked to leave the area by the Police. Please remain vigilant and also look out for more vulnerable neighbours.

9 January 2019
New Dorset Unitary Council - what are your thoughts?

dorset unitary council logo

Are you aware that the district/borough councils and the county council in Dorset will cease to exist from 1 April 2019 and will be replaced by one new Dorset Council?

We'd like to find out what you know about this and how you feel about this change. Please click the survey link to submit your feedback - it takes 1-2 minutes to complete,

7 January 2019
Happy New Year!!

happy new year!

7 January 2019
Scams - some useful information

scam mail information

Please click this link for useful information to help you to remain vigilant for phone and postal scams.

Action Fraud has received more than 5,000 reports about fake emails and texts purporting to be from TV Licensing. The messages contain links to genuine-looking websites that are designed to steal personal and financial information.

Always question unsolicited requests for your personal or financial information in case it’s a scam. Never automatically click on a link in an unexpected email or text.
For more information about how to stay safe online, visit

7 January 2019
Voting Information - some key dates for your calendar

In this election year, here are some key dates for your calendar
3rd April – Deadline for Councillor Nominations
12th April – general deadline to apply to vote
15th April – general deadline to apply for postal vote
2nd May – Elections
3rd May – Count for National Election Result
4th May – Count for Town and Parish Election Result
15th May – Annual meeting of West Parley Parish Council at MS Centre, Church Lane. This meeting sees councillors taking their post in the Parish Council and roles and responsibilities allocated.

If you are interested in joining the Parish Council, please feel free to get in touch with any Council member, alternatively you can contact the Clerk on

7 January 2019
What a way to start 2019 - 4000th trip for NeighbourCar

400th trip for neighbour car

West Parley NeighbourCar were thrilled to announce that it operated its 4000th trip on the morning of 2nd January 2019 for some of its regular weekly users.

The scheme has now been going for over 5 years and they they have made a huge difference to the lives of older residents who can no longer drive and are not able to use public transport. They are always on the look out to welcome new drivers to join the small but friendly group of volunteers.

If you would like to know more (no regular commitment), please telephone Clive 01202 890 173