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Your councillors are here to serve you. Please get in touch if you have any problems, ideas, suggestions or perhaps you might wish to be a volunteer and join the growing band of people getting active in their community.

Would you like to become a Councillor and serve your community? There are several vacancies, please contact the Parish Clerk for more details if you are interested.


Phillip Bamborough, Chairman
Lead Areas:Roads /highways
Contact: cllr.p.bamborough@westparley-pc.gov.uk

Philip has lived in West Parley since 2009. He worked in the NHS for many years in the field of Psychiatry, where he held a senior management position after clinical practice. He is currently Director of an healthcare business. He is concerned to see the community spirit of West Parley preserved. The Parish Council, though with limited powers must argue forcibly for improved infrastructure.

John Dinsdale

John Dinsdale, Vice-Chairman
Lead Areas: Appearance / Finance
Contact: 01202 872974 cllr.j.dinsdale@westparley-pc.gov.uk

Lived in West Parley since 1991. Retired bank manager who runs the community volunteer group maintaining hedges, verges and general tidiness of village. Keen to foster and encourage community spirit.

Diana Penwill

Diana Penwill
Lead Areas: Recreation Ground.
Contact: cllr.d.penwill@westparley-pc.gov.uk

Served as a Civil Servant for 36 years and moved to West Parley 21 years ago for the semi-rural environment. An active member of the volunteers, who feels it is important to protect the character of the village.

Barbara Manuel

Barbara Manuel
Lead Areas: Housing.
Contact: 01202 891197 cllr.bmanuel@eastdorset.gov.uk

Lived in West Parley and Ferndown for 38 years and is a long standing member of East Dorset District Council being the Cabinet Member for Community with a particular interest in maintaining the unique character of West Parley.

David Allen

David Allen
Lead Areas: Communication.
Contact: 01202 871122 cllr.d.allen@westparley-pc.gov.uk

I have had a successful career in sales for 30 years, running sales teams around the country, selling most things from insurance to advertising space and in the retail gift trade. I now run my own business, as a chauffeur, established since 2004. I have been happily married to Jan, for 25 years, and live in West Parley. I am also a member of Parley Rotary, who raise money for worthwhile causes locally, and worldwide. I am very keen to ensure that Parley is kept the lovely place it is, to maintain the character of the village

Mary Court

Mary Court
Lead Areas: Planning, Rights of Way Liaison.
Contact: cllr.m.court@westparley-pc.gov.uk

Have lived in West Parley for nearly 19 years. Became a volunteer Access and Bridleways Officer for the British Horse Society in 2013. The following year I joined Bournemouth Festival Makers helping out at the yearly Air and Wheels Festivals. I enjoy the semi-rural environment here in West Parley and keen to help preserve this.

Lynn Wilson

Lynn Wilson
Lead Areas:Trees
Contact: cllr.l.wilson@westparley-pc.gov.uk 07775 522368

My working life has been in education, firstly as a teacher then Head Teacher and latterly as a trouble shooter and consultant. I have worked around the UK and overseas including Indonesia, Jordan and Africa. I am an advocate of human rights, a member of Amnesty International and as such support schools throughout Dorset and Hampshire. I am an animal lover and Amy is my adopted Orangutang at Monkey World. I have eight grand children and am keen to support my local community and provide a better future for its residents.

John Barber

John Barber
Lead Areas:Youth & Fitness
Contact: cllr.j.barber@westparley-pc.gov.uk 01202 027357

I live in West Parley and I am married with three sons and three grandchildren who live locally. I am employed as a site manager for Epiphany Academy. I have lived in Bournemouth for 32 years and I am originally from the Midlands. I have experience of managing a large Primary School site and manage a team of cleaners and maintenance workers. My work involves working closely with the headmaster and governors of the school to negotiate contracts for work needed by the school. I can bring these negotiating skills to my council work. I am able to communicate with all people on all levels and build relationships. I would like to give something back to the local community of West Parley and have a say in local issues and decision making for the future of our children and grandchildren.

Matt Curley

Matt Curley
Lead Areas:
Contact: cllr.m.curley@westparley-pc.gov.uk 07891108083

I have lived in West Parley since 2013. I am passionate that West Parley should fight to keep its village 'community feel' and 'atmosphere' The village is facing its largest change in many years; if not ever, with the impending Wyatt development off New Road. As I live locally to the proposed development I am keen that the Council do all that is possible to help conserve the local environment and minimise any impact to the environment from the proposed development. I will raise any Environmental concerns that the residents of West Parley have and ensure that these are discussed within the council and dealt with correctly.

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