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District Council publishes its new green belt housing proposals - 520 houses to be built in West Parley on the Dudsbury Heights and New Road fields

In the District Council's Core Strategy proposals published on 17 January, the New Road field is to have about 320 houses, together with shops, a 3000 sq metre supermarket, and some recreational land. See diagram A.

The Dudsbury Heights fields, behind Ridgeway, are to have about 200 houses. See diagram B

Road layouts are to be extensively altered. Traffic at Parley Cross is to be somewhat reduced by prohibiting 3 present turn lanes - see diagram C. Traffic to and from the new estates will use new link roads, shown in diagrams A and B.

These are big changes to the plans proposed by the District Council as "options" in September 2010. Despite their quite detailed nature, they have been developed behind closed doors - neither the West Parley District Councillors or the Parish Council have been involved or asked for their views.

Other green belt building plans are 335 houses at Verwood (reduced from 415); 250 houses at Corfe Mullen (reduced from 310); 1300 houses at Wimborne (increased from 955). The proposed green belt housing at West Parley has been increased from 320 in the Sept 2010 options to 520 - an increase of 62%. This represents a huge (and in the Parish Council's view unsustainable) 32% increase over West Parley's present housing stock of 1630.

In the options proposed by the District Council in Sept 2010 the large housing option for the New Road field - then labelled FWP 5 - was labelled a "non preferred option" by the District Council on the grounds of their concerns over such a large extra population being so close to the Parley Common protected heathlands. We are not aware of why the District Council has changed their minds on this and has now reinstated this plan.

The views of West Parley residents on new housing are well documented in the 2011 Parish Plan. Backed by authoritative Surveys completed by 1000 residents the Parish Plan states that over 80% of the residents want to protect the Green Belt, which is a key gap between our community and Bournemouth. Over 80% of residents also accepted that West Parley should take its share of new housing; that a sustainable figure would be the addition of about 100 to our present housing stock of 1630; and that new houses would best be built in the infills on both sides of Christchurch Road.

The District Council will be voting on these new plans, to be issued for consultation as part of their developing Core Strategy, at 6pm on 5 March at a meeting in the Village Hotel, Bournemouth. The public may attend the meeting but may not speak.

The West Parley Parish Council and Residents Association will do its utmost to assist residents in accessing and completing the consultation forms that are to be available in March.

For more detailed information, see the West Parley content of EDDC's larger Core Strategy document - section 10, page 38 of this 46 page document - please click here

If you want to write to all or any of the District Councillors before they vote on th 5th March, please click here for their addresses

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