Core Strategy Housing Plans for West Parley

The Present Position - 1 October 2013
The 3 week Examination in Public by the appointed independent Planning Inspector is now over. The immediate result is that both the Inspector and the East Dorset District Council (EDDC) have requested numerous "main modifications" and these will result in considerable delays. It may well be that the Examination in Public has to be resumed in mid 2014.

These "Modifications" have to be published by EDDC (about mid November) then put out to public consultation for 6 weeks. West Parley will make detailed responses through our professional advisers. The plans then have to be revised, re-published and sent back to the Inspector (possibly March/April 2014).

So far we know about one modification that affects West Parley. That is the plan (FWP7) for 200 houses to be built in the field that goes uphill from Ridgeway to the old Dudsbury Hill Fort. This is going to be quite sharply reduced - see diagram of plan modification. We do not yet know the exact number of new houses that will be left in the plan, but it can be seen that the majority of this attractive landscape will be left open. What is more, it will then be available for the public to roam.

We shall learn more details about this, and about the plans for the New Road field (FWP6 - 320 houses) when the Inspector publishes her report. This could be anywhere from mid to late 2014, depending on whether she sees the need to reopen the Examination in Public after she has seen the eventual "Main Modifications".

The actual building of any houses is still quite far away. The Secretary of State has to approve the plans (end 2014?) and then the developers have to put in detailed planning applications for EDDC to approve. This is an extended process, likely to take over a year. If EDDC approves the plans (and there is a Local Election for all the EDDC Councillors in May 2015) it could be 2016 before any building starts, at a likely projected rate of 30 units a year.

The Parish Council will keep residents up to date as this long drawn out planning saga slowly progresses.