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8 November 2019
Last Chance To Have Your Say on Action Fraud

This week is the last chance for Dorset residents to respond to a survey on the Action Fraud system.

The survey - https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/5ZTM6RL - closes this week. It is an opportunity for any Dorset residents who have used the national fraud reporting service to give their views to Police and Crime Commissioner Martyn Underhill, who will be lobbying the next government for improvements to the service.

Read Martyn Underhill's comments below on why he is carrying out this survey.

"I was extremely concerned to read reports in the media about Action Fraud. Action Fraud is the UK's national fraud reporting service, overseen by the City of London Police, and victims of fraud across the country are told to log their cases with this service. An undercover investigation by The Times recently found evidence that call handlers working for the organisation were trained to mislead victims of fraud into thinking their cases would be investigated when they knew most would never be looked at again.

Worse, some managers were reported to have privately mocked people who lost money to fraudsters, calling them ‘morons’ and ‘screwballs’. This was incredibly distressing, both to me, and to the many dedicated officers and staff in Dorset Police who work hard to combat this ever-growing problem.

However, it is far from the first complaint I’ve heard about them. As the Association of Police and Crime Commissioners (APCC) former lead for fraud, I listened to many heartbreaking stories from people who had lost tens of thousands of pounds – their life savings – only to feel ignored by Action Fraud, while officers working in this area expressed their own frustrations. Clearly, there’s something going badly wrong in the running of this organisation, and to my mind there has been for a long time.

Now, I plan to do something about it by lobbying the next government for urgent improvements – and I want your help in doing this by responding to my survey, here - https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/5ZTM6RL I want to find out about Dorset residents’ experiences of Action Fraud, whether they were satisfied with the outcome and the service they received, and if not I want them to tell me what went wrong and what could have been done better. This will give me a dossier of evidence I can take to ministers calling for improvements, rather than relying on anecdotal accounts.

It’s vitally important we get this right. Nationally, fraud is a problem of epidemic proportions, accounting for more than a third of all crime across England and Wales last year. The service itself is overseen by the City Of London Police, but most of the call handling is outsourced to a private company called Concentrix. They conducted their own investigation following The Times’ report, and some staff members were suspended, but serious questions need to be asked about them – including whether an American company should even have been involved in this work at all.

Ultimately, like many aspects of policing, it comes down to funding. With fraud being such a huge and rapidly growing area, should the Home Office be putting more resources into the national response and keeping a closer eye on how it’s managed? These are all questions that need looking at, but first I need your help in responding to my survey. Remember, this isn’t about complaining to Dorset Police or getting your case investigated – I can’t do either of those things in this space. What I can do is listen and take this to the government so I can tell ministers: “This is how many members of the public in Dorset feel let down by Action Fraud, what are you going to do about it?”

I need to know what experiences you’ve had, both good and bad, so I can lobby the government and try to make this better for everyone. Again, please access the survey here - https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/5ZTM6RL
Martyn Underhill
Police and Crime Commissioner for Dorset

24 October 2019
Resident Consultation - Results

Thank you to everyone who took the time to complete the consultation and return it to us. Attached is a summary of the results. There is a lot of information but this gives the Parish Council a good indication of how you want us to progress things on your behalf. For all the information please click here.

3 October 2019
Temporary Traffic Regulation Order for Church Lane, West Parley

For full information please click here.

3 October 2019
SSEN Priority Services - Get free extra support during power cuts


Get free extra support during power cuts. Register for Priority Services.

SSEN are the people who look after the wires and cables that bring electricity to communities throughout the north of Scotland and central southern England. A power cut can be worrying or difficult, that’s why there is free extra help and support. SSEN can help you far better, and quicker, if they know in advance what extra support you might need.

    You may want to be on our register if you:
  • Are deaf or hard of hearing
  • Have a disability
  • Live with children under five
  • Are blind or partially sighted
  • Have a chronic illness
  • Use medical equipment/aids reliant on electricity
  • Are over 60

Please call 0800 294 3259 or get all the info

2 October 2019
Temporary closure of Ringwood Road, Longham

For full information please click here.

23 September 2019
This Week ... Can you make a difference?

Recycle Week 2019 starts today!
For its 17th annual Recycle Week (23rd – 29th September), Recycle Now - working locally with the Dorset Waste Partnership - is tasking people all over the UK to act and focus on getting recycling right during Recycle Week.

Latest research from Recycle Now reveals that over 60% of UK households are now recycling more than they were a year ago, with nearly a third citing environmental concerns as the main reason for doing more. Others attribute it to an increased awareness of what can be recycled.

    Dorset is a county of recyclers – but there are some simple things that we can all do to make our recycling even better.
  • Check out the 'We Need That' directory to see if your waste items could be used by a non-profit organisation
  • No need to check plastic recycling codes. If it's a bottle, tub, tray or pot of any colour, it can go in the recycling bin
  • You can keep metal lids on glass bottles and jars
  • Cartons (eg. Tetra-pak), paper cups, textiles and foil cannot be recycled at the kerbside, BUT there are household recycling centres and recycling banks in car parks for these items all over Dorset. Find out where
  • Food waste should never go in the rubbish or recycling bin. Please use your food waste bin.

And if you’re at all unsure about how to recycle a specific item, remember to check out our Which Bin webpage, or visit Recycle Now's Recycling Locator.

Keep an eye on our Facebook and Twitter pages for lots of great advice during the week. Thank you, and keep up the good work!

10 September 2019
Ferndown Neighbourhood Watch newsletter out now

For the very latest from Ferndown Neighbourhood Watch please click here.

6 September 2019
Theft from Vehicles In the Ferndown Area

There has been an increase in thefts from motor vehicles in the Ferndown area over the past few days.

Please ensure that your vehicle is secure when you leave it and that no valuables are left in the vehicle, including loose change, sunglasses, bags, clothing etc. Dorset Police advises that out of sight is no longer enough and items should be taken with you

If you have seen any one acting suspiciously around a motor vehicle over the past few days/evenings please contact Dorset Police on 101 or report online at www.dorset.police.uk

If you see anyone interfering with a parked motor vehicle please call Dorset Police on 999

30 August 2019
Temporary traffic closure of Birch Avenue and Oakland Walk, West Parley

For full information please click here.

17 August 2019
Update on Planning Applications made on 31 st July 2019 by Wyatt Homes and Frontier EstTe

At the Eastern Area Planning Committee of Dorset Council, the Outline Planning Application by Wyatt Homes for the Eastern Link Road ,Supermarket and Offices was determined. The Planning Officers recommended Approval and this was approved. This occasioned slow hand clapping as a form of displeasure from the audience.

Many local residents attended to show their concerns. Local resident Tom Bligh, Councillor Andrew Parry and the Chairman of West Parley Parish Council Philip Bamborough, amongst others spoke of their concerns. All regrettably to no avail.

The Senior Highways Officer of Dorset Council claimed the modifications to the B3037 already undertaken at Chapel Gate and Blackwater; the proposed link road to the East and works at Longham/Hampreston were sufficient for existing and projected traffic! Questions were raised how it was possible to proceed with Parley Cross junction improvements without the proposed Western Link Road. We were told 'It will all work without the Western Link (taking Traffic from New Road South to the Christchurch Road just before the Horns Inn) though that would help in the future.

It would be fair to say this claim was met with considerable skepticism by West Parley and Ferndown South Residents.

It transpires Dorset Council are proposing to loan- for a year £2m to Wyatt Homes to enable the Eastern Link Road to proceed.

It needs to be stressed that this is Outline Approval and there are numerous Conditions attached - some the result of representations made by the Parish Council.We were promised by the Officers at the Meeting there would be local consultation. Watch this space.

The Committee then went on to approve the Application for the SANG land in Church Lane. The Parish Council asked to be considered as potential Managers of the lands rather than,for example a Management Company controlled by Wyatt. We as a Council believe local control is preferable to 'distant management' who after the Estate is built, will have no local connections.

This also fits in with the Parish Council's long term aspirations for further SANG lands to be dedicated in perpetuity around the Village-particularly fronting the River Stour, If and when opportunities present themselves.

This request was accepted for consideration on the recommendation of the Planning Chair Councillor Toni Coombs, who described the Parish Council as "Well respected and Well Run and thus worthy to be considered".

Finally, Consent was given for an 80 bedded Care Home opposite the Village Memorial Hall on the Christchurch Road - Despite Dorset NHS Commissioning Group stating there was no current shortage of nursing beds in the area! This is land taken out of the Green Belt , ostensibly on the claim it was needed for 'Community Use'!

The only good thing to come out of these approved applications is that the Parish Council will get 15% of the S106 monies generated. Now that will be spent (as and when received, on local services).

17 August 2019
Planning matter - Land at Aviation Business Park, Hurn Airport Industrial Estate.

Please see this exchange of letters between Parish Council Chairman Philip Bamborough and Leader of BCP Council, Councillor Vikki Slade.

16 August 2019
West Parley Recreation Ground and Access to toilets

We very much regret that due to instructions from the Council's Insurers, we have had to cease public access to all parts of the building forthwith.

Since taking possession of the building on the 30th July, the Council has become increasingly dismayed at the poor - indeed dangerous - state of much of the service infrastructure - plumbing, roof, electrics, drains etc.

In these circumstances we have had to advise Zurich Insurers of our findings. Hence their instructions that there be no public access until the building is bought up to current Building Regulation Standard. No public Liability is in place.

We are sourcing a Portacabin to provide alternative toilet arrangements. We are trying to resolve the issue as quickly as possible.

Thank you for your patience. Follow the Website for updates!

25 July 2019
Very Important Planning Update

Dorset Council have issued their agenda for their next Planning Committee meeting (Eastern Area) which will see members vote on 3 of the most contentious planning applications to be considered in West Parley in decades.

3/17/3609/OUT : Lands East of New Road West Parley Dorset Proposal: Outline application (All matters reserved except for access and associated link road); with up to 386 dwellings (Class C3); upto 1000sqm of retail units (Classes A1-A5); upto 900sqm of offices (Class B1) and upto 2200sqm of foodstore (Class A1); together with accesses, a link road and associated highway works, public open space including SANG, allotments, landscaping and associated works.

3/17/3610/COU : Land East of Church Lane, West Parley (SANG for Core Strategy Policy Site FWP6) Proposal: Change of use of land to a suitable alternative natural greenspace (SANG) and associated works.

3/19/0821/FUL : Land South of Christchurch Road, Christchurch Road, West Parley, Dorset, BH22 8SL Proposal: Erect an 80 bedroom Care Home with associated parking, landscaping and amenity space.

The first 2 applications are interdependent as the development at Parley Cross is dependent upon the provision of the SANG.  The third application is the land allocated for ‘community use’ within the core strategy and would see a large care home adjacent to the development at the crossroads.

We encourage residents to view the Officer Reports by following this link and clicking on the PDF for each application ….click here

Please Note : The Officer Recommendations are to APPROVE all 3!

In response to residents’ views, we requested that Dorset Council seek a larger and more local venue to hold the meeting as residents would wish to attend.  We are pleased that they have responded to our request by holding the meeting near Council Offices in Wimborne and we hope that many of you will attend the meeting to evidence the village’s concerns.

Please be advised that members of the public can request to speak at the Planning Committee Meeting, however it is essential you contact Kate Critchel on 01305 252234 or by email: kate.critchel@dorsetcouncil.gov.uk  no later than 2pm on 29 July 2019.

This is your final chance to have your say.   Please share with neighbours as there is not enough time to notify residents individually!

22 July 2019
Recent car thefts, protect your valuables

We have been informed of recent car thefts in the village and would like to remind residents to ensure their cars are made secure and not to leave valuables in the vehicles. Likewise, with the warmer weather, please ensure house doors are kept locked and all outbuildings are secure.

18 July 2019
Full Council Meeting 17th July cancelled

Regrettably this meeting was cancelled due to Council being inquorate and therefore no business could be transacted. The meeting is being rescheduled for Wednesday 7th August 2019.

15 July 2019
A347 New Road night closures

Residents please be aware that the A347 New Road, West Parley will be closed for roadworks from 9pm – 6am, 24 July to 26 July. . Dorset Road Fix info.

13 July 2019
Essential maintenance on local roads

Essential road works will be carried out on several local roads next week, as part of BCP Council's Highway Maintenance Programme.

Sections of Wessex Way, from County Gates to the Cooper Dean flyover, will be closed overnight on 15 and 16 July to enable additional highways maintenance works, including grass cutting and litter picking, to be carried out.

From approximately 8.30pm on Monday 15 July until around 4am the following morning, there will be a full road closure (northbound and southbound) from County Gates to St Paul's roundabout. Lanes 1 and 2 northbound will also be closed from St Paul's roundabout to Springbourne roundabout. On Tuesday 16 July, lanes 1 and 2 northbound from Springbourne roundabout to Cooper Dean flyover will be closed as well as lanes 1 and 2 southbound from Cooper Dean flyover to St Paul's roundabout. The closures will take place from approximately 8.30pm until 4am the following morning. Signed diversion routes will be in place.

Julian McLaughlin, Director of Growth and Infrastructure, BCP Council, said: "Our road condition surveys show that these roads need to be repaired to prevent further deterioration and pot holes from forming. "Unfortunately there will be some disruption to road users but we have scheduled the work in such a way as to minimise the impact to the community. We would like to thank drivers in advance for their patience and understanding while these repairs are carried out." Cllr Andy Hadley, Cabinet Member for Transport and Infrastructure, BCP Council, added: "We appreciate this is immediately after disruption for the recent A338 widening work, but this maintenance work is essential. Every effort has been made to avoid the main summer holidays and peak rush hour working and to complete the works within one week." The surface dressing works are costing around £337,000.

13 July 2019
Essential maintenance on local roads

Essential road works will be carried out on several local roads next week, as part of BCP Council's Highway Maintenance Programme.

Sections of Wessex Way, from County Gates to the Cooper Dean flyover, will be closed overnight on 15 and 16 July to enable additional highways maintenance works, including grass cutting and litter picking, to be carried out.

From approximately 8.30pm on Monday 15 July until around 4am the following morning, there will be a full road closure (northbound and southbound) from County Gates to St Paul's roundabout. Lanes 1 and 2 northbound will also be closed from St Paul's roundabout to Springbourne roundabout. On Tuesday 16 July, lanes 1 and 2 northbound from Springbourne roundabout to Cooper Dean flyover will be closed as well as lanes 1 and 2 southbound from Cooper Dean flyover to St Paul's roundabout. The closures will take place from approximately 8.30pm until 4am the following morning. Signed diversion routes will be in place.

Julian McLaughlin, Director of Growth and Infrastructure, BCP Council, said: "Our road condition surveys show that these roads need to be repaired to prevent further deterioration and pot holes from forming. "Unfortunately there will be some disruption to road users but we have scheduled the work in such a way as to minimise the impact to the community. We would like to thank drivers in advance for their patience and understanding while these repairs are carried out." Cllr Andy Hadley, Cabinet Member for Transport and Infrastructure, BCP Council, added: "We appreciate this is immediately after disruption for the recent A338 widening work, but this maintenance work is essential. Every effort has been made to avoid the main summer holidays and peak rush hour working and to complete the works within one week." The surface dressing works are costing around £337,000.

20 June 2019
Stolen Bench from the Recreation Ground

A bench, matching the one the photograph, has been removed from the Parish Council's Recreation Ground without permission. This was done at some time from midday Monday 17th June following the weekly mow by our contractor and 9.30am on Wednesday 19th June 2019. This bench is part concrete and extremely heavy so would have needed a number of people to lift it. We would like to ask residents to inform us if they saw any suspicious behaviour as the theft has now been reported to the Police. We would like to remind residents to remain vigilant.

We have also been made aware of a campervan parking overnight on the evenings of Monday and Tuesday, which may be completely unrelated, but we would like to take the opportunity to reiterate that signage is in place to state that overnight parking is not permitted.

20 June 2019
Accident involving cyclist at Parley Cross - did you see?

We have been informed that there was an accident involving a cyclist on the evening of Saturday 15th June 2019 at approximately 8pm - 8:40pm. The incident was at Parley Crossroads by the car hand wash going towards the airport / Hurn. If you have any information, please email enquiries@westparley-pc.gov.uk

6 June 2019
D-Day 75

A day to remember and show respect for those that gave their tomorrows for our todays.

6 June 2019
Lost Property

Pink scooter found on the Recreation Ground at end of last week! We would like to reunite it with its rightful owner.

6 June 2019
Resident Consultation

Thank you to everyone who completed the questionnaire and returned it to us because it helps us to understand the needs of residents. The boxes have now been removed from the 3 locations, but any forms can be sent to the Clerk or dropped off with any Councillor. We'll collate the results and share on the website.

21 May 2019
Multiple Sclerosis Society - Drivers and Escorts needed

Can you spare 4 hours a week, on a Monday, Tuesday or Thursday morning or afternoon?

West Parley is lucky enough to have one of only 4 MS Centres in the UK and they need your help! Please call in to see the difference you could make to local people affected by MS. . .more

16 May 2019
Parish Councillors Update

The Parish Council held its first meeting since the uncontested election on 2nd May which saw 9 members stand for 11 Council seats. Regrettably, Matt Curley has chosen not to accept his place on the Council due to increasing work demands in his job and members wished to thank Matt for his valued contribution during his time on the Council. All formalities were undertaken and responsibilities were allocated at last night's meeting and Cllr Bamborough was re-elected to the post of Chairman. But it's not to late to get involved as we still have 3 vacancies so if you would like to find out more and get involved, please contact the Parish Clerk on enquiries@westparley-pc.gov.uk

15 May 2019
Dog Waste Bins

The Parish Council have spoken with Dorset Waste Partnership, who are contracted to empty the bins on a Tuesday, and the matter has been swiftly resolved.

The Parish Council has 5 dog bins around the recreation ground and playing fields and all are emptied on a weekly basis and is more than sufficient provision for the area. If you need to make use of one of the bins and it is full, PLEASE do not just dump your bag next to the bin ... use one of the other 4 around the area. We work extremely hard to keep West Parley looking at its best for residents, and would ask for your help in achieving this by using the bins we provide. The red bins for dog waste and the other bins for litter.

13 May 2019
Fly Tipping

Unfortunately there have already been 2 incidents of fly tipping in the last few weeks. If you witness or find fly tipped rubbish, please report it to Dorset Council via this link https://dorset-self.achieveservice.com/service/DWP-Report-fly-tipping-in-Dorset and give as much information as possible and photographs are always encouraged, but only if safe for the individual involved.

If hiring someone to remove rubbish, please always check they have the appropriate licence because you are legally responsible for the correct disposal of the waste, even if you pay someone to take it away.

29 April 2019
West Parley’s Fallen Soldier

West Parley Parish Council received the shocking news on the morning of Wednesday 24th April, that one of the silhouettes of a ‘silent soldier’ had been decapitated during the previous 24 hour period. A spokesperson for the Parish Council said ‘this is a despicable act of vandalism and shows complete disregard for the memories of the fallen, who fought to give the subsequent generations the freedom they enjoy today’.

For the centenary of WW1, the Parish Council bought 4 silent soldiers to honour the fallen and placed one on each of the 4 main roads in the village. Careful consideration was given and a different silhouette was chosen appropriate to its location. The Parish Council worked with Parley First School to help in the education of the pupils, through a quiz to honour the fallen from West Parley in WW1. Every child was involved in producing a beautiful poppy dedication to West Parley’s fallen which stood beside each of the silhouettes, leading up to the centenary. The Parish Council devised a quiz for the children to complete and not only provided prizes to the quiz winners but also awarded a packet of poppy seeds to every single pupil at the school. The Silhouette remains outside Parley First School as a reminder to the children.

This criminal damage has upset numerous residents who are connected to the armed forces and the silhouette was removed as soon as the Council became aware of this abhorrent act. Neighbouring Ferndown Town Council also experienced damage to 2 of their soldiers last year.

Grant Parrott, Chairman of Ferndown Royal British Legion said : throughout the towns and villages of Dorset, the 'Silent Soldier' figures stand as a statement of our remembrance of the sacrifice of the First world War and our resolve to never let it happen again in this day and age. They have had a tremendous impact across all age groups, including young people and children who will we hope, carry that resolve into the future throughout their own lives and pass it on to their own children. Those simple silhouette figures are an important reminder to us all, so don't vandalise them, rather think of the message they carry and the future generations they will help to protect.'

The matter has been reported to Dorset Police and if anyone has any information, they are encouraged to contact Dorset Police on 101 regarding incident number 55190061522.

Please see the Bournemouth Echo article about the damage to our Silent Soldier. https://www.bournemouthecho.co.uk/news/17609436.a-silent-soldier-in-west-parley-was-decapitated/

The Echo have been contacted as unfortunately the article originally stated the silhouette damaged was outside the school, and the silhouette was being left up as a reminder to children! Please note that the damaged silhouette was on Christchurch Road, and was removed as soon as the Parish Council were made aware, out of respect. Regrettably, the paper cannot be corrected.

24 April 2019
Staffie and Stray Rescue - Rehoming Parade

This Sunday, April 28th, residents have a chance to meet and greet dogs who are looking for forever homes. The event takes place at the West Parley Memorial Hall, 10am, for more details please click on the image.

18 April 2019
Calling all real-life Superheroes! Wessex Cancer Trust needs you for 3Km Adventure Mission

Wessex Cancer Trust would love you to conjure up a costume and be a real-life superhero at its 3km Superhero Adventure Run on Sunday 21st July at King George V Fields in Ferndown.

In this fun-filled family caper, you'll bounce, squeeze, slip and slide your way along the inflatable course in your most spectacular superhero suit, whilst raising money for local people living with cancer.

Maria Tidy, Wessex Cancer Trust’s community manager for Dorset, said: “We’re calling on super men, wonder women and your mighty sidekicks to embrace your spirit of adventure, whilst using your powers to raise as much money as you can for local people living with cancer. It’s an adventure run, not a race, and the mission is to have as much fun as possible – all for an excellent cause.”

There'll be prizes for the best fancy dress and a medal for every superhero taking part, as well as food, music and fun superhero-themed activities. Anyone currently registering can take advantage of early bird prices of £12 for a child under 15, £19 for adults, £45 for two adults and two children, and £60 for a team of four. There is a suggested fundraising target of £50, all of which will go directly to supporting local people living with cancer.

Visit https://www.wessexcancer.org.uk/Event/superhero-2019 for more information and to sign up. All of the money raised will be used to provide practical and emotional support to people living with cancer in Dorset, Hampshire, Wiltshire and the Isle of Wight.

12 April 2019
HAVE YOUR SAY .... 80 Bed Care Home – Planning Application now Received and Open for comment

Following the public exhibition last month, we have now had notification of the planning application received by Dorset Council for the proposed 80 bedroom care home on what was allocated as a site for ‘community use’ within the Core Strategy. Please take the time to let the planning department know your thoughts on the proposed development by registering your comments on Dorsetforyou via the following link http://eastdorsetplanning.christchurchandeastdorset.gov.uk/plandisp.aspx?recno=113999

The Parish Council will be considering this proposal at its meeting on Wednesday 24th April at the MS Centre on Church Lane in order to submit a response before the 3rd May deadline. Prior to the meeting we will review the comments online in order to take residents’ views into consideration, so your early response would be appreciated.

4 April 2019
Notice of Uncontested Election – West Parley Parish Council

Please click on the image above to see the 9 individuals who are elected for the post of Parish Councillor for West Parley. As there are less candidates than seats (11), West Parley will not have an election and all candidates are elected uncontested.

To see all the results across Dorset Council https://www.dorsetcouncil.gov.uk/councillors-committees-elections/elections-and-voting/current-elections-referendums-and-local-polls.aspx

4 April 2019
Statement of Persons Nominated – County Council

Please click on the image above which states the 3 individuals who are standing for election for the post of County Councillor for West Parley.

3 April 2019
Thank you from Kinson and West Howe Foodbank

Several years ago, a Councillor suggested the introduction of foodbank collection points in the 2 Tesco stores in West Parley, to help provide emergency food rations for 2-3 weeks to individuals and families in the local area. This initiative was progressed, under the Residents’ Association, and still continues to date.

The foodbank helps to collect food and provides assistance for just a few weeks, to those who are struggling financially. Despite the affluence of the area, it is sad to think there are those who have difficulty affording such basic requirements in life and shows every donation really does make a difference.

Please click on the letter of thanks from the foodbank for the most recent donation. To those who have contributed by popping a tin or two in the basket, Thank you.

30 March 2019
Funding news - Pocket Parks Plus

The Government launched Pocket Parks Plus to provide funding across the country to either help introduce new parks or assist with cost of replacing existing parks. We are conscious that the play area in our recreation ground is 8 years old and is starting to show increasing signs of wear and tear. This is the main drawback with it being made from natural materials but it is far more in keeping with the rural location than any brightly coloured metal equipment. Obviously, we have to consider the ongoing provision of facilities and the increase in use as a result of the potential housing developments, which have now removed any play facilities from their plan.

We did not want to rely on the annual precept, from residents’ Council Tax and we have demonstrated fundraising success already through the installation of the outside gym with only a fraction of the cost coming from the precept. So with this in mind, we decided to submit an application which received the support of East Dorset District Council. The paperwork was submitted within the deadline, which was quite a challenge for the Clerk given the workload at the time.

A few weeks later the decision notification was sent and we are thrilled to inform you that we were SUCCESSFUL in our application. We have been awarded just under £21,000 towards the refurbishment of West Parley’s play area equipment. Obviously this won’t fund the whole refurbishment but we do have a second application submitted and the combined amount would facilitate a total refurbishment of our play area. Fingers crossed .....

You can read more here: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/nearly-200-pocket-parks-will-help-transform-the-nation

26 March 2019
Two Way Information!

The Parish Council’s latest all house newsletter is currently in the process of being delivered to each and every door in the village. We hope you enjoy reading it and find the information useful.

With the newsletter, we have included a ‘resident consultation’ which is asking a series of questions. We encourage residents to return the completed consultations so that the Parish Council can prioritise the needs of the village, where possible. There are 3 drop off boxes available at the 2 West Parley Tesco express stores along with one at Parley First School. You can also return them to the Clerk at 28 Glenmoor Road.

If you do not receive a copy within the next week, please do let us know on enquiries@westparley-pc.gov.uk as there may be a problem of distribution or a missed house number on the list.

23 March 2019
Notices for Election - Dorset County Council and West Parley Parish Council

Please click on the link for the Notice of Election for Dorset Council – 1 Councillor for West Parley.

Please click on the link for the Notice of Election for West Parley Parish Council – 11 Councillors.

21 March 2019
Keeping the English Language Alive

A copy of this beautifully illustrated & beautifully written book is winging its way to our wonderful First School so the children can enjoy the lost words in the English language.

20 Mar 2019
Footpaths of West Parley

Footpaths are the responsibility of Dorset County Council to maintain and we are aware that they have been replacing some stiles recently, to aid accessibility of the routes which we hope has proved beneficial for users. However, the County Council don’t have the officers to be out walking all the footpaths so West Parley Parish Council usually undertakes an annual inspection of the footpaths in April to ensure they are clear and accessible for users.

However, the best source of information usually comes from those who use the footpaths on a regular basis or those who have identified any issues. Therefore, may we ask residents for any feedback on the footpaths of the village, as highlighted on the map in pink. If you live close to one of the footpaths, it would be greatly appreciated if you could take the time to walk the footpath and let us know its condition.

Any issues can be reported direct to Dorset County Council on https://mapping.dorsetforyou.gov.uk/rightsofway/reportproblem however it is useful for the Parish Council to be kept informed of issues because we can then diarise them to be looked at on a regular basis by Dorset County Council, before they become bigger issues.

Thank you in advance for your assistance in helping to keep West Parley at its best.

18 March 2019
Damaged trees in Parley Wood

Following the recent high winds we have 2 trees which have fallen across the paths in Parley Wood. We are in the process of arranging a contractor to deal with the situation, but in the meantime users of this facility are asked to take additional care.

Likewise, we have been informed that the boardwalk at the rear of the Woodland, leading on to Parley Common, is damaged in parts. Signage and warning tape are now in place, and the Council will be speaking with Natural England about the situation. Again, users are asked to take additional care or avoid the area whilst we resolve the matter.

13 March 2019
Don't delay, Have Your Say - deadline 20th March 2019

At the recent Public Exhibition by the Agents and Developer of the proposed 80 care home on Christchurch Road, Information and Feedback Forms were given out to attendees. Please see the links above.

This land was allocated for ‘Community Use’ in the Local Plan adopted by East Dorset District Council (EDDC), which incorporates proposals for 320+ houses, supermarket, shops and offices on the land East of New Road. (There is no update on the New Road application, and the application for the associated Highways is yet to be determined by EDDC).

The forms state that they ‘welcome feedback from local residents and stakeholders on our proposals for land South of Christchurch Road, West Parley and believe that the views of the local community are important’.

Therefore, we encourage residents to share your feedback with them about the proposed 80 bed care home prior to the formal submission of a Planning Application to EDDC, although the determining body will be Dorset Council due to the imminent Unitary Council becoming effective.

You can contact them by:
Email: FrontierEstates@becg.com
Post: Exhibition Response, BECG, The Pump House, Garnier Road, Winchester, SO23 9QG

4 March 2019
Latest Dorset Council newsletter out now

The latest Town and Parish newsletter from Dorset Council is out now... click here.

1 March 2019
We need you!

West Parley Parish Councillors are passionate about West Parley because the vast majority live here.

  • Would that continue if they were no longer able to represent the area?
  • Would residents be kept as informed about developers’ planning applications as they have been so far by WPPC?

If you live in the Parish and think we have done, and are doing, a good job and would like this to continue, please step up and join us.

We would like to encourage residents who are passionate about our community to join our Parish Council.

  • Can you spare 2 evenings a month plus a few hours each week?
  • Do you, or someone you know, have what it takes to be a local councillor?

Please contact West Parley Parish Council on enquiries@westparley-pc.gov.uk

  • WPPC has 11 posts – currently 4 vacancies!
  • posts are on a voluntary basis, so regrettably there is no pay!
  • More Councillors can share the workload better ... ‘many hands make light work’
  • Less Councillors, means decisions on what the Council can achieve may have to be reduced.
  • WPPC Council Tax claim from residents is one of the lowest in the area

With any Council if an insufficient number of individuals stand for election, then the District Council or County Council would put some of their members into the Council as we are not allowed to function once we slip below 3 members. The ‘placed’ members would probably only have limited knowledge of our village and what we want or need, but it would ensure the Council can continue to function in the short term, while encouraging new Councillors. If new members are not found, then the Council will vote to merge with another local council. For West Parley this would mean a potential merger with Ferndown Town Council. Whilst the village of West Parley would still remain, would it still be represented in the same way? At the moment, the Parish Council is given an annual budget called a precept which is based on the number of households in our village. The Parish Council spends this money maintaining and improving the area for residents ie maintaining the children play area and Recreation Ground for example. If we were to merge with Ferndown, there is no guarantee there would be the same financial input to West Parley as there is currently. It is also likely that residents would see an increase in Council Tax as Ferndown’s precept per household is far higher than West Parley.

If you would like to know more about becoming a Councilllor more information is available on the National Association of Local Council’s website. https://www.nalc.gov.uk/our-work/election

What is a local council?
Local council is a universal term for community, village, neighbourhood, parish and town councils. They are the first tier of local government and are statutory bodies. They serve communities and are elected by residents. They can raise their own precept (a form of council tax). There are 10,000 local councils in England and 120,000 councillors who serve on these local councils.

What do local councils do?
Your local council has overall responsibility for the well-being of your local community. Their work falls into three main categories:

  • Delivery of services
  • Improve the quality of life for residents
  • Give communities a democratic voice

Becoming a local councillor
As a local councillor, you can become a voice for your community and make a real change. Local councillors are community leaders and represent the interests of the communities they serve.
Local councillors have three main responsibilities:

  • Decision-making
  • Monitoring
  • Getting involved locally

Getting elected
To stand for election to a local council you must:

  • Be a UK or Commonwealth citizen; or be a citizen of the Republic of Ireland; or be a citizen of another Member State of the European Union
  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Be an elector of the local council; or in the past 12 months occupied land or other premises in the area the local council serves (as owner or tenant); or work in the area local council serves (as your principal or only place of work); or live within three miles of the local council boundary.
  • Local councils welcome and are committed to the inclusion and recognition of all regardless of race, culture, ability, ethnicity or gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, marital status, religious affiliation, and socioeconomic status.

26 February 2019
Statement regarding Parley Wood

The Woodland is owned by the Parish Council and is not only subject to an area Tree Preservation Order (TPO) from East Dorset District Council but is also a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) which is controlled by Natural England. The Parish Council has a legal responsibility to ensure all activities are undertaken with the approval of these legislative bodies.

We are in the process of updating the Tree Management Plan which is a document agreed between the 3 parties to ensure the correct management of the woodland for the next decade. Works, in accordance with the revised plan, will be recommenced in the Autumn once the plan has been approved by EDDC and Natural England.

12 February 2019
West Parley Annual Parish Meeting

Please note the annual Parish Meeting for the residents of West Parley will take place on Tuesday 5th March 2019 at West Parley Memorial Hall. This is earlier in the year due to the legal requirement to avoid the period of purdah prior to elections, which will take place on 2nd May. As always, residents are invited to attend from 7pm to view information boards and for refreshments ahead of the meeting commencing at 7.30pm, lead by the Chairman of the Parish Council.

Please note, this is not a meeting of the Parish Council but a Parish Meeting for residents of the village ...therefore anyone may attend, but only registered electors of the Parish of West Parley may speak and vote.

6 February 2019
Tree works in the Recreation Ground

A reminder to residents... tree works have commenced in our Recreation Ground and may impact users of our play area, gym, car park and woodland.

Please take care if using our facilities and respect the contractors undertaking the works of removing all dead wood.

6 February 2019
Theft, reports of cars being broken into

Please be advised that there are numerous reports of cars being broken into in the surrounding area, over recent days. Police advise to ensure all valuables are removed from your cars and they are secure at all times.

The grit box on Chine Walk has disappeared! Neither Dorset County Council nor West Parley Parish Council have been involved in its removal. Can you help? Did you see it being moved / taken? The Police have been informed.

As always, please look out for more vulnerable neighbours.

24 January 2019
Dorset Care Records

All households in Dorset should have received a leaflet about the Dorset Care Record, which explains what the Dorset Care Record is, its benefits and how to opt out should you want to, see the leaflet.

23 January 2019
Average speed cameras on the A338

Six average speed cameras are being erected on the A338 Bournemouth Spur Road to support the new permanent 50mph speed limit, which came into effect in August 2018.

During the day on Monday 28 and Tuesday 29 January two permanent average speed cameras will be set up on the southbound carriageway.

There will then be overnight lane one closures on the northbound carriageway between Cooper Dean Roundabout and the Blackwater Junction on Wednesday 30 and Thursday 31 January, from 8pm to 6am each evening, to install three permanent average speed cameras on the northbound carriageway and the final southbound camera.

It will take two to three weeks for the cameras to be tested before they become operational. The cameras will initially be set to enforce the temporary 40mph speed limit, which is in place for the current roadworks, they will then be set to the permanent 50mph limit.

17 January 2019
Witness Appeal Following Robbery At West Moors Bookmakers

Detectives investigating a robbery at a bookmakers in West Moors are appealing for any witnesses or anyone with information to come forward.

Shortly before 8pm yesterday, Wednesday 16 January 2019, a man entered Ladbrokes in Station Road and jumped over the counter before threatening staff with what appeared to be a meat cleaver or large kitchen knife. He stole cash from the safe before making off from the scene.

The man is described as being around 5 feet 10 inches tall, of stocky build and had blue fabric stretched over his face. He was also wearing a black hooded top, dark trousers and red gloves.

Detective Constable Nic Taylor, of Bournemouth CID, said: “This must have been a distressing incident for staff at the bookmakers and I would like to reassure members of the public that a full investigation is underway to identify the offender.

“We have been carrying out a number of enquiries, including house-to-house, a forensic examination of the crime scene and reviewing CCTV footage.
“I am appealing to any witnesses or anyone who saw any suspicious activity around the bookmakers yesterday evening to please contact us.
“There will be an increased police presence in the area as we investigate this incident and local officers can be approached with any community concerns.”

Anyone with information is asked to contact Dorset Police at www.dorset.police.uk, via email 101@dorset.pnn.police.uk or by calling 101, quoting occurrence number 55190008387. Alternatively, contact Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111 or via www.crimestoppers-uk.org

15 January 2019
Dorset Catchment Partnerships newsletter for Winter 2018/19

Please click here to read an interesting newsletter about developments in Dorset's river catchment areas.

9 January 2019
Males acting suspiciously

In the last hour, 2 males have been acting suspiciously in Ellesfield Drive / Brune Way area of West Parley, purporting to represent a window company. They were knocking on doors and becoming abusive but have now been asked to leave the area by the Police. Please remain vigilant and also look out for more vulnerable neighbours.

9 January 2019
New Dorset Unitary Council - what are your thoughts?

Are you aware that the district/borough councils and the county council in Dorset will cease to exist from 1 April 2019 and will be replaced by one new Dorset Council?

We'd like to find out what you know about this and how you feel about this change. Please click the survey link to submit your feedback - it takes 1-2 minutes to complete, http://socsi.in/E8NgZ

7 January 2019
Happy New Year!!

7 January 2019
A338 roadworks

The Roadworks were reinstated this morning following the month break over Christmas. Please click the link for details.

7 January 2019
Scams - some useful information

Please click this link for useful information to help you to remain vigilant for phone and postal scams.

Action Fraud has received more than 5,000 reports about fake emails and texts purporting to be from TV Licensing. The messages contain links to genuine-looking websites that are designed to steal personal and financial information.

Always question unsolicited requests for your personal or financial information in case it’s a scam. Never automatically click on a link in an unexpected email or text.
For more information about how to stay safe online, visit https://www.cyberaware.gov.uk/

7 January 2019
Voting Information - some key dates for your calendar

    In this election year, here are some key dates for your calendar
  • 3rd April – Deadline for Councillor Nominations
  • 12th April – general deadline to apply to vote
  • 15th April – general deadline to apply for postal vote
  • 2nd May – Elections
  • 3rd May – Count for National Election Result
  • 4th May – Count for Town and Parish Election Result
  • 15th May – Annual meeting of West Parley Parish Council at MS Centre, Church Lane. This meeting sees councillors taking their post in the Parish Council and roles and responsibilities allocated. If you are interested in joining the Parish Council, please feel free to get in touch with any Council member, alternatively you can contact the Clerk on Enquiries@westparley-pc.gov.uk

7 January 2019
What a way to start 2019 - 4000th trip for NeighbourCar

West Parley NeighbourCar were thrilled to announce that it operated its 4000th trip on the morning of 2nd January 2019 for some of its regular weekly users.

The scheme has now been going for over 5 years and they they have made a huge difference to the lives of older residents who can no longer drive and are not able to use public transport. They are always on the look out to welcome new drivers to join the small but friendly group of volunteers.

If you would like to know more (no regular commitment), please telephone Clive 01202 890 173

20 December 2018
Council Opening Hours

Pleased be advised that the Clerk is now on leave over the festive period, returning to work on Monday 7th January.

Emails will be actioned upon return to work so there may be some delays in response. If you have anything of an urgent nature which cannot wait until that time, please refer to one of the Councillors whose details can be found on the website.

Merry Christmas and wishing you all a Healthy and Happy New Year.

18 December 2018
Community Carols!

The annual community carols on Glenmoor Road took place on 17th December 2018 to help residents get the Christmas feeling. About 100 locals watched and joined in singing the carols, lead by pupils and teachers from Parley First School.

To add to the event, mince pies kindly donated by Tesco and a steady supply of hot chocolates provided by Thirty7 coffee shop, were handed out to everyone by the Parish Clerk and Cllr Penwill. Someone was heard to say ‘You can’t help but feel Christmassy listening to their little voices’ and even the rain cleared for us all to enjoy the event.

17 December 2018
West Parley Gardening Club's First Annual Christmas Party!

The West Parley Gardening Club held their first Christmas Party to celebrate yet another excellent year.

A huge buffet was followed by a free raffle of twenty prizes which included donations from local businesses and members of the club.

The Chairman presented a really entertaining ‘Christmas’ quiz which went to a decider between 3 teams, but was ultimately won by members of The West Parley Volunteers. During the evening there was a game for a bottle of champagne and another for £40, and plenty of cakes kindly made and donated.

The Club Secretary compered some of the evening adorned in tinsel, every table enthusiatically joined in a rendition of The Twelve Days of Christmas and ended with carols lead by Thomas Leeding accompanied by Brenda on the piano.

The West Parley Gardening Club began four years with just 22 members and has grown to 54 with new members joining monthly. For more information please contact Malcolm Plascott. Secretary 01202 950521 and details of the year’s agenda is on the noticeboards around the village.

7 December 2018
A338/Blackwater Junction to be fully reopened for Christmas

All four lanes on the A338/Blackwater Junction will be reopened two days ahead of schedule on Saturday 8 December, in time for the Christmas period.

On the nights of Thursday 6 and Friday 7 December the road will be closed southbound from 8pm, reopening at 6am the following morning, to remove the lane closure, allowing traffic to flow freely from 6am on Saturday 8 December.

Work will still continue on the drainage and widening the embankment southbound up until Friday 21 December, without impacting on traffic.

Gary Powell, Head of Highways and Transportation and the senior responsible officer for the A338 improvements, said: “We are constantly looking at ways to speed up the programme, so we are really pleased that we have been able to reopen all four lanes two days earlier than planned. This will provide some welcome relief to those road users affected by these works and is also great news for residents and businesses looking to make the most of Christmas shopping, festivities and events in Bournemouth, Christchurch and surrounding areas.”

Martin Davies, Chair of the Bournemouth Town Centre BID, added: “We are delighted that the A338 roadworks are being lifted two days ahead of schedule as it will enable even more people to come and enjoy the exciting retail offering in Bournemouth this year and of course to visit the amazing Christmas Tree Wonderland.”

Overnight road closures will be in place southbound for two nights on Saturday 5 and Sunday 6 January 2019 from 8pm to 6am to reinstall the steel barriers and reduce the road back to one lane, in a similar layout to the last phase of work.

This will mean that from Sunday morning, 6 January, two lanes will be available southbound heading towards the Blackwater Junction. Lane one will provide a dedicated lane for those motorists wishing to exit off the slip road to Blackwater B3073. All other motorists will use lane two heading straight to Bournemouth.

From 7 January, works will continue on the widening of the southbound carriageway into the verge, installing concrete protection around the Blackwater bridge piers, building a new parapet vehicle restraint barrier over the River Stour Bridge and the new retaining bank for the new lane immediately south of the River Stour Bridge.

In addition, work will start on the Cooper Dean widening works. The first phase of this will involve adding an extra lane in the verge.

The A338/Blackwater improvements are scheduled to last until June 2019. Road users are advised to sign up to the A338 travel blog to stay up to date with road news or check @TravelDorset on twitter for updates.

For more information visit https://www.bournemouth.gov.uk/travelandtransport/projectsconsultationslocaltransportplans/projectsconsultations/a338/a338info.aspx

6 December 2018
A338 lane restrictions to be removed

A338 Update
The bad new is there are 2 night closures on the A338 Thursday 5th and Friday 6th, BUT the good news is that it's to move the barriers to lift lane restrictions for a month over the Christmas period!


6 December 2018
Message from Ferndown Police

5 cars entered and items stolen yesterday in the Chine walk area. All were left insecure.

Please lock up your vehicles, even if they are left on the driveway.

6 December 2018
Scam Alert from Dorset Police

Reports have been received of fraudsters making appointments on behalf of Dorset Police, acting as crime prevention advisers with visits scheduled for Tuesday 4 December 2018.

These are not legitimate and residents should not allow them entry to their home.

You can verify the identity of any police officer or staff member by asking for their collar number and checking details by calling 101.

For information and advice on crime prevention, visit their website: http://bit.ly/2E3cRNo

29 November 2018
Suspicious Vehicle Alert

Dorset Police Rural Crime Team would like you to be aware of the following suspicious vehicle.

The vehicle is a Silver Ford Mondeo with the registration N**8 GXA

This vehicle has been seen in suspicious circumstances in areas across the county over the last few weeks.

The occupants of this vehicle have been seen acting suspiciously near rural premises. It is thought that the vehicle and its occupants are involved in rural thefts.

If this vehicle or other vehicles are seen acting suspiciously, please gather as much information as possible such as the registration number and descriptions of the driver and any passengers and please contact Dorset Police immediately by calling 999 if the vehicle or occupants are seen committing crime. For non-emergency call 101 or at www.dorset.police.uk, via email 101@dorset.pnn.police.uk.

Alternatively if you wish to remain anonymous you can call NFU Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 783 0137 or by visiting www.ruralcrimereportingline.uk

28 November 2018
West Parley Volunteer Awards 2018

At a special awards night, West Parley's finest were recognised for their outstanding efforts for the community. . all the details

26 November 2018
Lets Talk Libraries - a consultation for future library needs in Dorset

A Let’s Talk Libraries consultation is underway – it consists of just a few multichoice questions to understand the needs in Dorset.

Please use these links: engagement information     direct survey link

22 November 2018
Parish Councillor Lynn Wilson resigns

It is with regret that Lynn Wilson has offered her resignation as Parish Councillor, due to personal reason. We thank Lynn for her contributions and time on the Council and wish her well with her future endeavours.

19 November 2018
DCC highways update - Christchurch Road, Longham

Bournemouth Water require to undertake works at two locations, on Christchurch Road to complete two new connections which will require roadworks on Christchurch Road, Longham, commencing 26/11, for 5 days/nights, (detail below) which will require temporary two way traffic lights to facilitate the works.

The majority of the works will be undertaken overnight, however their will be some off peak daytime works being completed.

Phase 1; Christchurch Road, Longham at the access road to Holmwood Park.
Monday 26 November – Two way Lights between - 09:30hrs to 15:30hrs and then 19:00hrs to 06:00hrs. (Lights removed between 15:30hrs & 19:00hrs) Tuesday 27 November - Two way Lights between - 09:30hrs to 15:30hrs and then 19:00hrs to 06:00hrs. (Lights removed between 15:30hrs & 19:00hrs) Wednesday 28 November - Two way Lights between - 09:30hrs to 15:30hrs

Phase 2; Christchurch Road, Longham adjacent to the allotments.
Thursday 29 November – Two way lights between 21:00hrs and 06:00hrs Friday 30 November - Two way lights between 21:00hrs and 06:00hrs (Lights to be removed Saturday morning)

Although some delays may occur, the works have been coordinated to ensure that the disruption to the travelling public is kept to a minimum.

31 October 2018
Three further incidents of Fly-tipping in 2 days

Will residents please be on the lookout for fly-tippers. In the last two days a fridge has been dumped in the stream in Barrack Road on Monday, a sofa dumped on the pavement in Wight Walk between 4.30-6.45pm last night and a Gas/electric fire has been dumped in the road in Heathlands Avenue last night - kindly moved out of the way by a resident to avoid an accident.

29 October 2018
Living with foxes

West Parley was built on common land, and as such displaced the wildlife who enjoyed the land however many remain territorial and co-habit with the parishoners. With an increase in the population of urban foxes, you may find the attached guidelines from the RSPCA useful.

26 October 2018
Reports of criminal activity in Barrack Road

Would residents please be aware of reports of criminal activity in Barrack Road.

A light blue van was sighted and an individual with head covered wearing gloves and light tracksuit bottoms - this person may be connected to the incidents.

With the darker evenings, and the clocks changing this weekend, please be vigilant for your own and neighbouring properties.

18 October 2018
Reminder to vote on 25th October 2018!

Councillors are being elected to the Ferndown Division of Dorset County Council on Thursday 25th October 2018, don't forget to use your vote!

16 October 2018
No Through Road Signs – please leave in place

We have been informed by Dorset County Council that the signs at the entrance of Ridgeway have been repeatedly moved into the road. If this activity continues, Dorset County Council will be forced to remove them because it is unsafe for road users.

The location of the signs follow regulations set out in Chapter 8 of the Traffic Signs Manual, locations shown on the attached photos and should be left in situ.

15 October 2018
Dorset County Council Update - Overnight closures on the A338

Starting Monday 15 October – there will be a northbound lane 2 closure each week night from 8pm to 6am the following morning. This will give the safe space necessary on site for the northbound central reservation kerbing to be replaced. Doing this part of the work now should help reduce the northbound lane closure as part of the work next year.

During half term – week commencing Monday 22 October – there will be three nights of full road closure. The A338 will be closed from the A31 at Ashley Heath to Cooper Dean Roundabout from 8pm to 6am on Tuesday 23 October, Wednesday 24 October and Thursday 25 October. These closures will allow pre-cast concrete units to be lowered into place in the gap between the two bridges over the River Stour. This will join together the two separate bridges and allow carriageway widening into the central reservation. There will be a signed diversion route during this work.

8 October 2018
Further incident of fly tipping in West Parley

There has been a further incident of fly tipping in West Parley - this time in Mags Barrow. It has been eported by a resident to Dorset County Council. Please ensure registered waste removal firms are employed at all times, so you know that your waste is being disposed of legally.

1 October 2018
What is happening on the A338 this week

For the latest information on the A338 this week, please click here.

30 September 2018
Another celebration in West Parley

Residents in West Parley are celebrating a further success in the Dorset Best Kept Village competition gaining a third place in the Large Village section against some strong competition.

The judges of the competition noted the effort made by the large number of village volunteers who maintain the road verges and public parks, who maintain the many roadside flower planters and litter pick in all weathers. Also noted were the efforts of the many residents who mow the verges outside their houses, the smartness of business premises and the All Saints Churchyard.

Volunteer Co-Ordinator John Dinsdale said ‘This is a stunning achievement reflecting all the hard work and commitment from the huge number of volunteers we have here who are so keen to help maintain and improve the village. A particular feature this year are the much improved roadside planters that have been a constant challenge to maintain in good condition in the hot weather this Summer’.

25 September 2018
Reminder - Milhams Community Recycling Centre closed 24 September for 4 weeks

Would residents please note that the Millhams Community Recycling Centre on Ringwood Road closed yesterday (24 September) for four weeks for essential drainage works.

Please note that the alternative site for East Dorset residents is the Wimborne site in Brook Road. An alternative site is in Christchurch (Wilverley Rd, Christchurch BH23 3RU). It is always wise to take some form of Identification if residents choose to use these sites.

21 September 2018
A338 Update or Road Closures latest

All closures will start at 9.30am and finish at 3.30pm, subject to low enough traffic flow for it to be safe to put out the cones.

Lane 1 southbound closed from the quarry entrance on the A338 (should only be a short closure)

Lane 1 southbound closed from the quarry entrance down to Cooper Dean. This will be a long closure, and it will appear that not a lot is going on. A Road Restraint Risk Assessment Process needs to be completed. Vegetation clearance outside the water works will also be finished.

Lane 1 southbound closed if work from Monday and Tuesday needs finishing

Lane 1 southbound closed from the quarry entrance on the A338 (should only be a short closureLane 1 northbound closed from Cooper Dean. This is for the sign base for the scheme information board and sockets for the speed camera installation & Southern Gas Network will be on site to mark out their gas main. Vegetation clearance at Blackwater Junction will also be done./p>

Lane 1 northbound closed as above, to install the base at Blackwater and one north of Blackwater.

Residents may have recently seen temporary lights at Ensbury Bridge, this was SGN dealing with a couple of gas escapes and nothing to do with the A338 works

18 September 2018
No Through Road Signs

Following the long queues and speeding vehicles as a result of the A338 roadworks which started 2 weeks ago, you may have seen some ‘No Through Road’ signs appear in the village last week.

We are fully aware that many roads are being used as ‘cut throughs’ to avoid the long queues on the 4 main approaches to Parley Crossroads. The Parish Council has no jurisdiction over the Highways as this is controlled by Dorset County Council. However, it was felt that 2 areas could be improved with signage to address residents’ concerns and alleviate drivers’ frustrations.

Firstly signage was placed at the end of Ridgeway (adjoining Christchurch Road). Ridgeway. despite a small area of the entrance being tarmac, is an extremely bumpy, gravel private road. It was experiencing high numbers of vehicles which were driving at speed, which could potentially damage their vehicles, trying to dodge the queues on Christchurch Road. However Ridgeway rejoins Christchurch Road just a short distance further down the hill, so if anything this manoeuvre could increase drivers’ frustrations. Ridgeway is not adopted by Dorset County Council and the residents of Ridgeway pay for the road to be maintained.

The second sign is at the entrance of the Cul de Sac on Mags Barrow. Numerous cars would turn off New Road to avoid the queues, however the second turn for Mags Barrow leads to a cul de sac, so signage has been erected to deter the speeding vehicles up and down this dead end road.

We appreciate residents’ concerns and frustrations, but the Parish Council only has limited influence on this County matter.

18 September 2018
DCC Highways Information - Hurn Roundabout

Please be advised that there are five nights of road closures for the final construction works at Hurn Roundabout, near Bournemouth Airport.

The roundabout – and all approaches – will be closed to traffic from 8pm to 6am on Monday 24, Tuesday 25, Wednesday 26, Thursday 27 and Friday 28 September so that surfacing and white lining works can be carried out. Local access will be maintained but there may be a short delay while we move machinery or carry out a task (there will be no through access).

Please note: Highways England have a section of the eastbound A31 closed during these evenings. The diversion route for the Hurn Roundabout closures will follow the same route as diverted A31 traffic:
A348 Ringwood Road - A347 New Road - White Legg Way - Castle Lane West - A338

Following this work, only small works off the carriageway will be outstanding.

13 September 2018
BE WARNED - notice from Dorset Police

BE WARNED ….. notice from Dorset Police of doorstep traders active in the area! Keep up to date by registering for Dorset Alerts to your email. www.dorsetalert.co.uk/LatestAlerts

10 September 2018
Recreation Ground litter and dog waste bins

The Parish Council tries to keep the Recreation Ground clear from litter and dog waste, by providing numerous litter bins and dog waste bins to encourage residents & visitors to clean up after themselves and their furry friends. Many Councils have elected to remove all bins at public sites to reduce costs, and users are forced to take their rubbish and waste home with them. This is made easier by Dorset Waste Partnership allowing dog waste to be disposed of in the usual black kerbside household bin collection. However, the Parish Council currently has the bins to ensure the Recreation Ground is at its best for all users.

Several months ago, polite notices were added to all the bins to encourage correct use but regrettably in the last few weeks, these have all been ripped off and 1 smeared with ... well you can only imagine! 1 bin has also been subject to criminal damage.

The litter bins are not emptied by Dorset Waste Partnership, nor are they emptied by a contractor. They are emptied by 2 residents who are part of the West Parley volunteers, who work tirelessly to keep the village at its best. These 2 volunteers have given up hundreds of hours of their time over 9 long years, to litter pick the Recreation Ground, Children’s Play Area and our Car Park. The purpose? To keep it litter free for all to enjoy. The notice was requesting the dog waste was not deposited in these bins, as these volunteers also sort the litter in the bins so that as much as possible is recycled. As you can imagine they do not want to handle split dog waste bags, nor can they lift the bag which is extremely heavy when containing the dog waste.

The dog waste bins were purchased by the Parish Council and are emptied weekly by a contractor. This costs the Parish Council, and therefore the residents of West Parley, approximately £1000 per year. The notice placed on the dog waste bins, differed slightly but made it clear that the bins were for the benefit of those using the Council’s facilities. The notices became necessary after a number of people were stopped when depositing large volumes of dog waste bags which were brought from home. The Parish Council also has dog bins on the Playing Fields / in Parley Wood and the same applies to these.

We respectfully ask that all users of Parish Council facilities, abide by the requests. Otherwise, the Parish Council may choose to remove all bins, like other Councils, and divert funds towards employing a Dog Warden. This would be a disappointing outcome, as then ALL users will be expected to take ALL waste home with them.

10 September 2018
EDDC local plan review - Parish Council response

The Parish Council has responded to the EDDC local plan review, please click here

Details of the EDDC local plan review can be found here

7 September 2018
A338 road improvements

These improvements are much needed, but for the duration of the roadworks many drivers choose to divert through West Parley. This explains the longer than usual queues which have started this week, seeing rush hour extending between 4pm to 7pm. It's been taking half an hour just to get from one side of the village to the other at 6.30pm!

Experience from previous A338 works show that drivers will seek alternative routes and hopefully the Parley Cross congestion will settle for the remainder of the 9 months! In the meantime, drivers are encouraged to respect other road users and be considerate to residents, driving within the speed limits on all roads.

Mags4Dorset report:
Preliminary work has started today on the A338 auxiliary lane between the Blackwater Junction and Cooper Dean roundabout. The works will see the southbound slip lane being extended as a third lane under the B3073 overbridge and over the River Stour Bridge. The extra lane will continue for approximately 700m to give additional space for traffic to safely merge back into two lanes. To accommodate the extra lane the carriageway will be widened into both the verge and central reserve and the bridge piers on the B3073 overbridge will also be given additional protection.

To enable these works to be undertaken there will be lane closures on the southbound carriageway. This will be reduced to just one lane from north of the Blackwater Junction towards the Cooper Dean roundabout. There will be a temporary 40mph speed limit in place. The northbound carriageway lane widths will be reduced slightly but two lanes will remain. The scheme will also include improvements to the northbound slip off. The Blackwater West junction on the B3073 will also be affected. Whilst some advance works off the carriageway are planned for the autumn, the main works are scheduled for next year.

The works on the A338 will continue until next June. Inevitably these works will cause some delays and drivers are advised to allow extra time for their journeys or find an alternative route. Road users are advised to sign up to the blog to stay up to date with road news. For more information visit www.A338.info

14 August 2018
Reduced operations at Millhams ahead of autumn closure for essential maintenance

Residents please be aware that Millhams tip will close for a month from 24th September and residents should use Wimborne or Christchurch. The closure is so that a 'tanking system' can be installed to stop waste water runoff from the tip going into the Stour as it does now.

For the Echo articles please click on these links. .

13 August 2018
Theft in Church Lane

Reports have been received of criminal damage to cars and property in Church Lane over recent days. Residents are reminded to ensure properties are locked, including cars and outbuildings and not to leave valuables in their cars.

10 August 2018
Nuts About Nature event coming up this Monday!

Looking for something to do to entertain the kids on Monday Morning … pop down to the Parish Council's Parley Wood, to take part in 2 hours of bug hunting, frog catching and all sorts of natural activities.

PLUS lots of FREE parking available in the Parish Council's car park. Just take the narrow lane next to the Memorial Hall on Christchurch Road, and park in our car park. Signage will be up to direct you to the area in the woods that the Moors Valley Rangers are waiting for your little explorers.

Extend your stay and make use of our lovely wooden children's play area or run around on our Recreation Ground. If it's sunny, why not bring a picnic!

Any time - feel free to top up our 2 bug hotels in Parley Wood, for our smallest of residents, with cardboard, twigs, leaves, fire cones etc but NO plastic! * Advisable to wear wellies if wet, long trousers and apply bug spray as there may be mosquitos around in the woods. . .more.

8 August 2018
Great Dorset Steam Fair, residents please be aware

As we approach the Great Dorset Steam Fair, we would like to remind residents to be vigilant for any unusual behaviour by visitors to the area. Please keep a watch on vulnerable neighbours, be on the look out for properties being targeted by the use of natural markings outside (chalk/paint mark, stones/sticks) and potential criminal damage. Residents are also reminded to always use authorised companies for activities rather than employing the services of 'doorstep callers'.

20 July 2018
Ferndown mourns the passing of The Worshipful The Mayor of Ferndown, Cllr Steve Lugg

It is with great sadness that we share the news of the passing of Cllr Steve Lugg. Our thoughts are with his wife, Cathy, and all his family at this very sad time.

Ferndown Town Council Statement:
Tributes are being paid to The Worshipful the Mayor of Ferndown, Councillor Steve Lugg, following the sad news of his death, on Friday 20 July 2018, at the age of 54.

The Town Clerk, Vanessa Ricketts, said, “This is a sad day for Ferndown. Steve served his town and council for 10 years with huge dedication and commitment. He leaves a great legacy and Ferndown will miss him dearly. Despite illness he continued his mayoral duties for as long as he could with huge strength and determination. On behalf of the Council and its staff, I extend my very deepest condolences to his wife, Cllr Cathy Lugg, and their children.

Steve’s wife, Cllr Cathy Lugg, has said “The family have been deeply touched by the love and support Steve received before he passed away. Steve was so proud of Ferndown and its community, and campaigned tirelessly for its causes. He had a highly developed sense of duty and had a special skill at motivating those around him to do more for the community. He was a loving family man and we will miss him dearly”.

Steve was the 36th Town Mayor and First Citizen of Ferndown, elected on 21 May 2018 for the 2018-2019 municipal year. He was elected as a town councillor in October 2008, and over the last ten years had been Deputy Mayor three times. He was also a district councillor from 2011, being East Dorset District Council’s Chairman in 2015/16, and was elected to Dorset County Council in September 2016.

Steve grew up in Sherborne, Dorset before joining the Household Cavalry at 16. After leaving the army at 40, his first job was running the Adult and Community budget at Bournemouth Social Services. He became Chief Executive of the Hampshire Association of Local Councils in 2005. He was also a member of the Royal Household as a Yeoman of the Guard, of the Queen’s Bodyguard.

Steve was fully involved in the local community and was a great advocate for Ferndown. Previously he had been Chairman of East Dorset Mencap, a School Governor at Ferndown Upper School, a trustee at the Barrington Centre, and up until his death, President of the Ferndown Royal British Legion. Steve also had a great passion for live music. He was the founder of Live: Ferndown which showcased the very best of local music talent.

Town Councillors and Council staff will lower the Union Flag outside the Council Offices at the Barrington Centre to half mast at 1pm today in silent tribute to Cllr Lugg. Members of the community are welcome to attend.

There will be a public book of condolences in the Town Council’s reception area which will be given to Steve’s family.

20 July 2018
More potential housing! EDDC reviewing local plan

East Dorset District Council are currently undertaking a review of the Local Plan. The Review is identifying housing shortfall for up to 2033. So further development, if approved, would take place over place over the next 15 years. Having reviewed the options in place, the release of land for Housing is proposed for part of Dudsbury Golf Course, additional land at Holmwood Park and elsewhere in Longham to provide sites for a further 500 Homes. So, that’s over 1000 extra houses in the West Parley/Longham Area, plus the impact of any land released by Bournemouth to the North. A fair proportion of the extra traffic will inevitably come through West Parley. The Review also includes the proposed abolition of Special Character Areas, which would impact Dudsbury Road.

The Councils have updated the Housing and Affordable Housing Supplementary Planning Document (SPD), and are consulting on a revised draft SPD from Monday 16th July until Monday 3rd September.

For more information please use the following link to see dates of public exhibitions and how you can make your opinions known please click here

For information about the Local Plan Options Consultation please click here

There will be a public exhibition at West Parley Memorial Hall on Friday 3 August 2018, 3pm - 7pm

19 July 2018
Parley youth cricket team chase National success

Parley youth cricket teams are on the verge of another national success in the T20, for the full Echo article, please click here.

17 July 2018
Temporary closure of A348, Ringwood Road, Longham

Overnight works will be closing the A348, Ringwood Road, Longham, from 19.00 hours to 0600 hours, 30 July to 4th August 2018.

For more information, please click here, or
concerning access or the work being undertaken, please contact Bellway Homes, on 01425 477666.
concerning this notice please call Dorset Highways’ Traffic Team on 01305 221020;
concerning these and other roadworks in your area visit: www.roadworks.org

10 July 2018
Have your say on the new Draft Ward Boundaries for Dorset

In May 2018, Parliament approved the creation of a new local authority called Dorset Council.

The Local Government Boundary Commission for England is now drawing up ward boundaries for the new authority in time for its first elections in May 2019.

On 3rd July they published draft recommendations for the new wards, ward boundaries, and ward names for Dorset Council.

They are minded to recommend that 82 councillors should be elected to Dorset Council.

They are now inviting comments on those recommendations.

The consultation closes on 27 August 2018.

Whilst there is little change for West Parley, the recommendation is that the WHOLE of West parley is included in West Parley, with no wards being allocated to Ferndown as it is currently. If you would like to see West Parley have one County Councillor specific just to West Parley, to deal with just West Parley issues, then let them know.

Follow the link to have your say before it is too late. https://consultation.lgbce.org.uk/node/13248

10 July 2018
Dorset Police Merger Public Meeting - Creating A New Force

The Police & Crime Commissioner Martyn Underhill, will be holding two public meetings on Thursday 19th July 2018 to discuss the merger proposal between Dorset Police and Devon & Cornwall Police.

The first meeting will be at the Barrington Centre in Ferndown (10am - 12 noon) and the second will be at Queen Elizabeth School in Wimborne (2pm - 4pm).

This is your chance to come along and find out more about the proposal, have your say and ask questions direct to the PCC.

There will be lots of opportunities to meet with the PCC and his team over the coming weeks. To find out more about where we will be and when, please go online at www.dorset.pcc.police.uk/events/calendar/

To find out more about the proposal, please go online at www.futurepolicing.co.uk/

10 July 2018
West Parley Volunteers are Blooming Mad

The colour choice for this year’s floral displays was chosen to be RED, WHITE and BLUE in celebration of both the Royal Wedding and the World Cup.

So vandalism on the night that England won their way through to the Semi-finals of the World Cup was really disappointing.

Residents and commuters are enjoying the best floral displays that West Parley has ever seen. The Parish Council fund the numerous floral displays which reach all corners of the village. But it is a dedicated team of West Parley Residents’ Association Volunteers who make the magic happen. The team of volunteers who tirelessly give up their time to plant, water and maintain these glorious floral displays were mortified when on Sunday morning there were reports that 2 of the railing planters at Parley crossroads had been vandalised, with the plants thrown into the road and destroyed by traffic. The incident has been reported to the Police and residents are urged to contact the Police if they witnessed anything on the night of Saturday 7th July. The Parish Council’s Vice Chairman said ‘he was gutted how some moronic individuals have vandalised some of the wonderful displays’. The Volunteers were quick to react and have already restored the planters to minimise the impact on residents. This regrettable incident comes at the end of a week, which has also seen West Parley hit by 3 separate incidents of Fly-tipping.

6 July 2018
Road Traffic Survey

Please be advised that there has been a road traffic survey in West Parley today. However, we would like to make you aware that this is part of a National survey and is not in relation to the proposed development of the New Road field.

6 July 2018
Environmental concern, please be aware

With the warm weather residents are kindly reminded to ensure refuse is stored safely so as not to encourage vermin. If using rat poison, please ensure this is stored safely as it is also poisonous to pets who may visit your garden!

6 July 2018
Fly Tipping update

Out of character for West Parley, there has been a further incident of fly tipping in a matter of days. This time in the Parish Council car park. Please keep your eyes peeled for any unusual activity and note down registration numbers before reporting your sightings to the police and please keep us informed.

The pictures above show garden waste dumped in the Memorial Hall car park last weekend, and bags dumped by rec ground gate sometime between yesterday morning and 9.30am today.

6 July 2018
Unauthorised Encampment update

Whilst this is just over the border in Hurn, please be advised that the unauthorised encampment opposite Bournemouth Airport has now moved on. It appears that the land owner has taken steps to secure the entrances from future incursions.

For information : Checks have again been undertaken on all land owned by the Parish Council and all are secure and photographic evidence taken.

2 July 2018
Unauthorised Encampment

The Parish Council has been informed of an unauthorised encampment of about 15 caravans plus other associated vehicles, just over the border in Hurn. The encampment is on private land opposite Bournemouth Airport and the authorities are aware.

As always, we ask residents to be vigilant for unusual activity within the village and to keep a watch on more vulnerable residents. Security at the Recreation Ground was checked and documented this morning, with all measures secure and in place.

27 June 2018
CARE – Heath Fires

With the hot weather we are experiencing at the moment, the ground is very dry and heath fires can start easily and spread quickly. Please see the attached advice from Dorset & Wiltshire Fire Service for tips to reduce the risks. https://www.dwfire.org.uk/safety/safety-outdoors/heath-fires-and-countryside-safety/

25 June 2018
Can you help to keep our roads safer?

In a bid to address any issues which may be present on West Parley roads, it has been suggested that the village create its own Traffic Working Party.

Currently this will be lead by the Parish Council’s lead for Highways, Cllr David Allen, and our District & County Cllr, Andrew Parry, will also be part of this group.

However we are looking for 3 or 4 residents who would be willing to sit on this group to try to address any highways concerns in the village.

It is anticipated that the group will only meet a handful of times each year, so should not be too time consuming.

If you are interested, please email the Parish Council on enquiries@westparley-pc.gov.uk and the Clerk can forward your details to Cllr Allen and Cllr Parry.

24 June 2018
Outside Gym opened - see the photos!

West Parley Parish Council is extremely proud to have provided an outside gym for residents to help with their health and well-being and to help combat isolation in the village. The gym sits in the heart of the Parish Council’s land, incorporating the Recreation Ground, Car park, sports fields and Parley Wood. A spokesperson said “we are thrilled to provide this facility for residents, and especially as we secured the majority of the funding from grants and donations”. The gym was formally opened on 18th June 2018 by Mr Tony Bernard of the Steve Bernard Foundation, a charity established after the tragic loss of his son in a car accident. Steve had a promising career in sports and as part of the touching speech for the opening, Mr Bernard explained Steve’s passion for sport and his wish to make his career in that field. To honour their son’s wishes, the Foundation was established, which has helped numerous great causes in both Dorset and Sussex.

This is a great example of the community working together; from the consultation to establish the need for the facility, to the ground being prepared by some of West Parley’s wonderful volunteers, and financial support through generous donations by local organisations and Funding schemes, including SBF who contributed a piece of apparatus for those with disabilities.

The Chairman of the Parish Council thanked all the many contributors to the project, and explained how a donation had been made following the passing of a friend after early diagnosis of dementia. He said ‘when someone you know is diagnosed at just 48, it makes you think. Strive for a healthy heart which leads to a healthy mind”.

The Parish Council hope that residents enjoy this facility, but do stipulate that it is not for commercial activity as this really is a facility for residents. The ceremony was followed by use of the gym by attendees and light refreshments.

Please see this link for the Echo article, which notes that one of the groups to make a donation was the Steve Bernard Foundation, which provided a special piece of equipment for people with disabilities.

22nd June 2018 - Look out for the ‘sport’ article in today’s Stour and Avon Magazine!

24 June 2018
Hurn Roundabout - dates of temporary signals

Friday 29 June
Three-way lights will be in place at the roundabout for one night from 10pm. Please avoid the area if possible. Specialist equipment for Moors Bridge maintenance will be unloaded – all directions of traffic will need to be stopped for around 15 minutes when the delivery vehicle arrives, as it will block the road during unloading.

From Monday 2 July
Three-way lights will be in place at the junction of Matchams Lane and Avon Causeway 9am-4pm for two weeks while footpath works are carried out.

From Monday 9 July
Three-way lights will be in place at the roundabout from 8pm (overnight) each weekday night while a new channel is dug for BT cabling. This may only take three nights but it could take up to five.

24 June 2018
Urgent - DCC tree works, Parley Cross

Please note these works ARE NOT related to the proposed development at the New Road site.

DCC wish to inform residents of planned urgent tree works in your area at the bus stop on the A347 New road, south bound from Parley Cross. The tree works are of an urgent nature due low branches that are overhanging the bus stop at this location and damaging buses accessing the bus stop. The works required are to crown lift a mature silver lime and oak to 5.2m over the highway and fell several poor quality elm and ash trees.

As you are aware the location of this bus stop as just off the very busy Parley Cross junction, it is therefore required that the tree works are undertaken as night works to ensure the tree works can be undertaken in a safe manner with limited disruption to traffic. A date that is set for this work to be undertaken is the evening of 5 July 2018 between 19:00 and 06:00.

DCC have written to residents and businesses around the Parley Cross junction that will be effected by any overnight noise, to give all a good amount of prior warning, and several advanced warning signs have been put out on the main roads at Parley Cross.

15 June 2018
Calling all Gym users - new outside Gym opens 18th June

West Parley Parish Council is having an official opening of the Outside Gym on West Parley Recreation Ground by Tony Bernard of the Steven Bernard Foundation on Monday – 18th June – 10am.

If you are a local resident who uses the equipment, we would love you to join us! Feel free to come in your sports kit and show the apparatus in action for some publicity shots!

The Parish Council is extremely proud of providing this facility for residents to help with their health and well-being, and was successful in securing the majority of the funding from grants and donations.

We hope to see you on Monday.

8 June 2018
New Shadow Dorset Council formed

Elected Members for the Dorset Area have made history by coming together to form the new Shadow Dorset Council.

The shadow council will ensure the safe and legal transition from the six existing councils to the new ‘Dorset Council’ in April next year. Elections for the new authority are due to take place in May 2019.

The Shadow Dorset Council consists of all 174 members for the Dorset Area (drawn from the existing Dorset area councils). It was established when the Structural Order, confirming the creation of the new unitary council, was approved by Parliament and ratified by the Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government, James Brokenshire MP.

Read the latest Shadow Authority news here

7 June 2018
Warning from Dorset Police - Suspicious Males, West Parley

A message from Kate Hann (Dorset Police, PCSO 6268, Ferndown Town)

"We have received reports today of three males attending certain properties in the Berkley Avenue area of West Parley. Officers have attended and a resident had spoken with the males who were touting for business as a driveway company. We have our suspicions that if you were to use this company that it MAY be substandard.

Can we please remind residents everywhere not to buy from door to door sales and to use the Trading Standards recognised companies that can be found at www.buywithconfidence.gov.uk

If you believe that any work you have had carried out is below par for the money paid then please contact Trading Standards directly."

7 June 2018
Hurn Roundabout latest

Following yesterday’s works DCC have confirmed that the contractor carrying out the tree removal at Hurn Roundabout will need to use ‘stop and go’ traffic management again today – Thursday 7 June – between 9.30am and 3.30pm.

Now that work is underway at the roundabout, stop/go boards will be used as necessary for some works, deliveries, and for pedestrian/cyclist access through the area when the pavement is blocked. Action is being taken to minimise disruption but please allow extra time for your journey through the area.

7 June 2018
Ferndown Neighbourhood Watch newsletter out now, volunteers needed to distribute to 3 roads in West Parley

To see the latest newsletter from the Ferndown Neighbourhood Watch, please click here.

A few Volunteers are needed to distribute this Newsletter to 3 roads in West Parley, please contact enquiries@westparley-pc.gov.uk, many thanks.

7 June 2018
Calling all West Parley knitters! Could You Help Dorset Police By Knitting Teddies For Children In Distress?

Dorset Police is calling on the support of knitting enthusiasts across the county to create teddy bears for children in distress.

The teddies will be carried in patrol cars and used to comfort young children who are distressed or experiencing a traumatic event.

Police Constable Conroy, of Dorset Police, said: “Sadly we regularly attend incidents where children are really having a tough time – it could be a family argument or a loved one going missing.

“We do our best to build relationships with young people at incidents, but something like a teddy bear can be really useful in distracting them from what is going on around them.

“Taking my child to hospital and him being given a small knitted toy, seeing the pleasure and enjoyment he got from this small gesture in difficult times set me to research whether we had such an initiative. Noticing that we didn't, the concept of ‘Bobby Buddies’ was born.

“I hope that this initiative will enable us to work closely with the volunteers who knit the buddies. Our aim is to encourage positive interaction with young people, assisting them at difficult times, or just helping them realise that police officers are there to help them and are approachable, and not people to be scared of.

“It also shows in this small gesture that so much of the work we do cannot be done without the assistance of our community. Providing the name of the person who knitted the buddy, along with the officer who gifted it, will hopefully show that working together we can make real positive changes.”

For more information about the initiative and to download the knitting pattern, visit www.dorset.police.uk/Buddies - completed teddies can be handed in at Bournemouth, Poole, Weymouth and Blandford Police Station counters.

7 June 2018
This Village has entered the Dorset Best Kept Village competition

West Parley has again entered the Doret Best Kept Village competition, which encourages Tidy and Litter Free Villages, Pride in Appearance, Protecting the Local Environment, Public Open Space, Public Buildings and Wildlife Habitat.

It covers all of West Parley, including Churchyards, Village Halls, Car Parks, Bus Shelters, Noticeboards, Recreation and Play Areas, Seats, Approaches to Farms, Shops, Pubs, Planted Areas, Verges, Hedgerows and Streets. Please help us to keep this lovely Village tidy! . . . . more

29 May 2018
A31 Road Marking Renewal

Residents please note that Kier Highways, on behalf of Highways England, will be renewing the road markings along the A31 in Hampshire and Dorset during June and July, to ensure road user’s safety.

Kier Highways will be closing the A31 overnight (between 9pm and 6am) from the 4th June . . . . all the details

29 May 2018
Work at Hurn Roundabout starts this week

Work at Hurn Roundabout starts next week. The scheme will start with four nights working under three-way lights from 8pm to 6am on Tuesday 29, Wednesday 30 and Thursday 30 May and on Friday 1 June. This will enable digging the road crossings needed for the utilities in the area.

Starting on Monday 4 June, work will begin to remove the three splitter islands around the roundabout – making the islands smaller and narrowing the lanes to give space to work.

When work moves on to widen the footpaths, they will become very rough and cyclists will need to dismount and walk through the site.

Work will last for around 20 weeks, finishing at the end of September.

Working hours and traffic management
Although working days will be from 8am to 7pm – the bulk of ‘visible’ work will be done during off-peak hours from 9.30am to 3.30pm, Monday to Friday, to minimise disruption to traffic.

Stop/go boards will be used as necessary for deliveries, and for pedestrian/cyclist access through the area when the pavement is blocked.

The one-way section of Hurn Court Lane (from the B3073 onto Mill Lane) will be temporarily closed during this scheme to limit ‘rat-running’ through the narrow lanes and keep them free for residents and businesses.

21 May 2018
Well done all at Parley First School - Big Pedal Challenge

As part of a nationwide competition to encourage youngsters to walk, scoot or cycle to school, Parley First School came in third overall for the South West region in the large primary school category, a FANTASTIC result. 64.8% of students travelled to school on bike or scooter over their best five days of the competition with a total of 2091 journeys over the full ten days of the competition.

In addition to this annual competition, Parley First School runs activities all year to encourage students and their families to walk, scoot and cycle to school including active travel breakfasts, learn to ride sessions and visits from Dr Bike. The school’s staff champions have done tremendous work for a number of years to help their students become more physically active during the school run.

Across Dorset, schools logged over 22,000 journeys bike scooter and bike across the two week challenge, and two of our schools, including Parley First School, were in the top 10% of schools nationally.

The Sustrans Big Pedal and the wider school engagement work as part of the Bike It Plus project managed by the DCC Sustainable Transport team.

To find out more, visit their website. https://bigpedal.org.uk/

21 May 2018
Bournemouth 7s Festival

This year’s festival is from 25th to 27th May. Organisers have responded to feedback and continue to make efforts to minimise the impact on West Parley: additional security on site, extended litter patrols and an answerphone facility on the contact number below. Hopefully this year’s event will pass off without too many problems.

We are dependent on the direction of the wind as to how many of us are affected by the noise from the music but should any residents have any problems with what is happening you can contact them on:

Phone: 01202 545631 Email: community@bournemouth7s.com
Text: 66777 (start your message with B7s Help)

The music goes on till 1am but the sound levels are monitored by the Environmental Health Officer who is always on site. The Parish Council does get details of any incidents at the site and complaints are fortunately very few in number.

15 May 2018
Funding approved by Dorset County Council to support road improvements in West Parley

At the DCC cabinet meeting held on 2nd May 2018, Members passed the following resolutions (minute extract) to provide funding to support the new ‘Link Road’ as part of the Wyatt Homes development on New Road East at Parley Cross.


  1. That an enhanced, reduced cost improvement scheme to the existing Hurn roundabout that avoids the needs for third party land be approved.
  2. That the corporate funds from the delivery of the Hurn roundabout improvement be switched to delivery of a Parley Cross eastern link road and Parley Cross junction.

Reasons for Decisions

  1. Funds would be used more effectively to improve more junctions along the B3073 corridor to give a wider network benefit to residents and businesses in the area. Delivery of cost effective transport infrastructure including road, cycle and walking links along this corridor would meet the corporate aims to encourage economic growth through the provision of housing and jobs, and enable safe, accessible, healthier communities.

To view the full minutes please use this link and refer to item number 55 in the minutes. http://dorset.moderngov.co.uk/

As always, the Parish Council will keep residents updated with information as it becomes available.
please note: this is not DCC granting permission for the planning application for either the roads or houses, but DCC offering financial support to facilitate the road improvements should the planning be approved by East Dorset District Council.

10 May 2018
The West Parley Foodbank collection

Once again the residents of West Parley have shown their generous side by breaking the record for items of food and essentials donated in the last month for the Trussell Trust Foodbank. The baskets in the two Tesco stores situated at Parley Cross and Glenmoor road were filled to the brim with cans, packets of cereal, biscuits, pastas and sauces, in fact all kinds of foodstuffs. In addition there were toiletries such as toothpaste and shampoo, and female essentials. Items which can be an additional burden to those in financial crisis, especially for families with teenage children at school.

It is not surprising that the heaviest demand for assistance coincides with school holidays when children are asking for food and snacks at all times of the day. All donations are distributed by The St Andrews Church, Kinson, to those who find themselves in ‘genuine' need of help for a maximum of three times.

Our next collection will be in the last two weeks of July and the first two weeks of August at the two Tesco stores at Parley Cross and Glenmoor Road. This is a particular time of year when demand is quite heavy.

Non Tesco donations are welcome, for more information telephone Malcolm Plascott 01202 950521

9 May 2018
Do you still want to hear from West Parley Parish Council?

You may or may not have heard about the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which comes into effect on 25th May 2018.

To comply with the GDPR consent requirements, you must confirm in writing if you would still like to receive updates from the Parish Council.

We are not allowed to hold your records without your continued consent and we are not allowed to assume that you are happy to stay on the e-newsletter listings.

Therefore, we apologise for the inconvenience, but if you wish to still receive updates on email from the Parish Council, on all matters pertaining to West Parley, we need you to tell us by emailing on enquiries@westparley-pc.gov.uk

Eg: I confirm that I authorise West Parley Parish Council to email me on this email address, in respect of all matters pertaining to West Parley, until such a time as I withdraw consent.

IMPORTANT - If you do not email us, from 25th May 2018, communications from the Parish Council will cease in this manner, in accordance with the new legislation.

Other communication channels with remain unchanged as they are in the public domain eg Website, Noticeboards & Facebook. We hope that you still wish to still be kept informed about our historic village.

2 May 2018
Chapel Gate Roundabout - resurfacing starts this Thursday

DCC Highways apologise for the short notice but have informed us that the resurfacing of Chapel Gate Roundabout will take place tomorrow (Thursday 3 May) and Friday 4 May. There will be three-way lights in place from 8pm until 6am overnight on both these days.

The roundabout will be resurfaced, as well as around 30 metres on each approach and the dedicated slip lane.

White lining will be finished during off-peak hours next week – please drive with care while we wait for these road markings to be laid.

25 April 2018
Annual Parish Meeting - a chance for residents to help shape the future of your village.

This year's annual Parish Meeting is on Tues 1st May (it was incorrectly shown as Weds 2nd May, please accept apologies from the Webmaster), 7.30pm at the Memorial Hall. This meeting is facilitated by the Parish Council, but is for residents to have their say about the village in general.

Anyone may attend, but only registered electors of the Parish of West Parley may speak and vote.

23 April 2018
Fancy getting a bit fitter - for FREE?

New - Buggy Walks
There's a brand new walking group in West Parley, it's free and fun, meet outside 37 Coffee on Glenmoor Road every Monday - 9.30am - 10.30am, no need to book. . more

West Parley already has the most successful walking group as part of the EDDC Health Walks initiative. They meet at 10am in the Parish Council car park off Christchurch Road, every Wednesday. . more

Coming soon, Outside Gym
Further works are required to complete the facility which will be available for residents to use, free of charge. nb: no commercial activity is permitted

20 April 2018
Upcoming roadworks next week in the Bournemouth Airport/Aviation Business Park area

Chapel Gate resurfacing - please note this has been postponed
Chapel Gate Roundabout will be resurfaced next week over two nights - there will be three-way lights in place from 8pm until 6am overnight on both Thursday 26 April and Friday 27 April.

It was originally planned to resurface the roundabout in March but the weather was much too cold to carry out the work. The roundabout will be surfaced, as well as around 30 metres on each approach and the dedicated slip lane. Some lining will be finished during off-peak hours the following week.

A338 night work
Next week there will be overnight lane two closures on sections of the A338 between Ashley Heath Roundabout and the Blackwater Junction. There will also be a reduced 50mph speed limit.

The ‘fast’ lane will be closed from 8pm to 6am on Thursday 26 April and Friday 27 April so that shrinkage cracks in the concrete barrier can be repaired. One concrete ‘panel’ will be removed and replaced, after being damaged in a collision. The 50mph will stay in place during the day on Friday 27 April while the ‘shuttering’ for of the new ‘panel’ is in place.

20 April 2018
The 2018 National Rural Crime Survey

It’s three years since the last National Rural Crime Survey revealed the huge financial cost of crime to rural communities and issues of chronic under-reporting.

The National Rural Crime Network produced a series of recommendations and, in many areas, steps were taken to improve matters. So, now, the National Rural Crime Network wants to know what’s changed.

Do you think rural crime has gone up or down in Dorset? Do you feel safer? What’s your view of the police in your community?

The survey questions cover a range of issues, from whether you report crimes that you or your business suffer from, to the impact crime and anti-social behaviour has on you and your area, and whether you believe enough is done to target those who carry out the offences.

The survey is now available at www.nationalruralcrimenetwork.net and is open for submissions until Sunday 10 June.

Martyn Underhill, Police & Crime Commissioner for Dorset, said: “I hope that anyone living or working in a rural community will spare a few minutes to complete our survey. It will provide a clear picture of what has improved, what challenges remain and what more government, police forces and organisations can do.”

The survey last took place in 2015. Then, 13,000 responded to give their impressions of crime and anti-social behaviour and revealed the financial cost of rural crime nationally was significant - around £800m every year.

One of this year’s focuses as we rerun the research is whether rural crime continues to be underreported. Three years ago, one in four said they didn’t report the last crime they’d been a victim of because they didn’t see the point.

The National Rural Crime Network, the organisation carrying out the new research, brings together Police & Crime Commissioners, police forces and organisations that play a key role in rural communities – like the Country Land and Business Association, the National Farmers Union, Neighbourhood Watch, Crimestoppers, Historic England and the Countryside Alliance.

After the 2015 report, police forces across England and Wales made efforts to improve the way they dealt with crime that took place in rural areas. A mix of measures were adopted, with Dorset being among the 13 forces who now have dedicated rural crime teams as a result of a 100 day pledge made by PCC Martyn Underhill upon his re-election. The 2018 Survey will assess the impact these changes have had in an attempt to further showcase and roll-out best practice.

The results will also feed into the National Police Chiefs’ Council’s Rural Affairs National Strategy for 2018-2021 which is due to be launched later this year.

17 April 2018
New campaign asks residents to Tip Off the Dorset Waste Partnership

A new campaign has been launched asking Dorset residents for their help in the fight against fly-tipping.

The Dorset Waste Partnership’s (DWP) ‘Tip-Off’ campaign is aiming to inform the public about how they can report illegally dumped rubbish and prevent fly-tipping in the first place.

Like most counties, Dorset is subject to persistent fly-tipping and the number of incidences is continuing to increase, following a national trend. On top of the obvious damage to the environment, the clearance of this waste costs the DWP around £150,000 per year.

A series of roadshows are happening across the county where DWP officers are talking to local people about what they can do to help stop fly-tipping activity. The campaign will also be promoted in the local press, on radio and across social media.

The ‘Tip-Off’ campaign focusses on three key areas:-

  • Report it – Fly-tips can be reported to the DWP online and by phone. Where there is sufficient evidence, we will investigate all reported incidents and attempt to trace and prosecute anyone found to be fly-tipping.
  • Make sure you’re covered - Rubbish you’ve handed to someone else is still your legal responsibility until it is correctly disposed of. If someone – such as an unlicensed ‘man in a van’ found online – were to fly-tip that waste, you could end up paying a fine or being taken to court.
  • Love your HRC - Most fly-tips in Dorset consist of household waste that could have been taken to a household recycling centre (HRC, or ‘the tip’) and disposed of free of charge. There are 11 HRCs across Dorset, open daily, free to visit and do not charge for most items.

Fly-tipping is a criminal offence, punishable of fines of up to £50,000 or 12 months imprisonment if convicted in a Magistrate’s Court. The offence can attract an unlimited fine and up to 5 years imprisonment if convicted in a Crown Court.

Councillor Tony Alford, chairman of the Dorset Waste Partnership’s Joint Committee, said: “We have recently expanded our Enforcement Team and are investigating more fly-tipping incidents than ever before, but we need the help of Dorset residents to help us fight against this illegal activity. The ‘Tip-Off’ campaign will help inform others about what they can do.

The DWP need people to keep us informed when they spot fly-tips and people dumping rubbish. We want residents to check who they’re handing their waste to and to use their local household recycling centre whenever they can.

There are no excuses for fly-tipping. It’s unsightly and damaging to the environment. But we all have a part to play in stopping this anti-social behaviour and by working together I know we can make a positive impact.”

Dorset residents can find out more by visiting www.dorsetforyou.gov.uk/tip-off.

Fly-tipping incidents can be reported by visiting www.dorsetforyou.gov.uk/flytipping, e-mailing enquiries@dorsetwastepartnership.gov.uk or calling 01305 221040.

16 April 2018
To quash any rumours, Plowmans is not closing!

Much loved Garden Centre Plowmans is not closing, despite signs outside suggesting the contrary.

For full details please see the echo article.

11 April 2018
New Road development proposal and SANG Update

This application will be determined by the Planning Committee at some as of yet undetermined date. Due to the scale of the application and the number of representations received, EDDC may hold a Special Planning Committee Meeting. This has been requested by the Parish Council and something they have done for other Local Plan Allocation Sites in East Dorset.

Technically EDDC have 13 weeks to determine a Major Application, like this one, but they are yet to receive all the technical information needed to come to a recommendation in respect of the proposal. Therefore the application is unlikely to be ready for consideration for many months.

We will obviously provide updates as and when any are known, using the usual communication channels.

4 April 2018
Urgent message from DCC Highways

Due to a traffic light detection fault at Blackwater’s junction with the A338 Bournemouth Spur Road we are experiencing delays of over (approx.) 1hr and 20 minutes (as ar 17:35 Weds) between Chapel Gate Roundabout and Blackwater (East) past Bournemouth Airport. This is also affecting Chapel Gate (airport development) and Avon Causeway.

Engineers are aware of the fault and have been trying to resolve through the day today, however a fix is unable to be applied until tomorrow (Thursday).

2 April 2018
Heritage Walk updated

Some years ago the Heritage Walk around the village was researched and a guide put on the Parish Council web site. The aim was to raise awareness of West Parley’s ancient history and give the opportunity for anyone to explore and understand the more hidden parts of the village.

There has been a lot of further research into the history of the village since the Walk guide was issued and the guide has just been updated to include this information.

The Walk covers a scenic 5 mile circular route around West Parley, passing over 20 items of historical significance. These range from a number of 5000 year old Bronze Age barrows, the large Iron Age hill fort at Dudsbury, to a number of buildings some 300 years old.

Much of the guide covers how Residents lived and used their natural surroundings and resources to live, such as how the local heath and woodlands were essential to villagers, how the medieval open field system worked, how bricks were made from outcrops of clay in 2 places in the village and explains how the land was owned and divided over time.

The aim is to show walkers how to understand features in the local landscape including ancient field boundaries and identify old trees on boundaries that have remained despite passing years.

The 12th Century church of All Saints is well described as are a number of ancient farmhouses, old buildings and pubs.

It can take up to 3 hours to do the walk allowing time to stop to understand the features identified but there are pubs, restaurants and cafes on the route to have a well-earned break in.

Click here to see details of the Walk.

28 March 2018
Speeding in Fitzpain Road

Concern has been raised by a number of residents in Fitzpain Road as a result of speeding vehicles and a handful of recent incidents.

District and County Councillors for West Parley have been informed along with Dorset County Council Highways Officer for West Parley.

County Cllr Steve Lugg took to Facebook "The Police and Town Traffic Working Party are setting up Community Speedwatch with Ron Cross as coordinator. We want to target irresponsible drivers in hotspots, and an example is Fitzpain Road, identified after an incident last night."

28 March 2018
Suspicious vehicle, please be vigilant

We have been receiving reports of a suspicious vehicle seen in the Chine Walk/Wight Walk area of West Parley. Reports are of a white Ford Transit van on a 55 plate. It is possible that the same vehicle has been caught on cctv where two occupants from a van have entered a residents driveway and helped themselves to a sink that had been left out for a friend to collect.

Building sites are often targeted by these people, however, they will also have a look around anywhere that may just be doing a bit of DIY.

Can we please remind everyone to remain vigilant and make a note of any strange or suspicious circumstances. This information can be passed to the team via e mail ferndowncentralnpt@dorset.pnn.police.uk or via our volunteers office within The Barrington Centre, they are available from 10am until 12 Monday through to Saturday.

If you believe a crime is in progress or a life in danger, call 999

26 March 2018
Parley Wood - Winter work comes to an end

The annual programme of improvements to Parley Wood has come to an end after 6 months of hard work by the West Parley Volunteers.

For many years the Wood had suffered from boggy, indistinct and overgrown pathways and the whole natural oak Wood had become dark and sombre with dense holly smothering the predominantly deciduous woodland. For the last 7 years the Volunteers have followed a plan to improve the pathways and open up the woodland by removing invasive holly and dead and dangerous trees.

This Winter the clearance has continued across a large part of east side of the Wood and the existing wooden boardwalks, built by the Volunteers in previous years, have been covered with chicken wire to make them safe in wet and icy conditions. Felled wood and cuttings have been chipped to improve pathways where this is needed and information signage cleaned. In addition new pathways have been opened up to allow access to remote parts of the Wood to encourage local Residents and visitors to explore more of the valuable local resource.

Parley Wood is the last area of natural woodland in West Parley and is shown on maps hundreds of years old. The Wood was used as a managed resource, supplying oak timbers for ships and buildings and hazel was coppiced to provide material for local buildings and fencing.

The land is owned by the West Parley Parish Council that is keen to see more people enjoy this facility. It is well used by local dog walkers and is on the route of the West Parley Heritage Walk and is frequently used by the popular Wednesday weekly walkers group.

For visitors there is ample car parking off Christchurch Road. Signage close to the Parley Sports Club shows the access points to the Wood and details of other amenities in the area.

Feedback from local Residents on the winter work has been excellent as the Wood in much lighter and safer than before.

The Volunteers, co-ordinated by the West Parley Residents Association, usually work in 2 hour sessions on a Tuesday and Thursday but also worked on Saturdays in the Winter.

6 March 2018
Bin collections to be affected this week across Dorset

Dorset residents are being made aware that their bin collections may be affected for up to a week while services return to normal. Due to the recent severe weather, the Dorset Waste Partnership (DWP) suspended collections in East Dorset on Thursday 1 March, with the rest of the county’s collections disrupted on Friday 2 March.

With up to two days of missed bin collections to catch-up on, the DWP are kindly asking for residents’ patience while they work to clear the backlog. Bins, boxes and bags should be left out for collection until they are emptied or picked up. Please note that different bins may be emptied at different times.

DWP crews will collect any extra bags of rubbish left out with bins that were missed last week. Extra recycling is always accepted provided it is separated and placed in a sturdy container. Residents who weren’t affected by the disruption should continue to put their bins out on their usual collection day.

The DWP hopes to have cleared the majority of missed bins by Saturday 10 March, with extra collections to take place if necessary. Updates will be made on www.dorsetforyou.gov.uk/travel-dorset/severe-weather/waste-and-recycling and via Facebook and Twitter (@recycle4dorset). The Dorset Waste Partnership would like to thank everyone for their patience and understanding.

2 March 2018
Parish Office is closed due to weather conditions

Please note the parish office is closed due to weather conditions.

All emails will be responded to in order of receipt when the office re-opens next week.

27 February 2018
Consultation - proposed diversion of footpath at Dudsbury Fort

The County Council has received an application to divert part of footpath 9, West Parley, at Dudsbury Fort.

For a map of the proposed diversion please click here, and for full details and how to respond, please click here.

23 February 2018
Parish Council submits it's response to housing plans

Please click on the following links for the response of the West Parley Parish Council to EDDC regarding the planning application for the large New Road housing developement, and also the relevant excerpt from the Core Strategy:

  1. Highways & Housing - WPPC Response & Core Strategy Excerpt
  2. SANG - WPPC Response & Core Strategy Excerpt

21 February 2018
URGENT - Change of email address for housing submissions to EDDC

If you have submitted your response on the New Road Development / SANG direct to the Case Officer, you are urgently advised to resubmit your emails to planningadmin@christchurchandeastdorset.gov.uk
Otherwise, your submissions may not be included in the consultation! We are sorry for any confusion that may have been caused.

21 February 2018
Public Meeting Update

Thank you to each & everyone of you, who came to our packed Public Meeting last night. Apologies for the troubles with the Memorial Hall's sound system.

This is such a sensitive subject to all of West Parley & so important that you all have your say. But it's critical that you submit your responses to both the outline planning application & the SANG to East Dorset District Council ahead of the deadline on Friday.

You can copy us in on responses to EDDC on Haveyoursay@westparley-pc.gov.uk when emailing your response to EDDC:
Email Address - planningadmin@christchurchandeastdorset.gov.uk

20 February 2018
Housing Update!

The Parish Council has called the Public Meeting to discuss the outline plans for the housing development on land east of New Road and also the SANG on Church Lane.
Highways / Housing Application Ref: 3/17/3609/OUT
SANG Application Ref: 3/17/3610/COU

Councillors have spent many hours collating first draft responses to the 2 applications. These are attached for your perusal, along with the relevant extracts of East Dorset District Council’s Core Strategy document.

wppc response to the plan
wppc response to the SANG
EDDC extract - the plan
EDDC extract - SANG

Whilst the Outline plan is focused on the Highways alterations, other aspects of the development are held as ‘Reserved Matters’. Reserved Matters means that the exact finer detail is to be decided at a later date. However, the details (eg house numbers / offices / store size) contained within this application would be approved by default if the application is granted. Therefore, Councillors wish to comment on all aspects of the application and not limit the response just on the Highways.

The Parish Council welcome your comments at the Public Meeting and may add additional points raised to the Draft response. Please be advised that the final response will be approved at Wednesday night’s Parish Council Meeting to meet East Dorset District Council’s deadline of 23rd February.

We urge residents to submit their responses direct to East Dorset District Council, on BOTH applications as they are interdependent, either through:
Dorset for You website - http://planning.christchurchandeastdorset.gov.uk
Postal Address - Mr R Thain, Development Management, Civic Offices Bridge Street Christchurch Dorset BH23 1AZ
Email Address - planningadmin@christchurchandeastdorset.gov.uk

20 February 2018
Deadline for Submission for the New Road Proposals ends this week!

Give your responses either through:
Dorset for You website - http://planning.christchurchandeastdorset.gov.uk

Postal Address - Mr R Thain, Development Management, Civic Offices Bridge Street Christchurch Dorset BH23 1AZ
Email Address - planningadmin@christchurchandeastdorset.gov.uk

Highways / Housing Application Ref: 3/17/3609/OUT
SANG Application Ref: 3/17/3610/COU

Comments need to be submitted for BOTH applications as they are interdependent!

13 February 2018
West Parley Memorial Hall – Important notice for residents

Residents please be aware tht the Management Committee are proposing to change the Charity from an unincorporated organisation to an incorporated organisation. There will be no change in the way that hirers book or use the Hall. Being incorporated will provide for a more secure future for the Hall, and a new constitution will be submitted to the Charity Commission in due course. Uses are welcome to contact the Secretary with any observations regarding this proposal, Mr G Peskett, 4 Church Lane, West Parley, Ferndown, BH22 8TS, peskettgi@gmail.com . . .more details

9 February 2018
Lighting the way

older streetlight, orange effect
widely dispersed

new LED streetlight
improved direction to the highway
broader lighting area

SSE are in the process of replacing the streetlights in West Parley & surrounding areas. The lights are more directional and are positioned on new posts which are 1 metre taller with LED lights.

They not only should be cheaper to run but provide a brighter, more natural light on the highways. Why not judge for yourself.

9 February 2018
Outside Gym, preparations underway

Having received monies from a number of successful grant applications, we have funded the purchase and installation of the outside gym with minimal funds from the precept.

We are thrilled that work has now commenced, by recycling the informal play area to become the boundary for the outside gym.

Initial groundworks have been completed to provide easy access to the facility and the installation is scheduled for the week commencing 12th March 2018.

Just in time to get fit for summer!

2 February 2018
It has been an exceedingly busy week at WPPC HQ

1800 Newsletters printed and ready for circulation to every property in West Parley over the coming week. This edition has been slightly delayed in anticipation of a Planning Application for the New Road development. In addition to the bi-annual newsletter, there is a bright yellow flyer which gives details of the 2 planning applications in relation to the Link Road, the SANG and the development. Please take time to read the flyer, look at the applications and comment to EDDC Planning Department within their deadline.

In addition, the Parish Council has called a public meeting to listen to residents’ views, so we can fully represent your opinion in our reply. However it is worth noting that no representatives from EDDC Planning nor the Developers will be present. Just your Parish Council to listen to your views.

We appreciate the impact of this proposal is far reaching and welcome comments from outside of the Parish, however would encourage you to contact your own Councillors to look at the proposal and submit comments.

NB: The newsletters are distributed by a wonderful team of volunteers from around the village. So firstly a big thank you to you all and secondly, if anyone would like to help with future circulation (usually just twice a year) please get in touch and you can be allocated a road.

31 January 2018
IMPORTANT UPDATE: New Road Development & SANG, public meeting called

Please be advised that East Dorset District Council have now received plans from Wyatt Homes in relation to the proposals for the New Road Development.

This includes outline plans for the development of the New Road field, along with a change of use for the area off Church Lane to become the SANG.

Details of the applications can be found on Dorset For You - www.dorsetforyou.gov.uk/planning/applications/search

The Parish Council feels it vital to understand the views of residents in order to best represent their opinion, and have called a public meeting for 7pm, Tuesday 20th February. Please see details on the attached poster.

25 January 2018
Parish Council awarded £2000 towards the installation of a wooden see-saw

NB: the installed see-saw may not
be of the same dimensions

Great news! The Parish Council has been awarded £2000 towards the installation of a wooden see-saw in the children's play area at the Recreation Ground.

Thank you to Tesco Bags of Help for the award, and thank you to each and everyone of you who popped a blue disc in the container to support our improvements for the residents of the Parish.

24 January 2018
Men urged to take advantage of testing for prostate cancer

Parley Rotary Club in conjunction with Dorset Prostate Support Organisation (PCaSO) is sponsoring another free blood testing session for local men over 45 on Saturday 27th January.

The test will take place at Dudsbury Golf Club, 64 Christchurch Road from 9 - noon.

The simple blood test is carried out by qualified phlebotomists and analysis is carried out at the Dorset County Hospital with results issued a few days later by the PCaSO urologist.

Jim Davis, chairman Dorset PCaSo branch said rapid progress had been made in raising awareness, identifying and teating prostate cancer in the 21st century. There have been some significant statements made regarding the importance of PSA testing for men aged 45 or over. Recent data from the Institute of Cancer Research in London and the Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust have found that prostate cancers spread more quickly and are often fatal in men who inherit a faulty BRCA2 gene than in men without this gene. Swedish researchers say checking every man aged 45-49 would predict nearly half of all prostate cancer deaths. This surely provides a convincing case for prostate cancer screening and in the absence of anything better the current PSA test should be introduced.

He said there were three facts that should be considered:

  1. Without screening around 47000 men are diagnosed with prostate cancer each year
  2. More than 11000 men die of prostate cancer anually
  3. Caught in the early stages, cure rates are dramatically improved with well over 80% success

Mr Davis added, "in Dorset, to date, we have tested over 4000 symptom-less men. Approximately 500 have been referred to their GPs, and of these, 125 have either received treatment or are on active surveillance. We believe these figures more than justify our actions. We will not stop until every Dorset man has been made aware of his right to choose.

To avoid waiting for your test, please make an appointment, Ring Allan on 01202 691710

20 January 2018
Tesco "Bags Of Help" - please support two other worthy applications

The Parish Council was lucky enough to receive a donation of £2000 towards the imminent outside gym for our recreation ground and are awaiting the outcome of the application towards a new wooden see-saw for the play area.The Parish Council was lucky enough to receive a donation of £2000 towards the imminent outside gym for our recreation ground and are awaiting the outcome of the application towards a new wooden see-saw for the play area.

But 2 other organisations currently have applications in stores for voting .... and need your support.

    Please support:
  • West Parley Memorial Hall's application for financial support for a new patio to assist with disabled access and enhancing their outside space (Ferndown Store and Glenmoor Road, West Parley).
  • MS Centre in Church Lane for their application for funding towards 2 replacement physiotherapy beds (Parley Cross store). We are lucky to have 1 of only 4 nationwide centres in the village.

By getting this far they are guaranteed £1000, but awards are allocated on votes and are between £1000, £2000 and £4000.

You can vote in local Tescos stores and voting ends at the end of February, , and as Tesco says 'every little helps', so please help to support these great resources.

19 January 2018
Dorset County Council - Bournemouth International Growth Programme, new A338 junction to Wessex Fields

Bournemouth Council has submitted a planning application, 7-2017-9177-DH to build a new junction and link road from the A338 to Wessex Fields.

If approved, the plans will play a key part in unlocking the available employment land at Wessex Fields, whilst making the most of the natural environment around it. The proposals to build a new link road and junction will enable Wessex Fields to reach its full economic potential by making the area an attractive location for businesses looking to set up and/or relocate to the region.

    The council believes transforming the infrastructure in and around Wessex Fields will:
  • Create around 2,000 new jobs
  • Safeguard the existing 10,000 jobs (including 4,000 at Royal Bournemouth Hospital)
  • Provide a second access to the Royal Bournemouth Hospital site
  • Improve traffic flows at Cooper Dean Roundabout, Chaseside Junction, and parts of Castle Lane East
  • Encourage sustainable travel by improving facilities for pedestrians, cyclists and bus users.

There is strong demand for flexible business space in and around Bournemouth but the supply of A Grade office is in short supply.

Local people can have their say on the plans until the end of February 2018. The plans are available on the Bournemouth Council website. A series of events are also coming up where the public can view the plans and talk to the project team.
Monday 29 January, 10am-4pm Bournemouth Town Hall
Wednesday 31 January, 2-8pm Littledown Centre Wednesday 7 February, 2-6pm Holdenhurst Village Hall
Monday 12 February, 2-6pm Hurn Sports and Social Club.

It is likely a planning decision will be made in Spring 2018.

19 January 2018
Dorset Police launch askNED knowledgebase, designed to help the public find answers to common enquiries

Do you have issues with parking? Noisy neighbours? Concerned with an animal’s welfare? Not sure who to contact… Then AskNED – the non-emergency directory.

Dorset Police has launched a new online knowledgebase designed to help the public find answers to common enquiries and guide them to the right agencies.

AskNED offers help and advice around a whole host of topics such as civil matters including landlord and tenant disputes, as well as criminal matters including burglary and assault. AskNED provides advice and information about what you should do and who can help.

The online service is quick and easy to use. It is an alphabetical list of topics the police commonly receive enquiries about, along with details of the agencies who can help you.

Head of Contact Management for Dorset Police, Superintendent Steve Lyne said: “Ask NED is a useful resource for the public, providing information on topics we are most commonly asked about. It is an alphabetical list of topics that hold information and signposting details for that subject. Ultimately, I hope that AskNED will assist the public with questions they may have and divert people away from the 101 non-emergency number which will in turn provide further improvements to our service.”

To access the AskNED knowledgebase visit www.dorset.police.uk/askNED. Remember, it is quicker and easier to report online, however the 101 non-emergency service is available should you wish to speak to someone. If a crime is in progress or life in danger always dial 999.

19 January 2018
Repairs to new surface at Chapel Gate Roundabout scheduled for March

Repairs to the new surface at Chapel Gate Roundabout have now been scheduled for March, before the Easter holidays. This remedial work will be carried out at no cost to Dorset County Council or Dorset Local Enterprise Partnership.

In the run up to March, the material will be monitored with frequent inspections, taking samples to inform the extent of the repairs needed.

The deterioration of the material has been caused by a combination of factors including the specification of the material used, the cold ground conditions at the time of laying and the location of the joints of the laid material.

This work will be carried out at night to try and minimise the disruption. Residents will be informed as soon as dates for the repairs are available.
Live traffic and travel: dorsetforyou.com/traveldorset

15 January 2018
Kay Bundy leaves the Parish Council

The Parish Council is sad to announce that Kay Bundy has resigned from the Parish Council, due to increasing work commitments. We are sad to see Kay leave and are grateful for all that she has contributed during her time on the Council.

12 January 2018
New Year’s Resolutions without Gym Membership!

Residents Association volunteers
preparing for the gym

This week has seen one team of volunteers moving barrows of playground chip from the informal play area to the formal play area, within the Parish Council’s recreation ground. Not only is this great exercise for those involved, it is in preparation for the installation of the Parish Council’s outside gym. The Parish Council is extremely pleased that the majority of the monies to facilitate the gym has been sourced through proactive fundraising and not from residents’ precept. In addition, by recycling the woodchip onto the main play area, it should help keep the cost down for the annual top up of wood chip in the summer.

At next week’s Parish Council meeting, the final agreement should be reached on the specific apparatus to be installed and the contractor selected. Once we have more information, it will be shared through the usual communication channels.

The Residents’ Association Volunteers do an amazing amount of work around West Parley to keep the village looking at its best, for which the Parish Council is extremely grateful. If you would like to get involved and help to keep the village looking at its best, feel free to get in touch.

4 January 2018
Ferndown Neighbourhood Watch newsletter out now!

To see the latest newsletter from the Ferndown Neighbourhood Watch, please click here.

22 December 2017
Thanks Dorset County Council Highways!!

A big Thank You to Dorset County Council Highways, who arranged for a hedge to be cut back to expose the no entry sign at the service road junction with Longfield Drive, and also replace the other sign which was badly faded. All in 3 days!

22 December 2017
Buying Someone A Drone This Christmas?

Planning on getting someone a drone #ThisChristmas? Help them get to 400 feet by signing them up to one of the 'Safer Drones' courses in January held in Ferndown.

For more information click here and to sign up, email: saferdrones@dorset.pnn.police.uk

And from the PC ..... may we take the opportunity to remind residents that the flying of drones on the Parish Council's Recreation Ground or Playing Fields is not permitted.

22 December 2017
Policing Precept for 2018/19 - message from Martyn Underhill, Dorset Police & Crime Commissioner

"On Tuesday 19 December, the Policing Minister announced the proposed level of core funding that will be made available to policing in 2018/19, leaving forces nationally in a difficult position. You can read my full thoughts here."

"This includes Dorset, which has experienced increased demand and a reduction in funding, in turn having a significant impact on officer and staff welfare. Never in my 38 years in policing have I seen staff so exhausted, demand so high, and morale so low."

"This week, the Government failed to provide any additional funding, proposing a flat cash settlement for Dorset. To compensate, the Minister has given Police & Crime Commissioners additional flexibility to raise their local policing precept by £1.00 per month for an average Band D Household. "

"I am disappointed that the burden has once again been passed onto council tax payers, but the reality is policing needs more money to simply maintain the current level of service. "

"I therefore am asking for your views on your contribution to funding Dorset Police. The survey will take just a couple of minutes to complete, so I would really appreciate you taking the time to do so. It is vital I gather the views of as many local people as possible. HAVE YOUR SAY NOW!"

"I would like to close by wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
Martyn Underhill
Dorset Police & Crime Commissioner"

13 December 2017
Parish Council Statement regarding Parley Sports Club Playing Fields and Clubhouse

The Parish Council has been informed of rumours circulating regarding the land they own which is known as Parley Sports Club Playing Fields and Clubhouse. The rumour is that the land is going to be redeveloped by the Parish Council for potential housing or other development, which would prohibit sports on the facility. The Parish Council can assure residents that there is no truth in this rumour and that the Parish Council owns this land for the benefit of sport within the village. The land is within greenbelt and is within 400m of Parley Wood which is a Site of Specific Scientific Interest (SSSI). Development for residential properties is prohibited within that proximity and therefore, we can confirm that the land cannot be used for anything other than green space or sporting provision. The Parish Council would appreciate your assistance quashing any rumours of this nature.

12 December 2017
A more festive Parley this Christmas

West Parley has to thank Resident Malcolm Plascott for the great display of Christmas decorations in the village this year. Malcolm has been coming up with ideas to make the village look more festive for a couple of years and this year sees much more on display as he has built a number of Christmas tree shaped frames that have been covered in tinsel to add to the existing tinsel and garland displays used in previous years.

The displays cover the railings at Parley Cross and Glenmoor Road as well as the shops and a number of trees.

These were put up by the Parish Volunteers a few weeks ago and many Residents have mentioned how good they look. They are eco-friendly as car headlights at night and sun in the day reflect on the tinsel as it is blown in the wind lighting up the whole display at no cost.

5 December 2017
Bournemouth International Airport sold to the Rigby Group

Residents may have heard on the local news that BIA has been sold to the Rigby Group which owns other smaller UK airports. For more details please see the Bournemouth Echo story on 2 Dec or the Daily Telegraph page today.

4 December 2017
TheLastStraw Christmas campaign launches tomorrow

Litter Free Coast and Sea are launching their Christmas campaign tomorrow to raise awareness of plastics pollution, particularly the plastic straw.

The Marine Conservation Society Great British Beach Clean report was released today, and it shows that single-use plastic straws are still on the top 10 items found on beaches around the UK.

So, join us in making a simple change – refuse the plastic straw! There are plenty of alternatives out there – glass, metal, paper – bamboo!

1 December 2017
Tesco Bags of Help, every bit counts

West Parley Parish Council were lucky enough to be awarded £2000 from the Tesco Bags of Help scheme, which is funding generated through the purchase of the 5p carrier bags. This award is to help with the cost of installing the Outside Gym at the Recreation Ground, which should be progressed in the spring once all the funding is in place.

As Tesco were short of applications, we submitted another application for installation of a wooden see-saw within the Children’s Play area. Once again, we have been lucky enough to be shortlisted, which means we will definitely receive an award, but whether it is £1000, £2000 or £4000 is dependent on the votes.

This is where we need your help. Voting is currently in stores until the end of the year. Unfortunately, the only local store hosting our application is the Tesco at Parley Cross. So if you could please use your blue tokens and for vote in store at Parley Cross, it would be appreciated. Alternatively, most stores in the Bournemouth area will be hosting our application so it will be possible to vote there as well.

30 November 2017
Your Urgent Feedback is Requested – Bournemouth 7s Rugby Tournament seeking to increase attendance!

The Parish Council has received a Licence Application from Bournemouth 7s Rugby Tournament, who are looking to increase the attendance from 15000 to 19,999.

Bournemouth 7s started in 2008 and West Parley has seen the event grow both in popularity but also in size. Please click here for a document collated from information on their website https://bournemouth7s.com, which provides a summary for each event on a year by year basis.

Over the 10 years, the weekend’s attendance has increased from 800 to 30,000. The Licence was increased in 2013 to allow and increase by a massive 50% from 10,000 people to 15,000 people PER DAY, and are now asking to increase it to 19,999 per day. With such an influx of people on a small village, there is bound to be a degree of disturbance, but regrettably, this year saw the most complaints to the Parish Council. The Chairman and Clerk met with the organisers last month and talked through many of the concerns, which organisers will look into to see what can be done.

We encourage residents to make constructive comments direct to EDDC via the following link https://www.dorsetforyou.gov.uk/licensing/representation-review-premises-licence Please copy the Parish Council in on any replies so they can be included in the Council response, or should you not wish to comment direct to EDDC, you can comment to the Parish Council on the usual email enquiries@westparley-pc.gov.uk. The Parish Council will be discussing it at the meeting on Wednesday 6th December to meet the EDDC deadline of 26th December, so the deadline for making comments to the Parish Council is Weds 6th December.

From looking at EDDC Statement of Licencing Policy on DFY https://www.dorsetforyou.gov.uk/media/pdf/b/4/licensing_policy_08_-11.pdf The licensing objectives are the only matters to be taken into account when determining applications, and any conditions to be attached must be necessary to achieve those objectives. The 4 Licencing objectives are:

  • The prevention of crime and disorder
  • Public safety
  • The prevention of public nuisance
  • The protection of children from harm

West Parley takes the brunt of this event with noise, disturbance and antisocial behaviour, but music was heard as far as Muscliff and West Moors this year. NB: As this is a new licence, the current arrangement would remain unchanged, but if approved this new licence would supersede the current

30 November 2017
Temporary 30mph speed restriction around Chapel Gate to last until 1 Jan 2018

Will residents please be aware that the temporary speed restictions around Chapel Gate have been extended to 1 Jan 2018. . . more

30 November 2017
Chapel Gate roundabout update

Residents will be pleased that work at Chapel Gate Roundabout will be finishing on 15 December – a week earlier than previously stated.

Surfacing work will be brought forward by one week – so this night work will start next week, on Monday 4 December, with two-way traffic signals in place between 8pm and 6am for five nights.

Other work next week will include finishing the last splitter island, and putting down the lane markings and other white lines. The week starting 11 December will be for be carrying out any finishing works, including completing the final ditch profiling and making sure all the new road signs are up.

28 November 2017
Recreation Ground, please be considerate

West Parley is extremely lucky to have the wonderful recreation ground and Parley Woods for all residents to enjoy. We encourage residents to make use of the facility by providing a lovely wooden play area for the 12 and unders, a gazebo to seek shelter from the sun or rain, benches for picnicking, along with the installation of a boardwalk in Parley Wood.

Whilst many users enjoy the facility trouble free, unfortunately there is always an exception to the rule. So can we remind you that dogs must be controlled at all times, that they are not allowed on the raised Children’s play area; and that you pick up and safely dispose of mess in the dog bins provided. Please take your litter home or use one of the litter bins provided, and absolutely no glass is permitted on the recreation ground, childrens’ play area or in Parley Wood for safety reasons.

Can we please ask that you take a moment to read the signage around the recreation ground when next visiting, to ensure everyone’s continued enjoyment of this community facility.

21 November 2017
Concert raising funds for the Bus Stop Club, a local charity supporting families and individuals in crisis in East Dorset

Thursday 14th December, St. Mark's Church, New Road, West Parley, 7.30pm. . .more.

The Colehill & Ferndown Community choir is performing at a Christmas Concert in St. Mark's Church, New Road, West Parley on Thursday 14th December, 7.30pm.The main beneficiary of the concert will be the Bus Stop Club, a local charity that supports families and individuals in crisis. A donation will also be made to St. Mark's Church and to St. Michael's Church in Colehill (where the choir rehearses every week).

The Bus Stop Club started 12 years ago befriending local families from Trickett's Cross waiting for the school bus. 5 years later it became a charity ( reg. no. 1132923) and raised funds for its own building, the Turbary Resource Centre. In the last 7 years the Bus Stop Club has helped and supported people from all across the East Dorset area and has now expanded into Ringwood.

All the proceeds from concerts performed by the Colehill & Ferndown Community Choir are donated to local charities and good causes. Tickets are £8.50 for adults with under 16's FREE. The tickets price includes a programme and an invitation to the choir's traditional after-concert party in the church centre where drinks and festive nibbles will be served.

Susan Sutherland, administrator of the Bust Stop Club said, " Colehill & Ferndown Community Choir has kindly offered to make the Bust Stop Club the main beneficiary of their Christmas Concert - a big thank you to them, and we hope everyone enjoys the evening." Tickets, which should be bought in advance, can be purchased from Susan Davies on 01202 842311 or email colehillcommunitychoir@btinternet.com

The Bus Stop Club is a really worthy charity and the Colehill & Ferndown Community Choir is delighted to be supporting the charity this Christmas. In these challenging times the charity is experiencing a significant increase in calls for help and this Christmas Concert has the potential to raise a lot of money to help with the important work that the Bus Stop Club does in supporting local people, many who could be our near neighbours. I do hope you will be able to support us by coming along to our concert. The more tickets we sell the more we can donate to our chosen charity, The Bus Stop Club.

10 November 2017
Control of Fly Posting – Department of the Environment’s Good Practice Guide

We often see advertising on the verges, telegraph poles and railings around the village from organisations trying to gain your attention. Unfortunately these advertisements create a distraction for drivers and are frequently not removed after the event. Therefore the Parish Council, in its consideration about road safety, littering and general appearance of the village, thought the attached Good Practice from the Department of the Environment would be useful information to share.


Please note that unlawful and unauthorised flyposting will be removed from street furniture without notice, under the 1980 Highways Act.

8 November 2017
West Parley Volunteer Awards 2017 and Garden Competition Winners

At a recent reception jointly hosted by West Parley Parish Council and the Residents Association, Kate Ward was presented with the 2017 "Volunteer of the Year" award. Other volunteers were recognised for their wonderful efforts and the winners of the Garden Competition were announced. . full report and photos.

8 November 2017
West Parley NeighbourCar celebrates 3000th trip

West Parley NeighbourCar celebrated its 3000th trip on Wednesday 8 November when volunteer driver Derek called for one of our very first clients, Marjorie Kinsey. . full report and photos.

3 November 2017
Parish Council to decide its budget for the next financial year, suggestions please

Over the coming weeks, the Parish Council will be deciding its budget for the next financial year, which in turn determines the precept collected from residents' Council Tax.

So if you are a West Parley resident please email us on enquiries@westparley-pc.gov.uk with any suggestions which you would like the Council to consider for inclusion in next year's budget.

2 November 2017
welcome to new Parish Councillor Matt Curley

Following the Parish Council meeting on 18th October, we are pleased to announce that we welcomed Matt Curley as a new councillor.

A big welcome to Matt from all the Parish Council team.

16 October 2017
Understanding Health in the Community - Women's Health, free meeting 27th Oct

There is a forthcoming (free) health talk on Women’s Health by Denise Abbott (Urogynae Nurse Consultant with The Royal Bournemouth Hospital) on 27th October at the Beaufort Community Centre, BH6 5LB, 11am to 12 noon, also with stands there representing Stroke Association Live well Dorset, Hospital Charity, Infection control, Governor Stand, Blood pressure testing, Organ Donation, . . more.

16 October 2017
Major boost to Heritage walk, replica Iron Age roundhouse is finished

Very exciting news from the Dudsbury Hill Fort project - the replica Iron Age roundhouse is now finished. . full report.

13 October 2017
West Parley Residents ‘Had their say’ ..... and must continue to do so

Wyatt Homes asked to meet with the Parish Council on Monday 3rd July to brief Councillors on the proposed plans for their New Road Development, in advance of their Public Exhibition on 11th July. This was the first opportunity Councillors had to view the proposal, which saw an increase from 320 houses in the Core Strategy to 420 dwellings. Councillors were shocked by the proposals presented and following the meeting undertook a leaflet drop, providing details of the proposal and exhibition, to all properties in the village. Wyatt Homes had delivered fliers informing residents of the Public Exhibition however only delivered to the closest 700 properties. Thanks go to the many volunteers who assisted in the delivery of the Parish Council’s fliers in just 3 days!

It was after this initial meeting, that the Parish Council also launched the ‘Have your Say’ email address to give residents a voice and have received emails from 178 of you before the Wyatt Homes 10 day deadline was reached. It is only by fully understanding the views of residents, can the Parish Council effectively represent residents’ opinions, when the plans are formally submitted to East Dorset District Council. As yet, no plans have been submitted, however the Wyatt Homes website confirms this is expected to be in 2017.

Councillors and the Clerk were present for the duration of the 6 hour long Wyatt Homes’ Public Exhibition on 11th July 2017, which gave residents the opportunity to view the proposals for the first time and speak with the Wyatt Homes’ representatives. We would like to thank residents for taking the time to speak with us about this highly emotive subject and for completing the 80 feedback forms throughout the meeting. On the day, from the hundreds of people we spoke with, only 2 people spoken to were in favour of the development ...... neither party actually being resident in West Parley!

Also present for the duration, were 2 local residents who remained on the front step for 6 hours in the rain, collecting names for a petition against the development of New Road. Nearly 600 signatures were obtained on the day and the Parish Council has submitted this petition to the Head of East Dorset District Council Planning Department, along with questions the Parish Council would like answered prior to any planning application being submitted. If you missed the opportunity of signing this petition, there remains one online which will continue to collect signatures until a Planning Application is formally received by EDDC.

    From both sets of responses, a summary of residents’ concerns can be summarised as follows:
  • Traffic – 89%
  • Overdevelopment – 68%
  • Education – 58%
  • Healthcare provision – 56%
  • Character / identity loss – 55%
  • Hotel – 53%
  • Density – 45%
  • Infrastructure – 42%
  • NO to all – 36%
  • Wildlife / flooding – 24%
  • Pollution – 16%
  • Airport – 10%
  • 999 service – 5%
  • Crime & anti social behaviour – 4%
  • Devaluation of homes – 3%

Hopefully, the developers will have received similar emails and feedback direct from residents, so they should be aware of the strength of feeling from the village.

The email address Haveyoursay@westparley-pc.gov.uk will remain open and whilst you can make comment to the Parish Council, we emphatically urge you to make your feelings known to East Dorset District Council as and when any Planning Application is submitted and open for public consultation.

If you feel you would be able to deliver fliers to your road (or beyond), to help support the Parish Council with future communications about this important subject, please email the Parish Clerk on Enquiries@westparley-pc.gov.uk.

4 October 2017
Dorset Police local Neighbourhood Team meeting, Thursday 5th Oct, come along and ask any questions you might have

The Dorset Police Neighbourhood Team invite residents to a meeting at St Marys Church, Church Road, Ferndown in the Beacon Cafe from 1030-1100 hours, Thursday 5th October 2017. If residents have any local concerns please come along where we can discuss and give advice.

28 September 2017
Two-way traffic lights on Parley Lane next week

On Wednesday 4, Thursday 5 and Friday 6 October please expect delays between 9.30am and 3.30pm on B3073 Parley Lane at the end of Bournemouth airport runway.

This will allow ducting for the airport wig-wagsto be put in, which are being moved slightly due to roundabout improvements at Chapel Gate.

27 September 2017
Ferndown Town Council vacancies

There are several vacancies on the Ferndown Town Council, full details

26 September 2017
Older Drivers Forum launched in Dorset, roadshow 3rd October

The Dorset Older Drivers Forum has been formed with the aim of giving more information to older drivers so that they can continue to drive safely for longer or indeed assist them if and when the time is right to ‘retire’ from driving. . . olderdriversforum.com/dorset

A roadshow is coming to Haskins Garden Centre on Tuesday 3rd October, 10am to 3pm. . more

26 September 2017
West Parley wins Dorset Best Kept Village and People's Project awards

Great news for all everybody who works so hard to keep our village so lovely - West Parley has come 3rd in the Dorset Best Kept Village category and runner up for the People's Project at Dudsbury Hill Fort.. . full Echo article

26 September 2017
Residents oppose scrap yard plans

Residents in a quiet road in West Parley are urging ramblers, horse riders and cyclists to join them in opposing a planning application for a scrapyard in their road.

D R Smith Properties Ltd has applied to Dorset County Council for planning permission for a vehicle scrapyard and separate commercial storage at their yard at the end of Barrack Road.

The yard has been used to break cars and vans without planning permission since 2013 despite the yard owner being told by Dorset County Council in 2002 that there is no permission to break cars and vans at the site. Since that time residents have been trying to get the County Council to take enforcement action.

The road is in the green belt and next to Parley Common, an SSSI, and is only 9 feet wide in places so unsuitable for large commercial vehicles. It is well used by horse riders, walkers and cyclists and it is a real danger to other road users to have commercial vehicles sharing a narrow road. Previous planning applications for the yard have been refused. A local resident said "We have all asked the County Council to refuse this application to stop this illegal activity"

Barbara Manuel, Councillor for West Parley on East Dorset District Council said’ Residents have suffered this appalling situation for far too long and I hope it will soon be resolved for them. The planning application was submitted to East Dorset District Council in the Summer and attracted numerous objections from residents and horse riders but was withdrawn. Full details of the application are on the dorsetforyou web site – Dorset County Council Ref 3/17/2480. The County Council have asked that previous objectors resubmit their objections to them under the new application number.

26 September 2017
Temporary closure of Dudsbury Road, Ferndown

Residents please note that Dudsbury Road, Ferndown will be closed from 28th September for 5 days, with works probably finishing by the 3rd october, the closure will be in force from 9am to 4pm daily. . full details

18 September 2017
Suspicious callers - message from Dorset Police

A message from PCSO Kate Hann (Dorset Police, PCSO 6268, Ferndown Town). Neighbourhood officers have been called to two separate incidents in regards to males in the area touting for work.

West Parley:
This has been in relation to two males seen in Elm Tree walk and Dene Walk approaching residents in these roads asking for gardening work. We believe that these males may be rogue traders doing work for extortionate rates of pay. Theses two are possibly linked to a maroon coloured 05 plate pick up truck style vehicle.

Reports in the Bramley Road and Mayfield drive area of males going door to door attempting to purchase gold, silver, war medals and antiques. Once agin, there is nothing illegal in this but we believe that there are better ways to sell items.

Please be aware of these scams and try to keep an eye on local residents and neighbours who my be vulnerable or feel threatened by these tactics used.

15 September 2017
Longham Reservoir Open Day

Come along to Longham Reservoir on Saturday 30 September and enjoy a variety of activities suitable for the whole family.

  • 'Have a go' fishing with qualified coaches
  • 'Have a go' canoeing and kayaking with the Dorset Ultimate Canoe and Kayak Squad
  • 'Have a go' stand up paddleboarding
  • Pond dipping
  • Birdwatching walks with Longham Birders' group
  • Poole Radio Yacht Club static display and (weather permitting) 'have a go'
  • Christchurch and District Flying Club static display and flying simulator

Refreshments will be available and visitors will also have the opportunity to meet the South West Lakes Trust team working in partnership with Bournemouth Water and chat about the reservoirs at Longham.

For more information call 01202 444646 or email bwleisure@swlakestrust.org.uk
Address: 125 Ringwood Road, Longham, Ferndown BH22 9AB. . poster

15 September 2017
Vacancy for a Councillor - Bye-Election Notice

Vacancy for a Councillor - anyone wishing to be considered should write or e-mail the Parish Clerk with a brief curriculum vitae and an accompanying letter explaining why they wish to be considered for the vacancy within 14 days of this notice. . full details

15 September 2017
Report a collision on Dorset roads - new online form

Members of the public can now report crashes using an online form to help Dorset Highways collect valuable information about incidents on our roads.

The Report a collision form is available on dorsetforyou.com and works in the same way as the "report a road problem" form.

Road traffic collision data is validated and provided to us by Dorset Police, this data includes collisions that result in personal injury. Although this provides us with valuable information it doesn’t give the complete picture of the incidents on Dorset’s roads.

Crashes reported using this new form will feed into our formal collision site investigation programme, and could inform future works if the site is found to be in need of improvement. Although an individual report may not necessarily result in immediate action, it will ensure that we are better informed than we have been in the past.

Please note, if you’re reporting a collision that has resulted in damage and requires immediate attention, such as debris on or obstruction to the highway and/or damage to street furniture, then this must still be reported on 01305 221020. This will ensure immediate action can be taken to rectify the problem.

15 September 2017
Safewise Bourenmouth - driving skills, theory sessions, scooter/mobility training

Dorset Driver Gold (DDG) at SafeWise Bournemouth and SafeWise Weymouth

Driving skills and confidence sessions helping people aged 65+ drive safely for longer. The theory session costs just £10 per person and lasts up to 3 hours, breaks and refreshments are included – the next theory dates are listed below:

  • SafeWise Bournemouth Monday 2nd October – 1.30pm
  • SafeWise Weymouth Tuesday 14th November – 10am
  • SafeWise Bournemouth Thursday 7th December – 1.30pm

The practical session costs £45 per person and lasts up to 90 minutes. Once your booking form and payment have been received you will be given details to arrange your drive directly with one of our Dorset Driver Gold Approved Driving Instructors (ADIs). If you take up a practical and theory session the cost is just £50

For more information please visit the Dorset Driver Gold webpage safewise.org/dorset-driver-gold/ or contact the DDG Administrator on ddg@safewise.org , ring or text 07713 499 777 (we will call you back) or leave a message at SafeWise head office on 01202 591330.

LifeDrive theory sessions at SafeWise Bournemouth – various dates

LifeDrive is designed to reduce accidents by helping younger drivers to understand why collisions happen and how to avoid them, developing their skills and experience with free post-test theory and practical sessions. This FREE scheme is open to all young people aged between 17 and 25 who live in Dorset and have passed their driving test within the past four years.

A FREE £50 Amazon voucher is given to everyone that completes the course! The next LifeDrive dates are:

  • Tuesday 19th September 2017
  • Wednesday 18th October 2017
  • Thursday 23rd November 2017
  • Thursday 7th December 2017

For more information, look at our LifeDrive page safewise.org/education/life-drive/

ScootWise, Mobility Scooter Training at SafeWise Bournemouth – Friday 13th October 2017

SafeWise are working in partnership with the Dorset Clinical Commissioning Group to deliver safety awareness courses for mobility scooter users in Dorset. The sessions are designed for those already using a mobility scooter or those that are looking to buy a mobility scooter now or in the future. The sessions cost £10 per person. All sessions must be pre-booked due to limited places available. For more information, including booking instructions please look at our ScootWise page safewise.org/education/scootwise/

13 September 2017
West Parley needs you! Volunteer drivers needed for the NeighbourCar scheme

The village is extremely lucky to have a team of volunteer drivers, who help those who are unable to drive or get the bus, by taking them to medical appointments, social events or to go shopping. In 4 years, this team of volunteers have undertaken 2800 journeys to help fellow residents. That’s an average of 14 journeys every week. Whilst the existing team do a tremendous job, they really need more volunteers.

No heavy lifting, no rigid routines, a contribution towards petrol ... and flexible as and when you can help. To find out more, please read the attached poster and make contact with the Transport Co-ordinator. . . more details.

22 August 2017
Temporary overnight closures of the A338 southbound from Sep 4th 8pm

Would residents please note these overnight closures of the A338 southbound from September 4th, 8pm. . more

16 August 2017
A great morning in Parley Woods

A great morning in Parley Woods with the Moors Valley Play Rangers, at the Nuts About nature event, funding by the Parish Council. Thank you to the 30 people who enjoyed getting close to nature, along with the Rangers.

16 August 2017
Update on community and school transport

This briefing will keep you up-to-date with the work in Dorset Travel with regards to the retender of school transport and the reduction in subsidy to bus operators.

    Community Transport
  • 64 established community transport schemes in Dorset
  • Plus 20 trial schemes that have been introduced since April 2016
  • 91% of Dorset (by area) has access to a community transport scheme
  • More than 720 volunteer drivers
  • A community transport directory is available on the community transport webpage on www.dorsetforyou.com
  • Seed funding of up to £2,000 is available from POPP to set up a community car scheme. With a downloadable toolkit to help start-ups

Working together with local members and town and parish council a few schemes have started for a trial period over the summer holidays using a number of different bus operators.

    School Transport
  • Routes for September are being finalised.
  • Discussions are taking place about route safety from overhanging trees
  • Service agreements have been sent to providers to establish service quality from day one
  • Smart cards and bus passes will be sent direct to pupils homes
  • One school one operator system in place – conversations with schools have taken place to explain how this works
  • Operators will be managing the surplus seat allocation. Communication with applicants is planned

4 August 2017
Seen the new signs yet?

Residents may notice additional signs up around the Parish Council's Recreation Ground & Car Park, to compliment those already in place, to encourage enjoyment for all residents.

1 August 2017
Ironman event, 17th Sept 2017, potential disruption in Dorset

Residents travelling to parts of Dorset on 17th Sept 2017 may wish to plan their travel accordingly due to the Ironman event taking place on that day. Traffic information and rolling updates are available on www.dorsetforyou.com/travel-dorset/ironman, also please see route and access overview

28 July 2017
Stop and Go boards at Chapel Gate roundabout

Preparatory works are continuing at Chapel Gate Roundabout, near Bournemouth airport, and stop and go boards will be used on Parley Lane tomorrow (Friday) and next week on Tuesday and Wednesday, between 9.30am and 3.30pm, so that white lines can be painted to narrow the lanes approaching the roundabout from Hurn.

This will give the room needed to move BT and other service cables. Please try to allow more time for your journey through the roundabout as there will inevitably be some delays.

There will be a blog once again to help keep you up to date with the progress of the work: https://news.dorsetforyou.gov.uk/big-road-schemes/ where you will also be able to find updates on the other Bournemouth International Growth Programme schemes.

28 July 2017
Theft of catalytic converter from MS Centre

Wednesday 26th July at 10.15pm two men came into the MS Centre car park and stole a catalytic converter from one of their mini buses. They are now unable to use this bus until the insurance company have decided whether to repair or right off the bus. Please contact the Police or the Parish Council if you have any information which might help.

24 July 2017
Blackwater junction - overnight slip road closure and speed restrictions

At the Blackwater junction there is a temporary road closure of the A338 On slip road (southbound) – 27th July, 21:00hrs – 28th July, 06:45hrs. . . more.

Also there is a 30mph speed restriction being introduced on the B3073, Christchurch road and the Blackwater junction from 1st August and this will remain in force for around 18 months. . . more.

22 July 2017
West Parley Multiple Sclerosis Society, make a difference, drivers & escorts needed

The West Parley Multiple Sclerosis Society is looking for drivers and escorts to help out on a voluntary basis, why not get in touch and see if you can make a difference. . . more.

19 July 2017
Interesting response to the recent article in the Stour and Avon magazine

Residents might like to read an interesting letter written in response to the recent article in the Stour and Avon magazine, please click here.

19 July 2017
Deadline for feedback to the Planning Consultants is this friday

Would residents please note that the deadline for feedback to the Planning Consultants for the New Road development, is this friday - 21st July!!

See the plans on www.parleygreen.co.uk

If you haven't yet submitted your thoughts, please take the time to do so on: parleygreen@turley.co.uk

If you can please copy in the Parish Council on all replies sent, we can be kept up to date with the views of our residents.

Copy us in on haveyoursay@westparley-pc.gov.uk

13 July 2017
Online petition against the housing developement

Since the exhibition, the Parish Council has received a number of questions about how to add to the petition.

Whilst the Parish Council has had no involvement, here it is online.


12 July 2017
West Parley - a village with a big voice, media coverage from the exhibition and all the latest

West Parley Parish Council wishes to thank the hundreds of residents, from the village and the local community, for attending the Wyatt Homes Public Exhibition on 11th July.

For a superb article in the Stour and Avon magazine about the public reaction please click here.

For last nights Bournemouth Echo article please click here.

The plans are viewable on www.parleygreen.co.uk

Please send your comments to the Planning Consultants of the developers on parleygreen@turley.co.uk and copy in the Parish Council on haveyoursay@westparley-pc.gov.uk so we can fully defend the views of residents!

Have your say now before it is too late. The deadline for responses is 21st July 2017.

10 July 2017
Bournemouth Echo reports on new housing shock

For the full story from the Bournemouth Echo please click here.

7 July 2017
A338 improvements to start Autumn 2017

Improvements to the A338 are due to start in the Autumn 2017, for more information please click here.

7 July 2017
A31 Ringwood widening scheme goes to consultation

Residents may be interested in a proposed widening of the A31 at Ringwood, the scheme has now gone to consultation until 4th August 2017.

For more information please click here.

7 July 2017
Have your say now before it is too late!

West Parley Parish Council, with many kind helpers, will be delivering the attached flyer to the whole of West Parley following a meeting with the developers of the New Road site at Parley crossroads. The Parish Council was shocked on Monday night, by the outline proposal which far exceeds anything the village could have imagined. We encourage you to attend the public exhibition on Tuesday 11th July at West Parley Memorial Hall between 2pm – 8pm to view the plans and so that your voice can be heard.

A new dedicated email address has been set up by the Parish Council, for residents to comment on the proposal and the Parish Council asks to be copied in on views given to the developers. haveyoursay@westparley-pc.gov.uk

The Stour and Avon magazine has a full report, please click here.

To see the flyer the Parish Council has produced, which has more information, please click here.

4 July 2017
Parish Council meets Wyatt Homes, shocking new proposals revealed

West Parley Parish Council met with Wyatt Homes and their planning consultants last night, as part of the planning process for the development on the field at Parley Cross.

The Council is aware that the land has been allocated within the EDDC Core Strategy, and that the development will provide employment, but the main benefit of the development is to fund road improvements to resolve the horrendous road congestion that West Parley endures on a daily basis.

However, the Parish Council was shocked by the latest proposal and feel compelled to inform residents ahead of the Wyatt Homes exhibition on 11th July (2-8pm) at West Parley Memorial Hall.

The proposal presented last night:

  • more than a 25% increase in proposed dwellings from 320 to 420
  • the foodstore increased from 8-900 sq metres to 1900 sq metres
  • a Hotel, shopping parade and village square

There is huge concern over the road networks and the effectiveness of the link road to alleviate traffic pressure on Parley Crossroads, the most congested crossroad in East Dorset, not to mention the impact on our historic village.

More communications to follow.

3 July 2017
Parish Council Summer newsletter out now

Our Summer newsletter is out now, to catch up on all the latest please click here.

30 June 2017
Chapel Gate Roadworks due to start Monday 3rd July


Whilst the queues can be frustrating, please drive considerately through our village, and pay due respect for residents. Log onto Dorset For You to get travel alerts.

29 June 2017
Important news about West Parley housing developements, meeting 11th July

Important News

The planning consultants for Wyatt Homes, who are looking to put 320 houses on the field at Parley Cross, New Road, have written to a proportion of West Parley residents. The white envelopes may look like junk mail, but please take time to read the important flyer enclosed and do not just discard them with the rubbish.

Wyatt Homes Public Exhibition
West Parley Memorial Hall
11th July 2017, 2pm – 8pm

The Parish Council and residents have always strongly opposed the development of this site, until EDDC decommissioned the greenbelt status and adopted the site for development as part of their Core Strategy. We encourage you to come and view the exhibition and have your say.

This public exhibition is part of the planning process and gives YOU all the chance to review the plans, ask questions and seek answers to issues that will affect your day to day lives.

Whilst the public exhibition is a drop in session for residents, the Parish Council will have Councillors in attendance for the duration of the exhibition 2pm – 8pm.

Prior to the exhibition, the Parish Council are meeting the developers next week, as one of the formal consultees for the planning process. This is nothing more than ‘good planning practice’ and provides Councillors with information in advance of the exhibition, so they can better represent you, their residents. So do please come and let us know your thoughts.

Feel free to share this information. . . click here for more info.

29 June 2017
Parish Council Chairman Jonathan Heath resigns

Please be advised the Jonathan Heath has resigned from the Parish Council with immediate effect. Councillors wish to thank Mr Heath for his contributions as Chairman and wish him well on future endeavours.

14 June 2017
Witness appeal following serious injury road traffic collision in West Parley

Officers are appealing for witnesses to a road traffic collision that left a motorcyclist with a serious leg injury.

Just before 6pm yesterday, Tuesday 13 June 2017, a collision occurred on Christchurch Road in West Parley, by the junction with Church Lane. The collision involved a black Yamaha motorcycle and a red Volkswagen Transporter panel van. The motorcyclist, a 59-year-old man from the Bournemouth area, was flown by air ambulance to Southampton Hospital after suffering a serious leg injury. His pillion passenger, a 36-year-old Bournemouth woman, was also taken to hospital but her injuries are not believed to be serious. The driver of the van was uninjured.

Officers have praised the members of the public who went to assist the injured motorcyclist. Sergeant Fern Graham, of the traffic unit, said: "I commend the action of all those people who stopped to help and would like to publicly thank them. While the injured man has suffered serious life changing injuries, if it was not for their brave intervention the outcome could have been even more tragic. I would also like to thank members of the public for their patience while the scene was examined."

Officers are also appealing for anyone witnesses to the collision, or anyone who witnessed either vehicle in the area prior to the collision, to contact police.

8 June 2017
Glenmoor Road litter bin issue, please be aware

The Parish Council installed the bin on Glenmoor Road, to help alleviate litter issues by the bus stop and to keep the area litter free for residents. We have been grateful to the Doctors surgery who have been emptying this for the last few years.

Unfortunately, in recent weeks, there has been an increasing frequency of household waste being deposited, in volume.

Last week a box of bottles and large bag of rubbish were left and today 4 bags of household and animal waste were deposited.

This is unacceptable and cannot continue. The Council will have no alternative other than to remove the bin, if this does not cease.

We ask residents to be vigilant and note down number plates of cars and report anyone witnessed depositing volume of rubbish, so that the appropriate authorities can be informed.

7 June 2017
Ferndown South and West Parley Neighbourhood Watch Newsletter, Summer Issue out now!

The excellent newsletter from our brilliant Neighbourhood Watch team is out now, click here!

7 June 2017
Increased security for the Recreation Ground

Additional security measures have been installed at the rear of the Parish Council's Recreation Ground, to compliment the boulders and roller installed at the main entrance.

Hopefully these measures will ensure the Recreation Ground remains accessible for all residents to enjoy.

7 June 2017
Bournemouth 7s, did any residents experience any problems?

Following the Bournemouth 7s festival, the Parish Council would like to hear from residents who may have experienced problems this year. Please email details to enquiries@westparley-pc.gov.uk.

We would like to have a debrief with the organisers following the event, in the coming weeks, as it appears there have been increased issues this year. Problems can only be resolved if they are brought to our attention, and we will endeavour to speak on behalf of the residents of West Parley.

7 June 2017
Public Notice - Traveller update

We can confirm that, within less than 16 hours of their arrival, the travellers have been moved on & are no longer on the West Parley Memorial Hall car park. Thanks to Dorset Police and the DCC liaison officer for their assistance.

A huge thank you also goes out to all the many residents who kindly raised the alarm. It is by your swift action, that we have been able to resolve the situation so quickly.

6 June 2017
Help needed at heritage project

Having received planning permission to build a replica Iron Age roundhouse at their camp at Dudsbury in West Parley, Bournemouth Guides will soon start the work, using local materials as much as possible. They need to find a local source of willow, birch and hazel branches as well as cow manure later on to mix with soil and straw to spread over the framework to seal it and need water reed to make the roof. If anyone can help provide any of these materials or know a source please phone Doug Webb on 01202 572665. . full details.

8 May 2017
Can you help West Parley look fabulous for the Dorset best Kept Village Competition?

Anything from cutting a verge, to picking up litter, to planting flowers etc ... together, we can make a difference.

West Parley is extremely lucky to have a team of volunteers who distribute leaflets, water the planters, tidy verges, litter pick etc ..... if you have any spare time to help, more volunteers are always welcome. . see the poster.

8 May 2017
Temporary road closure notice for Bournemouth Sevens Festival

Parley Lane sliproad at the Chapel gate roundabout is to be closed during the end of May bank holiday weekend for the Bournemouth Sevens Festival more.

27 April 2017
The West Parley Official Guide is out now

The new Parish Guide is ready, and will be delivered in June. . have a look!
You might also want this local map.

26 April 2017
West Parley enters the Dorset Best Kept Village awards for 2017, can 2016 success be repeated?

West Parley Residents Association has entered the village in the Dorset Best Kept Village awards for 2017. After coming second in the Large Village category at the first entry in 2016 it is hoped that a first place will be within reach this year.

And after also winning the Environmental Champions award in 2016, the village has entered the Peoples Project category of this year’s awards for the work being led by the Girl Guides as landowners of part of the Dudsbury Iron Age hill fort. . .full story.

13 April 2017
The Recreation Ground is at its best this sunny afternoon - freshly cut and ready for residents to enjoy!

3 April 2017
proposed New Road developement latest

The Parish Council is currently unaware of any discussions with Planning in relation to the proposed New Road development.

We will continue to watch carefully, as their website states that a planning application is due to be submitted sometime in 2017. As soon as there is anything to report, all usual communication channels will be used to keep residents updated. . more.

3 April 2017
Easter dates at St Mark's

For all the details of Easter Service at St Mark's church please click here.

3 April 2017
The Wildlife Friendly Gardening Competition 2017

Dorset Wildlife Trust is now accepting applications for the 2017 Wildlife Friendly Gardening Competition, closing date 26th May 2017. You don't need to have a huge garden and it doesn't have to be immaculately weeded to enter this competition. Judging takes place in May and June and we will contact you to arrange a convenient time to visit your garden.

Private gardeners, schools, housing associations and formal or informal community groups of any sort can enter. The judges will be assessing your garden for how much effort you put in to creating wildlife habitats and what you do to attract wildlife in your garden. Use the online form to itemise the evidence and preferably send us some photos too. There is also a category for rented properties. . more.

3 April 2017
welcome to new Parish Councillor Lynn Wilson

Lynn Wilson is the newest West Parley Parish Councillor, she signed up on 15th March at the Parish Council meeting. Her bio reads - "My working life has been in education, firstly as a teacher then Head Teacher and latterly as a trouble shooter and consultant. I have worked around the UK and overseas including Indonesia, Jordan and Africa. I am an advocate of human rights, a member of Amnesty International and as such support schools throughout Dorset and Hampshire. I am an animal lover and Amy is my adopted Orangutang at Monkey World. I have eight grand children and am keen to support my local community and provide a better future for its residents."

A big welcome to Lynn from all the parish Council team.

30 March 2017
Suspicious activity reported in the Dudsbury Avenue area - please remain vigilant and look after vulnerable neighbours

The Ferndown Central Neighbourhood Policing Team report that two males in a white van have been approaching residents in the Dudsbury Avenue area purporting to be looking for landscaping work. One of these males has been identified as possibly being involved in a garage break early last month. Please report any suspicious sightings on 101.

28 March 2017
Neighbourhood Watch - can you help? A volunteer is needed to look after part of Glenmoor Road

Neighbourhood Watch Schemes help to reduce the rate of crime in communities where they flourish, they are wholly run by local volunteers. It needs a commitment by the active members of a few hours each year, to keep in touch with neighbours, distribute the Magazine, collect the annual subscription and keep alert to crime and anti social behaviour in their locality. . all the details.

27 March 2017
Notice Of Election for one Parish Councillor

Notice is given for the election of one Councillor to West Parley Parish Council. For nomination papes, dates, all the details please click here.

24 March 2017
Dudsbury Hill Fort project, all the details

For all the details on the superb work being done in the Dudsbury Hill Fort please click here.

23 March 2017
West Parley & South Ferndown Neighbourhood Watch, Annual Public Meeting

neighbourhood watch

Our local neighbourhood Watch covers the whole of West Parley, part of Longham, and Ferndown south east of the Ringwood Road. Some 1,500 residents are members of the Watch, supported by a strong body of volunteers: as Area Coordinators, responsible for several roads within the NHW area; and as street Contacts. Almost every road has its own NHW Contact as the "local face" of the NHW, distributing the NHW quarterly Community Newsletter and keeping a neighbourly eye on their "patch".

The NHW organisation was created in the USA in 1964 and in the UK dates back to the 1980s. The first Ferndown NHW was first formed in 1983. The NHW Mission is: "To bring neighbours together to create strong, friendly, active communities where crime and anti-social behaviour are less likely to happen. Our vision is that of a caring society that is focused on trust and respect in which people are safe from crime and enjoy a good quality of life. Neighbourhood Watch is about making sure that no one has to feel afraid, vulnerable or isolated in the place where they live."

Our own, local NHW is an active and vital contributor to the well-being of our neighbourhood.

The Watch will hold its 2017 Annual General Meeting for the public on Tuesday 18 April, at St Mark's Church, West Parley, starting at 7.30pm. The meeting will hear about the activity of the Watch, current crime trends, and take questions.

The Guest Speaker will be Jake Moore, Cyber Crime Prevention Officer, Dorset Police. Cybercrime is the No 1 threat to every person. Jake Moore will help residents to better understand the threat and how to deal with it.

All local residents are welcome and are encouraged to attend, whether they are current members of the Watch or not… and there will be tea and cakes!

14 March 2017
Don't hedge your bets - RSPB guidlines for cutting your hedge

Its getting to that time of year, spare a thought for the smaller residents. The RSPB has useful guidlines on cutting your hedge, www.rspb.org.uk/our-work/rspb-news/news/369740-dont-hedge-your-bets.

14 March 2017
Help for the disabled or physically unable to move your bins

Did you know that in certain circumstances you can request assistance with moving your waste bins for collection?

If you are disabled or physically unable to move your bins and there is no one else who can help, you can request for DWP to collect them from a point on your property, such as your back door. This is called an assisted collection.

For more information and an online form please see the website, www.dorsetforyou.gov.uk/recyclefordorset/exceptions, or print out and use this paper version.

6 March 2017
Dorset Police officers to appear on Jeremy Kyle on Monday night (6th March)

Dorset Police officers are set to feature in an ITV documentary with Jeremy Kyle on Monday night at 8pm. Residents may be interested as some of the filming was in Ferndown.

Kyle Files investigates high-profile issues that impact on people's lives across Britain, with the next episode focusing on dangers at the wheel.

Jeremy joined officers from the No Excuse and Traffic teams back in October to film the 30 minute documentary covering a speeding motorcyclist, a drug driver, a person using a mobile phone at the wheel and Operation Dragoon - our approach to tackling the most dangerous road users.

Dorset Police will be tweeting throughout the programme using the hashtag #KyleFiles asking members of the public to submit any questions in relation to the programme and road safety.

Questions will be answered during a LIVE Facebook Q&A video from the Dorset Police Facebook account immediately after the programme with Inspector Stu Pitman, Police Constable Simon Hatch and Special Constable Kier Dagnall who are all featured in the show.

Speaking during filming, Jeremy Kyle, said: "I think it goes to show that certainly here in Dorset, this force is doing everything in a proactive way to prevent and try and end death and injury on their roads. Thumbs up to them - fascinating."

Inspector Stuart Pitman, of Dorset Police, said: “This provided a great opportunity to promote the hard work of Dorset officers in reducing road casualties to a national audience.

"I am pleased we are able to demonstrate our strategy in both targeting high-risk road issues and addressing community concerns, which has successfully contributed to the reduction of the number of people killed and seriously injured on Dorset roads during 2016."

To submit a question to be answered at 8.30pm live on the Dorset Police Facebook account, please email webchat@dorset.pnn.police.uk or tweet @DorsetPolice including the hashtag #KyleFiles

21 February 2017
Rogue Traders in West Parley, please be alert

This is a message from PCSO Kate Hann of Ferndown Central Police.

Following a report from a resident in the West Parley area, we are encouraging residents to be alert to suspicious vehicles and persons in areas of predominantly elderly people, who may be offering to complete unnecessary work or gardening on a door to door basis.

The information we have received relates to a white Ford transit van and two males.

Investigations are continuing but can we please ask that you check on any vulnerable people in your area and that anything that doesn't "feel right" probably isn't and if this is the case, then please give us a call on 101 with as much information in regards to vehicle details or descriptions as soon as possible.

Please remember that if a crime is in progress or life is in danger, then please continue to use the 999 number.

Please spread the word and lets get people safe in their own homes.

27 January 2017
Parish Council latest newsletter out now

The Parish Council winter newsletter is out now, to catch up on what has been going on please click here.

23 January 2017
National enforcement campaign against motorists using mobile phones begins

Dorset Police is working with police forces nationally in the first of a series of enforcement campaigns to crackdown on those who use their phones when driving.. . .more.

23 January 2017
Its a winter wonderland, see the photos!

Our smallest residents have been at work, please click any photo to enlarge.

23 January 2017
The Repair Shop - new BBC2 show looking for sentimental items

A new BBC2 show is looking for items of sentimental value to be repaired. . .more.

12 January 2017
A338 - Final scheme assessment highlights additional barrier work

Work will return to the A338 between Ashley Heath Roundabout and Blackwater Junction following the final assessment of the reconstruction scheme.

Five days of work are planned for the southbound carriageway - with one lane closed - while a section of barrier between Hurn Road bridge and the pumping station is extended and part of the verge is landscaped to reduce the gradient.

Starting after the morning rush hour on Monday 16 January the southbound nearside lane will be closed until the evening of Friday 20 January to ensure the work can be carried out safely.

One day of work, off-peak from 9.30am to 4pm, during this week will also take place on the northbound carriageway - with a rolling works crew - so that three sites in the verge at the northern end of the road can be landscaped to improve their gradients.

These areas of barrier and verge works were identified in the end of scheme assessment and the work will reduce the risk of injury should a vehicle leave the road.

10 January 2017
Outbreak of Avian Flu at Abbotsbury swannery, keep your birds safe

Following the very sad outbreak of Avian Flu at Abbotsbury swannery, DEFRA has released a pamphlet on how to keep your birds safe from Avain Flu.

6 January 2017
Tesco Bags of Help - we need your help

The Parish Council's bid with Tesco Bags of Help, is currently in stores from 2nd to 28th January. West Parley Parish Council is calling on people to support our application by popping your coloured disc in the relevant box in local stores. (West Parley, Ferndown, Glenmoor Road)

We are seeking funding assistance with a project to install outdoor gym equipment in the Recreation Ground which will be available for all residents and visitors to the Council's recreation ground to use. It is hoped that it will encourage fitness amongst residents, parents who can work out while their children play on the lovely wooden playground and build on the success of the village’s Wednesday Health Walks.

You should receive a disc every time you shop, if not please ask for the disc and pop them in the box to support West Parley in receiving funding from the Tesco Bags of Help scheme. Thank you and fingers crossed.

21 December 2016
Have your say - Police Funding

Click here to take the survey.

The following is a message from Martyn Underhill, the Police & Crime comissioner for Dorset

I have launched my consultation on whether the policing element of Council Tax should be raised in Dorset. In the last five years, Dorset Police’s budget has been cut by £19m in real terms by central Government and will continue to be cut by £1m every year for the next three years.

The Chief Constable has formally requested that I raise the precept to allow the Force to meet the challenges facing policing. A maximum rise of £3.80 per year in Council Tax would generate £1.07m income, meaning we would have roughly the same amount of money as this year, taking into account our ongoing government cuts.

Last year, over 4,000 residents responded to the consultation with 82% supporting a rise. This money was invested in:

  • Employing extra investigators dedicated to investigating child abuse and protecting vulnerable children.
  • Helping to create a Multi-Agency Safeguarding Hub with partners such as councils and the NHS, to increase joined-up working to protect vulnerable people.
  • Increasing the number of officers in the cybercrime intelligence and investigation team, and enhancing the software available to them to identify sexual and violent offenders.
  • Recruitment of a dedicated cyber-crime prevention officer to educate businesses and residents on staying safe online.
  • Relaunching the Dorset Police website to make it easier to access information, interact with local Neighbourhood Policing Teams and to report crime online.

If Council tax were to be raised in 2017/18, this would be invested in:

  • Protecting adults at risk of harm: Including enhancing our ability to prevent and investigate abuse of older people, which is a trend in Dorset and nationally.
  • Improving our response to common, non-emergency types of crime: Investing in Appointment Cars to visit victims and take details at prearranged times.
  • Continue to embrace new technology: Including further enhancements to Dorset Police’s website, such as the ability to make payments online rather than by post.

I would welcome your feedback on this important topic and hope you are able to spare a few minutes to share your views. Please click the blue text above to be taken to the survey. Thank you for your support.

19 December 2016
Parley Volunteers win Brownie points

Dudsbury Guide Camp, situated on the site of an ancient hill fort was secured as a Girl Guide camp in 1931.

Now the guides have teamed up with Bournemouth University and volunteers from West parley Residents Association to uncover some of the site's secrets. The guides are delighted to have secured a heritage lottery fund grant of £32,300 for their project.

To assist the guides the Parley Volunteer group have cleared approximately 250 metres of bracken, brambles and rhododendron as the guides hope to construct a permissive pathway along the southern edge of the fort's ramparts. This will reveal some of the commanding views from Christchurch to Wimborne that made this such a strategic site for a fort. A new footpath is to be created in order to help local walkers take in these views and a team from Bournemouth University is to undertake a geophysical ground survey to determine some of the archaeology under the subsoil.

Ultimately a heritage trail will explain the role played by the fort as walkers traverse the footpath.

There is little photographic evidence of the campsite before 1931 so if any local residents have any old photographs please contact the Girlguiding Division Commissioner Debbie Thorpe at debbiethorpe@hotmail.co.uk

6 December 2016
DCC by-election result, Councillor Andrew Parry elected to represent West Parley

Dorset County Council by-election result. Councillor Andrew Parry joined Councillor Barbara Manuel on the District Council earlier this year and he now also represent West Parley as County Councillor. . . more.

26 November 2016
Notice of Poll for the upcoming Election on 1 December 2016

A poll for the election of a County Councillor for Ferndown will be held on Thursday 1 December 2016, between the hours of 7.00am and 10.00pm. . more.

26 November 2016
Consultation on fairer adult social care and support, have your say

On 1 December Dorset County Council are launching a 10 week public consultation as part a review of adult social care charging policy.

The review covers four main areas:

  • The financial means-test that works out how much a person can afford to contribute, if anything, towards their adult social care
  • Paying for care
  • "Top-up" payments for residential care
  • Information and advice.

For further information please see the DCC website. . .www.dorsetforyou.gov.uk/fair-charges

21 November 2016
Rubbish reminder for residents

Residents are reminded to check that they are placing the right rubbish / recycling in the correct bins. Details can be found on Dorset For You via the attached link. Additional notices are on all the Parish Council Community Noticeboards around the village and copies are shown here for ease.

Please remember : You run the risk of your bin not being emptied, should the wrong items be placed in any bin. . . .www.dorsetforyou.gov.uk/right-stuff-right-bin

17 November 2016
Carols carols carols!

Two lovely community events are announced:

Carols by Parley First School - Monday December 12th, 3.30pm outside the Glenmoor Rd shops, there will be mince pies and hot chocolate too!. . more

Carols at All Saints Church - Saturday Decmber 17th, 6.30pm to 7.30pm, come and enjoy music, mulled wine, mince pies and candlelight in this beautiful Saxon church. . .more

15 November 2016
Flooding, get your sandbags

Both Christchurch and East Dorset Councils have a policy of trying to provide free sandbags to any resident or business in need at times of high flood risk. They will do their best to deliver these to the areas in most urgent need at the time but, as in previous years, it may not always to possible to deliver to individual properties. Residents in need, or their representatives (including T&PCs) can obtain filled sandbags from the following locations:

Furzehill Council Offices (yard adjacent to car park)
Christchurch Civic Offices (brick store, rear of Civic)

They currently have over 300 filled sandbags at both venues. They also have in excess of 9,000 empty sandbags stored under cover at Grange Road, Christchurch, which they will start to fill if they have an EA warning of flooding in our patch. The Housing Team have plans to arrange temporary accommodation if residents need to move from their property and have a Emergency Plan in place to deal with flooding and other emergencies.

1 November 2016
Out and about in West Parley - lovely photos taken by resident

West Parley resident (and Parish Clerk) Linda leeding has been out and about enjoying the lovely autumnal weather in beautiful West Parley.

Why not pop over to the Local Walks page and take some time out to enjoy the beauty of where we live?

If you have any lovely recent photos of West Parley or from any time in the past that you would like to share, please attach them to an email, and it will be included on our new Gallery page which will be coming soon.

29 October 2016
Information for all - intruiging new signs installed

Kenny Pearce and John Cullen at the Recreation Ground

New signs have recently been installed in West Parley by the Parish Council to inform both Residents and Visitors about what the village is all about and what it has to offer. The large signs give details of the long history of the village alongside a large scale map with all the key points of interest, including shopping, leisure and sports facilities and a large amount of community information.

Installed close to the Recreation Ground off Christchurch Road and Parley First School on Glenmoor Road, the signs are of a striking, attractive design that is already drawing a lot of attention. Former Parish Councillor John Cullen, who worked on the project said "The aim is to raise awareness of our long heritage and continue to keep our Residents up to date with what is going on here and how they can get involved in community activities".

The signs style, layout and formatting was done by local resident Kenny Pearce, whose business, Kaptivate, specialises in Graphic Design for Websites and Print medias. Kenny said "The sign has been specifically designed to appeal to all our local age groups as well as the many visitors we get here in West Parley. Each year there are thousands of people who attend many local events, or come here to play football and cricket. There is much to see in Parley and we wanted everyone to be aware of the village and to know about and enjoy everything around them."

"The signs are proving to be quite a mysterious conversation topic too as there are 5 images of Pears hidden throughout the map and graphics on the new signs. Just for fun and intrigue, the viewers of the new signs are asked to see if they can find all 5 hidden images of the Pears on the map. I picked the image of Pears because it is believed that the name Parley originally has links to the Saxon word for Fields of Pears. The fifth image is quite small and many are finding this tricky to locate on the map; but I can assure everyone it is there if you look hard enough. The kids are finding them a lot more easily than the adults too!"

29 October 2016
Notice of Election - one Dorset County Councillor to be elected for Ferndown

A local by-election will take place on Thursday 1st December 2016 if this election is contested. For nomination papers and more information. . more

3 October 2016
Well done West Parley!

West Parley had a double success in the Dorset Best Kept Village Awards presented this week. Not only did the village win runner up status in the Large Village category of the Best Kept Award but also won the Environmental Award for the improvements made to Parley Wood. These are amazing results as this is the first time that the West Parley Residents Association has entered this competition.

The award in the Best Kept category reflects the hard work of all the village volunteers who keep the village tidy by clearing verges, maintain roadside planters and constantly litter pick their local roads but also the good state of businesses premises, the churchyard and open spaces. Judges particularly commented on the excellent condition of the Recreation Ground.

The Environment Award was given to recognise the work done over the last 5 Winters by a determined groups of volunteers who have been clearing away huge amounts of invasive holly along with birch and hazel saplings from Parley Wood to restore the natural woodland of mature oak. Access has been greatly improved by improving pathways round the Wood and signage installed to help an increasing number of visitors understand this valuable local area.

3 October 2016
Two councillors join the Parish Council

We were pleased to welcome 2 new Councillors at the Parish Council meeting on 21st September, Phillip Bamborough and, returning after a short break, Malcolm Plascott.

There are currently 2 vacancies on the Council and should you feel you would like to get involved please send enquiries to enquiries@westparley-pc.gov.uk

16 September 2016
Reshaping your councils - Consultation on unitary proposals for Dorset

As you may be aware, Dorset's councils are considering reducing the number of local authorities in the county from nine to two, and want to hear the views of their town and parish councils about the changes being proposed.

Your Parish Council is discussing this on Wednesday 19th October at the monthly meeting at the MS Center, and the participation and views of residents are very much invited. Please get in touch and let us know what you think. You may find many of your questions about the reorganisation answered in this useful FAQ document.

16 September 2016
Dorset Police launch Community Road Safe evenings

In conjunction with SafeWise, Dorset & Wiltshire Fire and Rescue Service and Kwik Fit, Dorset Police is providing free Community Road Safe evenings for the public in an attempt to improve road safety across the county. There are yearly fluctuations in the numbers of people killed and seriously injured on our roads, and it is the careless driver behaviour behind these statistics that the Community Road Safe evenings aim to address.

In line with Force priorities, the workshops form part of Dorset Police's proactive efforts to "reduce the number of people seriously harmed" across Dorset. The innovative Community Road Safe evenings will be funded directly from Driver Awareness Scheme course payments paid by motorists who break the law and compromise the safety of all road users. The sessions will cover general road user information, the "Fatal Five" causes of collisions and what you can do to reduce the likelihood of being involved yourself.

There will be an opportunity to speak with your local Neighbourhood Policing Team and Community Speed Watch Liaison Officer about what is available to keep you and your family safe on Dorset roads. A Kwik Fit representative will also be on hand to assist with basic car safety checks and hand out car goody bags and vouchers. Inspector Matt Butler of the Alliance Roads Policing Team, said: "It doesn't matter whether you're a new driver wanting to increase your confidence on the roads or an older driver who hasn't had any additional training since the day you passed your test, all motorists can benefit from refresher sessions.

"It isn't always reckless drivers that cause collisions. Any driver can cause serious injury to themselves or others if they are not paying attention. Educating those who have broken the law is very important, but this initiative will provide motorists with the skills and information they need to prevent them from breaking the law or being involved in a collision in the first place."

Dorset Police and Crime Commissioner, Martyn Underhill, said: "Between 2010 and 2015, road death statistics in Dorset have varied year on year from 17 to 26 fatalities. The unpredictable nature of collisions underlines the importance of ensuring all road users get refresher education to reduce the likelihood of being involved in such tragedies. In my election campaign, I committed to working with local charities to raise awareness of road safety to the general driving population and this new partnership is an excellent example of that. One simple, careless mistake can significantly change not only your own life, but the lives of others and I would encourage as many people as possible to take part in these innovative education events."

The free workshops will run from 6pm to 8.30pm in locations across the county:

  • Thursday 29 September - SafeWise, Bournemouth
  • Tuesday 4 October - SafeWise, Weymouth
  • Wednesday 12 October - Blandford Fire Station
  • Thursday 20 October - Bridport Fire Station
  • Tuesday 1 November - Shaftesbury Fire Station

If you want to enhance your skills, confidence and safety on the road, visit the SafeWise at www.safewise.org/bookings/community-road-safe for more information and book your space by emailing crs@safewise.org

9 September 2016
Overgrown vegetation, we need your help!

Now is the time of year when the Council writes to residents if garden vegetation is encroaching on the public highway. They are asked to cut back their overgrown hedges and trees to ensure the pavements and highways remain clear. There are guidelines of height and width requirements set out by Dorset County Council, and the Parish Council encourages residents to have a look at all their boundary hedges and trees, especially at the side or rear of properties. In West Parley, we are extremely lucky that many residents do keep the village looking tidy and the Residents Association volunteers regularly help to maintain the verges. However, we do ask that residents cut back hedges which encroach over the pavements or highways to ensure the pavements are retained at their optimum width. This helps to aid accessibility around the village for everyone and stops people getting showered in water when brushing passed them during the oncoming winter months.

If you do receive a letter from the Council, your support is encouraged in helping the Parish Council maintain the appearance of the village for all residents.

8 September 2016
New Road temporary evening closure

Due to issues with the road surface between Ensbury Bridge and Northbourne Roundabout, Bournemouth Borough Council is surface treating this length to improve its durability and skid resistance. The works are being undertaken in the evening to reduce disruption to residents and commuters and, to reduce the time to undertake the works, a temporary road closure was required. Prior to the works commencing notices and signs were placed on site warning of this road closure.

Last evening there was a breakdown on part of the equipment being used and this will, unfortunately, extend the works into additional evenings.

10 August 2016
Stepping Into Nature Survey

Stepping into Nature, helping to improve health and wellbeing for older people, those living with dementia and their carers with opportunities to explore, experience and enjoy the area's outstanding coast and countryside together.. . more.

6 July 2016
Wanted - Electoral Registration canvasser

Every year Electoral Registration must undertake an annual canvass, and canvassers are wanted to cover the whole of Christchurch Borough and East Dorset District. . more.

27 June 2016
respected District and County Councillor John Wilson dies

It is with great sadness that the Parish Council shares the news that District and County Councillor John Wilson, died earlier this week. John was a stalwart of our Community and his dedication to duty was unparalleled.

He will be greatly missed and our thoughts are wife his wife and family, at this very sad time.


27 June 2016
Thank you to West Parley Volunteers!

We've just received the following email .... "I wish to compliment the 4 gentlemen that were busy cutting back the grass overgrowth and restoring our Fitzpain pavement to us. Well done."

If you would be interested in joining the volunteers in keeping West Parley neat and tidy, please do get in touch.

27 June 2016
possible change of Waste Collection days

Please be advised that waste collections days may change in West Parley from 1st July 2016. Please keep a look out for a letter in the post. More information can be found on the Dorset for You website and entering your post code in the "localised to ..." box on the right hand side of the home page.

10 June 2016
Doorstep Crime, be sure who's at your door

We are now entering the time of year when Rogue Traders & Doorstep Crime is on the increase. We have already had two recent victims of distraction burglary in East Dorset.

This crime type is under reported- victims sometimes don't realise and can also be too embarrassed to contact the authorities. Please don't hesitate to report these incidents, however small. If you know of a friend, neighbour or relative that has been duped in this way- tell us and we will deal robustly.

If you wish to subscribe to email alerts, their website is www.dorsetalert.co.uk

6 June 2016
Chapel Gate roundabout scheme put on hold

A major £3.3million scheme to improve a busy junction near Bournemouth Airport has been put on hold. Dorset County Council and the Dorset Local Enterprise Partnership confirmed work at Chapel Gate has been postponed to allow the plans to be developed further.

A spokesperson for Dorset County Council said: "The current Chapel Gate scheme is on hold. Dorset County Council is working with the Dorset LEP on further assessment work to improve the junctions along the B3073 to ensure the most cost effective delivery of the transport schemes within the BIG programme."

LEP director, Lorna Carter said they wanted to look at the B3073 in its entirety, from Longham mini roundabouts to Blackwater. "It's really just a sense check before we fully commit to a scheme. The work on the A338 has been fantastic and we want time to take a proper look at what's next. We're trying to be responsive and see what the public really want."

She said the project had not been abolished and could be used once the reassessment had been completed. "Over the next couple of months it will be much clearer. We're looking at whether there is a different order we can do things in and if it would be better to do something different."

3 June 2016
What a change! Huge improvements in Parley Wood

Volunteers take a well earned break

After 6 months of hard work over the Winter by West Parley volunteers, residents of West Parley are seeing the benefits of removing dense undergrowth from Parley Wood.

A huge amount of invasive holly has been cleared along with small birch and hazel trees to allow more light into the Wood. This has encouraged flora and fauna to inhabit the Wood that could not survive previously. These improvements are being monitored by local conservationists who have welcomed the considerable changes being seen.

Public access has also been improved. For many years the ancient wood has suffered from boggy, indistinct and overgrown pathways. Parish volunteers have widened and defined pathways, removed trip hazards and installed boardwalks where needed.

Parley Wood is the last large areas of natural woodland in West Parley and is shown on maps hundreds of years old. The wood was used as a managed resource, supplying oak timbers for ships and buildings and hazel coppiced to provide material for local buildings and fencing.

This tradition for the reuse of natural materials continues as some of the cut trees have been used to create a new woodland play area for very young children at the West Parley Recreation Ground.

The clearance project started some 5 years ago with work being done each Winter under an agreed work schedule. It has been entered for a Peoples Project Award as part of the Dorset Best Kept Village competition.

25 May 2016
West Parley has two new residents!

The informal play area, partly made from recycled material from Parley Wood, is well underway for little people to enjoy. Plus, the Children's Play Area has 2 new residents for the younger visitors to the park!

24 May 2016
new Parish Council Chairman elected

The Parish Council is pleased to announce that Jonathan Heath was elected as the new Chairman at the Annual Parish meeting on May 18th. We wish him all the best in his new role.

11 May 2016
Changes at the Rec Ground, let us know your thoughts

West Parley Parish Council is continually looking at how we can improve the Recreation Ground for residents to get into the fresh air and enjoy this asset. The informal play area using mainly recycled materials is well underway for the smallest of WP residents, and additions are soon to be installed in the main Play Area in the form of 2 springer seats. To support the fresh air and fitness, West Parley has extremely successful weekly Health Walks and are currently running a course of fitness training sessions for the next 3 months at just £1 per week. Parley Woods has been made more accessible by the installation of boardwalks and there is also a weekly coffee morning.

Knowing the importance of maintaining a fit mind and body, we are considering the installation of a few pieces of outside gym equipment. Instructions on correct use would be displayed. Residents can pop along and exercise whilst the children play on the playground, or the dog runs about on the field or as part of a fitness regime. What would be of interest to you Cardio or resistance? Is there something else that you would like to see?

Please speak to a Councillor or email the Parish Clerk on Enquiries@westparley-pc.gov.uk to let us know what you think?

10 May 2016
DCC Roadworks Update, 3 in the area over the coming months

Longham Roundabouts, please note the works at Longham have been postponed.
We have worked closely with Arbor Venture Tree Care to book them in to carry out work on a hedge south of Longham double-mini roundabouts and opposite the car dealership, on behalf of a client. The work is required because the hedge is subject to a section 154 for being overgrown. Work will take place on Sunday (15 May) starting at around 9am and will be finished by 5pm. Temporary lights will be in use and will be manned for the duration.

New Road, Ferndown
Wessex Water, as part of their major project on Craigwood Drive, (Construction of a 6m diameter storage tank and associated infrastructure in the south eastern verge of Craigwood Drive/New Road a new 1.8m diameter manhole with accompanying pipework to be installed in the highway of craigwood drive. Both the verge, footpath and one lane of craigwood drive (surrounding the verge) will need to be closed to provide a suitable working area. These works also include the temporary widening of the carriageway at the entrance to Craigwood drive) have a Notice in for temporary lights on A347 New Road to provide an access track for heavy plant equipment and lorries to load/offload materials and remove waste from the site - between 16 May and 3 June

Coppins Development
Wessex Water will be carrying out work on B3073 Christchurch Road near the new development at the site of former Coppins Nursey (between Parley Cross and Longham) to install new and upgrade existing pipework for the sewerage system. Temporary lights will be in use 24hrs between 31 May and 29 July and will be manually controlled at a minimum of peak times weekdays. We have also asked Wessex to deploy portable variable message (matrix) signs to advise drivers and prepare a press statement in advance.

9 May 2016
Parish Council Chairman John Cullen resigns

Not unexpectedly, but we are sad to announce that John Cullen has resigned from the Parish Council and we would like to say a huge thank you to John for his hard work and commitment to the Parish Council over the last 5 years.

6 May 2016
A338 May night closures

In the countdown to the road reopening to four lanes, two weeks of night time road closures have been booked. As usual the A338 will be closed from the A31 Ashley Heath Roundabout to the A3060 Cooper Dean Roundabout on the following days:

  • 8pm Monday 16 May to 6am Tuesday 17 May
  • 8pm Tuesday 17 May to 6am Wednesday 18 May
  • 8pm Wednesday 18 May to 6am Thursday 19 May
  • 8pm Thursday 19 May to 6am Friday 20 May
  • 8pm Friday 20 May to 6am Saturday 21 May
  • 8pm Saturday 21 May to 6am Sunday 22 May
  • 8pm Sunday 22 May to 6am Monday 23 May
  • 8pm Monday 23 May to 6am Tuesday 24 May
  • 8pm Tuesday 24 May to 6am Wednesday 25 May
  • 8pm Wednesday 25 May to 6am Thursday 26 May
  • 8pm Thursday 26 May to 6am Friday 27 May
  • 8pm Friday 27 May to 6am Saturday 28 May

Contractors are currently on track to reopen the road to four lanes at the end of May - we will let you know as soon as we have an exact date!

28 April 2016
whats happening in Parley Wood?

Work stopped in Parley Wood
Volunteers have ended their Winter work sessions as the bird nesting season has started. The clearance of overgrown holly, silver birch and hazel has been going on since last October and large areas are now much more open and bright that will encourage a wider variety of flora and fauna in the 17 acre Wood. Defined paths have been created round much of the Wood and a large amount of wood chippings have been put down to make the pathways walkable in all weathers. Have a look round the Wood in the Summer. Saves a trip to the New Forest!

New Woodland play area
This is being built by West Parley volunteers next to the existing children's play area in the Recreation Ground. It is for smaller children to use and is being made of pre-used wood, tree trunks from recently felled local trees and cut branches from Parley Wood. The aim is to create a very low cost play area where the children can use their imagination to create their own play settings.

28 April 2016
Bournemouth 7s Festival update

This year's festival is from 27th to 29th May. Organisers have made great efforts to minimise the impact on West Parley with additional policing on site and up to Parley Cross and with local security and litter patrols. Hopefully this year's event will pass off without too many problems.

We are dependent on the direction of the wind as to how many of us are affected by the noise from the music but if any residents have any problems with what is happening they can phone the event Control Room on 01202 611272 or text on 07531754767 and they will deal with any issues. The music goes on till 1am but the sound levels are monitored by the Environmental Health Officer who is always on site.

The Parish Council does get details of any incidents at the site and complaints are fortunately very few in number.

18 April 2016
Police Alert - look out when parking in an isolated area

With spring arriving more people are taking the advantage of the beautiful country walks available in Dorset.

When parking in an isolated location please ensure you take any valuables with you. If your glove box contains no valuables leave it open to show opportunist thieves that your vehicle contains nothing of value.

If you witness anything suspicious please contact Dorset Police on 999 if a crime is in progress or 101 for non emergencies.

14 April 2016
Take part in Ferndown Poppy Walk

It is never too early to start raising funds for the Poppy Appeal and with this in mind the Ferndown branch of the Royal British Legion is holding its 3rd Ferndown Poppy Walk on St George's Day, Saturday 23rd April.

Starting at 11am from the RBL building in Church Road, the sponsored walk in aid of serving and ex-services men and women and families will follow a five-mile - or as much as you can manage - all-pavements route around the centre of Ferndown and Parley.

It is a fun, safe and stewarded walk for all ages and all the family - pram-pushers, dog walkers, grandma and grandad teams and school, pub and sports groups are all welcome. There will be a special prize for the best dressed entry. Entries and sponsor forms are available on the day or in advance from the RBL in Church Road, BH22 9ET.

14 April 2016
Become a volunteer for Good Neighbour service in Ferndown, West Parley and West Moors

Volunteers are needed for a scheme operating in Ferndown, West Parley and West Moors which gives a little help to others.

The Good Neighbour service was launched in December 2014. The scheme has been very successful, but the co-ordinator John Muggleton is keen for older people who haven't heard about it to know about the help on offer.

Do you need a light bulb changed, your batteries in your remote control replaced or your TV reprogrammed? Maybe you have some furniture that you need moving or some small items taken to the tip? Do you need your curtains taken down to enable you to wash them? These are just a few examples of the jobs volunteers can do.

The Good Neighbour scheme also offers a befriending service. Ring 01202 834034 any time during the day, seven days a week and your call will be answered by a person. Someone will get back to you the next working day and depending on the job they hope to find a volunteer within 48 hours. A small donation will be requested when the job is complete to cover expenses.

The Good Neighbour service is dependent on volunteers to deliver the service and we would like to encourage more to join this worthy service. All volunteers are trained and DBS (Disclosure and Baring Service) checked. They are also covered by public liability insurance. If you have some time spare during the day and interested in becoming a volunteer or for further information please ring Dawn Jones POPP (Partnership of Older Peoples Programme) Champion on 07825 206052. Or pop into the Barrington Centre - the Bar room, Ferndown on Thursday 22nd April between 10 and noon.

The service would also like to hear from anyone who is interested in becoming a deputy coordinator or treasurer.

Similar services also run in Wimborne and Corfe Mullen. For more information ring Sue Reynolds POPP Champion for Wimborne on 07760 769431.

12 April 2016
Proposed temporary road closure, Parley Lane, Chapel Gate

To facilitate traffic flow during the Bournemouth Sevens Festival at Chapel Gate, 11:00am 27th May until 09:00hrs 30th May, a temporary closure of the Chapel Lane sliproad at the Chapel Gate roundabout is proposed. . more. Please email the Clerk with any concerns.

18 March 2016
Police alert, hang up on fraudsters

Yesterday, a Ferndown resident received a phone call from a male pretending to be from the residents internet provider. The male had obtained some information on the resident's internet provider and with this, he managed to talk the resident into entering a code into his computer and entering his personal banking details, believing he would receive compensation.

We strongly advice not to give personal details over the phone, callers may pose at banks, internet providers and even police officers. If you have any suspicions, hang up and call back on a number found on legitimate webpages or statements. . more.

18 March 2016
A338 - plan ahead for Easter, a message from Dorset County Council

Although the timing of the end of phase one allowed us to reopen the road for the two week Christmas period, this won't be the case for phase four and Easter. We need to keep the current traffic restrictions on the A338 (a contraflow on the southbound carriageway) during the Easter Bank Holiday and two week school holiday.

We've squeezed the rebuild into nine months to avoid the summer season. Finishing phase 3 and waiting until after the Easter school holiday to start up again would cost us around four weeks of time, and would mean us finishing at the end of June.

Although there will not be a full consignment of workers on site during the Bank Holiday weekend, we equally couldn't afford to lose the time it would take to put the new layout in place, pull it in for the Easter weekend and put it back out afterwards.

Bournemouth and Christchurch are open for business as usual but drivers will need to plan ahead and think more carefully about their journey.

18 March 2016
Give parish councils the right to appeal planning decisions, your Parish Council needs your vote

The planning system is unfair. It is one of the few decision-making processes that gives no right of appeal to affected third parties. The government should introduce a limited third party right of appeal by giving parish councils a right to appeal planning decisions to the Planning Inspectorate.

There is a fundamental imbalance in the planning system. Under current rules, if a council refuses a planning application, the applicant is allowed to appeal to the Planning Inspectorate. If a council approves an application, no one has the right to appeal. With the national presumption in favour of sustainable development throwing the planning system into disarray, in the interest of justice, the government should give parish councils the right to appeal planning decisions

Please sign the online petition, search Google "online petition 110489", your Parish Council needs your vote.

15 March 2016
Roadworks for Barrack Road, Christchurch

Wessex Water are due to commence work on A35 Barrack Road from Clarendon Road to Stour Road in Christchurch, starting 29 March, as part of a scheme involving Internal work to Manholes and sewers to carry out lining and repair work.

Alongside closures of local roads off Barrack Road (being dealt with separately under normal procedures), there will also be lane closures on Barrack Road around Clarendon Road and temporary lights at its junction with Stour Road.

The schedule of the work is as follows:

  • Lane closures on Barrack Road at Clarendon Road - morning of 29 March until 1 April
  • Lane closures and temporary lights on Barrack Road at the jct with Stour Road 9.30am 6 Apr until 7 Apr.

The high impact work at Barrack Road and Stour Road is being kept to an absolute minimum and the temporary lights will be manually control at all times during the day (between 7am and 7pm).

Wessex Water are preparing a press statement and will be deploying high-visibility electronic message signs in advance and during, to warn and inform drivers.

2 March 2016
Traffic update - A338 closure and Matchams Lane temporary lights

There will be a northbound closure of the A338 on Friday night (4th March) to replace some temporary barrier, which was hit by a vehicle on Monday morning. The road will be closed to northbound traffic between Cooper Dean and Ashley Heath from midnight Friday 4 March for around 1 hour - reopening around 1am Saturday 5 March.

Also, on Friday 4 March there will be two-way lights on Hurn Road bridge (northern most bridge over the A338 which turns into Matchams Lane) from 9am to 3pm while our colleagues replace a damaged parapet.

24 February 2016
West Parley Mobile Library service to be withdrawn

There are a number of stops now confirmed for withdrawal and a list of these is attached. These stops are not meeting the combined usage criteria of four readers or less and an average of 10 items or less issued per visit. Some stops originally proposed for withdrawal have been reinstated as they now meet the criteria. For the areas where the service is being withdrawn we are working to provide alternative access to library services for those affected users. Based on the comments received and working together with local staff, we will arrange to offer alternative schemes such as the Good Neighbour scheme and Home Library service for those users who would like help in continuing to use the library service.

For details of the review and the stops to be withdrawn please click here.

For the new Mobile Library schedule please click here.

24 February 2016
Police alert - door trader in the Ferndown area

Dorset Police has received information of a door trader in the Ferndown area, claiming loft insulation is showing on computer that the loft insulation, fibre glass type is out of date and needs to be replaced.

The male then stated if it wasn't changed within 6 months the resident would be fined £1.900. Please do not deal with these individuals, you will not be fined if you don't have your insulation changed.

If you have any concerns regarding a company contact Trading Standards Tel 01305 224012 or www.gov.uk/doorstep-selling-regulations

21 February 2016
latest Ferndown South & West Parley N/Watch Newsletter out now

To see the latest newsletter from the Ferndown South & West Parley Neighbourhood Watch please click here

12 February 2016
Temporary lights on the B3073 Ham Lane

We have just been made aware of emergency gas works and temporary lights on the B3073 Ham Lane west of the garden centre. DCC have asked SGN to ensure the temporary lights are manually controlled at peak times. At this early stage, it is not known how long the lights are likely to remain in place.

10 February 2016
No changes to Church Lane

Recent articles in both the Echo and Stour and Avon magazine reported details of plans for a major local investment in roads, new business premises at the Airport and local housing. These plans are based on a press release by the Dorset Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP).

A map printed with these articles seems to show a new road going through Church Lane from New Road to Christchurch Road, mentions around 350 new homes being built at Parley and says all this will be done in 4 years. This has raised concerns with residents.

There is no mention that these are projects are already within the local Core Strategy and are not new projects. The map is inaccurate and misrepresents the existing proposals for link roads close to Parley Cross that will run well to the west of Church Lane.

The local housing plans are not finalised and are unlikely to be delivered in the short term.

10 February 2016
West Parley has a local Hero in Andrew Sill

West Parley has a local Hero in Andrew Sill. The Young Community Hero Award was presented to Andrew Sill from Ferndown Upper School. He was nominated by the school for his role with Ferndown Leisure Centre as their Ambassador for Disabled Activities. Within this role he promotes sporting activities for all types of disability, networks with schools, informing them of any new projects, pilot schemes or activities, works as an instructor for walking football, arranges friendly matches and attends meetings to promote sports for the disabled. Andrew has cerebral palsy which has meant that he has to modify activities in order to play the sports he loves, but that doesn't stop him from trying. . . full report and photo.

7 February 2016
Proposed Public Spaces Protection Order (PSPO) in West Parley Amenity Area

East Dorset District Council is consulting on the possibility of making a Public Spaces Protection Order (PSPO) in West Parley Amenity Area. The consultation period begins on 5 February 2016 and ends on 18 March 2016. The consultation questionnaire can be completed on Dorset for You at: https://www.dorsetforyou.com/article/421367/West-Parley-Amenity-Area-Public-Space-Protection-Order-consultation

Important documents to see are the draft order, the PSPO plan, and the questionnaire.

3 February 2016
A348 Ringwood Road, Ferndown - overnight roadworks and temporary lights

Dorset County Council have informed us that they have approved the use of temporary traffic lights on the A348 Ringwood Road north of Longham double-mini roundabouts to allow for Jetting and CCTV of highway drainage for a Section 278 application.

The times of the work have been pushed back slightly and are as follows: 10pm Saturday 6 Feb to 6am Sunday 7 Feb, 10pm Sunday 7 Feb to 4am Monday 8 Feb.

For info - "jetting and CCTV" of the drainage is to effectively clear out the drains and inspect them with cameras. They don't expect any significant disruption as a result of this work. For more information see http://www.dorsetforyou.com/TravelDorset

3 February 2016
B3073 Chapel Gate roundabout signalisation, west of Bournemouth Airport, also Hurn roundabout to be moved

The B3073 Chapel Gate roundabout signalisation project is programmed to start in September 2016, subject to planning permission, also the Hurn roundabout will be moved later as part of Dorset Local Enterprise Partnership's £40million bid to improve the roads around Bournemouth Airport, full details

2 February 2016
New Dorset County Council boundaries made law

New electoral boundaries for Dorset County Council have been approved by Parliament after an independent review.

The Local Government Boundary Commission for England published its final recommendations for changes to the county's electoral divisions last September following an eight-week public consultation.

The new boundaries have now been made law by an order of Parliament and will come into effect at the next county council elections in May 2017.

The changes mean Dorset voters will elect 46 county councillors - one more than at present.

Dorset will be divided into 40 county council areas called divisions, a reduction from the current 42. Six of these divisions – Bridport, Dorchester, Ferndown, Gillingham, Verwood and West Moors – will each be represented by two councillors. Two-councillor divisions have around twice the average number of voters and mean people can be represented fairly, without splitting communities in two. The other 34 divisions will each be represented by an individual county councillor.

Cllr Robert Gould, the Leader of the county council, said: "We are grateful to everyone who took the time to give their views during the boundary review. By taking part they have helped to make sure that local people are represented fairly and in a way that reflects the changing make-up of our communities."

As well as representing local people from their own divisions, county councillors have a shared responsibility for council services provided to the 418,000 Dorset residents and a total budget of £613m. More information about the role of county councillors and how to become one can be found at www.dorsetforyou.com/beingacouncillor

Reviews of electoral boundaries are done periodically to make sure that the number of voters represented by each councillor is roughly the same. The last review of Dorset County Council's boundaries was in 2004. Full details of the Dorset boundary changes, including maps, can be found at www.lgbce.org.uk, and the Dorset (Electoral Changes) Order 2016 at www.legislation.gov.uk/uksi/2016/64/contents/made

14 January 2016
Planning application for Karting at Bournemouth Sports Club

A planning application has been submitted by Matchams Karting Ltd to relocate their operation to Bournemouth Sports Club. The application can be viewed on Dorset For You website under the Christchurch Borough Council Planning and the reference number is 8/15/0508 or by clicking here.

Whilst the site is in Green Belt, a development of this nature complies with planning regulations requiring developments to be for sports activities and not to restrict the openness of the area. However, things like the repetitive noise and an increase in traffic could be cause for concern.

The proposal is in today's Bournemouth Echo

Deadline for comment is 8th February.

14 January 2016
Changes to More Bus service 13

Would residents please note that More Bus are making some amendments to the Number 13 to help improve puntuality given the A338 roadworks. . .full details

13 January 2016
Rural Bus Service Consulatation, have your say

Whilst West Parley is unaffected, Dorset County Council is proposing to save £500,000 from the subsidised bus network due to reductions in government funding, along with growing pressures on other areas of the DCC budget.

Most of the savings would be made by removing funding for services in rural areas that run around once a week. To prevent rural isolation, DCC will be encouraging the development of more community-based transport schemes for social or leisure purposes, which can be more responsive to local people’s needs, and which will also enable us to work with Health partners to support our Health and Wellbeing priority.

A four-week public consultation will start on Monday 11 January 2016 asking local people for their say on how the changes would affect them. . .list of routes. . . have your say.

9 January 2016
Ham Lane, Longham will reopen by 6pm, 8 January with temporary traffic lights

Ham Lane, Longham will reopen by 6pm, 8 January with temporary traffic lights around the Bournemouth Water working area, whilst they continue to fix to their burst water main.

The flooding has been caused by a combination of the burst main and the heavy rainfall experienced over recent days which has forced the closure of the road. We have cleared the drainage to ensure the water runs away more freely.

Bournemouth Water are having to order in a specialist part to fix the leak, and it is anticipated that work will be complete by Wednesday next week. The temporary lights will be manually controlled at peak times to keep disruption to a minimum.

6 January 2016
Did you pick up our wind chime?

Regular visitors to Parley Cross would have noticed the jingle of two sets of chimes, placed by the Council in the trees on the opposite side to the shops. Unfortunately one of them got blown down during the high winds a couple of weeks before Xmas. Someone could well have picked them up not knowing who the belonged to, taken them home and hung them in one of their own trees. If so, and the noise is now beginning to get on the new owner or neighbours nerves, we would love to have them back. They were quite pricey and they did add to the festive spirit. Please if you can take them to the Parley Barbers. Or put them through their letterbox. We can then share them with everyone again next Christmas.

5 January 2016
Emergency closure of Ham Lane, Longham

We have been advised by Bournemouth Water of a burst water main causing flooding of the road on Ham Lane between A31 Canford Bottom Roundabout and A348 at Longham. As a result the road has been closed on its entire stretch for through traffic to allow them to attend to the situation.

There is no further information available at this time with regards timescales.

4 January 2016
Temporary road closure of Dudsbury Crescent

Residents please note that a portion of Dudsbury Crescent will be closed from 1st Feb 2016 to 27th Mar 2016 to allow Wessex Water to construct a new sewer. .full details.

24 December 2015
Brighter Christmas in Parley

West Parley has looked a lot brighter this Christmas as a result of efforts by the Parish Council and local shops. Roadside Christmas decorations and tinsel have been put up for the first time on many railings at Parley Cross and along Christchurch Road and most shops have put up bright window displays.

With Christmas carols sung at Glenmoor Road shops for the first time, many houses covered in coloured lights and with new food and clothing bring banks well filled, the Christmas spirit was alive and well in the area.

Parish Council Chairman John Cullen said "The village has looked so good -thanks to everyone who did so much this year. We hope to put up more decorations in future."

16 December 2015
Carols for all in West Parley!

There was a great community event at 3pm on Manday Dec 14th, organised between the Parish Council, Parley First School and Glenmoor Road businesses. There was hot chocolate, mince pies and lots of Carols, great to see the Christmas spirit alive and well in West Parley!

16 December 2015
New event for home workers and freelancers in East Dorset

Christchurch and East Dorset Councils are launching a new event in Wimborne for freelancers, home workers and micro business owners.

The new weekly event aims to provide an informal environment for people to collaborate and interact with others who would usually be working from home. The new Business Jelly events will be held every Wednesday (commencing on 6th January 2016) at the Village Green Cafe (within the Allendale Centre) between the hours of 10.00am and 2.00pm. Every Business Jelly will be free to attend with Wifi provided by the Allendale Centre. . . more. . and even more.

16 December 2015
Thanks for collecting for the homeless

Many thanks to the residents of West Parley for all of the donations of warm winter clothing for the homeless. Obviously homelessness does not affect our village as such, so it is most gratifying that people should have willingly found over 350 items to be taken to The St Pauls Homeless Centre and the Y.M.C.A in Bournemouth. Both of whom send their heartfelt thanks. They assure me that all of the clothing collected, everything from socks to warm winter coats will be passed to "deserving" people without cost. I would like to thank Huttons Hair Salon in Glenmoor Road, and The Men's Hairdressers at Parley Cross, for gathering the clothing, And June Scott who collected from them virtually every day. Cllr M Plascott.

7 December 2015
Celebrate Christmas in West Parley

Come and enjoy Christmas carols performed by Parley First School, mince pies & hot chocolate on the 14th December from 3.30pm, in front of the parade of shops in Glenmoor Road . . more.

2 December 2015
Help and Care workshops

Are you a Carer? Do you care for a family member or friend? Caring for a family member or friend can be a rewarding and fulfilling experience. However, it can also present challenges especially when faced with new situations. Most carers need help and advice at some point so that the best of care can continue to be given.

Help and Care, in partnership with Dorset HealthCare, are running free, informal information workshops. You can attend any of the workshops listed on the timetable.

More info or 0300 111 3303 or www.helpandcare.org.uk or email: carerstraining@helpandcare.org.uk

25 November 2015
New Road, temporary traffic lights

There are temporary traffic lights on New Road between Dudsbury Road and Dudsbury Avenue. They are causing congestion at peak traffic flow times and drivers are asked to remain considerate to other drivers and take care if detouring through smaller residential roads. The lights are expected to be in place until the end of this week.

25 November 2015
Crime / Police public sessions in West Parley

The nights are drawing in and Christmas on the horizon, so residents are reminded to check their homes, cars and outbuildings are secure and to report any suspicious activity from indivudals or vehicles to the Police. Information on Police surgeries in the area can be found here.

Unfortunately some residents have received warnings from the Police following a recent spate of break-ins in West Parley. With the wonderful community spirit that West Parley enjoys, please look out for your neighbours, especially the elderly or living on their own.

19 November 2015
Temporary road closure at Parley Cross, night of Dec 7th

Will residents please note that for the night of December 7th from 21.00 until 06.00 on the morning of the 8th, there will be no left turn from Christchurch Road towards Kinson. .more.

19 November 2015
Dog fouling incident costs perpetrator £440

A Wimborne man who failed to clean up after his dog has been fined £220 and ordered to pay £200 costs and £20 victims surcharge.

Terry Corbin of Station Road, Wimborne was found guilty in his absence, at Weymouth Magistrates Court on 5 October, of allowing a dog in his charge to foul New Borough Road, Wimborne on 25 February 2015. This was under the provisions of the Fouling of Land by Dogs (East Dorset) Order 2010.

Mr Corbin was spotted by an East Dorset District Council Animal Welfare Officer not cleaning up after his dog. The officer approached him but he ran away, refusing to give his name and address.

As the officer chased after Mr Corbin she managed to flag down a passing police car and the police officers found Mr Corbin hiding behind a wall in a car park of some flats.

Cllr Barbara Manuel, Portfolio Holder for Community at East Dorset District Council, said: "This case shows that we’re not prepared to allow people to let their dogs foul the pavements and not pick up after them. Dog fouling, apart from being unpleasant for anyone treading in the mess, can be very unhealthy, particularly in young children who come across it."

16 November 2015
Support for community groups in West Parley

West Parley Parish Council is keen to encourage new community groups to form and to encourage the existing groups in a series of measures that will help residents to get involved in the community social scene.

Groups or individuals can apply to the Parish Council for grant funding. The application form can be obtained from the Parish Clerk Linda Leeding on 07979 853697 or here. For eligibility criteria please click here.

Anyone planning to set up a new group or event may not be sure of the local reaction to this so the Parish Council will pay for the hire of local public space for the first 3 meetings for new groups. This offer is for West Parley residents only and not for commercial organisations or political groups.

There are many groups operating in the village and residents are encouraged to get involved in local organisations and meet local people. Many residents help out keeping the village tidy, clear litter, distribute leaflets and help local car transport schemes.

For details of all local groups please click here.

12 November 2015
Give toys to bring Christmas joy

Spread some festive joy this Christmas and donate to the Daily Echo toy appeal. The Echo is joining up with The Rainbow Fund and The Trussel Trust, to collect toys for young people in childrens homes, tots in hospital over Christmas, children whose parents are living on the bread line and victims of domestic violence. As they are for Christmas presents the Echo requests that only new toys are donated. Closing date is 12th December. Please take donations to The 37 Coffee Lounge at Glenmoor Road, or Harpers Hair Salon at Parley Cross. For any enquiry phone Cllr: Malcolm Plascott on 07707 029603

4 November 2015
Filming in West Parley

We have been informed by a representative of Channel 4, that they will be filming in West Parley on either Wednesday 4th or Thursday 5th November in relation to a television programme called Posh Pawn.

This should cause no disruption to roads and filming should only be for about an hour.

2 November 2015
Naturalists, can you help?

Volunteers working to improve Parley Wood

West Parley Parish Council is looking for help from local experts to carry out a survey of the 17 acre Parley Woods to be able to check the flora and fauna in the Woods. Information from this survey will be used to develop a strategy to guide maintenance work that is being carried out.

The Parish Council has permission to continue with clearing a huge amount of invasive holly and thin trees to restore the mainly oak wood to its natural state. The work is being carried out by the parish volunteers who have worked throughout the last 2 winters to clear the undergrowth to widen pathways and allow more light to enter the Woods.

Parish Council Chairman John Cullen says "The team of volunteers has done a fantastic job and have shown us how the Wood could look when the work has finished but it would be very helpful if we could understand exactly what can be done to encourage and achieve the widest diversity of habitats. We want to understand what we should leave as well as what can go then put up signage and information boards at points of interest to help residents and visitors understand and appreciate this hidden natural parish asset."

If you can help please contact Councillor Cullen on 01202 582662

29 October 2015
Clothing for the Homeless

So many homeless people, where do they all come from? So many lonely people, with nowhere to belong.

With the winter months closing in three of our amazing shopkeepers have volunteered to collect small items of clothing for the homeless. Hutton Hair of Glenmoor Road, Parley Barbers and Cozy Stoves of Parley Cross will collect clean, used or new, wooly socks, hats, gloves, scarves and jumpers/cardys for both men and women.

The items will be distributed by St Pauls Homeless Shelter and The Y.M.C.A. in Bournemouth. Who between them have a continuous flow of approximately one hundred people including women. The homeless come from all walks of life, from the serious disadvantaged to professional people. Many suffering mental illness and depression, others recovering from alcohol or substance abuse. We unfortunately are unable to take larger items of clothing, due to storage space.

The clothing collection for the homeless, has been approved by The West Parley Parish council. For more information contact Cllr Malcolm Plascott 07707 029603

29 October 2015
West Parley Food Bank information

There are to be four collection points at West Parley to collect food on behalf of The Trussel Trust. A nationwide organisation which distributes food parcels to local people in crisis. Our nearest distribution centre is St Andrews Church Kinson.

Those in need may include people who have been abandoned by by a partner or spouse, others who find they have suddenly lost their job, and there are of course many other reasons. A person or family can only receive one food parcel to get them over an immediate problem, yet the foodbanks are always needing food donations due to ever increasing demand. Well over one million adults and children have been fed this year alone.

Collection points are Tesco Parley Cross, Tesco Glenmoor Road, The Owls Nest and The Parley Country Club. The foodbank collection is approved by The West Parley Parish Council. For more information contact Cllr Malcolm Plascott 07707 029603 or click here.

23 October 2015
Thefts from horse fields, please be vigilant

We have been notified of a spate of thefts from horse fields in the village last night. We recommend everyone ensures their properties and out buildings are secure and would ask residents to remain vigilant. Please report any suspicious behaviour to the Police.

16 October 2015
Roadworks update for the Chapel Gate roundabout

Designs are currently being worked on to change the current Chapel Gate roundabout into a much larger signalised junction.. The changes will increase capacity at the junction, relieve congestion, and open up development potential at the airport. This is one of the Growth Deal projects promoted by the Dorset Local Enterprise Partnership (DLEP) with £3.3M assigned to the junction. The intention is to start construction this time next year.

In order to get some surety in the design site investigations will be crried out on the highway verges and drainage runs covering the scheme, this is in order to establish the line and position of buried services as well as establishing ground conditions. This is essential work to enable the design to progress to planning and keep this tight programme on track.

The works can be carried out all off-carriageway if the trenches are hand dug. This being the case signs will be erected to advise that operatives are on site and cones put next to the kerbs just to highlight the areas where they are working. There will be no disruption to traffic.

The work will start Monday 19th October and last 1 - 2 weeks.

14 October 2015
Good road news!

Southern Gas Networks work at Ham Lane schedule for this week has been abandoned and won't affect the road. They have recalled their notice saying that all works will take place off the highway and so the temporary lights are not required.

DCC Highways were advised by Fulcrum's project manager for the gas installation scheme outside the Marks and Spencer development, that they were unable to do any work last evening due to "the team leader being taken to hospital" - the latest from Fulcrum is that they are still not in a position to carry out any work tonight either, but will endeavour to have a workforce on site tomorrow (Thursday) evening.

Keep Watching Facebook and our website and we will try to keep you updated.

14 October 2015
Work in Parley Wood 2015/16

Will residents please be aware that clearance work in Parley Wood will be ongoing until March 2016. New paths will be created and the wood surveyed, full details.

6 October 2015
Investigation after 12 cars are damaged in West Parley

Officers in Ferndown are appealing for witnesses and anyone with information to come forward following a spate of criminal damage to a number of vehicles in the West Parley area.

A total of 12 vehicles were damaged, with words being scratched into the bodywork by an unknown object. Police Sergeant Michelle Ford, of Ferndown police, said: "I am appealing to anyone who may have witnessed anything suspicious at the time in the relevant areas to contact me. Anyone else who may have discovered damage to their cars in the vicinity should also contact police. Witnesses and anyone with information can contact me, in confidence, on 101."

Witnesses and anyone with information should call Dorset Police in confidence on 101 quoting occurrence number 55150101998.

1 October 2015
West Parley welcomes new Councillor

At September's meeting the Parish Council was pleased to welcome Kay Bundy as a new Councillor. Kay has lived in West Parley for many years and is keen to get involved and help shape the village's future. We all welcome her on board and wish her every success for the future.

1 October 2015
Avoid Parley Cross - weeks of roadworks on A338 diversion routes, including New Rd temporary lights

Residents should note several sets of roadworks in the coming weeks on roads which are already busy because of the A338 Spur Rd rebuild. This includes temporary traffic lights on New Rd at Dudsbury Avenue from 7am-7pm from Monday 5th October to Friday 9th October. Also there is work on the A348 Ringwood Rd from 19th October, temporary lights at Longham at Ham Lane from Monday 12th October, and overnight closures on the A31. . . more details or the latest Dorset traffic updates.

To see a very helpful breakdown of all the local roadworks please click here.

10 September 2015
Parley First School are looking for Parent Governors

The role of the governing body is crucial for the effective leadership and management of the school. The governing body supports and challenges the teaching and learning across the school in a variety of ways.

The school governors meet at least once every term and there is more information on the role of the school governor and how to become one at https://www.gov.uk/become-school-college-governor If you have a child at the wonderful first school, please consider joining the Governing Body and helping the Head Teacher run the school.

If you would like to stand for election please complete the nomination form and return it to the school no later than Monday 12th October 2015. You may also include a short personal statement to support your nomination, which should be no longer than 250 words. Self-nominations will be accepted, but if you are nominating another parent please seek their prior consent.

For full information and the form please click here.

28 September 2015
Charges for non-household waste at recycling centres approved

Residents please note: as Bournemouth is not part of the DWP, Longham's HRC will not be affected although Wimborne Brooke Road will be.

Councillors have agreed to introduce charges for taking "non-household" materials to Dorset's household recycling centres (HRCs), which could save around £200,000 a year.

Nearly 7,500 residents responded to a public consultation on a range of options to reduce the £3.3m-a-year cost of running Dorset's 11 HRCs. On Monday (14 September), the Dorset Waste Partnership (DWP) joint committee approved a charging structure for disposing of materials such as rubble, plasterboard and tyres in line with neighbouring Poole.

Under the scheme, householders will pay:

  • £1.50 per bag of soil or rubble or item of DIY waste, such as ceramic basins
  • £6 per bag or £12 per sheet of asbestos
  • £2.50 per bag or £10 per sheet of plasterboard
  • £5 per car tyre
  • Between £6 and £35 per gas canister (depending on size)

The DWP estimates charges could generate £250,000 a year, offset by initial set-up costs of around £20,000.

The contract for managing Dorset's 11 HRCs is currently out to tender. Charges are unlikely to come in before the new contract starts next August. Between November and February, the DWP asked local people to have their say on possible money-saving changes to Dorset's HRCs. Of the 7,440 people who responded, three quarters said closing one or more HRCs permanently would be unacceptable. This option has not been taken forward. When asked to rank the options, 57% of respondents felt charging for non-household waste was more acceptable than the other options. The results showed the DWP's recycling centres are popular, with 84% of people saying they were satisfied with their local centre and 42% visiting at least once a month.

Cllr Anthony Alford, chair of the DWP Joint Committee, said: "Thank you to everyone who had their say. The results showed just how highly residents value Dorset's recycling centres. HRCs are mainly provided for recycling ordinary household materials. The types of waste for which there will be a small charge are the result of home improvements or can be disposed of in other legal ways, such as skip hire and garages. The changes agreed will achieve significant and much-needed savings with the minimum impact on the majority of people who use our centres."

The full results of the consultation are available at www.dorsetforyou.com/hrc

18 September 2015
Success at Bloom competition

Volunteers working to improve Parley Wood

Residents in West Parley are celebrating their success in the South and South East in Bloom competition following the announcement that the village had gained a silver gilt award after 2 years of gaining a silver.

The judges commented "Pride in the village was more than evident at every stage of our most interesting tour. The large In Bloom group, involving so many volunteers, have worked hard to improve this year on year, making great and noticeable strides, with all round hard work, motivated by civic pride and consciously working to implement the recommendations of last years judging team. This is a great example of a can do entry seeming not to be thwarted by the enormity of so many challenges. Well done."

Parish Council Chairman Councillor John Cullen commented "This improvement is a well deserved reward for all the hard work put in by volunteer co-ordinators Pat and Stuart Couper and the army of fantastic volunteers we have here who turn out in all weathers to improve the village." In its first entry into the RHS Its Your Neighbourhood 2015 competition, run alongside the In Bloom competition, the West Parley Residents Association gained the second highest category of "thriving", just one mark beneath the top award of outstanding, a fantastic achievement at the first entry.

The judges were particularly impressed by the work done in Parley Wood to improve access and recreate a traditional woodland setting for the benefit of all residents. The awards were collected by volunteers Andy Steele and Diana Penwill at a recent event in Brighton.

10 September 2015
Closure of Ringwood Road, Ferndown - now for the good news!

Residents will be glad to know that Bournemouth Water have reappraised their works on Ringwood Road. They have been able to achieve more works on the highway verge than originally anticipated which means that they have less work to do in the carriageway. Bournemouth Water will commence work, with the road closure as planned, at 08.00hrs on Sunday 13 September 2015. However, they will now open the road at 06.00hrs on Monday 14 September 2015.

10 September 2015
Work starts on A338

Work has started to rebuild the A338 Bournemouth Spur Road, the first of the Dorset Local Enterprise Partnership's (LEP) Growth Deal Projects to get underway. The LEP's £79 million Dorset Growth Deal with central government combines local, national and private sector funding to put towards strategic projects and programmes that will support long term economic prosperity for all in Dorset.

The £22m A338 road project is part of the Bournemouth Airport Growth Programme, which aims to bring in to Dorset:

  • £52m private sector investment into the local economy
  • 3,500 jobs by 2021 with up to a further 10,000 jobs created in the local economy by 2028
  • 200 houses built by 2021, with a possible further 350 houses built by 2028

Dorset LEP Chairman, Gordon Page, said: "The LEP works to drive and support a more prosperous future for your business, your family and your local area. Bournemouth Airport is a major economic asset for Dorset. It is currently expanding its operations with increased passengers through Flybe airlines and the development of the Aviation Park to provide new, high quality business premises. Without the proper infrastructure, the airport will fail to reach its full economic potential and the local economy will suffer - something the LEP is not prepared to see happen. The A338 renewal will help achieve enhanced access to employment sites, allow more jobs to be created, support better housing and enable the improvement and sustainability of our local economy."

The A338 road works form part of a wider package of transport schemes funded by the LEP that are designed to improve infrastructure, unlock and unblock key housing and employment sites, create more highly skilled jobs, and support economic growth around Bournemouth Airport.

Councillor Peter Finney, Dorset County Council Cabinet member for Environment, said: "The A338 is over 40 years old and is in vital need of reconstruction if we are to keep this strategic route flowing into the south east conurbation. We'll be bringing the road up to current dual carriageway standards, improving drainage to solve flooding and 'ponding' problems, upgrading the central safety barrier to concrete and adding a 1m hard strip to give extra space for cars to move over for emergency vehicles, or in case of breakdowns - all of which will improve the reliability of the road.

"We're also extremely pleased to be recycling as much material as possible - with a compound operating on site to process the old material and prepare it for reuse in the new road structure. This will reduce the carbon footprint of the scheme and reduce the amount of vehicles coming to site."

Bournemouth Airport is one of a number of projects and programmes taken from the LEP's Strategic Economic Plan to secure Growth Deal funding. Collectively, these projects are estimated to create 26,000 new jobs, 3,000 new homes, and generate £650 million public and private investment for Dorset between 2015 -2021.

8 September 2015
West Parley Garden Competition winners announced

Pat Couper (right) with garden competition winners

The annual Front and Rear garden competition winners were announced last week at a reception at Parley Country Club.

Pat Couper, the competition organiser, handed out the trophy and prize for the winning garden at 114 Dorset Avenue to Valerie Briggs, who also won the rear garden competition.

The event was sponsored by West Parley Residents Association and judged by 2 local RHS judges. Once again the standard of the entries was very high and the judges had a difficult job in picking the winners.

Some of the competition entries were seen by judges of the South and South East in Bloom competition.

Marilyn Baynham won the second prize for the front garden and third prize for the rear garden competition and Ann and John Smith won the third prize for the front and second prize for their rear garden.

8 September 2015
Community Awards presented

Parish Council Vice Chair Cllr Simon Jordan presents
Stuart and Pat Couper with their Community Awards

The annual community awards were presented last week by West Parley Parish Council to 2 local residents who have made a significant contribution to the local community.

Pat and Stuart Couper have led the work to improve the appearance of West Parley over the last few years. They organise the village weekly working groups that maintain the public spaces and plant and maintain the increasing number of vibrant flower displays in the verge planters and community areas.

They also co-ordinate the village entry into the annual South and South East in Bloom competition and the popular West Parley front and rear garden competitions.

Simon Jordan, Vice Chair of the Parish Council, presented the awards to Pat and Stuart for giving so much of their time and thanked them for all their efforts over the past few years as both volunteer co-ordinators and well respected Councillors on the Parish Council.

Pat and Stuart are moving to Somerset in the near future.

8 September 2015
Volunteers thanked in West Parley

Parish Council Vice Chair Cllr Simon Jordan
presents Marianne Parker with her Volunteer Award

West Parley Parish Council held its annual reception at Parley Country Club last week to thank all the village volunteers for their help over the last year.

Well over 100 local residents give up their time to litter pick, plant and maintain floral displays and deliver regular parish newsletters. Weekly working parties improve the look of the village by grass cutting, tree planting, verge trimming and improving public spaces. Volunteers also help with local social events and ground maintenance at the Country Club and provide a local car transport scheme.

Simon Jordan, Vice Chair of the Parish Council, presented a number of Volunteer of the Year award vouchers to residents who had given so much of their time over the past year.

5 September 2015
Urgent - temporary road closure of Ringwood Road, Ferndown

Ringwood Road, Ferndown, just North of the Longham double mini roundabout will be closed from Sunday 13 Sept for 5 days for water repair work. For full information please click here.

4 September 2015
A338 rebuild - are you ready?

Drivers in and around Bournemouth are being reminded about major roadworks starting in the area this weekend.

Dorset County Council will start rebuilding the A338 Bournemouth Spur Road, between Ashley Heath and Blackwater, on Monday 7 September - with the dual carriageway down to one lane in each direction from 6am Monday. Councillor Peter Finney, Dorset County Council Cabinet member for environment, said: "We know that the first day, and even the first few weeks, will be the most difficult while drivers find their new routine. The best way to ensure you get to your destination on time is to think carefully about the time you're travelling, the route you're taking or changing your mode of transport. At the very least, you should allow plenty of extra time for your journey."

Preparation work has been underway since January to get as much done as possible before construction. This work will intensify over the next two weeks as areas previously inaccessible due to traffic can now be worked in. The first two weeks of work will focus on removing any remaining trees obstructing the work, and installing traffic management, speed cameras and CCTV. The site compound will also be prepared with a new access road built for it.

The northbound carriageway will be closed from 8pm Sunday 6 September until 6am Monday 7 September. The southbound carriageway will be closed from 8pm Monday 7 September until 6am Tuesday 8 September. Between 8 September and 12 September there will be overnight closures of the northbound carriageway from 8pm to 6am for resurfacing work north of the Blackwater junction. Cllr Finney continued: "The compound will become an intrinsic part of the operation - where all the material will be recycled onsite and prepared for reuse - and the stretch of resurfacing we're doing is also essential to ensure the smooth running of the contraflow - helping the failing road to last a few more months more before we rebuild it."

The northbound carriageway will also be closed overnight on 18 and 19 September from 8pm to 6am and a full road closure will be in place on 20 September 8pm to 6am to change the traffic management layout. From Monday 21 September the contraflow will be in place on the northbound carriageway.

For more information about the work visit www.dorsetforyou.com/bournemouth-spur-road

4 September 2015
Bracelet lost, can you help?

We have been contacted by a lady who lost her bracelet in West Parley yesterday, near the shopping parade. If any kind soul has found it, could you please get in touch, so that we can reunite it with its owner.

21 August 2015
What a great week for West Parley

This week West Parley has hosted 2 events as part of the Sting in the Tale storytelling festival, and a ranger-led Nuts About Nature event as well!

Sting the Tale - Story Telling Festival 2015

On Monday 10th August, Sorry teller Graham Rogers entertained over 50 children with his version of Twinkle Twinkle Little Pig

On Saturday 15th August, Lizzie Bryant told of Pillywiggins in Peril at Parley Wood. 25 Children joined in the tale of Curious Jack and the magical Colepixie as they went looking for clues, finding objects, making traps to catch the Boggarts, saying spells to make the grown ups fall asleep and find messages to read out. The children were enthralled by this interactive story walk around the secret of West Parley, that is Parley Wood.

Nuts About Nature

On Wednesday 19th August, 30 children and accompanying grown ups had 2 hours of fun in Parley Wood, going Nuts about Nature with the Moors Valley Rangers. There was Moth Bingo, fungi spotting, frog catching, den building and re-stocking the nearby Bug Hotel. Thank you to Marcus and Jack from Moors Valley.

11 August 2015
Here's to Richard at The Owls Nest

The West Parley Volunteers would like to show their appreciation to Richard at The Owls Nest. Whilst we were clearing the pavement nearby, it started to rain. Richard invited us in to the bar, gave us tea and coffee, and a huge plate of bacon and sausage buttys. We will never criticise a man with a pony tail again!

6 August 2015
Councillors Pat & Stuart Couper resign

After last night's Planning Committee meeting, Councillors Pat & Stuart Couper sadly handed in their resignations. They have contributed a huge amount to the village, with particular attention to the appearance, improvements in Parley Wood and the glorious floral displays. We are sad they are leaving West Parley and wish them well on their next adventure and bid them Au Revoir, not Goodbye.

4 August 2015
New Road resurfacing

New Road between the Porsche garage and Parley Cross currently has lane restrictions due to resurfacing. Please allow extra time or find an alternative route.

31 July 2015
See inside All Saints Church, West Parley

The main church in West Parley is normally closed except for services but as part of the annual Dorset Architectural Heritage Week there are 2 tours arranged for anyone who wishes to see the inside of this interesting C12 church with Saxon and probably earlier origins.

Tours will be led by the Rector, Rev. Charles Booth at 12 o'clock on 10th September and at 2.30pm on 15th. Tickets are from the Booking Office at Allendale House, Wimborne on 01202 888992 or online on www.dahw.org.uk

This is a fantastic opportunity to see the inside of this ancient church, one of the leading heritage treasures in the village. There are only 15 tickets for each tour and applications need to be in by 14th August.

29 July 2015
DCC Mineral Sites Plan and Draft Waste Plan, consultation starts today

Dorset County Council's Draft Mineral Sites Plan and Draft Waste Plan consultation starts today. There are exhibitions around the County from today onwards, with the consultation closing at 5pm on 23rd September. If you want your voice to be heard, contact DCC with your comments, please click on these 3 posters attached for full details.
document 1 document 2 document 3

29 July 2015
Garden Waste Service - URGENT

If you plan to subscribe to this fortnightly service, please note that you need to apply by the end of July.

If you miss this deadline, Dorset Waste Partnership (DWP) are not allowing new joiners to the scheme, until April 2016.

The expected annual cost of this service is £45.

26 July 2015
BBC Launches its Public Consultation on Local Radio

The BBC Trust has just launched its Public Consultation on Local Radio, and the Dorset Broadcasting Action Group (DorBAG) is campaigning for an additional all Dorset local station.

You may well know that we are the only county in the south of England that does not have its own full time BBC county radio station! Albeit, we do have the part-time weekday breakfast programme (0630 to 0900) on 103.8FM and the Saturday morning Big Breakfast Brunch(0800 to 1100) also on 103.8FM, but they only reach areas mainly around Dorchester (where the BBC Studio is), and Weymouth and Portland. The programmes are good, but as far as reception is concerned, when you move outside the official (limited) coverage area it is very much pot luck if you can get it at all.

Firstly therefore, they clearly need to improve the existing transmitter coverage such that everyone in the county, wherever they are, can actually receive the programme. Then presumably, the BBC would upgrade the existing, part-time programmes to a full county-wide radio station (which should then be called "BBC Radio Dorset") - and not as it is at the moment, a part-time "opt-out" from BBC Radio Solent from Southampton. Presently, Radio Solent tends to focus most material and its sports reports on Hampshire. It is time we had our own programme that would then be able focus on all of Dorset’s news and sport right across the county!

Without our own local BBC Radio Station, we do not have warning information in the event of traffic delays, severe weather, major accidents/events/disasters etc. It is also rather frustrating, to be told on BBC TV to "listen to your local BBC radio station for more information" when we don't have one! Apart from very limited FM reception, we don't even have an online stream for the Breakfast programmes, so there is just no way the broadcast can be heard in all of the county. Why should we be treated differently to Cornwall, Devon, Somerset, Wiltshire etc?

Regarding the questionnaire, after having read through the preamble, click on "contribute to the consultation online," then at the bottom of the new page click on "Give Us Your Views - Online Survey" which takes you to the questionnaire itself. You will notice that Question 5 lists all their county radio stations - Dorset is noticeable by its absence!! Clearly the form is essentially designed to get feedback from those who can receive their own local county radio, which clearly does not include us! So this is a great opportunity to respond to the questions emphasising the lack of BBC Radio Dorset and make our case for a full BBC Radio Dorset station at every opportunity.

To take part in the consultation please visit https://consultations.external.bbc.co.uk/bbc/local-radio-news-current-affairs

26 July 2015
A338 Spur Road works to start in September, time to think ahead

Dorset Highways is releasing more detail about the traffic restrictions on the Bournemouth A338 starting in September to get drivers planning ahead. Work will move anti-clockwise around the Bournemouth Spur Road between Ashley Heath Roundabout and Blackwater Junction, with the reconstruction starting on the main southbound stretch of road.

Councillor Peter Finney, Cabinet member for Environment, said: "This is a big operation with big machinery - we're recycling over 90,000 tonnes of material on site which will help us greatly reduce our CO2 emissions through less material delivered. We have to carry out the work safely, but as quickly as possible, so for the duration of the work the A338 will be reduced to one lane in each direction. Bournemouth and Christchurch are open for business as usual, but drivers will have to alter their habits and think more carefully about how they are going to get to their destination on time – alternative travel methods, car sharing and travelling outside peak hours will all help."

From 6 September for two weeks, there will be day time and night time lane closures on the northbound and southbound carriageways, there will also be some overnight closures. During these two weeks work will concentrate on removing any remaining trees or vegetation obstructing the work, installing traffic management, speed cameras and CCTV and resurfacing works around Blackwater.

From the 21 September until Christmas, the southbound carriageway will be reconstructed between Blackwater Junction and the QinetiQ access, with a 40mph contraflow on the northbound carriageway. In the New Year work will focus on the northern end of the scheme, with the reconstruction of the roughly one-mile stretch between Ashley Heath Roundabout and the QinetiQ entrance. Work will start on the southbound side, with traffic remaining in the northbound contraflow, and then the works area and contraflow will swap sides - with traffic switching over to the newly built southern carriageway to allow the northbound one-mile section to be reconstructed.

There will also be speed restrictions on the A31 in this area during this phase of work. From March until the end of May, the northbound carriageway will be reconstructed with the contraflow traffic on the newly built southbound side. Throughout the work there may be times where additional overnight closures are required for surfacing work and to rearrange traffic management.

For more information on the scheme visit www.dorsetforyou.com/bournemouth-spur-road

26 July 2015
Hurn Rd widening to start

A section of Hurn Road in Christchurch is being widened ahead of the A338 essential maintenance scheme to help the flow of traffic. Work will start on Monday 27 July, for six weeks, to widen a "pinch point" on the B3073 Hurn Road between its junction with Hillside Drive and the southbound Blackwater junction.

Engineers hope to carry out the work by narrowing the southbound lane (Christchurch direction) but there may be occasions where the road is reduced to two lanes – one in each direction – out of peak times. By widening the carriageway 1.4m drivers heading north along Hurn Road toward the airport, or wanting to take the A338 northbound, will be able to pass drivers waiting to turn right onto the southbound A338.

Councillor Margaret Phipps, county councillor for Commons division, said: "This small section of widening will make a big difference to drivers using this junction. There is never an ideal time to carry out this type of work but it's essential that it is finished before the A338 major scheme starts in September, when this route will no doubt become busier."

Dorset Highways has been inspecting alternative routes in the area to ensure they are ready for the increase in traffic likely during the Bournemouth Spur Road maintenance. Many roads have been treated in the last five years and drainage work has recently been completed on Matchams Lane to tackle known flooding hot spots.

For more information on the A338 Bournemouth Spur Road essential maintenance visit www.dorsetforyou.com/bournemouth-spur-road

16 July 2015
Information update

With the School Holidays upon us, it's time to enjoy the long light evenings of the summer months. If the sun shines for us, it is inevitable that most people will take to the outdoors to enjoy their gardens. We would kindly ask that you show consideration to other residents whether it be from bonfires, noise or parking. Should you find you are unable to enjoy your garden in peace, please contact environmental services on 01202 795185.

We have been informed that Travellers have been in the area recently and would like to take the opportunity to remind residents to remain vigilant. It was unfortunate that Travellers occupied the Council-owned Recreation Ground in 2013. We have learnt that good communication and speedy action can help prevent an illegal occupation. If you see any travellers looking at entry gates or around the area or see groups of cars and caravans gathering close by, please immediately phone one of the contacts below and explain what you have seen.
Linda Leeding (Clerk) - 07979 853697
Cllr John Cullen - 01202 582662
Cllr Pat Couper - 01202 573833
Do not leave a message on an answerphone.
Please also phone the Police on 101 or use 999 if you see any offences are being committed

10 July 2015
Bloom judges impressed at West Parley

Volunteer Organiser Stuart Couper and Jon Smith,
EDDC Countryside Ranger show judges
the improvements to Parley Wood

Judging for this years South and South East in Bloom competition and RHS It's Your Neighbourhood competitions took place in West Parley this week and judges were impressed at the number of improvements made to the village.

With additional planters on main road verges, new flowers displays at Parley Cross and community areas looking exceptionally tidy, the judges saw the results of the hundreds of hours of work done by the numerous village volunteers who turn out to help maintain the good appearance of the village.

They were also shown numerous examples of residents keeping the roadside and verges tidy by their houses and carry out frequent local litter picks throughout the year. After a tour of the village the judges met a large group of volunteers for an informal lunch at the Parley Country Club and discussed their suggestions on how further improvements could be made.

Parish Council Chairman Pat Couper said "It was great to see the judges appreciate the fantastic support from so many residents and businesses locally that keeps the village looking good. Fingers crossed that we will see a further improvement to our scores in the competition when the results are announced in September. Volunteer Organiser Stuart Couper said "Once again we learnt a lot from the judges about how we can improve the look of West Parley and we will continue to do whatever we can to raise the standard of our entry".

9 July 2015
West Parley Volunteers never stop!

It was the judging day for the South and South East in Bloom competition. 7.5 tonnes of fresh playground wood chip was lovingly shovelled by the fabulous West Parley Volunteers. Just add children!

9 July 2015
Parley Lunch Club has its first meeting

The first meeting of the Parley lunch club attracted 17 members and they agreed to meeting on the third Wednesday of each month at different venues in the area. Everybody is very welcome to come along and make new friends while having some top class food!

The second meeting of Parley lunch club is on Wednesday 15 July at 12.15pm, meeting in the snug area of the Horns Inn, 182 Christchurch Road, West Parley BH22 8SS. To reserve a place please leave a message for Hilary on 07920 650603 or email hilary.moody@helpandcare.org.uk, by 13 July. . full details.

4 July 2015
Large car show this weekend, mind the traffic!

A large car show it to be held on 4th and 5th July on the large field east of the entrance to Bournemouth Airport.

This is the first event of its kind here and the impact on local traffic in Hurn and West Parley cannot be forecast.

It is suggested that residents avoid the area if possible or allow extra time for a journey to the Airport as severe congestion is expected.

12 June 2015
Noticeboards, your feedback is appreciated

We are trialling a swap of the Noticeboards at Parley Cross. The Parish Council information is now contained within the silver noticeboard on Christchurch Road, on the front of the toilet block. The larger noticeboard neighbouring the crossroads will contain Community information.

What do you think? Do you read the noticeboards or do you rely on the website or facebook? These simple questions will help us to ensure we reach people, using the most appropriate communications method. There is also a Parish Council noticeboard outside the shopping parade on Glenmoor Road, and there are 2 further Community Noticeboards within the 2 Tesco stores. Please use the contact us page to get in touch if you have any thoughts you wish to share with us, thank you.

4 June 2015
Foodbank latest

The Parley Foodbank has received over 260 donations in the past three months. Many thanks to all who contributed to this amazing total. We are going to take a break until October, when the collection bins will returned to the same venues. The Trussell Trust, and the recipients of the food pass on their grateful appreciation.

4 June 2015
The Dudsbury Pub

Residents may have noticed that the Dudsbury Pub is currently closed for refurbishment. The latest information is that the new owners are planning to re-launch towards the end of the month as The Dudsbury Country Club. Please see www.thedudsbury.com/ for more details.

4 June 2015
Post Office update

The refit of the Post Office will take place next month, allowing increased efficiency within the pharmacy. The Post Office will close 17.30pm on Weds 22 July and re-open 13.00pm Tues 28 July, please use the Ferndown Post Office in the meantime for all your requirements.

29 May 2015
Everyone goes Nuts About Nature

On Tuesday 26th May great fun was to be had in West Parley woods, the Moors Valley rangers were holding a Nuts about Nature event the picture shows a small group of children very engrossed inspecting the bugs they had just managed to dig up. Another group were busy building dens. It was a beautiful morning but unfortunately there were not as many children attending as usual which is disappointing for the Rangers. This event is open to children of all ages and is completely free, a wonderful way for the children to spend a couple of hours.

This is usually held twice a year and the next one is scheduled for the 25/26th August keep an eye open in the press for the confirmed date and bring the family along for some fun and a really interesting morning.

26 May 2015
Our volunteers keep West Parley looking lovely

West Parley volunteers have been busy once again clearing away overgrown vegetation from the verges and the picture shows Stuart Couper and John Cheshire installing a new planter around the welcome to West Parley sign coming from Bournemouth Airport, this will be planted up in this next couple of weeks.

A local resident George Cooper who is a gardener has offered to adopt the 2 boxes near his property to keep them dead headed and maintained. Offers from other residents who have boxes near their property would be greatly appreciated.

West Parley residents don't forget to get your application forms for the front and back garden competitions being judged during the last week of July. Forms from Pat Couper pcouper68@gmail.com or tel:01202 573833

20 May 2015
Changes to West Parley post office, have your say

Changes to West Parley Post Office are being proposed, and there is a short consultation for the public to have their say. For all the info and details of how to take part in the consultation please click here

19 May 2015
Electoral review of Dorset

The independent Local Government Boundary Commission for England is asking people across this area to comment on proposed new electoral arrangements for Dorset County Council.

They are asking local people to have their say:

  • Do the proposed divisions reflect local communities?
  • How do you think the proposals can be improved?
  • Are the names of the proposed electoral divisions right?

For more information including interactive maps visit www.consultation.lgbce.org.uk and www.consultation.lgbce.org.uk. . . further info.

15 May 2015
Food bank update

Many thanks to the residents who contributed to the food bank collections. We delivered seventy items to the distribution point at St Andrews Church, who send their sincere thanks. One of the volunteers there told me that he had been to a meeting of the various other centres, to discuss the increase in young mothers with baby's and young children needing help with feeding their families, and keeping them clean and healthy.

With this in mind, there is now a collection bin at Parley Pharmacy for baby food, nappies, wipes, in fact any item needed to look after young children. Even the odd biscuit or chocolate bar is appreciated. . more info on our food banks.

14 May 2015
Local break-in reported

We have had reports of a young man knocking on a resident's door after 10 last night, who said he had run out of petrol. There were a couple of others outside and when they had gone the residents discovered their van, in Chuch Lane, had been broken into.

The neighbouring property also had some men wandering around his garden who told him his roof needed repairs and gave him an extortionate quote for the work.

Please remain vigilant on behalf of yourselves and any vulnerable neighbours.

11 May 2015
West Parley schoolgirl makes history at Crufts

A scholgirl and her dog made history at the world's largest canine show when they took home the trophy for one of the events.

Holly Ryan, 13, and her pet Pomeranian, Tink, from West Parley are celebrating their win at Crufts this month after claiming the title of Young Kennel Club Agility Dog of the Year. It is the first time a small dog has won the event. . the full story!!

11 May 2015
Vacancies for Councillors - do you want to make a difference?

Following the elections, the Parish Council has 4 vacancies and these will shortly be filled by co-option. Anyone who wishes to be formally considered for a vacancy should write or e mail the Parish Clerk by Monday 29th June 2015 with a brief curriculum vitae and an accompanying letter explaining why they wish to be considered for the vacancy. For more information please contact the Parish Clerk or speak to an existing Councillor.

The following paragraph indicates some of the requirements for holding the office as a Councillor, although they should not be taken as covering every aspect of the legal requirements for office.

A person is qualified to be elected and to be a Councillor if he/she is a British Subject, a Commonwealth Citizen or a citizen of the European Union. They should be aged 18 years or over, has during the whole 12 months preceding the date of co-option occupied as owner or tenant of any land or other premises in the town / parish, or his principal or only place of work during those 12 months has been in the town / parish or during the whole of these 12 months has resided in the town / parish or within 3 miles of it.

The person should not be disqualified from being elected by reason of any disqualification set out in Section 80 of the Local Government act 1972, or any decision made under section 79 of the Local Government Act 2000. Each nomination should be supported by a Proposer and Seconder who must also be on the Register of Electors for West Parley.

6 May 2015
NHS Reirement Fellowship appeal

Did you work for the NHS, related health services or any other caring organisations? If so, why not join your local (East Dorset and Ringwood) National Health Service Retirement Fellowship? Your family members are also welcome. We provide:

  • Friendship and fellowship to all members
  • Monthly meetings with a variety of visiting speakers
  • Regular outings to places of interest
  • Lunches out and opportunities for members to socialise

We meet at 10:00 am on the second Tuesday of each month at the St. Leonards Village Hall, Braeside Road, BH24 2PH.

For a friendly chat and further information please contact our Membership Secretary, Deirdre, on 01425 472940 or email our Secretary, Linda, at lindadickins@hotmail.co.uk

6 May 2015
Family Information Service

The Family Information Service is free to parents and carers of children aged 0-19 or up to 25 if the young person is disabled or has additional needs. The kind of support we can offer includes information on:

  • Nurseries, pre-schools, child minders and after school clubs
  • Help with costs of childcare
  • Children's Centres and support groups
  • Activities for children, young people and families

We can also support families to access the information they may be struggling to find. Find out more about the Family Information Service at www.dorsetforyou.com/aboutfis

6 May 2015
Gardening Club news

West Parley Gardening Club had a very good attendance at their April meeting when a very interesting talk was given by Martin Young of Nectar Plants, Weymouth. The film and talk was How to make the best of your tubs and hanging baskets which was nicely timed for the jobs that are about to be completed.

Martin also brought some excellent, very good value plants which sold like hot cakes.

The May meeting is on 26th May where members and visitors are asked to bring 1 stem of a flowering shrub in bloom, everyone present will be asked to judge which stem they like the best.

The entry forms are now available for the West Parley front garden competition and separate forms for the back garden competition, apply to Pat Couper pcouper68@gmail.com or tel 01202 573833. The competition will be judged during the last week in July so plenty of time to get organised.

6 May 2015
Annual Parish Meeting

Over 50 residents attended West Parley's Annual Parish Meeting held at the Memorial Hall.

After an update on a wide range of local issues and future plans, residents asked questions on important local issues such as the plans for large housing developments in the village, the increasingly busy local roads and a complaint that one of the oldest trees in the village next to a new housing estate had been cut down.

Residents were advised that with 7 current Parish Councillors standing in the forthcoming elections and with 11 vacancies, the majority of existing Councillors would continue to serve local residents.

24 Apr 2015
Volunteers needed for our NeighbourCar scheme

Organisers of the popular West Parley NeighbourCar scheme are looking for more volunteer drivers to support an expanding service for local residents. It has just done its 1000th journey.

All clients live in West Parley and their trips are limited to a maximum of 10 miles from Parley. They are elderly people who are unable to drive to medical appointments and shopping trips or essential social occasions. They are able to get themselves in and out of cars without help.

Each driver averages 2 trips a week and most trips take between 45 minutes and 2 hours. 48 hours notice is normally given for any trips. Drivers are not under pressure to do any particular trip and can say the times and days they are not available. Drivers are paid 45pence a mile expenses and clients pay a donation to the scheme.

Volunteer driver Brian Miles says "I thoroughly enjoy volunteering for this. I meet tremendous people and do not have to commit myself to any journey if not convenient to me. I am very happy to put something back into my local community after all I have taken out of it".

If you would like to become a driver or want more information please contact the scheme Chair Kate Ward on 01202 577319.

23 Apr 2015
Security at the Recreation Ground

The Recreation Ground in Christchurch Road was occupied by a group of travellers in 2013. Security of the site has been improved since.

We ask Residents to keep an eye open for anyone looking round the area or for groups of caravans close to the Rec.

Either contact ground staff immediately at the Parley Country Club or phone the Parish Clerk or any Councillor as well as the Police on 101.

If any groups or individuals are trying to break in to the Rec phone the Police on 999.

23 Apr 2015
Gardening update

Good news for the front and back garden competitions these will be judged during the week commencing 27th July. This is a couple of weeks later than last year and having advanced warning should help all you gardeners with your preparation. Entry forms will be available at the Annual Parish meeting on Friday 24th April or after that by applying to Cllr. Pat Couper on pcouper68@gmail.com or tel 01202 573833.

The S&SE in Bloom competition which the village enters will be judged on 7th July so lots of volunteers needed to make sure we are all spick and span for that day. Some additional blue boxes will be in situ ready for planting of our summer displays around the middle of May. Could you adopt a blue box, Just to keep it weeded and dead headed? If you have a suitable site near you the volunteers would be happy to make additional boxes. For more information please contact Cllr. Pat Couper on pcouper68@gmail.com or tel 01202 573833.

23 Apr 2015
West Parley Neighbour Car 1,000th Trip

from left to right Clive Butcher, Elizabeth Chinn
Kate Ward and Derek Kearey

On Friday 17th April, Elizabeth Chinn from New Road, West Parley was taken to the Salvation Army lunch club in Winton, where she enjoyed some company with like-minded people and a very appetising lunch. On her return home she was greeted by Kate Ward (Chairman), Clive Butcher (Co-ordinator and Derek Kearey (Treasurer) of West Parley Neighbour Car scheme to celebrate that she was the one thousandth trip undertaken by the scheme since its formation in September 2013.

Elizabeth was delighted to receive a very pretty plant to mark the occasion. The scheme operates for West Parley residents only over the age of 55 who are unable to get out and about and provides a lifeline to take them to hospitals, doctor's surgeries and other health care services as well as social visits to clubs in the area.

If you can spare couple of hours a week to become one of our drivers, we would like to hear from you. For further information about West Parley Neighbour Car contact Kate Ward on 01202 577319.

22 Apr 2015
Bournemouth 7s Festival

This year's festival is from 22 to 25th May. Organisers have made great efforts to minimise the impact on West Parley with additional policing on site and up to Parley Cross and local security and litter patrols so hopefully this year's event will pass off without too many problems.

We are dependent on the direction of the wind as to how many of us are affected by the noise from the music but if any residents have any problems with what is happening they can phone the event Control Room on 01202 611272 or email on controlroom@bournemouth7s.com. They will deal with any issues.

The Parish Council does get details of any incidents at the site and complaints are fortunately are very few in number.

8 Apr 2015
Excellent progress for Food Bank

Many thanks to the Parley residents who kindly donated items to the various collection points for The Trussell Trust food bank, which is run locally by St Andrews Church, Kinson. In our first month we were able to contribute over seventy items, for which they were very grateful.

The food collected by the Trussell Trust food banks, (St Andrews is just one of many throughout the country) is only given to people and families who find themselves in desperate need.

The Trust will generally give food just once to people in crisis, and at the time offer guidance, and advice on where to find assistance. Help is available to anyone in any area.

So, if you have an item in your food cupboard which has been there for ever, (has got welded to the shelf) or if you feel you could add a small item to your weekly shop, we would love to see it in one of our collection bins,which can be found at Tesco, Parley Cross, Parley Pharmacy, Parley Vets, Parley Country Club and The Owls Nest.

If you have any questions regarding the food bank, please feel free to telephone Cllr: Malcolm Plascott, on 01202 950521

8 Apr 2015
Have your say in West Parley

The Annual Parish Meeting in West Parley is to be held on 24th April at the Memorial Hall in Christchurch Road.

It is a chance for residents to get up to date with what is happening locally and have a say on what they wish to see happen.

The meeting starts at 7.30pm but doors open at 7pm for tea and coffee and a chance for residents to see a range of Parish Council and Parley Country Club displays showing what has happened in the last year and their plans for the future.

7 Apr 2015
Weekend lane restrictions on A338

Drivers and visitors to Bournemouth and Christchurch are being advised of lane restrictions on the A338 Bournemouth Spur Road. Three weekends of 24-hour lane closures - between Ashley Heath and Blackwater - are planned as part of the preparation work for the A338 major maintenance scheme in September.

Dorset County Council will be excavating areas of current road material, which will be tested to determine what mix of material is recycled to rebuild the road. Lane closures will start at 8pm Friday - stay in place all day Saturday and all day Sunday - and reopen by 6am Monday morning from Friday 24 April to Monday 27 April, and from Friday 15 May to Monday 18 May. A reserve date has also been scheduled from Friday 5 June to Monday 8 June, in case of bad weather or further work needed.

Work will take place on one carriageway at a time, with either the northbound or southbound direction of travel affected. On each weekend closure, up to two 75m strips of road will be excavated and it will be:

  • Taken off-site for the material to be tested to understand how the road is made up
  • Recycled, with new material added such as binders and aggregates
  • Laid back into the excavated areas
  • Tested to confirm the design and materials are performing as predicted, and monitored over the next few months

Andrew Martin, Head of Highways, said: "These trials are extremely important as they will allow us to test the quality and quantity of the existing materials and finalise the design and recycling proposals. "Although there is just as much traffic on the Spur Road at the weekend as there is during the week, there are fewer peaks at the weekend and people may have more flexibility in the time their journey can take. "Where possible, people should allow extra time for their journey or use an alternative route."

More information about the A338 major maintenance scheme can be found at www.dorsetforyou.com/bournemouth-spur-road

19 Mar 2015
Flowers at Parley Cross looking good again

New road is open again and back to normal and I am sure all our regular commuters are enjoying the wonderful bright display of flowers in the troughs on the railings at Parley Cross traffic lights. In our endeavour to recycle whenever possible, the tete a tete daffodils have now been used in the troughs for at least three years and the Polyanthus from last winter cosseted throughout the summer by volunteers and replanted again to make this wonderful display to bring a bit of colour and cheer to these drab weather.

18 Mar 2015
New Road opening early

The A347, New Road, in West Parley has been closed since the beginning of March for Dorset County Council to repair the road. The road will reopen to cars, vans and buses on Wednesday afternoon ahead of the evening rush hour. HGVs will continue to be diverted until 3 July due to narrow lanes on Ensbury Bridge, which is being repaired and repainted. The original timetable for the road closure was three weeks.

Cllr John Wilson, local councillor and Chairman of the county council, said: "I am delighted that we have been able to finish this work ahead of schedule this is partly due to the weather and the determination of our staff. "I'd like to express my gratitude local residents and businesses for their patience and their forbearance during this time."

The repair was needed because tests showed that the structure of the road was severely damaged. The county council employed specialists, Stabilised Pavements Ltd, who recycled material in situ and added bulking and binding elements to give the road a new lease of life.

11 Mar 2015
West Parley in Bloom 2015

This year West Parley is entering the South and South East in Bloom in the large village category as we had previously been entered in the wrong class of small town. We are also entering "Its Your Neighbourhood" which is a category highlighting the work that volunteers do, as West Parley has a fantastic group of volunteers who should be recognised.

11 Mar 2015
The Big Litter Pick

They are at it again! The West Parley Volunteers take advantage of the closure of New Road to get at some hard to reach litter. . .more

2 Mar 2015
West Parley food bank

The Trussell Trust is a nationwide charity and one aspect of their work is combatting poverty in the UK. In 2013-14, their foodbanks fed 913,138 people nationwide. Of those helped, 330,205 were children.

We are pleased to inform you that a number of collection points have been introduced in West Parley. All donations will be taken to the local food bank at St Andrews Church, Kinson, which gave food to approximately 1600 people last year in the local area . This is a short term assistance to people who find themselves suddenly out of work, single parents or people in financial distress. Once authorised, they receive food for just 3 days and the relevant agencies are brought in to help support a longer term solution, with only a maximum of 2 further visits to the food banks. One volunteer explained that the recipients "are only a payday away from poverty".

Collection points will be at both the Tesco Stores at Parley Cross and Glenmoor Road, Parley Cross Pharmacy, The Owls Nest Restaurant, The Parley Country Club and parley Cross Veterinary Centre (animal food only). There is a poster at each collection point to explain how the food banks work, and who is entitled to use them.

Donations can include powdered milk, sugar, soup, pasta sauces, all tinned food, cereals, tea bags, instant mash potato, rice, pasta, jam, biscuits, snack bars etc. In fact, any non perishable foods, including dog or cat food for pets, as long as they are within use by date. Along with toiletries such as toothpaste or shower gel.

Your support would be welcomed.

2 Mar 2015
New Road - it starts today!

The Roadworks started today and without doubt will disrupt many drivers' journeys. However, please be patient and show consideration to other road users.

The Businesses are open as usual at Parley Cross, so please support them. To aid customers, it has been agreed that customers to the shops will have additional parking capacity on the 150m of the main road between Parley Cross junction and the closure point at the start of the road works.

25 Feb 2015
Care and support charges - have your say

Dorset County Council is asking residents for their views on charges for social care ahead of changes introduced by the Care Act in April.

Although most of changes the Act will bring are legal requirements, there are some aspects councils can decide at a local level, which include:

  • The level of certain charges that will apply for people who can afford to pay for services
  • The circumstances when the county council will give a refund to people who miss a service due to illness or other absence
  • Charges for the carers' "Short Breaks Service"
  • Administration charges and interest rates that will apply to the new Deferred Payment Agreement (loan) scheme

A public consultation is now underway, and the county council is keen to hear from local people about the proposals before any changes are made.

Cllr Jill Haynes, Cabinet member for adult social care at Dorset County Council, said: "Designed to put people in control of their care and support, the Act represents the most significant reform in the law about adult social care for decades.
"It will place new duties and responsibilities on local authorities, including Dorset County Council, about care and support for adults and their carers.
"The proposed policies aim to make sure we deliver the legal requirements of the Care Act, and also deliver the best possible care for Dorset residents."
"The county council's annual grant from the Government is going down in real terms, whilst the demand for our services - and the cost of providing them - is going up. We have to save £45 million by 2017-18, and want to spend what we have in the areas where people tell us it will make the most difference to them and the people they care for.
"As any changes will need to be in place by April, the consultation will end on 16 March. We want to encourage people to give us their views and ensure that the charging policies are fair and equitable to everyone.
"The results of the consultation will help us shape how the Care Act legislation is delivered at a local level."

Log onto www.dorsetforyou.com/care-act-consultation and complete the on-line survey. Hard copies are also available in public libraries or you can call Dorset County Council on 01305 224646.

25 Feb 2015
Neighbour Support Scheme launched

A new scheme to help West Parley residents with small jobs round the house and garden has recently been launched.

A Good Neighbour Scheme has been launched by the Partnership for Older People Programme and will cover Ferndown and West Parley. The aim is for resident volunteers to carry out minor jobs, such as changing a light bulb, moving small items of furniture, dog walking if ill etc. This work is done for a donation to cover the volunteers expenses. Clients wishing to use the scheme should phone 01202 834034.

Scheme organisers are looking for local volunteers to help with this work. West Parley already had a network of volunteers who help with community tasks, such as litter picking, leaflet distribution and work on the appearance of the village as well as helping with our Volunteer Drivers transport scheme.

This new scheme is a great way to meet other residents, especially those in need. Anyone interested in volunteering to help out should contact the Co-Ordinator, John Muggleton on 01202 861832.

25 Feb 2015
Support your local shops

New Road will be closed to traffic from 2nd March for 3 weeks and no doubt there will be a considerable amount of disruption whilst the essential road maintenance work is being done. However, there will continue be access to all the shops and businesses at Parley Cross throughout the road closure.

It is a difficult time for all the businesses at Parley Cross affected by the closure so it is hoped that residents will continue to support the businesses now and in the future. We all know the saying "Use it or Lose it" applying to businesses and this is particularly relevant at present.

The changes that have taken place at Glenmoor Road shops have improved the whole area. An extended hairdresser and a new coffee shop mean that all the shop units are occupied. A number of large planters have been put in place in recent years so the whole area looks the best it has been for some time. The new 20 mph speed limit signs are now working in front of the shops and close to Parley First School.

9 Feb 2015
New Road closure - more info

The A347, New Road, in West Parley will be closed for three weeks for Dorset County Council to repair the road. The structure of the road is severely damaged and needs to be repaired. The county council are employing specialists, Stabilised Pavements Ltd, who will be able to recycle the material in situ and by adding bulking and binding elements will give the road a new lease of life.

For the very latest live updates on Travel Dorset please click here.

To see the detail on the traffic management order please click here.

A full closure will be in place, below Parley Cross up to Ensbury Bridge over the River Stour, for three weeks from 2 March. The work is part of the council's planned highway maintenance and will include resurfacing and resolving drainage issues. All residents and businesses along this stretch of road have been contacted and the teams will ensure that people and essential services have access. Discussions with Go buses and Yellow buses are on-going to minimise the disruption to passengers.

Andrew Martin, the county council's head of highways said: "Although this work is weather dependant we are confident that we will be able to complete the work in three weeks. The team will also pick up a small repair on B3073 Christchurch Road (West of Parley Cross) out of peak time. By recycling the material we have cut the time the road has to be closed and it is also a cheaper, more efficient way to reconstruct the damaged structure. We will work with the residents affected by this closure, checking that access is available when it's needed."

A diversion route will be signed via the B3073 Christchurch Road to Longham, A348 over Longham Bridge and A341 through Kinson. There will be full pedestrian access at all times, but cyclists will be asked to dismount All the businesses at Parley Cross will be open and accessible from the crossroads. During this closure work will start on repainting and repairing Ensbury Bridge, continuing until 3 July.

Following the reopening of New Road a restriction of narrow lanes will allow light vehicles such as cars, vans and buses to pass over the bridge but not HGVs. A diversion route will be put in place and advertised. Temporary traffic lights will be used at the end of the project so that the scaffolding can be removed.

Cllr John Wilson, local councillor and Chairman of the county council, said "Unfortunately, this closure will cause considerable disruption and inconvenience for local residents, businesses and commuters, but it is essential work to keep our highway network functioning and I am satisfied that this method of repairing the road takes the shortest time. I advise people to use the well signed diversion route, but I expect that local motorists will soon select the best alternatives for their journeys. Bus passengers should soon be advised by the bus companies about temporary bus stops and changes to journey times".

8 Feb 2015
Food collection banks

Food bank collection bins will be in place in West Parley by Thursday 12 February. All donations will be taken to the food bank at St Andrews church in Kinson, which is a part of The Trussell Trusts Uk wide food bank network. Collection points will be Tesco Store, Parley Cross, Tesco Store, Glenmoor Road, Parley Cross Pharmacy, The Owls Nest Restaurant and The Parley Country Club.

There will be a poster at each collection point to explain how the food banks work, and who is entitled to use them. Donations can include powdered milk, sugar, soup, pasta sauces, all tinned food, cereals, tea bags, instant mash potato, rice and pasta, jam, biscuits, snack bars, in fact any non perishable foods as long as they are within use by date, and toiletries such as toothpaste etc.

1 Feb 2015
West Parley in Bloom

There was a surprise in store for the West Parley in Bloom committee when they received the entry papers for this years S&SE in Bloom competition they realised that for the previous two years they have been competing in the wrong category. The categories are decided by the numbers on the electoral register, West Parley have been entered in the small town but they will now be entering as a large village. This will not make any difference to the enthusiasm of Parley's Large group of very keen volunteers, together with cooperation from the new West Parley Gardening Club there are many new ideas in place and they are determined to raise their game to achieve higher marks this year.

This year West Parley in Bloom will also be entering the "it's your neighbourhood" competition this is specifically to showcase the work undertaken by the volunteer groups and Parley has a group of very hardy volunteers who work around the village all the year round. Anyone interested in helping to keep the village looking its best will be welcome to join them. Contact Stuart Couper for more details, stuart@parleycross.plus.com or 01202 573833.

31 Jan 2015
Gardening Club January Report

West Parley had a very interesting January meeting with Janine Pattison the well known local garden designer, picture shows part of the 40 plus audience being very attentive. Janine has recently been on Television working on a large garden in Sandbanks so we asked for our talk to be designing for a limited budget. Janine suggested we start by looking at hedges and fences and gave suggestions for ways to disguise them, then decide on trees and shrubs to put the structure into the garden, paths and paving, then lawns and perennial borders. There was a great interaction with the audience with lots of suggestions being put forward and many queries answered. After a break for tea/coffee there was a lively question and answer session to round off a very informative and enjoyable evening.

Some of the members have been finding it a rush to the meetings so there was a unanimous decision to start future meetings at the slightly later time of 7.30pm. This will of course still be on the last Tuesday of each month. We look forward to seeing everyone at the next meeting on Tuesday 24th February. All the information on West Parley Parish Council website or contact Pat Couper on pcouper68@gmail or tel 01202 573833.

31 Jan 2015
New Road Closure - latest information

As previously informed, DCC Highways plan a total closure of New Road from Parley Crossroads to Ensbury Bridge, for a period of 3 weeks from 2nd March 2015 to 22nd March 2015.

The road is being dug up for resurfacing, however at least one footway will be kept open for pedestrians over the bridge. The cycleway is on the road and will in effect be closed so... cyclists could dismount and walk along the footway over the bridge.

It was scheduled to have a further 3 months of single traffic over the bridge for essential maintenance. However following discussions, the road will be open over the bridge, all be it with narrow lanes to accommodate scaffolding for the protective canopy over the area being worked on. The use of narrow lanes has been discussed and accepted by the bus company.

DCC will take advantage of the road closure to erect the scaffolding during the first week. Only during the last week from 29th June 2015, will traffic lights with single lane working be required over the bridge to dismantle the scaffolding.

24 Jan 2015
Helping older people - vacancies with POPP

Dorset POPP works with Older People to build supportive communities that promote local activities and services to provide the opportunity for people to "remain living in their own homes for as long as they wish". For full details please click here. Closing date for completed application forms to be received is at 12 noon on Friday 30th January 2015.

23 Jan 2015
New Road resurfacing

DCC Highways are planning to completely close New Road for resurfacing works, from Parley Cross to Ensbury Bridge for 3 weeks from 2nd March, please note this is a provisional date. After which, further restrictions on crossing the bridge will be in place for another 3 weeks, while essential bridge maintenance work is carried out. Bus Companies are meeting with DCC in the near future to discuss the interruptions in service and full details will be provided by DCC HIghways. Access will still be fully available to the Parley Cross shopping parade, along with neighbouring roads, however parking restrictions will apply to ensure flow of traffic.

16 Jan 2015
Make the batter matter

Want to eat Fish and Chips, while raising money for charity? Hold a fish and chip supper on Friday 15th May 2015 whilst raising awareness of spinal cord injury and supporting SIA's vital services. . .all the information.

1 Jan 2015
Household Recycling Centre survey

A public consultation on possible changes to Dorset household recycling centres (HRCs) is now running until 13 February 2015.

The Dorset Waste Partnership are looking to make cost savings which may include charging to use sites or reducing opening hours or closure of sites. For a summary of the details please click here.

In the first instance, please complete the online survey - www.dorsetforyou.com/hrc.

If you cannot do so online please print off a form here and send it in.

For FAQs please click here.

26 Dec 2014
What has been happening in West Parley

Looking back, 2014 was yet another busy year in West Parley. Our entry into the South and South East in Bloom competition meant that the appearance of the village got better; you will have seen a number of new blue planters on the road verges to add colour. With so many residents becoming interested in the competition, a Gardening Club was started last Autumn.

Community facilities have been further improved, including resurfacing the car park close to Parley Country Club and good lighting was installed. Two new boardwalks have been installed in Parley Wood to encourage greater use of the area.

The have been a number of road improvements, including a new crossing in New Road and a 20 mph speed limit is now in place in Glenmoor Rd by Parley First School.

The Council has given financial support to the First School and Memorial Hall and encouragement and funding for our community volunteers.

Change in Councillors - unfortunately Cllr Gillian Collingbourne has had to resign suddenly for personal reasons but Diana Penwill has joined the Parish Council. Diana is a keen local volunteer who has recently retired and now works hard with her partner Andy to keep the Recreation Ground tidy.

What's planned for 2015? The Bloom competition planning has started - we would like to improve on the 2014 Silver award. We hope more residents will enter the annual front garden competition - a back garden competition is also planned.

We will continue to keep all parish assets as tidy as possible and will be installing new village information signs in a number of places. Local groups will be supported with funding as needed.

We hope to make progress on reducing the speed of vehicles on the main roads and we will keep you informed of any plans for large scale housing in the village and continue to challenge the Core Strategy plans.

26 Dec 2014
Recognising Community Achievement

Dick Heaslip, former Chairman of the Parish Council and longstanding Chairman of the West Parley Residents Association, was chosen as the first winner of the Annual West Parley Community Achievers Award and his name recently unveiled on the new Community Achievers Board at Parley Country Club.

The awards will be made annually to any resident who has contributed significantly to the wellbeing of the community and village.

Chairman John Cullen says "The Community Award is recognition of the tremendous work that Dick has done for West Parley and continues to do as Chair of the Residents Association. He has led the fight against major housing plans for the village that would build on much of the rural setting".

26 Dec 2014
Help for the community

Large donations have recently been made to the West Parley Memorial Hall and Parley First School. The money went towards external repairs to the Hall and towards structural improvements to the outside learning environment to aid all year learning at the First School.

Chairman John Cullen said "The Parish Council was given funds by Eco Sustainable Solution following a large solar farm being built locally. The funds are to go to local good causes and both the Memorial Hall and First School fully justify receiving this money. The Council is happy to support any local club and society that helps encourage residents to get involved in community life".

26 Dec 2014
New crossing on New Road

Work by DCC Contractors on the new crossing by St Marks Church has been completed ahead of schedule. The crossing was requested by a number of local residents, especially Robert Davison, who lives in Winnards Close, who had experienced difficulty in crossing the busy road.

20 Dec 2014
River Restoration Plan latest

Following on from successful public engagement events held in November, the Stour Catchment Initiative and the Environment Agency will be exhibiting a poster display to introduce the River Restoration Plan for the Stour and Moors rivers at local venues. . .find dates and venues.

5 Dec 2014
Healthwatch Dorset

The latest newsletter from Healthwatch Dorset is out now. It discusses the threat from the Royal Bournemouth Hospital to evict patients blocking beds, there is a report from a meeting with the General Medical Council, news, events, projects and much more, please click here.

28 Nov 2014
Clinical Services Review, have your say

The Dorset Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) has started to gather clinical, financial and patient experience data, which explains the current state of the NHS in Dorset. This evidence has been compiled into a "Case for Change", setting out where there are challenges with current provision, and why it needs to change for the future. We want you to tell us if the Case for Change is clear and understandable, and if there is additional information that we need to consider.

The nearest event is at The Barrington Centre, Penny's Walk, Ferndown, BH22 9TH, 6pm - 8pm,Monday 8 December 2014. Welcome and refreshments at 6pm, presentation starts at 6.30pm.

To book a place, please email involve@dorsetccg.nhs.uk or telephone 01305 368900 (between 9am - 5pm, Monday - Friday) confirming which venue you would like to attend. You can find out more about Dorset's Clinical Services Review at www.dorsetsvision.nhs.uk or here.

27 Nov 2014
Reducing the effect of traffic in West Parley

We all know that with 2 busy main roads passing through the village, the effect of the huge amount of passing traffic is considerable, not just to residents who live on these main roads.

To help reduce this, the Parish Council has asked Dorset County Council to consider a number of road improvements:

  • to reduce the speed limit on all main roads within West Parley from 40 mph to 30mph
  • to install "Keep Clear" or yellow hatched boxes at road junctions around Parley Cross where there is queuing traffic at peak times. These include Church Lane, Parley Close, Barrack Road, Oakland Walk, Gallows Drive and Dudsbury Road
  • to install signage close to Parley Cross asking drivers to be considerate to residents trying to get out of their drives
  • to install speed indicator devices on main roads to get traffic to keep within existing or reduced speed limits

These suggestions will need to be reviewed by County Council highways engineers and there will be input from the Police as needed. Surveys will need to be carried out and further statistics gathered but there is no doubt that the recorded information on accidents and injuries does not come anywhere near the true level of accidents and incidents experienced locally.

Opening up some of the junctions will not only help residents but should also help the flow of traffic. How many times have we seen a long line of traffic held up behind vehicles that cannot turn right at junctions.

27 Nov 2014
Friends Of All Saints update & diary dates

Friends of All Saints

We are delighted to have been asked to put our energy and effort into fund-raising for a composting loo for All Saints and are very grateful for the support you have already given us over the last year or so. Friends Of All Saints (FOAS) aim not only to raise funds but to raise awareness and support for the church in the wider community - and holding more events in our lovely historic church is one way of achieving this. A loo would open up so many opportunities, such as holding concerts (which is not really feasible without a loo!), so do please continue to support us in 2015. We hope to see you at one of our events - and yes they are about raising money, but most importantly, they are about coming together and having fun!

Chistmas Carolling at All Saints Church
December 13th 2014, All Saints Church, 18.30pm to 19.30pm.
Join us for a fun festive evening singing along to your favourite carols. Mulled wine, mince pies and candlelight in the beautiful setting of this historic church - a great way to herald in Christmas! All welcome. Parking will be in the lit car park at Southfields Farm (50yds before the Church, on the left-hand side). All welcome, no tickets needed, however there will be a collection to help raise funds towards a much needed toilet in the church grounds.
Contact: Eve Elliott 01202 572611 or more info. Please note - there are no toilet facilities yet!

Quiz Night
January 30th 2015, St Mark's Church Hall, Doors Open 6.30pm for 7.00pm Supper
Our quizzes have proved to be a great success. A thoroughly enjoyable evening including a delicious fish and chip supper and brain teasing questions. Tickets £10 from Jan and Nigel 01202 314420

14 Nov 2014
Can you help improve the Stour and Moors Rivers?

The Stour Catchment Initiative and the Environment Agency are hosting a series of engagement events to introduce the partnership and collect your thoughts and feedback on the restoration plan for the Stour and Moors rivers.
Come along between 2.30pm to 5.30pm OR 5.30pm to 8.30pm on:

  • Friday 21 November at Memorial Hall, Sturminster Marshall
  • Tuesday 25 November at The Exchange, Sturminster Newton
  • Friday 28 November at The Hub, Verwood.

Presentation on the Catchment Initiative and the Restoration Plan at 3pm and 6pm. Refreshments will be available. Plus, an opportunity to speak to the people and organisations working on the Stour and Moors.
For more information on the event, please contact Ben Rayner on 01258 483452 or ben.rayner@environment-agency.gov.uk

Please visit www.stourcatchment.co.uk to learn more about the Stour Catchment Initiative or for more information about the events click here

4 Nov 2014
Temporary closure of Golf Links road

A temporary closure of Golf Links road will come into operation on Monday 03 November 2014 until Wednesday 12 November 2014, enabling RMH Construction Ltd to install a new foul sewer connection

For more information - click here

8 Oct 2014
Road works coming to New Road

Road works will soon be starting on New Road close to St Marks Church. Dorset County Council staff will be constructing a pedestrian crossing here and this means the road will have to be widened slightly before the crossing is installed.

It is expected that the work will start on Monday 3 November and be completed by 12th December.

There are likely to be some delays to traffic and residents may wish to make allowance for this.

8 Oct 2014
Dorset Home Guard

We have received an email from John Pidgeon, who is researching for a book on the Dorset Home Guard. If you have any information or photos about what happened in West Parley could you please contact John on jcpidgeon@btinternet.com and copy to Cllr John Cullen on johncullen50@hotmail.com.

5 Oct 2014
Navitus Bay Open Meeting

An open floor hearing will be held on 14 October 2014 at Tregonwell Hall, Bournemouth International Centre, Exeter Road, Bournemouth, BH2 5BH. Doors will open at 9.00 am and the hearing will commence at 10.00am. Interested parties who wish to speak at the hearing should notify Jackie Anderson at NavitusBay@infrastructure.gsi.gov.ukby 6 October 2014.

Navitus Bay comprises up to 194 wind turbines generators with a maximum height of 200 metres off the Dorset coast, for more information - www.navitusbaywindpark.co.uk/latest-news or www.challengenavitus.org.uk/

2 Oct 2014
Bye-Election Notice, vacancy for a Parish Councillor

Notice is hereby given, in accordance with Section 87 (2) of the Local Government Act 1972, that a vacancy exists in the Office of Parish Councillor for the village of West Parley.

A bye-election to fill the vacancy will be held if any ten local government electors for the said electoral area submit a written request to that effect in the manner prescribed below and if no such request is made the Parish Council will fill the vacancy by co-option.

Any request for an election to be held to fill the vacancy must be in writing and reach the Returning Officer, East Dorset District Council, Council Offices, Furzehill, Wimborne, Dorset BH21 4HN within 14 days (not including Saturday, Sunday or Bank Holidays) of this notice. To read the published notice please click here.

2 Oct 2014
Great start for new Gardening Club

On Tuesday 30th September West Parley held their first meeting of the new Gardening Club at the Parley Country Club. It was decided to introduce a garden club after the very successful Front Gardens Competition which was held in the summer.

After a little persuasion!!! Volunteers came forward to form a working committee and when tea and biscuits were served everyone got together to introduce themselves and many ideas were put forward. The aim of the club is to enable gardening enthusiasts of all abilities to meet together and enjoy a shared interest, to share knowledge from each other and through visiting speakers. Other ideas put forward were for Raffles, plant swap and produce stall, an annual show, visits to gardens and flower shows and a children's section.

The picture shows Councillor Ian Smith presenting a cheque from his Community Fund to Cllr Pat Couper for £870 as a start up fund for the Gardening Club.

It was a very successful start with 25 members signing up straight away and the next monthly meeting is scheduled for Tuesday 28th October 7.00pm at Parley Country Club, all interested are welcome please come and join us. Any further information can be obtained from Pat Couper pcouper68@gmail.com or tel 01202 573833

28 Sep 2014
Planters damaged in New Road

Apologies to West Parley residents, who I am sure are disappointed to see the flower boxes which were looking so good and have been much admired, are suddenly looking rather shabby. The picture is showing one of the boxes in New Road opposite the church that was badly damaged on Saturday or Sunday and no we have not been vandalised, this time a thief has stolen the Cannas from the two boxes and in digging out the plants the whole centre of the display has been broken and damaged. Obviously 2 Cannas were not enough for our thief because between Tuesday morning and Thursday morning he/she has struck again by taking the Cannas from the two displays opposite the Porsche garage.

I would ask the residents to be vigilant if you should observe activity at the planters at night to inform the police and also notify a member of the Parish Council. It is so very upsetting that one of our residents is responsible for spoiling displays which volunteers have spent considerable time and energy planting and maintaining.

Stop Press: Cllrs Pat & Stuart Couper attended the awards ceremony for the S&SE in Bloom competition and were pleased that West Parley were awarded a silver award achieving higher marks than last year. We would like to say thank you to all the West Parley volunteers who work so hard all through the year.

12 Sep 2014
Better access for Parley walkers

Volunteers take a break from their hard work

A new boardwalk in West Parley has improved access to Parley Common for local residents. The current access path from Parley Wood has been covered with a raised wooden boardwalk so that the path is dry in all weathers.

Parish Council Chairman John Cullen said "This boardwalk is part of the project to improve access around Parley Wood and on to Parley Common. For much of the year it was so wet you needed proper walking boots on to get through. This has been a real community project. Our parish volunteers have done a fantastic job building the boardwalk, a resident donated the wood and East Dorset Countryside Rangers helped with advice and with transporting the wood. This shows the benefits of collaboration within the local community".

Regular walker Trevor Sams was one of the first to use the finished boardwalk and said "What an improvement. Even in a dry summer the access was wet and slippery and it would be completely waterlogged in winter. We can all get through all the time now."


Volunteer Organiser Stuart Couper said "It only took a couple of weeks to install the boardwalk and we needed very few new materials to make this all happen as the wood had been used as decking before but was still in good condition. It has been great to hear the nice comments from residents about the improvements we have made. We are now working on another boardwalk in Parley Wood and when this is finished soon we will have a good path right round the Wood so that more residents can enjoy a good walk in a fantastic natural environment."

10 Sep 2014
volunteer Flood Wardens needed

Help your local community prepare for flooding. Dorset County Council and the Environment Agency are looking for volunteers to identify problems, monitor watercourses, and work with flood risk authorities. Apply by Sept 21st, for more info click on the image please.

8 Sep 2014
Award night at the Country Club

West Parley Volunteers are thanked for their brilliant year round efforts to make the Parish a better place. . . more

4 Sep 2014
Ferndown Area 50+ Forum

The Ferndown Area 50+ Forum newsletter is out now and it is packed with lots of local info!.. . . more

29 Aug 2014
West Parley Gardening Club - new!

Following the success of this summers front garden competition it has been decided to start a gardening club. You do not have to be an expert just come along and spend time with other gardeners. There will be interesting talks, tips and advice, visits to gardens etc.

The inaugural meeting will be held on Tuesday 30th September 7pm at the Parley Country Club. Everyone will be welcome from West Parley and adjacent parishes. Email pcouper68@gmail.com or 01202 573833 for more information.

21 Aug 2014
Parley Cross lights repair work.

The damaged traffic light control box at Parley crossroads will be replaced on the 1st - 3rd September with a new more advanced box. 4 way temporary traffic signals will be in place for 24 hours a day from 9am on the Monday. The signals will be manually controlled from 07:00 - 18:30.

Portable VMS (variable message signs) will be in place on approaches to the junction to alert motorists to the works and warn of long delays. Dorset County Council's Communication Team will issue a press release within the next few days and social media will be continually updating the public before and during the course of the works.

The works are now showing on the Travel Dorset website - dorsetforyou.com/traveldorset - which will also be updated throughout the works. Residents please be warned this is bound to cause some severe congestion at busy times over the two days.

19 Aug 2014
What a difference a bit of tarmac makes!

lots of room at the Country Club

In the last few weeks there has been a major improvement to the Council's car park off Christchurch Road. Serving the Recreation Ground, play area and Parley Country Club, it had become worn out and not up to current standards.

The tarmac surface has been renewed, drainage improved and lighting across the whole area has been installed.

6 large recycling bins have been removed and with the car spaces marked out, the capacity of the car park has been increased to over 90 cars. This is important as there are an increasing number of social and sports events being held at the Parley Country Club. Funding for this work came from the Parish Council and from part of a parish donation from Eco Sustainable Solutions.

13 Aug 2014
What a performance from those cricket boys!

well played you lot!

Another fantastic sporting achievement from Parley Sports Club - this time the U15s cricket team bring glory to West Parley.

They are Runners-up in the National U15s competition, making them the second best team in the whole country! Congratulations, who knows there could be some future England players there?

30 July 2014
Car Park resurfacing works

Would residents please note that the Parish Council Car Park at Parley Country Club will be undergoing improvements and resurface and therefore limited parking spaces available between Mon 4th - Thurs 7th August. Thank you for your patience.

15 July 2014
Blooming well done

please click to enlarge

That was the message from the South and South East in Bloom judges when they toured West Parley to mark us for this years' competition. They spent 2 hours here looking at the appearance of the whole village and inspected planters, public areas and businesses. They took particular interest looking at what the children at Parley First School were doing on environmental projects.

They also looked at some of the front gardens of residents who had entered the first front garden competition as part of the In Bloom entry and were very impressed by the high standards of the gardens seen on their tour.

They spoke to a few of the many parish volunteers who keep the village tidy throughout the year and walked round the Recreation Ground and part of Parley Wood.

The judges were impressed with the new roadside planters made by volunteers and the changed planting arrangements and were shown a list of ideas to further improve the appearance of the village and meet the aims of the competition. These include setting up a horticultural society in the village in the Autumn.

We will know how we have done at an awards presentation on 17th September. The results of the front garden competition will be announced on 4th September.

10 July 2014
Strike action, info for residents

With regards to waste collection:

  • Crews will continue with their normal day's work wherever possible
  • If any collections can not be completed, the DWP will aim to carry out catch-up collections on Saturday 12 July
  • Residents with a collection scheduled for 10 July should place their containers out for collection as normal
  • If they are not been collected by the end of the day, residents should leave their containers out until the end of Saturday
  • If residents do not want to wait they can take their waste to their local household recycling centre

A central web page about services affected by strike action, including waste collections, has been published: www.dorsetforyou.com/dorset-strikes-10-july

Dorset County Council has also issued a news release, which covers waste collections: http://news.dorsetforyou.com/2014/07/08/county-council-prepares-for-thursdays-strike-action/

8 July 2014
MS Garden Party 26th July from 12 noon

Another great summer event at the Multiple Sclerosis Bournemouth Branch in Church Lane, West Parley. Entrance is 50p and there are all kinds of stalls: Plants, Jewellery, Tombola, Raffle, Bric a Brac, Cakes, Toys, Books, Games . . full details.

10 June 2014
the Big Lunch

What a lovely day at Parley Country club. The community gets together to raise money for Wave 105 Cash for Kids, food is plentiful and the sun shines . . more.

10 June 2014
DCC roadshow dates

A quick reminder for residents that Dorset County Council's roadshow is coming to town.

Penny's Walk in Ferndown on Thursday June 12th, 9.30am to 12.20pm
Sainsburys in Ferndown Thursday 17th July, 4.30pm to 7pm

DCC are giving you the chance to speak to the key decision makers at the county council - your county councillors, members of the cabinet and most senior officers. Come and tell them what matters to you . . more info.

8 June 2014
Roadworks on the way

A highways sign appeared in the last day or so on Christchurch Road from Parley Cross towards the airport: Resurfacing Works start here 16th June 2014 19.00pm - 04.00am for 9 nights weekdays only. Call 01305 221000 (DCC). More information may appear on www.dorsetforyou.com, but there is nothing there at the moment.

31 May 2014
Navitus Cable Route Awareness Meeting.

A meeting will take place at 7pm at West Parley Memorial Hall to discuss the installation of cabling for the Navitus Bay Wind Farm. The route goes straight through Hurn and involves trenching work. For more information please contact Margaret Phipps 01202 478266 . . or click here

27 May 2014
The Big Lunch is coming - 12 noon til 4pm, sunday 1st June!!!

Free entry

12.00 - 12.30pm - Open with BBQ & background music
12.30 - 1.10pm - Live music & singing
1.10 - 1.40pm - Dog Agility
1.40 - 2.00pm - Price & Princess Judging
2.00 - 2.30pm - Children's games
2.30 - 2.45pm - Best Table Judging
2.45 - 3.25 - Live Music & Singing
3.25 - 4.00 - Background Music & Close

raising money for Wave 105 Cash for Kids. . full details

26 May 2014
Ability Counts team wins the League!

please click to enlarge

Parley Sports Ability Counts Team are Championship Div 2 Winners 2014!

Well done to Rob and the team!

26 May 2014
Bank holiday fun for the kids

please click to enlarge

The picture shows a group of children from Parley First and Junior schools and others very busy on bank holiday Monday building bug hotels, the Parley volunteers had assembled pallets and the children arrived with plenty of items, pebbles and crocks, fir cones, straw, moss, cardboard, sticks and plastic bottles which they pushed into the pallets to attract insects. The first hotel is on the pathway from Parley Country Club car park, the children then went to the right hand side of the woods over the bridge and had a great time foraging for more items to put in the second pile of pallets even managed to find beetles, centipedes and spiders so this hotel is already occupied. These items will compact down so children if you are walking in the woods try to add some more things to keep the hotel stocked up.

More family fun this week end with the Big Lunch at the country club, starts at 12 o'clock bring your own food for a nice picnic or buy from the barbecue.

Lots more children's activities planned for this summer, keep an eye on the website or advertisements for Nuts about Nature and Sting in the Tale both of these coming to West Parley during the summer holiday.

26 May 2014
Brand new van for the MS Centre!

please click to enlarge

The MS Centre received their new Minibus from suppliers Red Kite last week, thanks to the generosity of local people.

Pictured are some of the local groups who contributed towards the £32,000 cost of the vehicle.

The second picture is of Bournemouth MS President Alan Lindsay next to the new van.

26 May 2014
"Ask Dorset" is coming to town

On June 2nd Dorset County Council is kicking off a series of road shows all around the county inviting the public to come and tell them what they think is most important in the wide range of services they pay for through their Council Tax.

The council doesn't want to stand still, and is ready to change as a result of listening to local people.

It's even more important that they listen now, as like all public services Dorset County Council's budget has been squeezed as part of the national austerity measures. So far the council has worked hard to find these savings and has reduced its overall annual budget by £60 million, whilst having minimal impact on front line services, and needs to save a further £43 million over the next few years.

The county council will though still be spending £250 million a year, so this is a real opportunity to make sure that the money is spent wisely, and to have the greatest positive impact on the things you think are most important, whether that is the state of our roads, running our outdoor education service and libraries, or providing social care services for older people.

We need your help. We need to know what you value the most, what is most important to you and your family and friends.

You can get involved in lots of different ways:
In person at one of our road shows. Come at meet us, at our road shows you will have the opportunity to talk to your local councillor, a member of our cabinet, our most senior officers or even possibly the chief executive.

You can also get involved online at www.dorsetforyou.com/have-your-say. You will also find more information in our newspaper Your Dorset which you will receive in June. Whichever way suits you, we really want to hear from you.

For the roadshow schedule please click here.

26 May 2014
Thefts in Church Lane

Please be aware that there were thieves about in Church Lane in the early hours of this morning. Cars were broken into, some not forced so may have been left have been left unlocked!

The resident who told us about this luckily heard movement and on realising what was happening called the police and two arrests were made.

We all need to be aware of our own security and this is a timely reminder. Also, please be vigilant in your own area - it's up to all of us, not just Neighbourhood Watch!!

7 May 2014
Help us help you!

Do you know of a local cause, project or person/s in need? If so Parley Rotary would like to hear from you now!

How it works:
The Rotary Club of Parley is inviting residents and organisations in and around Parley to nominate worthy causes, projects or perhaps someone who needs help. All nominations received by the closing date 31/05/2014 will be considered and the winning nominations will be announced. The Rotary Club of Parley will then take whatever action/s are deemed appropriate to meet the requirements of the winning nomination/s.

Please register your nominations/s (or enquiries) with any member of Parley Rotary Club or alternatively please email Paul Taylor: taylors121@yahoo.co.uk or call 07581 894120

7 May 2014
Support for community groups in West Parley

West Parley Parish Council is keen to encourage new community groups to form and to encourage the existing groups in a series of measures that will encourage residents to get involved in the community social scene.

Groups or individuals can apply to the Parish Council for grant funding. The application form can be obtained from the Parish Clerk, Linda Leeding on 07979 853697 or downloaded here. For details of who is eligible click here.

Anyone planning to set up a new group or event may not be sure of local reaction to this, so the Parish Council will pay for the hire of local public space for the first 3 meetings for new groups. This offer is for West Parley residents only and not for commercial organisations or political groups.

There are many groups operating in the village and residents are encouraged to get involved in local organisations and meet local people. Many residents help out keeping the village tidy, clear litter, distribute leaflets, help at coffee mornings and lunch clubs, and help local car transport schemes.

7 May 2014
Parish Council changes

It is with great regret that we have to announce the resignation of Dick Heaslip.

Everyone knows that Dick has been leading the long campaign to oppose the plans to remove large amounts of West Parley from the Green Belt to allow housebuilding and was instrumental in pressing for a complete change in the Parish Council in 2012 to support the overwhelming views of Residents on this issue.

Dick was not planning to stand for re-election in 2015 and thought that now is the right time to step down as the Core Strategy has been accepted by the District Council and any planning application to build houses is unlikely for some time.

The whole Council thanks Dick for his huge contribution and commitment.

He will continue to Chair the West Parley Residents Association and support the Parish Council with any background research on the housing issue that is needed.

6 May 2014
new front garden competition for West Parley

The new front garden competition is open to all residents of West parley and we are relying on you to make this a success. We do not need bowling grenn pristine lawns just some nice plants or something novel for the judges to see. Please complete the entry form and send to Cllr Pat Couper by email - cllr.p.couper@westparley-pc.gov.uk or post ASAP.

24 Apr 2014
Second Big Lunch planned for West Parley

Preparations have started to make the Annual Big Lunch in West Parley even better than last year. Some 500 people attended the 2013 event and Organisers are planning to improve on this by offering more attractions.

The Big Lunch is a national event that is aimed at getting neighbours to meet up to get to know new people, try new things and have a party. The event is to be held at the playing fields by Parley Country Club off Christchurch Road. It starts at 12 and goes on till 5pm on Sunday 1st June.

There will be a dog agility show, lots of children's games and live music. The Club is next to the popular local play area and there is plenty of parking on the Recreation Ground.

You can either bring along you own lunch or buy something at the food stalls. There will be a "Best Table" competition for anyone who has a themed table or picnic with a free meal for 2 at the Club for the winner and a "Parley Prince and Princess" competition for the under 10s. A raffle will be held to support Wave 105's "Cash for Kids" campaign for children who are financially, socially, emotionally or physically disadvantaged and Wave 105 will be advertising the West Parley Big Lunch in the weeks running up to the event.

22 Apr 2014
Bournemouth 7s Festival, information for residents

This years' festival is to be held from midday on Friday 23rd May to midday on Monday 26th at Bournemouth Sports Club off Chapel Gate. . more

22 Apr 2014
Volunteer Driver Scheme update

The Volunteer Driver's Scheme has now been running since September 2013 and has been very successful. So far they have carried out 280 trips and have 15 volunteer drivers. The scheme is used by a hard core group in the community and say how much they appreciate it.

More drivers would always be welcome, and the scheme is very professionally run.

If anyone would like further information either as a driver or a car user this can be obtained from Kate Ward on 01202 577319

13 Apr 2014
Annual Parish Meeting

Residents are once again given the chance to make any comments they have on West Parley in the next Annual Parish Meeting. It is to be held at the West Parley Memorial Hall in Christchurch Road on 25th April. Doors open at 7pm and the meeting starts at 7.30pm.

There will be a number of displays to see showing what has been happening in the village in the last year and what is planned for the future.

The main discussion is likely to be the recently announced agreement by the Planning Inspector to the District Councils plans for massive housing development in the village.

The Parish Council has consistently opposed these housing plans to reflect the views of the majority of Residents and would like as many people as possible to attend the meeting to say what they think should happen next.

10 Apr 2014
Inspector publishes her final Report on the District Council's Core Strategy Housing Plans

The Inspector has now published her report, following the Examination in Public last September and her subsequent order that "Main Modifications" should be made to the East Dorset District Council's housing plans. . full details

1 Apr 2014
Well done Parley Sports Ladies FC

More success for Parley Sports, the Ladies have reached the final of the Dorset FA Womens Cup and the Southern Region Womens Football League Cup Final. As last years winners they are defending the Dorset FA Cup on Tuesday 22nd April kick off 7.45pm at the County Ground, Hamworthy against last years losing finalists Poole Town.

Last Sunday, 30th March, in the semi-final of the Southern Region Women Football League Cup at Parley Sports Club they beat Aldershot Town Ladies 1-0 with the winning goal scored in the second half by Rachel Anderson. They will play the final against the League leaders Woodley United Ladies at the Racecourse Ground, Aldershot Town FC on a date to be advised.

27 Mar 2014
Wave 105 Cash for Kids Easter appeal

Wave 105 Cash for Kids is committed to supporting local children under the age of 18 who are financially, socially, emotionally or physically disadvantaged. Last year Wave 105 Cash for Kids Easter appeal donated thousands of chocolate eggs, which helped make a real difference to disadvantaged children in the South.

This year, we are pleased to announce that Parley Country Club are one of the designated drop of points. So simply drop off your egg to the club. Your donation will make a real difference.

Should you wish to make a donation online please go to www.cashforkidsdashboard.co.uk/southampton/

24 Mar 2014
26th annual great Dorset beach clean

great dorset beach clean
click to enlarge

Are you free on Sunday 27 April? Dorset's beaches need you!

Our coastline has taken a battering over the past few weeks and the Dorset Countryside Rangers are looking for volunteers for the 26th annual Great Dorset Beach Clean. Come and join us! We look forward to seeing you on the day. All equipment will be provided so all you need to do is bring your friends.

Contact 07977 508094 or visit www.dorsetforyou.com/greatdorsetbeachclean for a list of times and places.

23 Mar 2014
Parley Country Club, good news!

Good news from Parley Country Club regarding their football and cricket teams:

In football, Parley Ladies have secured a place in the Dorset Cup final for the second year, let's hope they can retain the Trophy. The match is against Poole Town Ladies and is to be played on the 22nd April 2014 7.45 KO at Hamworthy Utd Ground.
The Ladies are also in the semi Final of the SRWFL Cup where they will play Aldershot at Parley on the 30th March KO 2pm.

In the cricket, Parley Cricket Club have been accepted in both the National and Village Cups this season. Matches are played on a Sunday afternoon. These are National Completions with the Final being Held at Lords. Watch this space for more information.

23 Mar 2014
LV=Streetwise, get involved!

Every year thousands of children are injured in preventable accidents in the home, on the roads and at play.

LV=Streetwise helps to reduce the chance of accidents happening by helping children to learn about potential dangers in the everyday world around them in a safe, controlled, memorable and exciting venue.

Based in Dorset, it is an award-winning interactive safety education charity - a life sized, indoor "bricks and mortar" "village" of scenarios which are traditionally built scenes from everyday town and country life. . . more

3 Mar 2014
New pedestrian crossing on New Road

The Parish Council are pleased to learn that their request for a pedestrian crossing on New Road has been accepted by the County Council, and construction should take place this year. The crossing will be in the vicinity of Winnards Close.

20 Feb 2014
Comments made on possible new Minerals sites close by

In its new Minerals Sites Plan, Dorset County Council released details of 2 possible gravel extraction sites near us that have been proposed by Minerals Companies. These are an extension of the existing site opposite the Airport at Hurn Court Farm and a large site at Parley Court Farm, where some 15 years of gravel and sand extraction is proposed.

The County Council has asked for local comments. The Parish Council has reviewed the situation and passed on its comments on behalf of Residents.

Our main concerns were about the impact of additional HGV traffic through West Parley. This would add to traffic from other proposed local developments, including the Core Strategy plans for massive housebuilding in the village. These would all make the already busy junction at Parley Cross much more congested and have a negative effect on houses next to main roads.

We also raised points about the proposed access point from the Parley Court Farm site on to Christchurch Road opposite the Portfield School.

DCC will look at all local comments and decide on the suitability of otherwise of the proposed sites. Even if the sites look suitable they would all be subject to a lengthy planning procedure that will take years to get agreed.

We will keep you up to date with progress on the suitability of the sites.

20 Feb 2014
Time to be careful - some local thefts recently

West Parley is officially one of the safest places in the country to live.....but we are not immune. The police report some rise in thefts in the area from parked cars and vans, and also some attempted break ins to houses. These are mostly from the back, and often employ tools from the shed or garage.

This is not a crime wave. The attempted house break ins are very few. It is just a realisation that although there are almost no safer places than West Parley to live, this does not excuse us from taking normal sensible precautions.

20 Feb 2014
Two new Councillors join the Parish Council team

New Parish Councillors Gillian Collingbourne and Stuart Couper were inducted as new members of the council at last night's monthly meeting. This restores the Parish Council to 10 members (out of 11 allowed) after two recent resignations. Gillian is a former manager at Equitable Life, and brings very welcome volunteer experience from her work at the Citizens Advice Bureau. Stuart needs no introduction, as he has been a very capable leader of the West Parley residents association volunteer work parties for the past year.

16 Feb 2014
Dorset severe weather helpline - 01305 221000

A helpline has been set up to support those affected by the storms across Dorset, Bournemouth and Poole. Dorset Direct, the county council's contact centre, is taking calls to help members of public and support agencies, including the emergency services, local authorities, NHS, Environment Agency and Public Health across Dorset, Bournemouth and Poole. People can call 01305 221000 to:

  • request sandbags
  • get help with rehousing
  • report problems on the highway, including fallen trees, debris on the road and flooding
  • find out the latest public health information
  • access emergency crisis support loans

It is likely that the line will be busy but staff will do their best to deal with queries as soon as possible.

For flooding information and advice go to www.dorsetforyou.com/flooding or www.environment-agency.gov.uk/flood

For up to the minute travel and road closure information, go to www.dorsetforyou.com/traveldorset

For alerts on the go, follow us on twitter @TravelDorset.

15 Feb 2014
Sandbags. . be prepared

Just in case anyone in West Parley might need them, EDDC have a good supply of sandbags that you can get from the Council Offices in Furzehill. Simply go to the reception desk and they will update their record book and you can take some away. However, please note that they are only available during opening times as the compound is shut at other times. EDDC opening hours are 8.45am - 5.15pm, closing 4.45pm on friday and closed at weekends.

14 Feb 2014
History of West Parley parish boundaries

Did you know West Parley once included Ferndown and West Mooors? Click to read some interesting Parish history. . .more

10 Feb 2014
Get involved in making West Parley Bloom

West Parley Parish Council and West Parley Residents Association have unveiled ambitious plans to improve on their Silver award the village gained last year in its first entry to the South and South East in Bloom competition. See how you can get involved in making West Parley even lovlier. . .more

7 Feb 2014
Navitus Bay wind farm scaled back

A statement from Navitus Bay about recent changes to their wind farm proposal. . .more

6 Feb 2014
Power Outage at Parley Close

On Wednesday 19th February 2014 a contractor working on behalf of Scottish and Southern Energy will be renewing the power lines in Parley Close, West Parley. The power outage will take place between 8.30am and 15.30pm, and they will be on site between 8.00am and 16.00pm.

The lower end of Parley Close, where the junction is with Christchurch Road, has a one hour parking restriction on it that is utilised by local shoppers. Due to the nature of the work they need to carry out, the vehicles they use and the access they require to the power line poles, any vehicles parked here would stop them from being able to complete. Would residents please try and avoid parking here on 19th Feb, thanks!

12 Jan 2014
Parley Wood being improved

Major improvements to Parley Wood are under way. . .more

12 Jan 2014
Calling all bagpipe players - are you free on Burns Night?

Can you help out? A Burns Night is planned for 25 January at the Parley Country Club in West Parley and to give the evening the right atmosphere, the event organisers are keen to have a piper to pipe in the haggis in the usual way. This is the first Burns Night to be held in West Parley.

This is a good chance to dust off the pipes and see if you have still got it or you know someone who can.

Please contact Simon Jordan on 07976 561408 if you can help out. Free haggis, neaps and tatties on the night to whoever volunteers.

10 Jan 2014
Have your say - Navitus Bay wind park

www.navitusbaywindpark.co.uk or community drop in sessions for more info.

10 Jan 2014
Have your say - future quarrying and waste facilities

www.dorsetforyou.gov.uk/minerals-and-waste or public exhibition details for more info.

3 Jan 2014
Building Plans - District Council publishes Main Modifications

Planning Inspector directs District Council to make modifications to Core Strategy building plans.

When the independent Planning Inspector ended the first stage of the Planning Inquiry in September she told the District Council they had to make some changes to their plans before they could be considered. These changes are known as Main Modifications. E.D.D.C. has now published these and they can be found in detail online at www.dorsetforyou.com/408258

For West Parley there are two changes:

  • On the Dudsbury heights field the area of building will be reduced by over 50% and the number of houses reduced. This will result in most of the field being what the planners call a S.A.N.G. (suitable alternative natural greenspace) which in other words is a public park.
  • The building plans on the New Road field are unchanged. The District Council have however made an opportunistic bid to take the field immediately South of the New Road/Church Lane footpath out of the green belt. If they succeed they will undoubtedly be tempted to make building plans for this field, but that would have to be deferred until the next major "Core Strategy" type of planning review a decade or so away.

There is an ongoing consultation, ending on January 22nd, on these "Main Modifications" Details can be found at www.dorsetforyou.com/408258

On the first of the above proposed West Parley changes the Parish Council will still be opposing the idea of building at all on the Dudsbury heights field but if the plans go ahead we shall be welcoming the proposed change. On the New Road field proposed green belt alteration we shall be vigorously opposing this as an opportunistic land grab for which no kind of evidence has been produced.

The "timeline" for all these building plans, as far as we are able to estimate it, is:

  • mid 2014 - planning inspector publishes results of her planning inquiry.
  • end 2014 - Secretary of State makes his decision on the building plans.
  • early 2015 - planning applications come in from builders
  • mid 2016 - planning applications decided by EDDC.
  • early 2017 - first houses built, at a possible rate of 30 or so a year per site.

20 Dec 2013
Christmas cheer at the Coutry Club

Xmas cheer!
smiles all round, its Xmas in West Parley

On Wednesday 18th December 64 people sat down to an excellent three course Christmas Lunch at the newly refurbished Parley Country Club. The group consisted of all the groups that normally a meet on Wednesday mornings The Coffee Group, Health Walkers and the Lunch Club, they are a very friendly group and a great time was a had by all. The picture shows Councillor Sheila Gooden, Chef Tony and their jolly band of helpers receiving a round of applause from all the diners.

All the Wednesday groups re-commence on Wednesday 8th January at 10am at Parley Country Club so come and join us and meet new friends, take the health walk and burn of all those extra calories.

17 Dec 2013
Council plans for 2014

To see our plans for next year, please click here.

11 Dec 2013
disruption to power supplies panned for Jan 2014

The Parish Council has been informed by Scottish & Southern Electricity (SSE), that they will be replacing overhead cables and some telegraph poles, if necessary, during January 2014.

This will require the electricity to be turned off for a day for the affected properties, and they have asked us to contact you so that you are aware to take measures to combat this on the particular day you are affected, eg make up flasks of hot water for drinks, alternative heating / lighting sources etc.

You will have the opportunity to meet with Steve Taylor, a representative from SSE, face to face, at a time of your convenience to discuss any issues or concerns. SSE are in the process of contacting all affected properties, and the gentleman to speak to at SSE is Mr Steve Taylor.

The Parish Council is not aware of the schedule of the properties being affected so we recommend you contact SSE direct with further questions.
Email: steve.taylor@sse.com
Tel: 08450 737952
Mobile: 07767851304

27 Nov 2013
Bye-Election Notice, vacancy for a Councillor

Notice is hereby given, in accordance with Section 87 (2) of the Local Government Act 1972, that a vacancy exists in the Office of Parish Councillor for the village of West Parley.

A bye-election to fill the vacancy will be held if any ten local government electors for the said electoral area submit a written request to that effect in the manner prescribed below and if no such request is made the Parish Council will fill the vacancy by co-option.

Any request for an election to be held to fill the vacancy must be in writing and reach the Returning Officer, East Dorset District Council, Council Offices, Furzehill, Wimborne, Dorset BH21 4HN within 14 days (not including Saturday, Sunday or Bank Holidays) of this notice. To read the published notice please click here.

26 Nov 2013
first Heritage Walk gets underway

Heritage Walk begins
walkers about to set off in West Parley, click to enlarge

A group of residents trialled the new heritage walk around West Parley last week.

Braving typical winter weather of heavy rain, strong wind and bright sunshine, the group completed the 5 mile circular route, passing over 20 items of historical significance. These ranged from 5000 year old Bronze Age sites to buildings some 300 years old.

The walkers also heard about the history of the local heath and open field system, were shown ancient field boundaries and an outline of how people lived in the past.

Walk Organiser John Cullen explained "We know from our recent Parish Plan that residents are interested in the heritage of the village and this walk is one of a number of initiatives in our Heritage Project. Though we all got wet through, everyone went away understanding a lot more about where we live and had a better appreciation of what is all around us".

A Heritage Open Day was held in April and the ancient All Saints Church was included in this year's East Dorset Heritage Week in September. A heritage book on West Parley is planned as are information signs on important heritage items.

Details of the walk, explanation of each historical item and a 1900 map of the village are all on the West Parley Parish Council web site www.westparley-pc.gov.uk/heritage_walk.php.

22 Nov 2013
Autumn bonfires

Autumn is the time when we often burn off garden waste in a bonfire.

Please let's all be considerate of our neighbours when we do this. Smoke can so easily blow the wrong way and many people, especially the elderly, can be affected by it. Happy gardening.

22 Nov 2013
Parish Council resignations

It is with great regret that we have to announce the resignation of 2 Councillors.

Ian Davis has had to resign due to increasing pressure from outside business and personal interests.

Kenny Pearce has resigned to explore an inquiry into a local issue that he feels may conflict with his role as a Parish Councillor, so therefore he reluctantly felt it necessary to resign.

Both Ian and Kenny have stressed that they will continue to support village community and volunteer groups in future.

The whole Council thanks both Ian and Kenny for their past contributions and commitment.

Any Resident interested in becoming a Parish Councillor should contact the Parish Clerk.

19 Nov 2013
Volunteers thanked in West Parley

Newly elected Dorset County Councillor Ian Smith leads the thanks at this years reception for our hard working community heroes. . more

19 Nov 2013
Community Christmas from the Royal Volunteer Service

The Royal Volunteer Service is doing fantastic work to ensure that no older person is alone on Christmas day unless they choose to be so.

If you know of an event local to you where lunch is served on Christmas day, please do get in touch with Community Christmas.

For full details please read the leaflet - no-one should be alone at Christmas. . more.

13 Nov 2013
Parley Sports Club to receive £50,000 boost

Budweiser today announced Parley Sports Club as one of eight recipients of a £50,000 grant as part of its Club Futures programme.

Budweiser Club Futures, which is in its second season, will help non-league side Parley Sports Club, who play in the Dorset Premier League, refurbish its existing clubhouse and changing room facilities.

Parley Sports is now in with a chance of winning an additional £100,000 Super Grant which will top up their funding to a total of £150,000 following a vote by football fans on Facebook. The voting opens in January 2014 on the Budweiser UK and FA Cup Facebook pages.

Simon Jordan, Chairman of Parley Sports Club, said: "Having been made aware that the clubhouse was two weeks away from closure, we had to act quickly to avoid having a huge amount of disappointed players. On hearing the news that we had received this grant I was ecstatic to be able to give the community the clubhouse it deserves." . . full details.

6 Nov 2013
new Heritage Walk

A brand new Heritage walk for West Parley is launched today. It is a well researched and informative 4 1/2 mile stroll around our sites of historical interest, including Dudsbury Camp, several barrows, places of interest along Church lane and much much more.

Please click here to begin!

24 Oct 2013
Any darts players out there?

The dart team that plays out of Parley Sports Club is looking to recruit new members. We play on a Friday night in the Christchurch Clubs Dart League.

The teams in the league are open to both ladies and gentlemen.

You don't have to be the best player in Dorset to join. ( but if you are you will be welcome) The criteria is you enjoy both a game of darts and a Friday evening out.

If you are interested or would like some more information please contact me at johnheenan@hotmail.com

23 Oct 2013
Alderholt Parish Council Vacancy

Alderholt Parish Council are looking for an assistant to the Parish Clerk. 10-15 hours, 3 mornings a week. . .full details.

2 Oct 2013
Core Strategy Housing Plans for West Parley

The 3 week Examination in Public by the appointed independent Planning Inspector is now over. The immediate result is that both the Inspector and the East Dorset District Council (EDDC) have requested numerous "main modifications" and these will result in considerable delays. It may well be that the Examination in Public has to be resumed in mid 2014.

For the full report please click here.

2 Oct 2013
Cricket is a runaway success at Parley Sports Club

Top class sport is alive and well at Parley Sports Club. There have been some outstanding performances on the Cricket field, to see their Roll of Honour please click here.

2 Oct 2013
Ability Counts at Parley Sports Club!

More great sport at Parley Sports Club, where participation is far more important than results. Manager Rob Amey commented " a magnificent and memorable day" . . more.

26 Sept 2013
West Parley starts NeighbourCar Scheme

The NeighbourCar Scheme gives access to transport for the isolated and people without bus routes a means of getting to doctors appointments,dentist, hospital and other medical appointments and once enough drivers can be found this can be extended to incorporate almost any journey needed including social and shopping trips. We would welcome any new drivers who feel they can give a little time to help this local scheme.

For enquiries relating to NeighbourCar please contact Kate Ward 01202 577319

16 Sept 2013
Music event at Bournemouth Sports Club

Another event is planned to be held at the Sports Club. It will be smaller than usual, at about 2500 attendees, and be DJ, rather than live, music.

This ticket-only event will be held on 5th October from 11am to 11pm.

Environmental Health Officers will be at the event to monitor noise levels and Police will be on patrol outside and locally.

If Residents are concerned about the noise levels or any issues surrounding the event, they should phone 01202 495000 for staff to take details. This feedback will be monitored to assess the overall impact of these events on the local community.

16 Sept 2013
Your local Neighbourhood Watch News needs you.

The Editor of the Neighbourhood Watch News is looking for someone to take on some of the ancillary roles needed to produce the excellent magazine or take on the Editorship role. The News goes to most houses in West Parley 4 times a year and is an excellent publication that benefits so many residents. Whilst we live in a very safe area, this has a lot to do with having a vibrant NW organisation and the News is an essential part of this.

If you have the relevant skills and time to help out please contact:
Douglas Lock, Chairman on 01202 896984 or Trevor Sams, current Editor on 01202 573419.

27 Aug 2013
50 plus Information Day at the Parley Sports Club Wednesday 4 September

All Saints Church
click to enlarge

At this event we are also launching the West Parley Neighbourcar Scheme and the club itself is celebrating it's refurbishment. There will be many services displaying information including Police, The Shed (complete with security devices etc), SAIL bus (Safe and Independent Living), Fire and Rescue, POPP (Partnership for Older People Programme), Help and Care, and many others.

The West Parley Coffee Club will be open as usual as will the West Parley Health Walk which leaves the club at 10am.

The West Parley Lunch Club is on from 12 - anyone welcome (re-opening after refurbishment of the kitchen). Come along and have a look.

6 Aug 2013
Fancy going door to door?

For this years register of electors canvass there are several vacancies for areas throughout the district for door to door canvassing of those properties that have not returned a form.

The task would involve visiting the property for which no return has been received and encouraging the resident to complete the form. If no one is in then the form can be left with a reminder card stating that the property has been visited.

The canvassing will take place from 17 January to 10 February next year and obviously a payment will be made for undertaking the work.

If you are interested or know of someone who may be please contact Julia Duncan and let her know which area(s) you may be interested in working in. She will then contact you with further details and can also give a rough estimate of how many properties it would be to visit going on past records and what the payment rates are.

Julia Duncan, Elections Officer, Christchurch and East Dorset Councils
Tel: 01202 495208, Email: JDuncan@christchurchandeastdorset.gov.uk

6 Aug 2013
See inside West Parleys ancient church.

All Saints Church

Our historic church, All Saints, is one of the many fine buildings in this years Dorset Architectural Heritage Week. Two guided tours have been arranged and local guides will show all aspects of the church.

The tours are on 12th and 19th September at 2pm.

These are ticket only events and places are limited. Details are on the East Dorset Heritage Trusts web site www.edht.org.uk. It is site 20 in the guide book. There is no charge but applications for tickets need to be in by 12.30 on 16th August.

13 July 2013
Travellers gone after 9 days.

travellers on the recreation ground
thanks to our heroes
the recreation ground is clear in record time!

Everything is getting back to normal in West Parley after a recent "invasion" by travellers. Some 11 vehicles and their caravans entered the Recreation Ground in the centre of the village late on 2nd July, getting through locked gates and security measures.

After staying for 9 days the travellers moved on at the end of last week and after 3 hours of clearing up and cleaning by village volunteers and specialist contractors, the play area, gazebo and land were open for use again.

Two large boulders, donated by a local resident, have been put in place at the entrance as a temporary measure before additional security is installed.

"This was all unexpected and it took us some time before we knew exactly what we should do in this situation" said Parish Council Chairman John Cullen. "We have all learnt a lot from this and are putting in place a warning system throughout the village so that we can make sure that we can deal with any potential future situation like this very quickly and effectively".

9 July 2013
Security in suumer.

Last Wednesday the Rec on Christchurch Road was invaded by a group of travellers with more arriving over the following days. There are now 11 vans there.

The site has been visited by Gypsy Liaison Officers from DCC and by the Police and closely monitored by Councillors.

Residents are keeping away from the area so stopping them using the play facilities and the open area there.

Despite a number of promises to move they are still there and a formal Notice to Quit will be issued at 1pm today (Tuesday) for them to leave by noon on Friday.

There have been incidents of residents being in conflict with the group and of recent criminal damage. These have been reported to the Police and we will see if more immediate action can be taken to clear the site.

9 July 2013
Security in suumer.

Now that summer finally appears to be on the way we would like to remind everyone that with the lighter evenings and spending more time outdoors, to ensure that your properties are locked, especially garages and sheds when not in use.

In case you are unaware, there is a Police Community Office at the Barrington Centre in Ferndown which sells an assortment of security devices like motion sensor alarms (ideal for sheds/garages/caravans) at discounted prices.

Also please be aware of casual labourers who may approach you to undertake work.

Whilst we try to reach as many people as possible please consider neighbours who may not use the website and kindly pass on this reminder.

Enjoy your summer time.

3 July 2013
Travellers break into West Parley's Recreation Ground.

travellers on the recreation ground

You may be aware that the Parish Recreation Ground has been invaded by Travellers who cut the lock to the gate to get access. The Police have been informed and are visiting the site every day and the relevant County Council officers have been involved. So far there are 10 caravans and their vehicles parked close to the rear of houses in Parley Close.

The Parish Council has sought advice on this issue to secure an early departure. We are advised that they should be leaving the site over this weekend or next Monday. If they do not leave they will be served notice of eviction. We understand that they would normally leave before the eviction notice is due.

Black bags have been given to them to be used for rubbish.

After their departure we will probable need to clean the site and we will need to review access to the site.

If Residents need to phone the Police for any reason please use the 101 service.

26 June 2013
Dorset Police Community Messaging service.

By registering with the police on the attached form, you will be told about:

  • Local crime and incidents where we believe that sharing information with you will help to prevent further offences occurring
  • Crimes and incidents where you may be able to help by providing vital information
  • Current crime trends
  • Crime prevention advice
  • Safer Neighbourhood activity and opportunities to meet the team

for more information and to download the form please click here

23 June 2013
Proposed Pedestrian Crossing on New Road.

After prolonged negotiations with Dorset County Council, it has been agreed that a central refuge pedestrian crossing between Winnards Close and Mags Barrow will be put into the Local Transport Plan for a funding decision later this year.

The Parish Council has been trying for over a year to get pedestrian crossings on New Road, which is increasingly dangerous to cross on foot as the traffic and its speed increases. We asked for more than one crossing but DCC has said that there are no other suitable places wide enough for the relatively inexpensive central refuge pedestrian crossings.

23 June 2013
Untidy verges spoil Residents efforts

tall grass!
the grass is getting a bit high!

Residents in West Parley are disappointed that reductions in Council budgets for grass verge cutting are spoiling their own efforts to keep the village tidy. A halving in the number of times the grass is mown has meant that verges have become very overgrown for weeks on end and, despite the very cold Spring, the grass had got to almost 2 feet high in places.

As the grass had got so long contractors had a difficult job cutting what was there and this left a lot of grass on the edge of the road and the quality of the cut was poor.

Parish Council Chairman John Cullen said "We have been asking Residents to keep outside their own house tidy and many have been doing that. Some have become very disheartened when they see such a mess on the main roads in the village. We all recognise the need to cut costs and accept that this means some compromises, but when Dorset prides itself on its appearance as a tourist area, we think these budget cuts have reduced the grass cutting a bit too much. We all know everything grows like mad in May and early June. We need an extra cut in early Summer to keep the place looking good."

Councillor Pat Couper said "We have entered the village for the first time in the South and South East in Bloom competition and are worried that these budget cuts will affect the appearance of the village at judging time. The Contractors usually do an excellent job but in some places it looks like the verges have been grazed by cattle rather than actually cut by a mower".

The West Parley Parish Council is to formally ask for the number of verge cuts next year to be increased.

23 June 2013
free PSA testing session - 29th June, 10am - 5pm.

A quick finger prick blood test is all that is required to test for Prostate Cancer (determined by the PSA rating) and this is a facility offered which is not offered freely by the NHS. Tests are initially offered to men aged 45 and over OR who have a family history of prostate cancer, please phone and make an appointment to avoid waiting. . . . more

4 June 2013
the Big Lunch, another great West Parley day out!

West Parley Parish Council in conjunction with Parley Sports Club and Parley Rotary organised their first big Lunch on the 2nd June 2013. A full entertainment programme was started with the wonderful Parley Promotes talent, there was a fantastic Dog Agility show, lots of Community games and much much more. For a full report and photos of the day please click here

2 June 2013
Volunteers hard at work

WP Volunteers
up the workers!

Councillors John Cullen and Pat Couper with a group of resident volunteers who are looking very happy having just completed the task of re-planting the troughs at Parley Cross also the planters at Glenmoor Road and on the island by the Porsche garage, thanks to the people at Porsche for watering those planters. While they were working a number of people came to express appreciation of their efforts.

West Parley now has a willing band of volunteers undertaking various tasks watering the plants, gardening in the park, cutting back the verges and keeping pavements clear, litter picking and delivering newsletters. There are also lighter tasks that need helpers such as the coffee morning and lunch club on Wednesdays so anyone who can spare an hour would be very welcome to join this happy band of people.

Have you been to our coffee morning or lunch club yet? Also the Health Walks all start at 10am on Wednesday mornings at Parley Sports Club, come and join us and meet some new friends.

30 May 2013
West Parley Young Achievers Award (Today's Youth - Tomorrow's Leaders)

West Parley Parish Council has set up an Annual Young Achievers Award for young people aged 12 to 18 active in any of the fields of sport, music, theatre, dance, charity work etc.

As has been adopted in other parish councils, West Parley parish council has decided to recognise the achievements and keenness of the youth of West Parley in various activities ranging from football to theatre.

If you have an interest and you think that a £500.00 grant would help you achieve your goal, please fill in the application form here

The successful candidate will receive an award worth up to a total of £500 to be given out over the course of the year. This money would be used to purchase items to enhance the young person's chances of achieving their full potential.

The closing date for applications is 1st September 2013, any application forms arriving after this date will be considered for the 2014 award.

21 May 2013
Heritage Open Day report

A 5000 year old flint is the highlight of the recently held West Parley Heritage Open Day. . .more

16 May 2013
Ferndown Area 50 plus Forum

At the Barrington Centre, Ferndown on Wednesday 29th May, 10am, Pam Stone will be giving a talk on victim support. . .more

15 May 2013
Friends of All Saints mount annual Heritage Church Spring Clean

All Saints volunteer Party
All Saints Volunteers enjoy a break!
please click to enlarge

On 11 May the Friends of All Saints (Chairman Eve Elliott) organised the annual spring clean of the church and churchyard. The Friends of All Saints (click here for more details) are a group combining people from church and community who contribute in various ways to the upkeep, preservation and beautification of West Parley's oldest link with its Middle Age, Norman and Saxon past.

There was a good turnout on the fine Saturday morning - see picture above - and the ladies put on coffee and cakes for the volunteers mid morning. The old churchyard on the side of the river Stour is now looking spruce in its Spring finery and the inside of the ancient church, with its enclosed pews and Saxon font, is at its attractive best.

If you haven't been to All Saints lately, it is well worth a walk down picturesque Church Lane to see West Parley's greatest treasure.

15 May 2013
Martyn Underhill PCC Forums in Ferndown

Martyn Underhill the PCC will be in Ferndown as follows running Forums.

The forums in East Dorset are scheduled for:
Ferndown 21st June 2013 10.00 - 12.00 (Forum) Heatherlands Centre
Ferndown 29th July 2013 12.00- 14.00 (Surgery) Barrington Theatre

9 May 2013
New County Councillor elected for Ferndown/West Parley

At the 2 May Local Elections Ian Smith (UKIP) replaced Derek Burt (Conservative) as one of the two Dorset County Councillors for Ferndown/West Parley. John Wilson (Conservative) retained his place as Ferndown/West Parley's other Dorset County Councillor.

new benches in the recreation ground
Ian Smith

Ian Smith
Newly elected (May 2013) Dorset County Councillor for Ferndown and West Parley

I was born in Dec 1946 at the famous Brockett Hall in Hertfordshire. It was the end of the Second World War and many hospitals in London had been bombed, so various buildings were seconded as maternity units.

My work background was in the IT industry working for large multi-national companies. We have two adult sons who live in Berkshire. One works as an IT consultant for a housing association and the other is a self employed carpenter.

In 2010, after retirement, I moved with my wife Mo (Maureen) to Ferndown (I previously lived in Berkshire). We wanted to come and live in the beautiful county of Dorset and to be near to the Jurassic Coast and all of the wonderful beaches and facilities.

I am a volunteer working for Citizens Advice. A couple of years ago I met with Tony Molloy, the East Dorset CAB manager, and persuaded him to let me set up a support service for unemployed people. This was voluntary work that I had undertaken previously in Berkshire. I have been running this now very successful service since 2011 and operate out of the Ferndown & Wimborne CAB offices. I work in collaboration with Jobcentre Plus and the National Careers Service.

I am an active member of the local Neighbourhood Watch organisation and distribute their quarterly magazine and collect membership fees in my local area.

I am a member of the United Kingdom Independence Party. My efforts in this new role of County Councillor will be to stay in touch with the residents of Ferndown and West Parley, to understand their problems and their needs, and to help get things done.

My contact details are:
Tel: 01202 874972

7 May 2013
Watch that speed! - Police checks on Dudsbury Avenue

On 30th April officers carried out speed checks on Dudsbury Avenue. In total 13 speeding fixed penalty notices were issued for speeds varying from 37mph to 45 mph in this 30mph area. The vast majority of the drivers were actually local people familiar with the road lay out and travelling to local appointments. The drivers received three points on their driving licence and a £60 fine but were offered the Driver Awareness Scheme as an alternative, the DAS is a classroom based educational session which when completed does not result in penalty points being added to the drivers licence provided their speeding offence was not excessive.
Further checks will carried out in the future.

2 May 2013
Spring Clean for All Saints

Fancy helping out at All Saints? There is a churchyard working party on 11th May from 9.30am, free refreshments provided. . more

2 May 2013
Check your Bank Holiday and garden waste collection days

With Bank Holidays on Monday 6 and 27 May, the Dorset Waste Partnership (DWP) is reminding residents to check their collection calendar in case of changes to their regular days. Also, in parts of East Dorset and Christchurch, the DWP made changes to some households collection days for the optional garden waste collection from the start of April. . . more

28 Apr 2013
West Parley fourth safest place to live in England

Police statistics reveal that West Parley is the fourth safest place to live in England. Local opinion is that the three top places are scarcely inhabited! so that West Parley is the safest community in the country. Let's keep it that way.

28 Apr 2013
Annual Parish Meeting Friday 26 April

West Parley Parish Council held the Annual Parish Meeting at the Memorial Hall on Friday 26 April. Some 70 people were present. For the full report please click here.

9 Apr 2013
Annual Parish Meeting 7pm Friday 26 April at the Memorial Hall

Do try and attend this one. Every year, by law, a Parish has an Annual Meeting where the Parish Council reports to the residents what it has done in the past year, what it has spent the residents money on, and what it plans for the future.

It is the residents opportunity to hold their Council to account, to ask questions, to make suggestions, to say what they would like to see.

The meeting will commence with a display of West Parley events and plans, free tea and coffee and an opportunity to talk with individual Parish Councillors.

21 Mar 2013
Superfast Broadband comes to West Parley

BT Openreach are now laying cables to all roads in Northbourne, West Parley and Ferndown. This will take about 3 months, and the system is expected to be available to all houses, shops and offices after another 3 months. It will offer speeds up to 80 mbs (compared to the presently available 4.5mbs or often much less).

This will revolutionise computer use, TV options, and no doubt many other things as well in due course.

4 Mar 2013
Ready for Spring

new benches in the recreation ground
Councillor Pat Couper shows off our latest addition.
please click to enlarge

West Parley Parish Council have just taken delivery of new picnic benches and seats as an additional feature at the popular children's play area in the recreation ground, this is in line with the councils program for improved community facilities. At weekends and during the school holidays, toilet facilities and refreshments will be available at the Sports club.
During the Easter holiday there will be a nuts and nature walk in Parley woods which is organised by the activity staff from Moors Valley Country Park this will be on Thursday 4th April.

28 Feb 2013
Collaboration brings results in West Parley

Close co-operation between a number of local groups is bringing benefits to residents of West Parley.. . more

26 Feb 2013
The Communities March - The Death of Democracy

Over 250 residents from across East Dorset march on EDDC to protest about the lack of democracy and houses in the Green Belt. . more

19 Feb 2013
25 February EDDC Meeting to send green belt housing plans to the Government

The District Council have been moved by public comments to ease slightly the limits on public speaking at this meeting. At first their Democratic Services dept was telling callers that public speaking would be limited to an overall total of 5 minutes; now they are saying that it will be 15 minutes. This is a welcome improvement but still much lower than similar meetings a few years ago when the Council was under different leadership.

14 Feb 2013
Stepping out - the Parley Health Walks begin!

Parley Health Walks
West Parley residents get healthy!
please click to enlarge

Wednesday 6th February was the start of the Parley Health Walks commencing from Parley Sports Club and despite being a rather cold day 21 people took part in a nice walk along the Stour Valley Way across Dudsbury guide camp, admired the wonderful view over Longham then returned to the Sports Club for a very welcome coffee and biscuits, distance covered just under 2 miles. The walks will be weekly on Wednesday's commencing at 10am, these are properly lead walks, all are welcome no need to book just turn up in suitable clothing and footwear. This is a chance to improve your fitness and meet new friends, so come and join us.

Please contact Pat Couper on 01202 573833 for more information or email pcouper68@gmail.com.

10 Feb 2013
District Council to meet 25 February to confirm Green Belt Building Plans. Communities react:

For more details on this important story please click here.

24 Jan 2013
Christchurch and EDDC proposals for expenditure in 2013/4.

Christchurch and East Dorset Councils are holding consultation meetings on the Councils' proposals for expenditure, including capital expenditure, for 2013/14.

Members of the public, representatives of residents associations and representatives from organisations subject to non-domestic rates are welcome to attend.

Meetings will be held on:
Monday 28 January 2013 at 6.00pm in the Council Chamber at Christchurch Borough Council, Bridge Street, Christchurch

Monday 11 February 2013 at 6.00pm in the Council Chamber at East Dorset District Council, Furzehill, Wimborne.

18 Jan 2013
Plans for Housing in the Green Belt - West Parley responds!

The Parish Council has been working hard to represent your views in opposing massive housing development planned for the village. We have just been told that 660 residents sent in their response to the latest consultation on the Core Strategy at the end of last year. This is a huge increase on the number of responses to previous consultations on the Districts plans for over 500 new houses in Green Belt swamping the village.

The Public Inquiry into these plans is due mid year, and West Parley will be represented by experienced professional consultants. You will also see the housing issue given more publicity locally in the coming months.

Well done residents.

16 Jan 2013
Garden Waste Collections in the new "recycle for Dorset" area.

Collection crews are having difficulty emptying garden waste bins this morning due to the contents being frozen, with around eight out of 10 unable to be emptied. Crews are making repeated efforts to dislodge the contents, which in many cases are frozen solid. However, in a few cases this has resulted in the bins being cracked.

It is unlikely temperatures will rise before the end of the week. Where garden waste bins cannot be emptied, crews will attempt to empty them again on the next scheduled collection.

The situation was worse further north, so no collections were taking place in the East Dorset area on Friday 18t). The likelihood is that the collections missed on Friday will take place on Monday 21st and the collections due during the remainder of the week will move back one day, including Friday's collection on Saturday 26th.

Please refer to www.dorsetforyou.com for the latest information.

23 Dec 2012
Christmas Waste and Recycling collection details.

You can find a summary of changes to the waste and recycling collection days during the Christmas period on Dorsetforyou by using the following link:

For East Dorset (please note the first section gives dates for the new 'recycle for Dorset' service and lower down the page are the dates for the black sack/green bag & box collections that still serve about 9,300 properties in the district):

13 Dec 2012
District Council's housing plans for West Parley - the next moves

The next meeting
After the ongoing Consultation which ends December 21st the next move will be a Full District Council meeting at Furzehill in March to approve the Core Strategy which contains these housing plans.

Residents may remember that at recent District Council meetings on these plans residents were gaggedresidents were gagged. We shall do our best to urge that in March it should be a proper public meeting, with room for all who want to go and with the normal public rights to make presentations. Residents may want to call or write West Parley's two District Councillors (contact details on this web site) to ask them to use their best efforts on our behalf to bring this about.

Those with long memories may recall that in August 2006 the then Regional Strategy also aimed at housing estates in the green belt here and the District Council's meeting on this was held in the Q.E.H High School in front of some 300 residents who spoke for about an hour. The District Council changed its mind and decided to oppose these plans (they have since changed their mind again, of course).

The Public Enquiry
This is likely to be midsummer 2013. An independent Inspector from the Planning Inspectorate at Bristol will examine the District Council's plans at a public enquiry lasting several days. This is our first chance to say our piece and challenge the plans on an even playing field. Our Parish Council will be represented by experienced town planning consultants, also from Bristol.

11 Dec 2012
Branching out in West Parley

Scout Hut crew
volunteers Stuart and Vivien Wood,
John Cullen, Pat Couper, Stuart Couper.
please click to enlarge

A large number of trees have been planted across West Parley in recent weeks. To commemorate The Queen's Diamond Jubilee some 10 large trees have been planted on verges across the parish and 10 more in the Recreation Ground in Christchurch Road on open space where the former scout hut once stood.

Funding for the project came from the East Dorset Year of Celebration 2012 grant provided by the District Council which was pleased to support such a project. Many trees have also been donated by residents to remember loved ones and planted along the main roads.

West Parley Parish Council plans every verge to have an attractive tree on it where possible as part of its plans to improve the appearance of the village.

6 Dec 2012
Start the New year right, join the Health Walks starting 23rd Jan 2013

Commencing 23rd January 10am from the Sports Club it will not be too strenuous at first but will start your new fitness regime and have you back at the club in time for coffee and a chat after. The walks will be weekly and will take place in all weathers except if conditions are icy. By Joining in not only will you improve your fitness, you will get to know your area better and meet some nice people at the same time.
I look forward to seeing you all there, if you have any queries or need further information please email Pat Couper: pcouper68@gmail.com.

1 Dec 2012
Core Strategy Consultation

This is the last chance for residents to comment on the Core Strategy planning document that proposes to increase the village size by 30% and build on Green Belt. A number of new items have just appeared in the latest version, including a possible new fire station and local waste depot. A leaflet giving all the details has gone to all houses. Residents are being asked to give a response from each family member.
click here for a copy of the leaflet so that you can print off more copies.

19 Nov 2012
Be Alert!

There has been a recent theft of copper from a residents front garden on Dudsbury Road. Whilst crime in the Parish is extremely low, we would ask all residents to make sure there is nothing of value which can easily be snatched, to keep a look out for strange behaviour, and report anything suspicious to the Police.

26 Oct 2012
West Parley Health Walks

starting in the New Year from Parley Sports Club. . .more

20 Oct 2012
Volunteers thanked in West Parley

West Parley Parish Council held its annual reception at Parley Sports Club last Friday to thank all the village volunteers for their help over the last year. . .more

13 Oct 2012
Saturday 3rd November is Fireworks Night

Come on down to the Parley Sports Club for another great Fireworks Night! This annual event is a village favourite, with a massive bonfire, eats and drinks at the Sports Club, and of course a cracking firework display. The bonfire will be lit at 7pm, the Fireworks will be at 7.30pm, and there wil be a disco in the clibhouse from 8.30pm until midnight. A donation of £4 per adult will be kindly requested.

Parley Sports Club are looking for volunteers to man the car park and be general stewards. Any volunteers please contact Nigel Whitfield on 07912512511 or email nige.whitfield@hotmail.co.uk

18 Sept 2012
Core Strategy Housing Plans face delays

It has been learned that, having studied the Consultation responses from residents and businesses, the District Council plans to make some changes to the Core Strategy. This will entail yet another Consultation on the modified plans and a full Council meeting to decide on the result.

The District Council will announce the proposed changes towards the end of this year. On their present schedule the Core Strategy was to go to the next formal stage, the Independent Planning Enquiry, in mid 2013. This will now have to be delayed, perhaps into early 2014.

West Parley Parish Council welcomes the delay, will study any proposed changes with care, and will advise residents on responding to the next Consultation. When the Independent Planning Enquiry finally arrives WPPC plans to be professionally represented.

18 Sept 2012
Luncheon Club possibility

It has been suggested that we start a Luncheon Club which would meet regularly and which many residents might feel keen to support. However, this would require a number of volunteers to offer their help in the organisation and running of such a function and would require good support from residents who would attend regularly. Would you please let us know how you feel about this possibility and comment on

  • If you would be interested in attending and how often you feel it should be held.
  • If you are able to offer your services as a volunteer at the function and how often.
  • If you would be prepared to help with the organisation and running of such a club.

Email your thoughts to Cllr. Sheila Gooden at sheilagooden@googlemail.com

8 Sept 2012
Millennium Garden and Playground Gazebo - flowers wanted

When the gazebo was installed and the flowerbeds put into the club area it was hastily planted up to have it looking nice for the fete. Before we replant we have to get some manure or something to improve the soil, and we want to co-ordinate the planting with more perennials and more permanent plants. It may well be that at this time of the year when the many gardeners amongst you will be sorting out your plants and dividing big groups you may have surplus items that you would be happy to donate.

I have some penstemon cuttings which are surplus and suggest we could hold a plant swop during our next coffee morning on the 19th September. I also have some Raspberry canes. If anyone would like some of these let me know how many you can use and I will dig them out on the day.

So please come and join us at Parley Sports club on 19 September and bring your plants to donate or swop. It should be good fun. If any of you cannot make that date I will be pleased to make other arrangements. Please email pcouper68@gmail.com

20 August 2012
Parley Cross Bus Stop, old brick "convenience" replaced by modern bus shelter

new bus shelter
click to enlarge

For as long as anyone can remember the "bus shelter" at Parley Cross has been brick built, with no windows, from which one couldn't see an approaching bus. Whatever its defects as a bus shelter, it was an attraction for graffiti artists, a prime collector of litter, an emergency toilet and occasionally overnight doss house.

It has now been replaced with a modern shelter - see picture.

27 July 2012
Off to a good home

Scout Hut crew

It was the end of an era in West Parley when the redundant former Scout Hut in the Recreation Ground was dismantled last weekend to go to its new home in Gosport. . more

14 July 2012
Grass verges left unkempt by County Council economies

West Parley Volunteers

The County/District Councils have halved the number of cuts to the grass verges. This economy has been somewhat overdone, as the grass verges which are normally such an attractive feature of West Parley are looking long and bedraggled, and the large piles of cut grass left on top are ruining the grass below.

Your Parish Council is negotiating to see if it can get some funding to do the job ourselves. Meanwhile - see picture - the West Parley Volunteers are pitching in to do what they can.

West Parley is noted for its volunteer teams. If you would like to join them now and then, call Alan Macdonald on 01202 571349.

7 July 2012
fed up of uncut grass verges? . . more

7 July 2012
Residents letter to the Echo says it for West Parley . . more

7 July 2012
How old is West Parley?
famous author Arthur Mee writes inspirational piece about West Parley's Church . . more

24 June 2012
Consultation on the District Council's building plans
West Parley Parish Council sends in its official response . . more

24 June 2012
West Parley's Grand Delivery March

West Parley March

The Village marches its Core Strategy building plan responses to the Council at Furzehill . . more

7 June 2012
What a lovely Diamond Jubilee fete

West Parley Fete

see all the photos from our big day . . more

3 June 2012
Opposition to over 500 new houses in West Parley grows.

Leaflets and freepost envelopes have been distributed to all houses in the village to encourage residents to send in their responses to the District Council's massive housebuilding plans that will transform the village. Banners will be put up soon.

Planning Officers are assuming that a low response means that residents approve of their plans for a 33% increase in the number of houses in West Parley, something the vast majority of residents oppose.

We therefore need as many residents as possible respond to these plans to show the strength of feeling here. You can encourage others by showing that you have already sent in your views.

If you wish to support everyone by doing something please print off the poster below and put it in a front window to show what you have done and remind your neighbours to do the same. . click here for the poster

15 May 2012
Parish Annual General Meeting report

The Annual Parish Meeting was held on 4th May and around 100 residents came along to hear about progress being made in the parish and raise any concerns or comments they had. It has been a busy time over the past year with the Council doing much of what residents said they wanted in the Parish Plan. Finances are in a healthy state despite paying a large amount for a new play area, with the usual precept income being supplemented by donations and grants from community funds.

The main threat to the parish is the plan from EDDC for an additional 500 houses here, a 33% increase. It was stressed that residents need to send in letters to EDDC if they oppose the plans. Only a large response will have an impact on these plans. The Parish Council has sent details and a freepost envelope to all houses to help residents.

The Meeting also heard about plans for the current year:

  • The improvements to the recreation facilities in Christchurch Road will continue. The final playground items are to be installed, the former scout hut will be moved to its new home in Gosport at the end of July, Parley Wood will be improved with new paths and signage, the clear up of all areas will be completed, and more benches will be put out.
  • The Council is working with the Sports Club so that residents can use the club facilities which are also being improved and extended. External funding will be sought to provide lighting and resurface the car park.
  • The bus stop in New Road opposite Parley Cross shops is to be replaced.
  • The improvements to the look of the village will continue with consideration being given to entering the Dorset Best Kept Village competition. New planters have just been put outside the Glenmoor Road shops and many trees planted but more can be planted and perhaps some colourful flower beds put in prominent roadsides.
  • Support for community groups will continue and the Council will continue to provide all news of local events on its web site so that residents can be involved in community life if they wish to and keep up to date with what is happening here.

14 May 2012
Parley Rotary Club now in Business

On 12 May at the Balfour Suite AFC Bournemouth the new Parley Rotary Club held a successful Charter Night. New President Ian Pounds presided over a festive evening of dinner and dancing with over 150 guests. The new club's charter was presented along with many goodwill gifts from fellow Rotary Clubs in the region.

Among the speakers was Parish Council Chairman Richard Heaslip who welcomed Parley Rotary and looked forward to working closely with them.
Parley Rotary will be holding its meetings at the Parley Sports Club.
Contact - h.pounds@virgin.net

14 May 2012
Children from Parley First School plant new flower boxes at Glenmoor Road.

planting flowers at Glenmoor Road
click to enlarge

For six years the Residents Association has been planting and maintaining flower boxes at Parley Cross, and this has now been extended to the shopping area at Glenmoor Road. On 11 May they were planted for the first time by the children from Parley First School. The picture shows the children in action, accompanied by the Parish Council Clerk Linda Leeding and the Headmaster John Bagley.

11 May 2012
have a look at the new Wheelie Bins

Parley Sports Club, Wednesday 16 May from 9.30am to 1.30pm.
During May all residents should have received a letter and leaflet explaining what the new service will look like. Most households will receive a 240-litre wheelie bin for recycling, a 140-litre wheelie bin for rubbish and a food waste container with an animal-proof lid. Households will also be given a small caddy to collect food waste in the kitchen. Residents should keep their current recycling box to use for glass bottles and jars. Households that subscribe to the garden waste service can receive either a 240-litre wheelie bin for £35 a year or a 90-litre bag for £25 a year.
The Dorset Waste Partnership is holding a number of public roadshows including West Parley where residents can find out more, see the new bins and speak to officers.
A full list of roadshows can be found at www.dorsetforyou.com/recyclingevents The West Parley roadshow takes place on Wednesday 16 May from 9.30am to 1.30pm. For more information about the "recycle for Dorset" service, visit www.dorsetforyou.com/recyclefordorset or call 01305 221040.

28 Apr 2012
District Council's Green Belt Building Plans - Consultation

There is an ongoing Consultation in which residents can state their views, but the form provided is far from simple. A leaflet will shortly go to all houses in West Parley to help with this. It is most important that all residents respond to the Consultation because if there are too few responses it counts against us. But there is plenty of time - it is open until 25 June. Wait for the leaflet, which will make it easier.

Don't think the battle to prevent a 32% addition to our housing stock, and in the green belt at that, is lost. The process has just begun. There are plenty of hurdles ahead for this plan, including an Independent Enquiry and legal processes after that.

9 Apr 2012
Sports Relief fun at Parley Sports Club

Sports Relief at Parley Sports Club
and they're off!

see all the photos from a wonderful day!

2 Apr 2012
Do Your Bit to keep West Parley the way it is.

On Tuesday 24th April, between 2.30pm and 8pm at the West Parley Memorial Hall, East Dorset District Council are holding an Exhibition on the Core Strategy (Green Belt building sites). Do try to pop in to this exhibition for a few minutes if you possibly can - and be sure to tell them what you think.

They did a similar one about 18 months ago, but didn't publicize it very well and few people came. The result was that they "concluded" that the lack of interest meant that we were not that concerned by the planned building in the green belt.

We know from the Parish Plan Survey that a solid 80% of West Parley residents are against these housing estates in the green belt, and consider that West Parley's sustainable share of extra houses would be about 100 or so, probably in infills along the Christchurch Road east and west.

This is your chance to make your views known informally and one to one,
so be there and speak up. If we don't come they will say we don't care.

27 Mar 2012
Ferndown Town Plan Survey

The Ferndown Town Plan Survey has been distributed to some West Parley residents by mistake. This survey does not apply to West Parley residents, please do not fill it in or return it.

27 Mar 2012
West Parley Diamond Jubilee fete - 4 June 2012 - help wanted

Preparations for this Fete - West Parley's celebration of Her Majesty's Diamond Jubilee - are now well in hand. It is being organised by the Church, the Lions and the Parish Council, with help from the Parley First School and the new Parley Rotary Club. It will take place on Monday 4 June - one of the extended Bank Holiday weekend days - at the West Parley Recreation Ground from 12 to 5pm.

Help Wanted
This is a great opportunity to clear your house of all those unwanted items that can do more good elsewhere, in this case the Stalls that will be in place at the fete. The stalls in question and the stall holders who would like to hear from you are:

  • Cakes and Cookery Books  Kay Wilson  870667
  • Bric-a-brac  Penny Wood  891095
  • Books, CDs and DVDs  Jean Critchell  877394
  • Children's toys, games and books  John Bagwell  874400 (Parley First School)

Also, if you can contribute a prize for the tombola, please contact Chris Williams on 07913 744703. And finally, if you would like to run a garden stall or indeed any other type of stall, please phone Garnet Lambert on 840998

20 Mar 2012
Its all happening at the Recreation Ground

gazebo in Recreation Ground
the new gazebo

The playground facilities have been improved, with more to come shortly. A Gazebo has been installed near the playground from which parents can sit in comfort while watching their children. Later in the year, when the old and crumbling Scout Hut has been taken down, a proper lawn and perhaps some flower beds will be put in place in this area.

The playground itself is about to be extended with another swing and a Wendy House.

new Recreation Ground sign
its a sign!

In a few months more playground additions, namely toilets and simple refreshment facilities, will be available for playground users and walkers in the nearby Parley Sports Club.

The recreation ground itself now has a smart new sign. This is a part of the Parish Council's policy of emphasising wherever possible the identity of West Parley. If we do not respect and proclaim West Parley's historic identity, than we shall have only ourselves to blame if we slowly merge with Ferndown and Kinson into one large Bournemouth suburb.

The Millenium Gardens, at the Christchurch Road entrance to the Recreation Ground had been rather neglected and has had a complete makeover, which is starting to show as Spring approaches.

16 Mar 2012
West Parley Diamond Jubilee Fete

West Parley Diamond Jubilee Fete 12 to 5pm Monday 4 June at the Recreation Ground.
West Parley joins in the national celebrations for the Queen's Diamond Jubilee
Music, teas, food, drink, games, events, stalls - fun!
Something for all ages - don't miss it!

8 Mar 2012
District Council votes to approve Green Belt Building Plans for Consultation

On Monday 5th March at the Village Hotel in Bournemouth, the East Dorset District Council voted to approve the Core Strategy for a 12 week consultation beginning 2nd April. The Core Strategy contains the plans for building in the green belt at West Parley, Wimborne, Corfe Mullen and Verwood. Voting was 33 in favour, 3 abstentions and 0 against.

The meeting had been declared "Extraordinary" meaning that the public could not speak in the usual way. It was attended by 50 or so of the public.

West Parley District Councillors Barbara Manuel and John Wilson were among the three who abstained. They made strong remarks on the unsustainability of the West Parley plans, criticising the new road patterns, the unacceptable increase of West Parley's housing stock by 32%, and the projected loss of the two green belt fields which constitute our 'key gap' with Bournemouth. They both said that they would vote against the Core Strategy when it came up for final approval, unless the plans for West Parley were materially changed.

It will now be for the District Councillors to work closely with the new West Parley Parish Council - authors of the recently issued Parish Plan - in representing the residents of West Parley and taking practical steps to resist West Parley's greatest threat in a generation. Words now have to be turned into actions. We look forward to them working closely with the Parish Council in the next stage, which will be to do the research, gather the evidence, meet with the planners, and get ready for the independent public enquiry next year.

8 Mar 2012
Fire Safety

For some important fire safety information which could save someone's life, please click here

5 Mar 2012
Quiz Night at Parley Sports Club

Friday, 20th April 2012 at 7pm for a prompt 7.30 pm start. £5 per person, up to 6 in a team. Are you the general knowledge champions of West Parley??
contact Sharon Connell 07809 641352 email parleysportsfc@hotmail.co.uk or
Simon Jordan 07976 561408 email simon@oates-construction.co.uk

1 Mar 2012
Canford Bottom Road works - closures from 2 Feb to 23 March

West Parley's County and District Councillor John Wilson is reported in the Echo as saying that objections have died down. He said "Nobody seems to be bringing much in the way of objections, and I've heard surprisingly little from people complaining about the enclosures."

28 Feb 2012
Wimborne Household Recycling Centre (Brook Rd) to close between Mon 12 Mar and Sun 18 Mar

for more information please click here

17 Feb 2012
Safe And Independent Living roadshow visits West Parley

There is an initiative from Bournemouth & Poole NHS in connection with Age UK to help people remain warm, healthy and safe in their own homes.

Vulnerable residents will soon have the opportunity to access a range of local services to help them remain safe and independent in their own homes. Safe and Independent Living (SAIL) assessments are being undertaken through a road show travelling throughout the area during February and March:
Tesco Car Park at Parley Cross for the morning of Tuesday 21st February 2012
Tesco Car Park at Glenmoor Road on Thursday 8th March 2012

for more information please click here

12 Feb 2012
Surviving winter - emergency funding available

Advice, help and useful contact details from the Dorset Community Foundation

8 Feb 2012
India Day extravaganza at Parley First School

India Day at Parley First School
looks tasty!

8th Feb 2012
On Tuesday afternoon, 7th February 2012, the pupils of Year 4 at West Parley First School organised an India Day to which their parents were invited and they also invited the Mayor of Ferndown and Councillor Geoff Dark to represent West Parley Parish Council. The children themselves were responsible for the programme of events which included a taste of Indian food served to the visitors, some Indian dancing and a fashion show of some of the lovely costumes worn by the children.

India Day at Parley First School
concentration required!

There was also a replica of a small Indian hut they had built in the playing field, a DVD about India produced by the children and displays of lots of work and projects that they had carried out in preparation for the India Day. There was also an Indian song very well performed by the children. The afternoon was extremely successful and congratulations are due to all the children of Year 4 for a very entertaining afternoon.

8 Feb 2012
Local MP Chris Chope against District Council plans for building in green belt

Chris Chope, our local MP, wrote the following to West Parley Parish Councillor Kenny Pearce:

Dear Mr Pearce,
Thank you for your email of 1st February about the meeting scheduled for later that same day.

I am happy to reconfirm my commitment to campaigning against building on the Green Belt in the Christchurch constituency. I am well aware that the threat to the Green Belt in and around West Parley remains and that the District Council is engaged in a pre-consultation process which will result in a formal public consultation later this year.

I have made it clear to the Leader of the Council, with whom I discussed this matter last week, that I remain of the opinion that development on the Green Belt in West Parley is an unacceptable proposal and one which I will oppose strongly.

With best wishes,
Chris Chope

5 Feb 2012
Green Belt Housing Plans - public speaking at Barrington Center

standing room only at the Barrington Center
packed out at the Barrington Center

Standing Room only at Barrington Center, Ferndown 1st Feb as public air their views to the District Council

please click here for the full report and the text of some very interesting speeches.

26 Jan 2012
Church Lane footpath - West Parley Volunteers replace old stile

West Parley volunteers
John Cullen, Alan Macdonald
and Terry Scott
get down to business

The old stile at the New Road entrance to the Church Lane footpath had been there since time immemorial - not really a stile, but two iron bars giving the user an awkward choice of climbing over or squeezing through. Not too friendly for senior citizens.

our brand new stile
our brand new stile

On Thursday this week the West Parley Volunteers replaced it with a proper swinging gate, paid for and authorised by the Parish Council. Fancy getting involved? click here for contact details and to find out what our volunteers get up to!

23 Jan 2012
Councils give new Dorset recycling and waste service the green light

Christchurch and part of East Dorset will be first to receive the service. . more

20 Jan 2012
District Council publishes its new green belt housing proposals

520 houses to be built in West Parley on the Dudsbury Heights and New Road fields

For all the details on this major story, please click here.

21 Dec 2011
Parish Plan now online

West Parley Parish Plan
worth a read!

The West Parley Parish Plan has now been distributed to all households. Based on a residents Survey and wide consultation, this represents the wishes of the community for future developement and action. Please click here.

16 Dec 2011
Support for new Community Groups

West Parley Memorial Hall
free to hire for new groups

West Parley Parish Council is getting in the community spirit! Funding is available for new Community Groups to hire one of our Halls for meetings. The Parish Council wants to encourage people to start new groups and use our excellent facilities.

For full details of the offer please click here.

5 Dec 2011
Crowded Meeting at the Memorial Hall, Friday 2 December

Dec 2 meeting, Memorial Hall
packed out at the Memorial Hall

150 residents pack the Memorial Hall for the Launch of the Parish Plan and an update on the green field housing plan options.
The Parish Plan was launched by Steering Group Chairman Cllr John Cullen. It has now been distributed to all houses and is receiving a favourable reception. Cllr Cullen briefed the meeting on the main points of the Plan, emphasising that it was the production of the residents as a whole. Many had taken part in the work, and 1000 residents had sent in the detailed survey form on which the Parish Plan is based. It gives a vision of the kind of West Parley we want in 5 to 10 years time. The action points will be followed up by the Plan's steering group and by the Parish Council.

It is hoped to put the whole Parish Plan on line here shortly.

Parish Council Chairman Richard Heaslip then informed the meeting of the dates and procedures that will be adopted by the District Council for their decisions, and subsequent consultation, on the housing sites and plans that were last published as Options in September 2010. It is expected that the EDDCs Policy & Resources Committee will publish the new and updated plans at a meeting in the Barrington Centre on February 1st and that the combined Christchurch/EDDC Councils will decide on these plans a month later. This will be followed by a major consultation.

30 Nov 2011
New teenage nightclub in Ferndown

the Barrington Centre

Bar Frantic, the new teenage nightclub has been launched in Ferndown at the Barrington Centre.
Offering young people of the area something very different to do on a Sunday evening, it targets young people between 13 and 18 years of age with a non-alcoholic bar. Evenings will include karaoke, disco, dance, Zumba and a Nintendo Wii plus a lot more in the weeks to come.

Each week there will be a different theme. Entry is free so all you have to do is pay for your own drinks.

If you are interested in being on the working group who put these evenings together or have other questions please contact Alan Ball or Chantelle Day at the Ferndown Youth Office on 01202 874448
article from the Stour and Avon Magazine

30 Nov 2011
New Rotary Club starts up in West Parley

rotary club

Parley is well on its way to having its own Rotary Club. Its 30th member has signed on and a further 10 are expected to come on board before the club officially goes live on 2nd February next year.

Heading up the recruitment drive, Ian Pounds said: "The response from the local business community has been fantastic. Plans are already weel advanced for a number of social and fund raising events, not least escorting Father Christmas on his meet the kids tour of Parley in a few weeks time!"

Preparatory meetings have been underway since early October. The interim club meets on Thursday evenings at the West Parley Sports and Social Club at Stocks Lane - off Christchurch Road.
Anyone interested in joining can ring Ian Pounds on 01202 895992
article from the Stour and Avon Magazine

27 Nov 2011
New road signs

"Welcome to West Parley" signs on New Road North and South, and Christchurch Road East and West. .see pictures. . new . . old

22 Nov 2011
Dorset Fire and Rescue - Budget Cuts - Residents Survey

fire service
costing more?

Following Government cuts to their budget they ask our views on adding to local rates to make it up.

Please click www.dorsetfire.gov.uk/uploads/file/ResidentsSurvey2011-12.pdf for background

Please click www.dorsetfire.gov.uk/survey/residents_surveyweb.htm for the Survey.

18 Nov 2011
Important Public Meeting - 7.30pm Friday 2 December at the Memorial Hall

housing in the green belt
more of this?
  • Learn what's happening about housing estates in the Green Belt.
  • When and how will the District Council decide?
  • What can we do?
  • What can you do?

Have your say on this major issue.

9 Nov 2011
Parish Council honours volunteers at 28 October reception

Chris Chope MP and Marianne Parker
Chris Chope MP and Marianne Parker

West Parley Parish Council recently held a reception in the Memorial Hall to honour the volunteers who work tirelessly in the village on behalf of all residents. The Council is very proud to have approximately 100 volunteers who assist in improving the appearance of our village by doing a variety of tasks and we are very pleased to have this opportunity to pay tribute to their efforts. The reception was attended by over 50 of the volunteers, by all Parish Councillors and both District Councillors. The main guest was Mr Christopher Chope MP who presented awards to the Volunteers of the Year:

  • Working Party - Frank Trollope
  • Watering - Jon Ladd
  • Delivery of Leaflets - Marianne Parker
  • Litter Picking - Lorna-Jean Heaslip
  • Emptying Litter Bins - Andy Steele and Diana Penwill

For more photos of our award winners and details of our what our volunteers have been up to please click here

4 Nov 2011
East Dorset District Council to vote on complete change to waste services

east dorset district council

At 10am Wednesday 9 November in the Council Chamber at Furzehill, East Dorset District Council is meeting to vote on new waste services. This meeting is open to the public.

As part of a Dorset wide initiative designed to save some 17% yearly on present Dorset waste collection services, EDDC's Policy and Resources Committee will be meeting to decide on a new and completely changed waste collection service.

For West Parley this will (if decided upon) commence in June 2012 and in essence will be:

  • A weekly food waste collection
  • A fortnightly recycling collection, with a wheeled bin and a box
  • A fortnightly waste collection, much the same as the present weekly one, but with a wheeled bin
  • An optional garden waste fortnightly collection, at an annual charge.

For full details go to the Dorset for You website and see EDDC Policy and Resources Committee Agenda and papers for 9 November 2011 meeting. - click here

23 Oct 2011
Volunteer Party at the Memorial Hall

The Parish Council is proud of the many West Parley volunteers who distribute leaflets, pick up litter, maintain the flowers, clear pavements and hedges and generally help to see that the village is tidy and attractive.

There is a party in their honour at 6.15pm Friday 28 October at the Memorial Hall. Chris Chope MP will be there and will present our Volunteer of the Year awards.

If you have helped out at West Parley do come, and bring your spouse/partner.

20 Oct 2011
Parish Council appoints new Clerk

The previous Clerk having resigned, the Parish Council held a successful recruitment exercise and had 9 applicants. The successful candidate is Mrs Linda Leeding, who was appointed as Clerk at the Parish Council meeting on 19 October. Details will be on the Parish Clerk page shortly.

19 Oct 2011
Councillors visit ECO Sustainable Solutions, the waste and power plant on Chapel Lane

On 19 September West Parley Parish Councillors visited ECO Sustainable Solutions, the waste and power plant on Chapel Lane. Trelawney Dampney, the managing director, showed Councillors the modern "use it all" plant where all manner of waste is taken in, sorted, separated, treated and then sold as usable commodities - fertilisers, compost etc. ECO has approved plans to put itself at the front of waste technology by building a facility to turn some of the incoming waste, mainly wood, into usable heat.

The Council is also obliged to ECO for donating the turf that has just been laid on the verge in front of the Recreation Ground.

4 Oct 2011
Parish Council makes traffic proposals to County. . more

4 Oct 2011
Housing in the green belt at West Parley - Parish Council wants better Consultation.

At their 21 Sept meeting the Parish Council passed the following motion:

Major Planning Consultations - Motion to separate West Parley and Ferndown

"The Council sees East Dorset District Council's (EDDC) new practice of combining Ferndown and West Parley in major planning consultations as disregarding the separate constitutions, identity and character of the two communities, and as contrary to Government policy on communities. It is greatly to the disadvantage of West Parley.

The Council insists that it is West Parley's right to be consulted separately and requests the West Parley District Councillors to urge the EDDC to revert to its former consultation practice in this regard."

12 Sept 2011
Ferndown Area 50+ Forum

meeting Friday 16th Sept 2011, everyone welcome. . more

24 Aug 2011
Canford Bottom Roundabout - All Change

canford bottom roundabout

After transport ministers said on 15 August they were putting the Canford Bottom roundabout works on hold, it is reported on August 24th that they have now changed their minds again. Transport minister Mike Penning has given the scheme the go ahead, citing possible delays to the Olympic route network if the scheme was delayed.

18 Aug 2011
Street light renewal to begin soon

The street lights in the following roads are soon to be renewed:
Cammel Road
Linden Close
Christchurch Road (215 to 374)
New Road (Bridge to 294)

Residents effected will be notified by SSE Contracting / Dorset County Council prior to the works starting.
Should you have any concerns or issues please call 0800 068 4145
To see the plans in detail please use the following links: plans 1  plans 2  plans 3

16 Aug 2011
Canford Bottom roundabout works

canford bottom roundabout

Due to start next month, put on hold by Ministers . . more

8 Aug 2011
EDDC car park survey - Have Your Say and Win £50

Residents, businesses and visitors to East Dorset are being given the opportunity to express their views on car parking in the area. East Dorset District Council is undertaking a survey to review the needs of motorists who use the Council's car parks.

The survey will assist the council in making future decisions about the car parking service. This will help ensure that best value is provided for car park users and to council tax payers in general. To have your say, and to claim your chance of winning £50 in our entrants' free prize draw, please take a few minutes to complete the online survey by visiting www.dorsetforyou.com/carparksurvey/east

Alternatively you can fill in a copy of the survey by visiting the reception area at the Council Offices, Furzehill, Wimborne, Dorset BH21 4HN. Please submit your completed questionnaire by 31 August 2011.

3 Aug 2011
Dorset Police warning on theft from vehicles . . more

21 July 2011
Open Day success in West Parley

residents looking at the draft Parish Plan

Organisers were delighted as residents turned out in their droves to see and comment on the Draft Parish Plan. . .full story

2 July 2011
Open Day for the Draft Parish Plan

Residents in West Parley have had their say about what they would like the village to look like in the future. Last year a large number of residents completed a survey about the village and made comments on a wide number of subjects, including roads, housing, the environment and community facilities. These comments have been written up into a Parish Plan and residents now have the chance to see the draft plan at an Open Day so they can make comments before it is printed.

The Open Day is to be held on 19th July from 4 to 8pm at the West Parley Memorial Hall on Christchurch Road.

The Parish Plan Steering Group Chairman John Cullen says "This is a great opportunity for everyone to have their final say about the place they live in and how they wish to see it develop over time. We hope everyone will try to drop in to see what has been done so far. We have invited local clubs and societies to be there as well." Richard Heaslip, Chair of West Parley Parish Council says "We have had an excellent response to the survey and know residents are very interested in what happens here, especially on the plans for new housing."

Contact John Cullen, Virginia Cottage, Barrack Road, West Parley
Tel: 582662 email: johncullen50@hotmail.com

26 June 2011
Parley Cross traffic lights repaired

traffic lights

On or about 15 June one of the Parley Cross traffic lights was struck by a vehicle, causing the pole to lean over and the light sequences to be interfered with. The immediate result was long traffic build ups from Longham and from the airport.
Residents quickly got in touch with the Parish Council - we talked to our County Councillor -the Dorset Highways Dept was informed, and the sequencing problem dealt with immediately - they can do this remotely, it appears.
On Sunday 26 June DCC/Siemens repaired the damaged traffic light pole - they did it from 3am to 8am so that weekend traffic would not be disturbed.
The system works - good job by DCC.

21 June 2011
Government considers new Parish Council powers

The Government is about to circulate a White Paper on public service delivery, giving people more choice in several areas and devolving some powers downwards. One of the changes is said to be giving powers to Parish Councils to take control of local parks, playing fields, and parking and traffic restrictions. Bearing in mind the views expressed by West Parley residents in the Parish Plan Survey, this could be quite useful. It will take a year or more to play out, and we shall watch this space.

8 June 2011
New plans for the Dormy Hotel

artists impression of the new hotel

Several amendments have been made to the plans for the site of the former Dormy Hotel in Ferndown. . .full story

25 May 2011
Millhams Press Release

dorset waste partnerships

Dorset Waste Partnerships announces that all East Dorset residents can now use Millhams Community Recycling Centre(tip) by showing their council tax bill from East Dorset. This ends the existing voucher scheme. Please let your friends and neighbours know!

6 May 2011
Parish Council Election - 5 May 2011 - New Council Elected.

The previous Council understandably disappointed not to be returned but congratulate their successors and wish them well.

23 April 2011
Brand new Play Area achieved

new west parley play area

The natural looking, ecologically-themed attraction is now fully open. Do please visit and let us have your feedback. . .full story

28th March 2011
West Parley Memorial Hall

new west parley play area

Upgrading Program off to a good start, new double glazing installed throughout.
The Chairman, Secretary and Management Committee are to be congratulated on achieving the first stage of their ongoing program of improvements to the building. The Chairman, Shaun Webb, who has recently worked extremely hard in obtaining funding for improving this independantly managed hall is, unfortunately, now quite seriously ill in hospital. Everybody will wish Shaun a speedy and complete recovery.

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Remembrance Day Memorial Service

Sat 9th Nov, 10.50am, West Parley Memorial Hall, all welcome, tea and coffee served afterwards. . .more

Coffee Mornings Suspended

The weekly Wednesday coffee mornings which were started by the Parish Council and PoPPS at the Council’s premises at 275 Christchurch Road, have been suspended whilst repairs are undertaken at the building. We hope to reinstate these as soon as possible.

West Parley Official Guide

The new Parish Guide is ready. . have a look!
You might also want this local map.

Heritage Walk

learn all about West Parley's history as you walk, it is well researched, informative, and has just been updated with lots of new historical information. . more

Parley Health Walks

Initially started by WPPC and EDDC, our weekly Health Walk is one of the most well attended in the eastern area of Dorset. Organised by Volunteer leaders, they take place every Wednesday at 10am from the West Parley Community Sports and Social Club at 275 Christchurch Road (BH22 8SQ). Our car park allows parking provision for upto 100 cars and you can be walking in healthland within minutes. Lets get healthy and have some fun. . . more

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