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10 Feb 2014
West Parley Parish Council and West Parley Residents Association have unveiled ambitious plans to improve on their Silver award the village gained last year in its first entry to the South and South East in Bloom competition.

The competition encourages community collaboration between both residents and business. Businesses have always supported improving the look of West Parley and more are encouraged to do so as company logos will be displayed where appropriate.

west parley in bloom
lovely West Parley

Residents will be encouraged to become involved in a new front garden competition to showcase good looking and novel gardens in the village. The only requirement is to be a resident of West Parley. Golden Acres Nursery have kindly agreed to sponsor this competition awarding prizes for the gardens judged to be the best. For an entry form contact Pat Couper on Cllr.p.couper@westparley-pc.gov.uk or tel: 01202 573833. Judging the front gardens will take place in early July.

For the 2014 competition a whole range of improvements will be introduced in the spring. These include a broader variety of plants in the existing 18 roadside planters, at least 5 new raised flower beds are to be installed across the village, these will be made by our volunteers painted blue to match the main colours used in local signage and they will be placed in prominent roadside locations for all to enjoy.

We are very lucky to have a good number of regular volunteers who work around the village trimming and mowing verges as well as many residents who mow outside of their own property. Volunteers also work in the park keeping the borders planted and tidy as well as the considerable work being undertaken at the moment in Parley wood to tidy and improve the footpaths for better access. More volunteers are always needed, could you adopt a planter just to keep it weeded and dead headed?

Judges for the in bloom competition are keen to see different ideas coming through, do we have any local artists who have sculptures, wood carvings or mosaics they would like to have displayed in the park or around the village? Any ideas would be welcome.

Judging for the South & South East Competition is to be between 7th and 18th July 2014. The judges will spend 2 hours touring the village.

The Parish Council and Residents Association are working hard to keep West Parley Green and beautiful and are relying on the support of all the residents, don't forget to enter the Front Gardens Competition.

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Coffee Mornings Suspended

The weekly Wednesday coffee mornings which were started by the Parish Council and PoPPS at the Council’s premises at 275 Christchurch Road, have been suspended whilst repairs are undertaken at the building. We hope to reinstate these as soon as possible.

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